Vince Russo launches a new "Ring of Glory" religious-themed promotion

»Reported by Adam Martin of

On Monday, August 1, 2005 at 1:57 PM EST

The new religious-themed wrestling promotion being run by Vince Russo and David Sahadi titled "Ring of Glory" opened it's official website at midnight this week. The website includes an interview with Russo who explains the concept of the promotion, describing it as "using the “art” form of wrestling to bring people to Jesus Christ." Russo also adds quote, "It’s some of the greatest athletes in the world just going out in the ring and performing—doing what they do best--with all the glory going to God. It’s all about God. Without him none of us would have the gifts that we have. The problem is that we live our lives using those gifts to our benefit . . . not God’s. From there its wrestling meets Broadway meets the Gospel. Through God I translate the Bible into 2005—putting it out there in a format that is easy for everyone to understand and relate to. The message is clear—the characters are clear—and at the end with have an altar call where we steer the lost to God."

The interview with Russo notes that the promotion is still negotiating with several churches for events, but that he was hoping to find a venue to run monthly. As of now, no events have been finalized. Talent confirmed for the promotion so far include current TNA stars AJ Styles, Abyss, Sonny Siaki, Chris Harris, Elix Skipper, James Mitchell and Traci Brooks. Some former TNA stars sucha s Kim "Desire" Nielsen, Glen Gilberti, Mike Sanders and Alan Funk are also slated to be involved as well. TNA's Jeremy Borash is listed as part of the production team for the promotion, while Scott Hudson and Tony Schivaone are slated to be the announcers as of now. A video promo hyping the debut of the promotion by David Sahadi will be available for download later this week.

Also, an article by Vince Russo also appears on the website where he gives "his side of the story" in regards to the incident at WCW's Bash at the Beach event in 2000. For more, click here.