RAW Results - 11/7/05 - Fort Wayne, IN (Big Tag Main Event, More)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 7, 2005 at 11:36 PM EST

November 7, 2005
Fort Wayne, IN
Commentators: Jonathon Coachman, Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of Wrestleview.com

The opening pyro hit and Coach and JR put over the tag team main event match later tonight.

The entire Raw locker room was in the ring as Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff’s music hit the arena and he made his way down to the ring.

He said that last week on Friday night he challenged Teddy Long to a ten-man survivor Series match. He said he did it because he KNEW Raw would dominate the match. He said he made two matches already for the pay per view. He said Triple H would take on Ric Flair in a last man standing match. He also said we’d see Kurt Angle take on the WWE Champion John Cena. He said the real question would be who would make up the five man Raw team.

He said two of those spots would go to the most feared and dominant men in the WWE, the World Tag Team Champions Kane and the Big Show. He said the third spot would go to the Raw team captain who would be Shawn Michaels. He didn’t know about the other two spots though and wanted to know who would step up to the plate.

He moved to Carlito and gave him a mic. Carlito said he’d have no more cabanas and that he was the best wrestler out there and the best superstar on Raw and said he’d represent Raw at Survivor Series. Shelton Benjamin asked him if he was high and took the mic out of his hands. He said he was the best athlete in WWE history and he needed to put him in the ring.

Bischoff said he was feeling generous and that the winner would get the survivor series spot. He asked whoever else wanted to step up. Trevor Murdoch grabbed the mic and said he and his partner were screwed out of the tag team titles at Taboo Tuesday and that they wanted a rematch for the tag titles. Gregory Helms also grabbed the mic and said he wanted a match against the fat piece of garbage that was holding him back, Rosey.

Mickie James grabbed the mic and said that we should all give a round of applause to the fulfill your fantasy diva battle royal on Taboo Tuesday, Trish Stratus. The crowd really popped for James.

Bischoff announced the main event as well and then held up for a second. He said he forgot Edge and Lita were even here. He invited the two into the ring. Bischoff said at Taboo Tuesday, right before he was supposed to be in his match, he said something to Bischoff but he couldn’t remember it. He showed a video clip from Taboo Tuesday of Edge saying he only cared about himself.
He said Edge only cared about Edge and Edge affirmed those remarks. Bischoff said he should give a damn and he’d teach them a lesson. He told them to cancel their dinner plans on Friday night and head over to Smackdown and face Batista in a street fight. Bischoff kicked them out of his ring and the crowd sang the ‘goodbye’ song as they left.


Carlito v. Shelton Benjamin

We came back to the match, which had already started. Benjamin faked the vault over the top rope and hit a snap mare off the apron to the floor. Shelton tossed Carlito back into the ring but then realized his knee was hurt. Carlito went right after it, stomping away at it. Carlito backed Benjamin into the corner and began stomping and chopping away at Shelton on the mat. He went right for a leg lock on the mat. Carlito cranked away on Shelton’s leg on the mat but Benjamin drew the energy from the crowd to break the hold, pulling the hair of Carlito.

Carlito went right to the leg, stomping away before propping Shelton on the ropes. He came off the ropes at Shelton but Benji kipped up and pancaked Carlito hard. Shelton went on the offensive landing a big back breaker and some clotheslines. Carlito reversed a whip attempt and attempted his DDT but Shelton blocked it and went for a torture rack but Carlito countered that as well. Carlito went for his suplex/neckbreaker hybrid but Shelton countered it into a neck breaker of his own. Shelton Body slammed Carlito to the mat and went to the top rope but was met up top. After knocking Carlito off the buckles, Shelton came flying off with a flying lariat but missed. Carlito immediately countered into his DDT but only got the two count on the cover attempt.

Carlito punched away at Benji before bringing him to his feet where the two traded blows. Shelton ducked under one punch and hit a Samoan drop and left the two on the mat. Shelton got up to his feet first, but was met with a Carlito drop kick to the knee that sent Benjamin to his back. Carlito looked for a single leg Boston crab but Shelton fought it. Shelton eventually countered it into a roll up but Carlito reversed it and held the ropes for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Carlito via pin fall

Mickie was in the back with Trish talking about their match later tonight. Trish cut her off and said they needed to talk about Taboo Tuesday. Mickie cut HER off though, clearly oblivious to Trish’s mood and began blabbing on about double doses of stratusfaction. Mickie walked off to the ring while Trish looked on clearly agitated.


