Wrestleview.com Exclusive Interview with indy wrestler Top Gun Talwar

»Reported by Ben Bauer of WrestleView.com

On Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 3:42 PM EST

I recently had the honor of conducting an interview with So-Cal indy wrestler Top Gun Talwar. Armed with "GOD DAMNIT"'s and a bag of Chipotle, Top Gun brought the same overwhelming intensity he brings to the ring to this interview. The results, well, they're a little bit down this page. One note though, this interview definitely is not rated G, as we (mostly him) let the expletives fly. You've been warned.

Ben Bauer: For our readers who aren't familiar with you, can you give a brief description of yourself?
Top Gun Talwar:Top Gun Talwar was initially kicked out of the naval air force due to roid rage and other recreational drug abuse. The only place which would accept and where he could release his overabundance of testosterone was professional wrestling. Of course, I am joking.

BB:When did you start wrestling?
TGT:My very first match was actually under a mask as El Hijo del Gallinero which took place at Revolution Pro I believe in 2002 where my partners were actually Excalibur and TARO. My first actual match as Top Gun took place later that year where I wrestled Cpl. Stryker in a Rev Pro opener.

BB:Who was your trainer?
TGT:When I initially started training everyone at Revolution Pro helped me including Super Dragon, American Wild Child, Excalibur, Rising Son, Mr. Excitement, Disco Machine, Mando Guerrero. There was a whole slew of people who helped along the way.

BB:Have you wrestled any "little people" (dwarfs, midgets, Rey Mysterio, etc)?
TGT:I once had a midget manage me named Lil' Show if that counts, and I contacted Bridget the Midget about managing me one show but I thought it'd be pointless unless I could’ve had sex with her. My goal in life amongst many others is too have sex with a midget and girl that over 7 feet tall. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
BB:It's appreciated, and good luck with that.

BB:Who were some of your favorite wrestlers while you were younger?
TGT:I've always liked the Ultimate Warrior and still to this day do. I remember when I used to hear his music hit I would start throwing things around the house and jump around everywhere. There is still a hole in one of the walls at my house because of this. I've always been into the wrestlers that act insane or intense though like Warrior, Roddy Piper and Terry Funk.

BB:Who are some of your favorite people to work with?
TGT:A lot of the local So Cal guys I love working with like Chris Bosh, Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver, Human Tornado. I also very much enjoyed working with Hook Bomberry and Puma when I got my short singles run in PWG. Kenny King from Tough Enough and Lil' Nate from UPW are also very fun to work as well as another IZW wrestler named Cowboy Jack Durango who will hopefully get more exposure in the future.

BB:What are some of your favorite matches you've been involved in?
TGT:One of the matches that I can name off the top of my head was a recent one from PWG All Star Weekend Night 1. The crowd was just so insane and I thought the match flowed pretty well. I also loved the 3 matches I had in one day with Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver and Disco Machine for the Spirit of the Revolution. I always try to have fun in matches no matter what although not everything or anything I do is MOTY quality.

BB:Is there anyone you haven't faced yet that you would like to?
TGT:Way too many people to mention. Among the people who wrestle at PWG I'd still like to wrestle Kevin Steen, El Generico, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Johnny Storm, Alex Shelley and American Dragon. Outside of PWG I'd like to wrestle Rowan Atkinson and Chevy Chase. Of course, the girl who played Punky Brewster as well, but not professionally wrestle her.

BB:You were the last Revolution Pro Champion. Tell us how that came about.
TGT:It happened at the very last Revolution Pro show on December of 2004. I ended up getting a random title shot against Chris Bosh so it was a pretty meaningless title win and the belt was physically taken away from me before I could take a picture with it naked. The last words of the Rev Pro champion though were "Always eat at Chipotle." I hope people at least remember that.

BB:I'm aware of your feelings on Chipotle. Have you eaten there in the past 24 hours?
TGT:To tell you the truth; I eat, sleep and breath Chipotle. It's not just a way of life, it's a religion. To answer your question though, no, I haven't eaten Chipotle in about a week now. Isn't that disgusting? I don't practice the very philosophy that I teach. I think the world is about to end.
BB:It's ok, I have yet to experience Chipotle.
TGT:You have never been chipotlaid?
BB:Never. Chipotle-virgin.
TGT:I've popped many chipotle cherries in my lifetime. The chipotlegasm is amazing. I live by the Chipotle philosophy that life is burritoful.

