OVW Notes: Puder finishes up, Kennedy heads home & CM Punk debuts

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 2:52 PM EST

Former Tough Enough champion Daniel Puder finished up with WWE last night at the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping in Louisville, Kentucky, putting over Johnny Jeter in his final match. According to reports, Paul Heyman put over Puder in a post-show meeting for returning to Louisville from California on his own dime to do the right thing for business despite getting released by WWE. Heyman brought up how during his carrer, when he felt he was screwed, he would screw people right back, but pointed out that Puder was a true professional for never considering that and doing the right thing. He added that if Puder didn't live up to WWE's expectations, then that was their decision, but one thing they could never say was that he wasn't a complete professional. Although not much is known at this time, many expect Puder to pursue more MMA fights.

Ken Kennedy (aka Ken Anderson) was told to move back home with his family in Minnesota recently to deal with a serious family illness at the moment. Kennedy had been living in Louisville for quite some time and was scheduled to do so until October, but a decision was made to let him go home faster instead. Anderson's "farewell" to the OVW crew last night was said to be very emotional as he had been working there for some time. On behalf of everyone here on the WrestleView.com staff, we would like to wish both Anderson and his family well during this tough time.

Former Ring of Honor star and newly signed WWE talent CM Punk made his TV debut for Ohio Valley Wrestling last night facing Danny Inferno. Punk ended up having to make a trip to the hopsital after suffering a broken nose and a possible eardrum injury following a hard slap in the match. There was also fear within OVW that Inferno may have injured his quadriceps as well.

Credit: Mike Johnson @ PWInsider.com