Mickie James & Trish Stratus v. Victoria & Candice

Trish and Mickie locked up but Victoria hit an elbow and a whip to the corner. Victoria got caught on the way in and hit with a reverse victory roll on by James who was flying off the ropes. James got overzealous though and got nailed with a power slam. James did manage to duck under a leapfrog and came off the ropes, but Candice yanked the ropes, sending her to the outside. Victoria gathered her into the ring and tagged in candice.

Candice sat on James soldiers and used a head scissors with the ropes to choke out James. Candice went for her but got nailed back into Victoria who tagged her falling partner. She dropped a big elbow and then slapped Trish to the floor. Trish lost it and cleaned house on both ladies and then with the help of James used Candice as a battering ram to hit Victoria with.

James went for victory roll on Victoria but got slammed on the ropes. Trish came into help which distracted the ref long enough for Victoria to nail Mickie with the wand and make the cover for the victory.

Winners: Candice and Victoria via pin fall

A clip of the triple threat match last week was shown as well as a clip from Taboo Tuesday to put over the main event.


We came back to the Taboo Tuesday highlights being played.

Kane was in the back with Big Show. Show said that they were the champions and that they’d face the former champions in a hardcore match. Show asked him what his strategy was. Kane said to elicit the most pain possible and basically kill Cade and Murdoch. Show said it was beautiful as Kane walked off..


Gregory Helms v. Rosey

Rosey tossed his former partner to the corner and began clubbing away at him. Helms caught him with a European uppercut but Rosey came back immediately with two big shoulder blocks that sent Helms to the outside. Rosey went to work beating the hell out of Helms, landing a huge clothesline that again sent Helms to the outside.

Rosey followed Helms, hitting him with a big right before tossing him into the ring barrier. Back in the ring, Rosey blocked a kick and hit another big clothesline. Helms begged in the corner but yanked Rosey by the tights and sent him headfirst into the turnbuckles. He slammed Rosey’s head off the buckles but to no avail. Rosey tossed him aside and went to the top but got kicked in the junk and sent off the ropes. Helms nailed Rosey with a shining wizard and got the pin fall for the victory.

Winner: Gregory Helms via pin fall

Cade and Murdoch are on their way to the ring. The WWE World Tag Team Championship match is next!


World Tag Team Championship—Hardcore Match

The challengers tossed trashcans at the champs to begin but it didn’t do anything. Kane began tossing stuff into the ring while Show hit his huge chops. Kane went after Cade in the mean time, as Big Show laid a trash can lid on Murdoch’s face. He went to drop himself of Murdoch, but Cade pulled the rope down which caused Show to pill over the top and to the floor. Kane came sailing off the top rope at Murdoch but got nailed with the trash can lid. The two went to work on Kane, choking him and landing some knees to the back. Cade nailed Kane with the trash can lid while Murdoch used the kendo stick. They sent Kane off the ropes who was met by a Murdoch inverted atomic drop and a Cade swinging neck breaker. Murdoch nailed Big Show to the outside but got caught with his partner by a Kane double clothesline.

Big Show came back in the ring as Kane hit a sidewalk slam on Cade. Murdoch came running in but got nailed with the Kendo stick he was using just five minutes previously. Big Show nailed Cade with an avalanche. Show then connected with a belly to back suplex onto the trash can.

Kane and Show diverted their attention to Murdoch on the outside. They put the trash can over his head and then Kane ran a running big boot to the can which smashed Murdoch’s head off the ring post. The two gathered what was left of Cade and dragged him up to the staging. Kane went over to the commentary booth and cleaned the area up and both prepped the double choke slam. They nailed the choke slam through the announce table Kane made the cover for the one, two, three.

Winner and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Kane

Kurt Angle was on his way to the ring. The main event is next.


Angle got on the mic and said he hated the ‘you suck’ chant. Angle snapped and said he was going to go do his ring entrance all over again. He said if he didn’t get the respect he deserved, he’d keep doing it over and over again until the fans got it right.

He came out again and the ‘you suck’ chants reign down. He said he works his butt off every day all day long for these people. He said they’ve got one last chance to show him some respect or they wouldn’t get a main event tonight.

Angle came out and yet again people told him he sucked. He said middle America was supposed to be about family values but parents were letting their kids chant ‘you suck’. He said they were abusing their freedom of speech. He said he had three neck surgeries for all of these people. He said he didn’t see his baby’s first steps because he was on the road. He said the whole arena was full of selfish bastards as the crowd cheered. He said that everyone else sucked, not him. He said that was exactly why he was leaving the arena and that the main event could go straight to hell.