BB:Well, it'll be tough to follow that up, but, you also work for IZW in Arizona, where former WWE Superstar A-Train also works. Has A-Train guided you along the path to wrestling superstardom at all?
TGT:No...but I like his style. He tried to bring back chest and back hair as being trendy in wrestling like it used to be. I'm going to try to emulate that. Hairy chests need to make a comeback in wrestling for sure. None of this shaving metrosexual bullshit.

BB:My colleague on Wrestleview, Adam Martin, submitted the following question: "Would you shave A-Train's back in exchange for all the money in my wallet right now?"
TGT:As long as it's considered heterosexual for a man to shave another man's back, I'd do it for free.

BB:I've heard rumors that one of your goals in life(among the others discussed earlier) is to wrestle a bear. Is this true?
TGT:Yes! I'm sure it's a common goal shared among other wrestlers. I'm just very captivated watching videos such as Dick Beyer wrestling the bear and learning to grapple with it. The bear would probably murder me but it'd be good for shock value, you know? First, I'd slap it in the African Bear Hug and then I'd shave it to reveal its true identity as Rosie O' Donnell.

BB:Speaking of wrestling animals, you're a regular in So-Cal promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. How did PWG come about back in 2003?
TGT:It was actually at a klan meeting with the California klavern, Cucamonga. Myself, Disco Machine, Super Dragon, Excalibur, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan all ran into each other there by coincidence and we figured we'd put something together just to show the world how racist we could be. I think we won.

BB:What has been the highlight of your PWG career thus far?
TGT:I wouldn't say there is a particular highlight. I enjoyed the feud I had where myself, Scorpio Sky, Bosh, Quicksilver and Charles Mercury turned on the other 5 PWG owners though.

BB:PWG is approaching their 2 year anniversary weekend. What kind of big things can we expect from those shows and beyond?
TGT:Don't expect any more usage of the "n" word! That's for sure. It's a fun word to say and we've all gotten used to it but it's wrong depending on the context of the situation. I blame Dave Chappelle for that though. Fans can expect just as big and good a show as All Star Weekend wrestling wise. Expect total debauchery as well!

Name Association

BB:Human Tornado
TGT:Whenever we get in the ring together something new and strange always has to happen. It's gonna get weird, trust me.

BB:Disco Machine
TGT:He's really fun to work with as well. I always pull out good stuff with him. Word of advice though, if you are ever on the road with him and sleep in the same bed, try not to have him mistake you for his ex-wife. I didn't shit right for a month.

BB:AJ Styles
TGT:That guy's a phenomenal talent as his nickname entails. I like his work a lot and he always busts his ass performing every time at PWG. I know he'll continue bringing in the crowds and putting on spectacular matches.

TGT:Another fun wrestler to work with as he's very creative. Definitely one of the best promo guys in all of indy wrestling. Although there aren't many funny skits or promos I suggest checking out recent extras on the PWG DVD's which feature good promos out of Excalibur.

BB:Samoa Joe
TGT:He had a couple of the best Super Dragon matches I've seen with him. I've seen him go from doing the Samoan Elbow(which I think he should bring back) to being the best big man on the indy scene. I think he eats babies too so we have something in common.

BB:Joey Ryan
TGT:Joey's got the look and talent to make it in wrestling. I hope to wrestle him more in the future whether it be at PWG or elsewhere. One thing Joey needs to learn though is that the bum is as legitimate as the businessman and that queering doesn't make the world work. Sorry, I just watched the Ultimate Warrior speech from Univ. of Conn.

BB:Chris Bosh
TGT:He's racist, lazy, horny and outspoken and people are loving it. I like what he's done with his character and I hope he keeps it up. Whenever we wrestle something weird is bound to happen as well.

BB:El Generico
TGT:I think El Generico is above and beyond good for how long he's been wrestling. The PWG crowd really loves his work and he has become a mainstay.

BB:Scott Lost
BB:Underrated and underappreciated. People have been saying this for years now though. When is it going to be his time?!!

BB:Kevin Steen
TGT:Frankensteen, Smells like Steen Spirit, Not Another Steen Movie, the Bern-Steen Bears...I have no life.

BB:Super Dragon
TGT:He's the meanest, darkest, blackest, donkey-dick having motherfucker on the planet. Above all that though, I don't think he's capable of having a bad match.

BB:And finally, Top Gun Talwar
TGT:Out of his fucking mind!

BB:Any websites you want to plug?
TGT: prowrestlingguerrilla.com, impactzonewrestling.com, topguntalwar.cjb.net, yourethemannowdog.com, and Chipotle.com. Bastards should sponsor me by now, with all the free advertising I give them.

BB:Thanks for your time Top Gun. We appreicate it very much.
TGT::Thank you very much. GOD DAMNIT!!

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