Notes regarding segment on SmackDown with Hassan, Daivari & Taker

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On Friday, July 8, 2005 at 2:54 PM EST

As aired Thursday on SmackDown, a segment was taped on Monday night following RAW in Sacramento involving a match between The Undertaker and Daivari. Following the match, Muhammad Hassan called five terrorist dressed masked men to the ring who all beat down The Undertaker. Due to the attacks in London on Thursday morning, a scroll ran numerous times during SmackDown reading, "In light of today's tragic events in London, Parental Discretion is advised when viewing tonight's episode."

Given that the show was taped days in advance to the attacks, WWE made the decision to run the scroll and warn viewers about the angle. The segement was edited out for the SmackDown airing in the UK and in Australia as well. In the US, WWE sent the tape to UPN on Thursday morning and it appears it was UPN's call to air the segment with a disclaimer. Either way, some have taken WWE to task for going through with the segment period regardless if the attacks in London had taken place or not (which made matters only worse when that happened).

For those wondering, the masked men who took part in the segment attacking The Undertaker included Val Venis, Mike & Todd Shane (aka The Shane Twins), WWE developmental talent Mike Knox and other worker whose name has yet to be confirmed. Also, the video of the segment was available for viewing on last night following the show. Since then, the video has been removed from the company's main page in favor of other highlights.

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