Angle was in the back with Eric Bischoff. Bischoff was pleading with Angle to keep him in the main event. Angle said he wanted the fans to stop chanting “you suck” and that he also wanted a special guest referee. Bischoff said he’d take care of it.

Triple H’s music hit the arena and he came out to the stage. Triple H sat down in a chair that had been placed out on the stage.


Intercontinental Championship
Ric Flair v. Rob Conway

Conway and Flair went to lock up but Flair slicked the hair back and strutted for the crowd. The two locked up for real and Flair tossed Conway into the ropes. Flair connected wit ha hip toss and did a little strut for the crowd yet again.

The two locked horns again and Flair hit Conway with a stiff shoulder block and slapped Conway on the botched leap frog attempt. Flair then chopped Conway out to the ringside area.

As Flair mocked Triple H, Conway hit Flair from behind. Conway landed a nice hang man’s neckbreaker before connecting with a second. Conway went for the cover but only got a two count. He slapped Flair and mocked him in the corner. The referee admonished Conway before Flair grabbed Conway by the privates and beat him with lefts and rights in the corner. Flair whipped Conway into the corner and Conway came sailing off.

Flair hit an elbow before scaling the ropes and hitting his flying hammer of the top. Flair hit another vertical suplex before going for the figure four leg lock. Triple H began to walk down the ramp with a chain but didn’t get there quite in time as Conway tapped out.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair
Triple H began to choke away at Flair with the chain. Flair fought back and began to land some big rights and lefts, which landed Triple H in the crowd. Flair and the Game battled into the crowd as the officials tried to break them up. Eventually the officials succeeded but Flair broke lose again and went right back at Triple H.


Lita walked in on Eric Bischoff and apologized for what happened earlier in the night. Bischoff told her that there was nothing she could do. Lita asked him if he was sure and showed him her breasts. Bischoff told her to put those away and sent her off.

Kurt Angle & Chris Masters v. Shawn Michaels & John Cena

The ‘you suck’ chants were bleeped out on Kurt Angle’s entrance.

All of a sudden MOHAMMED HASSAN’S music hit the arena and out came Daivari in referee’s clothes.


We came back to Chris Masters and Shawn Michaels working together as Masters was yanking HBK down by the hair and Daivari not doing anything. Masters rolled up HBK but almost got the quick pin as Daivari was fast counting. Angle was tagged in and whipped HBK into the corner but got caught with a back elbow. Cena is tagged and with HBK hit a double clothesline.

Cena went for a cover but didn’t get a count. Masters was tagged back in eventually but got caught by Cena’s big flying hip toss and fisherman’s suplex. Daivari was again, slow on the cover. HBK got tagged back in and hit a knife edge chop and a knee lift. HBK went for an arm bar, but got caught wit ha clothesline by Masters. Angle tagged but got caught by HBK who was playing possum.

HBK stuck Angle in a key lock but Angle backed him up into a corner and began punching away. HBK reversed it but Daivari pulled him back claiming he was using a closed fist. Angle stomped away on HBK in the corner as Daivari counted slow on a choke. Masters was tagged in and hit a huge back breaker but HBK kicked out of another fast count. Masters whipped HBK into the buckle and on the rebound caught him in the bear hug. HBK fought out of the hold and freed himself, but was still very damaged.

Masters dragged him to the corner and tagged in Angle. Angle clamped on a leg lock and then went for the ankle lock but HBK pushed him off. Angle hit a kick to the gut, knocked Cena off the apron, and went for an Angle slam, but HBK countered it and hit a big DDT. HBK struggled to his corner and tagged Cena who nailed Masters and then hit his clotheslines on Angle. Cena hit the proto plex and then the five knuckle shuffle. Cena again knocked Masters off the apron before going for the FU but Masters made it back in the ring just in time to make the save.

Angle clamped on a front face lock and dragged Cena to the corner and tagged in Chris Masters. Masters choked Cena and went to tend to Shawn Michaels while the hold continued. Masters hit a vertical suplex on Cena but he kicked out on the fast count.

Angle got tagged in and hit a back breaker and got a two count on another fast two count. Angle clamped on another rear chin lock but Cena countered out of it with a belly to back suplex.

Masters and HBK were both tagged in and he hit a huge flying forearm, the inverted atomic drop, and the clothesline. HBK knocked Angle to the apron and then scaled the ropes to hit his big elbow. Angle slid a chair into the ring and Masters nailed Michaels with it even though Daivari blatantly saw it. Michaels went to grab the chair from Masters and Daivari disqualified him.

Winners: Chris Masters & Kurt Angle

After the match, HBK nailed Masters with sweet chin music before Angle toppled him to the floor. Cena went at Angle but got nailed from behind by Daivari. The two celebrated in the ring over Cena’s body to end the show.


