Mick Foley & Daffney Interviews - Foley WWE return, Daffney & career

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 12, 2005 at 11:34 PM EST

Chris Cash sent in the following recap:

The Voice of Wrestling with Chris Cash has recently had three informative and entertaining interviews within the last couple of weeks. Mick Foley, Daffney Unger, and Gail Kim were all guests recently on VOW. You can listen to the archives at the link below, plus be sure to tune in live tonight from 7-9 EST, leading into Raw, as Chris goes live with special guest co-host, Jim Cornette! Jim will join the program for the entire two hours to discuss a number of issues in professional wrestling, plus there should be plenty of time to get to your questions that you can submit in the live chat room. Kevin Kelly will also be live on the show tonight and in a segment that is guaranteed to be very interesting and possibly controversial, Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer is scheduled to join Chris Cash and Jim Cornette for a conversation about the Internet and how it has affected the wrestling business. That's tonight from 7-9 EST at the link below!

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Daffney Interview Recap:

Daffney began by discussing her thoughts on Jeff Jarrett, claiming that she'd love to work for TNA, but didn't really think that Jarrett liked her much. "You know how it is in the business," she said, "you never know. One day they're like 'hell no' and then the next day they're like 'we want you'". She explained how she's been out of the business for a couple of years, but recently some of her friends have been trying to convince her to come back. She didn't state whether she had made the decision to do it or not.

On the topic of CM Punk and their relationship, she said that the break-up was partially contributed to the two never being able to see each other (her in Louisville and him in Philly). "For me, it's kind of difficult," she explained, "I still have feelings for him and I care about him as a friend. He's a wonderful guy". She then went on to say that CM Punk is the greatest worker she has ever seen with her own eyes. "He's a natural". She also stated that although she doesn't know if something was done behind her back involving CM Punk and Tracy Brooks while they were in TNA, she does think that Tracy was ready to start something with Punk immediately after they broke up.

When asked about women in wrestling, the WWE, and the Diva Search, Daffney said she doesn't really know what fans think about it in general, but she was very disappointed when the girls were let go from WWE. "Whenever I watch, which is not very often, and I see some type of diva something come on the television...click, change the channel," she continued, "I have no desire to watch some chick that's a fitness model that's got fake boobs...I mean did you earn your spot? Did you work your way up? Do you really love the business or are you just in it for the money? I don't see that desire in any of those women and that's what I find disappointing".

When asked about the promo picture of her that's located on Missy Hyatt and Francines' website, Daffney claims that she isn't nude in the members area of that site. "You know, I don't want to be insulting to anyone who's ever posed nude because Missy does it, Francine will pose nude, but in a pin-up way where everything's covered up," she said, "but myself...the only thing that I did that was risque was I posed in a bikini". She said that posing nude just wasn't her and she was proud of the pictures she did because she felt comfortable with it.

Mick Foley Interview Recap:

Mick joins the program and right off the bat, apologizes for being late. He claims that he was at the beach and had lost the phone number to the show, but promises to reschedule in the future. In addition to that, Daffney stays on the line to surprise Mick as she's a major fan of his wrestling and his writing. She introduced herself to Mick as the "scream queen", in which he responded by saying "you are a very able screamer". Once all the casual talk is out of the way, Chris and Mick discuss his book and a few wrestling-related topics that they have time for.

Chris brought up Scooter - his new book on sale now - and asked why the change in pace from childrens books to an in-depth baseball story. "I just see it as another way of telling stories," Mick explains, "that's what we essentially were in the ring...telling wrestling fans stories, but you're kind of limited as to what you can do because everything ultimately has to end up in the ring in a fight, so it's a little bit different to create characters that they don't necessarily have to end up in a wrestling ring, although all the elements of a good wrestling show are in the book".

When asked about returning to the WWE as it seems to be the pattern when he writes a book, he said that he was thinking about returning at Summerslam this year, but Hulk had the great program with HBK, so he didn't. "I believe you've got to know your role in the returning legends rotation," he joked, "and obviously, you know, Hulk has seniority and priority over me. It's been a while since I've been on and I don't want to waste a return just to wave my book around because the truth is..the fans love me, but they're not necessarily going to run out and buy a book just because my name is on it". Mick does plug WWE.com and www.aaknopf.com for book tour schedules.

Chris asks about Ric Flair and whether WWE is at all pressuring Mick into working with him upon his return to the ring. "It's funny," Mick responded, "some things don't get out..I guess you don't want them to...I actually talked to Ric beforet he holidays and had a pretty nice talk with him. Not about doing stuff, but just about letting go of some of this really bad feelings and it ended up on a good note. I don't know how he feels about me now or how he feels about doing something. I'd still much rather work with somebody who really wanted to get in there and wrestle with me...I compared it to kind of like musicians who want to jam with each other because they think they're good musicians..not just because they think they can make some money..you know, you don't really want to jam with a guy who thinks you suck".

Mick continues by saying that he does understand that an angle with Flair would make for some really good television. "I think he realizes that too," Mick added, "and you know what, I don't really dislike him and he's got some really good qualities, so I try not to just look at how my relationship with him is...of course it'd be flattering to be in there and do a program with Ric Flair, but who knows? If they ask me, I'm a little more open to it than I was a year and a half ago. I was open to it like six months ago, but that remains to be seen". They end the conversation with Daffney joking about being a valet for Mick when he returns.