Impact! Taping Results from Orlando, FL for the next four weeks

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On Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 4:06 AM EST

The following tapings took place Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. Footage of these matches will air over the next four weeks on

Note: This may or may not be the exact order of the tapings that will air over the next four weeks online.

- Lance Hoyt vs. David Young went to a No Contest. Abyss hit the ring during the match and took out Hoyt and Young. James Mitchell cut a promo after this took place.

- Samoa Joe defeated Sonjay Dutt in a Super X Cup Tournament match. X Division Champion Christopher Daniels did commentary during the match. After the match, Shane Douglas tried to interview Joe, but Joe walked away without saying anything.

- Kip James & Monty Brown defeated Apolo & Sonny Siaki. After the match, Konnan and Ron Killings hit the ring and brawled with Kip and Brown.

- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven came out and cut a promo talking about Rhino and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett then came out and distracted Raven, allowing Rhino to take him out with a Gore. Jarrett then put Raven in the Figure Four to end the segment.

- Michael Shane came out with Traci Brooks with documents in hand. He announced that he was served with papers about the usage of his name, noting that he will now be called Matt Bently from now on (which is his real name).

- AJ Styles defeated Matt Bently in a Super X Cup Tournament match. During the match, America's Most Wanted came out and James Storm hit Bently with a superkick to set up Styles getting the pinfall.

- Sonjay Dutt defeated Elix Skipper & Shark Boy.

- Alex Shelley defeated Shocker in a Super X Cup Tournament match.

- Mikey Batts vs. Cassidy Riley went to a No Contest. Rhino came out and gave both the Gore. Jeff Jarrett also came out and gave Batts a piledriver. NWA World Champion Raven then came out to confront them. The lights went out in the arena and when they came back on Sabu was in the ring. Raven and Sabu took out Rhino and Jarrett.

- TNA announced that the main event for the Sacrifice PPV on August 14 would be NWA World Champion Raven & Sabu vs. Jeff Jarrett & Rhino.

- James Storm defeated Matt Bently.

- Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin in a Super X Cup Tournament match.

- Samoa Joe defeated Alex Shelley in a Super X Cup Tournament semi-final match.

- NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals defeated Team Canada's Bobby Roode & Eric Young via DQ when the referee caught Roode trying to use Jimmy Hart's megaphone. Team Canada then took out The Naturals until America's Most Wanted hit the ring for the save.

- Abyss defeated Apolo. Afterwards, Lance Hoyt challenged Abyss to a match.

- NWA World Champion Raven & Sabu defeated Simon Diamond & David Young. After the match, Jarrett and Rhino came out. Sabu took out both with a dive from the ring to the floor.

- Matt Bently defeated Shark Boy.

- AJ Styles defeated Petey Williams in a Super X Cup Tournament semi-final match.

- Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles was announced as the Super X Cup Tournament finals match at the Sacrifice PPV on August 14.

- Monty Brown w/ Kip James defeated Elix Skipper.

- Simon Diamond & David Young defeated America's Most Wanted. Team Canada interfered to give Diamond & Young the win. The Naturals came out this time for the save for AMW.

- It was announced that the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals & America's Most Wanted would face Team Canada in an eight man tag team match at the Sacrifice PPV on August 14.

- Ron Killings & Konnan defeated Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts. After the match, BG James came out and Konnan demanded an answer from him. James refused to comment.

- Rhino defeated Chris Sabin. After the match, both Raven and Jeff Jarrett hit the ring. A table gets set up and the lights go out. When they come back on, Sabu appears. Rhino attempts to powerbomb Sabu onto Raven who is on the table. The table doesn't end up breaking. Jarrett then locks Raven into the Figure Four and Rhino slams Sabu through the table.

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