The Good--For as bad as tonight indeed was, there were some bright spots that made me smile for a few seconds. Daivari was an interesting surprise but he’s likely a one shot deal. Flair-Triple H is quickly becoming feud of the year and both have had minimal ring time. I really can’t wait for Survivor Series. Big Show and Kane are a great combination I think, but it’s just a shame there aren’t any other tag teams out there for them to beat. Mickie James was hysterical during the opening segment.

P.S. I like Gregory Helms’ new gimmick.

The Bad-- In all my time of watching wrestling, I’ve never seen an actual show where it REALLY felt like everyone on the roster was just going through the motions. It SERIOUSLY felt like that tonight. I don’t think the WWE locker room could possibly do a better job of showing they’re not happy.

The Ugly-- Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous…. We all know WWE creative is bad, but now they’re not even bothering to create anything. They’re just naming matches and winging it, literally. Now they’re not even going to bother, they’re just gonna book whatever.

Overall D- Another absolutely terrible Raw with little to no redeeming value. I wasn’t excited about anything, and only a few things gave me some chuckles. At this rate, WWE won’t last on USA more than three months. It’s really sad to see the company dip THIS much so quickly. Let’s hope Vince ditches the 90210 writers and begins hiring people that know something about wrestling. I’ve bitched enough and gave my two cents on how WWE could improve and it’s just becoming a waste of time. Here’s a tip for everyone reading this that feels the same way I do: Don’t watch Raw next week and vote with your eyes. Don’t give Vince the ratings.

Quick Results

Carlito def. Shelton Benjamin
Victoria and Candice def. Mickie James and Trish Stratus
Gregory Helms def. Rosey
Big Show and Kane def. Cade and Murdoch to retain the World Tag Team Championship
Ric Flair def. Rob Conway to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Masters & Kurt Angle def. John Cena & Shawn Michaels

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. John Cena
2. Shawn Michaels
3. Ric Flair
4. Big Show & Kane

Most Heat
1. Kurt Angle
2. Edge
3. Triple H
4. Daivari

Match of the Night: Kurt Angle & Chris Masters v. John Cena & HBK *3/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- Cena and about three or four others are the only guys like they cared at all about what happened this week. Probably because he has to, he is the champ after all.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- Flair is awesome again and he does absolutely nothing new in the ring or out of it. Shows you what an incredible worker the guy is. He’s nearly 60 years old and he’s one of the three guys completely and totally carrying the brand.

1.) Kurt Angle (LAST WEEK: 1)--It’s official. Angle’s trying way too hard to gain heel heat and tonights schtick with the crowd was just lame. I love Angle’s work as much as the next guy but his character has been totally deep sixed by a creative team that’s completely micro managed his character. I’ll be willing to bet he wins the gold at Survivor Series, but don’t expect it to go anywhere.

2.) Shawn Michaels (LAST WEEK: 2)--I was almost expecting Michaels to double over laughing at just how bad everything was tonight. Of anyone, he wore his apathy on his face the best. Just another night of running through the motions for HBK.

3.) Triple H (LAST WEEK: 4)-- Is the third guy who is carrying this brand. Don’t question the guy’s commitment to the product. He’s the only guy under 60 worth watching right now. I think a lot of internet smarks are saying that too. Amazing what a year can do.

4.) Edge (LAST WEEK:3)-- Well Edge tore his titty. So I guess that means he doesn’t get a title shot. So instead of having him disappear for a little while or maybe get fired, they’re going to have him get annihilated by Batista. Unless the MITB contract gets stolen from him this Friday, this angle is nothing but demolishing another character the company has worked hard on.

5.) Carlito (LAST WEEK: 6)-- So Carlito, without really doing anything, is in the top five. He beat the blue power ranger this week, btw. And would you believe it!? He said he’s getting more serious. Tough to do it with that hair.

6.) Chris Masters(LAST WEEK: 7)-- Gets the rub in a dq ending tag match tonight.

7.) Big Show (LAST WEEK: 5) -- Show won the tag team titles at Taboo Tuesday so he falls a bit by now sort of being out of the singles ranks. So let me get this straight. WWE is short on top singles wrestlers, so they put the tag belts needlessly on two of them. Ahh I get it.

8.) Kane (LAST WEEK: 8)-- See Big Show

9.) Rob Conway(LAST WEEK: 9)-- Hey after his mini push at least he’s not getting buried too much! Right?.

10.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 10)-- Squashed.

Dropping Out: No one

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