Overnight SmackDown rating, Unforgiven buyrate not good, PPV notes

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, October 9, 2005 at 1:53 AM EST

The 10/7 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown drew a 2.6 overnight broadcast rating with a 4 share. This marked the first week the show was available in the New York and Boston marks after numerous preemptions pushed the show to a replay on Saturday. The Los Angeles market ended up getting preempted however.

The early buyrate number for the Unforgiven PPV last month is in and it isn't very good news for WWE. The event drew an estimated 225,000 buys, which is less than the 233,000 buys the Great American Bash PPV drew in June. That show was considered the company's poorest PPV outing of the year at the time. There are also said to be fears within WWE that tonight's No Mercy PPV could do less than 200,000 buys given the current state of the SmackDown product and low interest in the show overall.

In related buyrate notes, it turns out some recent buyrate numbers for WWE PPV events this past year were much higher than originally reported in the company's quarterly earnings release. The original listed buyrate for ECW One Night Stand was 268,000 buys, but is now being listed at 325,000 buys. WWE Vengeance was originally listed at 320,000 buys, but it is now listed at 370,000. The original listed buyrate for WWE Backlash was 273,000 buys, but is now listed at 325,000. WWE Judgment Day was originally listed at 236,000 buys, but is now at 265,000. The Great American Bash was the only buyrate number that didn't change.

Credit: Dave Scherer @ PWInsider.com