RAW Results - 11/14/05 - Minneapolis, MN - (Eddie Guererro Tribute)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 14, 2005 at 11:42 PM EST

WWE RAW — Eddie Guererro Tribute Show
November 14, 2005
Minneapolis, MN
Commentators: Jonathon Coachman, Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The show opened with the entire WWE locker room standing on the stage. Vince McMahon said he had passed away and that he was at the prime of his life and career. He said that tonight they would celebrate the life of Eddie Guererro. He said he loved the business whether he was booed or cheered. He said that Eddie’s goal every night was to steal the show. He said Eddie wanted the show to go on tonight and that it would, paying tribute to Eddie.

Vince McMahon asked the crowd to stand and be silent for the 10 tolls of the bell.

A video package then aired documenting Eddie’s life and career with Johnny Cash’s

John Cena was up. He said that we’d hear from everyone tonight and that they’d all say Eddie Guererro was a great man. He said he was a very passionate man and that he helped him when Cena was new. He said he didn’t teach him the moves, he taught him the heart and how to find it, good bad or indifferent. Cena sent his condolences to Eddie’s family and friends. He said he loved Eddie.


A clip was shown of the infamous Big Show incident from late 2003 when Eddie sprayed Show in sewage.

Joey Styles welcomed us to the show during Big Show’s Entrance.

Kane & Big Show v. MNM

This was a match featuring the World Tag Team Champions v. the WWE Tag Team Champions. Nitro went directly for Show’s knee but Show nailed him with a knee lift. He hit his big chop in the corner and then whipped the youngster to the opposite corner and hit him with another chop.

Kane tagged in and hit a running clothesline on Nitro, a clothesline on Mercury, and then a sidewalk slam on Nitro. Kane was eventually knocked over the top rope. While Big Show took care of Mercury in the corner, Nitro attempted the cover on Kane but only got a two count.

Mercury was tagged in and hit an elbow off the second rope before tagging in Nitro and hitting a double boot to the face. Nitro pummeled Kane on the ground before attempting to knock Big Show to the floor. They turned around and both were on the receiving end of a Kane double choke slam. Show came in and whipped both Nitro and Mercury into the corner and went to hit a running splash, but Melina distracted him. Big Show kissed Melina and tossed her aside. Kane hit a flying clothesline and then hit the double choke slam with Show to get the victory.

Winners: Big Show & Kane

Lillian Garcia’s video was next. She said she knew Eddie from the beginning. She said the two spoke Spanish together before recounting her trip with him to Iraq last year. She said the soldiers were so excited to see him but Eddie was the humble one thanking them for their service. She said it really showed his true character. She said something in Spanish to Eddie and blew him a kiss.


A video was replayed recapping Eddie Guererro auctioning off all of Kurt Angle’s belongings last year on Smackdown.

Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin

The two locked up in the middle of the ring and Angle caught Benji in a top wristlock. Shelton fought his way to his feet, flipped off the ropes, and arm dragged Angle to get out of the hold. Angle came back with two elbows to the back of the neck. Shelton came off the ropes but got caught in an overhead belly to belly supple.

Angle slammed Shelton’s head into the corner and booted him to the ground. After being admonished by the official, Angle gathered Benjamin and hit a vertical supple before getting a two count on the cover attempt. Angle clamped in a waste lock on the mat, trying to keep Shelton grounded. Shelton fought out of it with some back elbows, but got caught with a knee lift coming off the ropes.

Angle got a two count on the cover attempt before planting Shelton with the back breaker. He went for two more covers but was unable to get the full three. Angle slapped on a rear chin lock on Shelton. Shelton tried to fight out with some elbows, but Angle smashed him with two more back elbows to the neck. Angle went for a supple but Shelton countered it trying to hit his neck breaker. Angle quickly jerked around and reversed a DDT attempt, hitting a spine buster.

The two fought their way to their feet and traded punches in the center of the ring. Shelton hit his flying forearm followed up by a clothesline. Shelton went for the stinger splash, but got caught wit ha boot. Angle came right at him, but Shelton planted him with a Samoan drop.

Shelton set Angle up for the T-bone supple but Angle reversed it and tried to clamp in the ankle lock. Shelton countered out of it and hit a spinning wheel kick and nearly got the three count. Shelton went to the buckles and hit his flying clothesline. Shelton amped himself up going for the stinger splash again, but Kurt avoided it and connected with two of his patented three German suplexes.

Shelton countered the last supple with a roll up but only got two. Angle kicked out and hit the angle slam but only got a two count on the cover attempt. Angle went to the top to perform his moonsault, but Shelton caught him and hit a huge German Supple off the top rope, leaving both men laid out.

Shelton went for the cover but only got two and a half. Shelton went to go admonish the official for a slow count and Angle out of nowhere nipped up and picked Shelton’s ankle. He grape-vined the leg and Shelton tapped out.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

Shawn Michaels video was next. HBK said he never wrestled him and his relationship was all about faith, putting over their both being born again Christians. He said someday they’d wrestle in front of god. He wanted to thank Guererro for sharing his faith. He said he was able to do something that no one else was able to do in the WWE and that was bring every single person in the WWE to prayer and left his greatest influence on everyone yesterday. HBK thanked him.


A quick video package recapping the days of “Los Guererros” and the Lie, Cheat, and Steal gimmick’s origins aired.

Chavo was next to speak his peace. He said growing up Guererro was different. They didn’t decide to get into wrestling, they lived it since they were born. He said their first match was together when they were four and seven years old. The problem was that during intermission, they’d wrestle, and people wouldn’t go to concessions to buy food. He said they always dreamed of being tag team champions and they were able to have that dream come true. He said Vince and others decided to put them together as a tag team. He said he’d never have a partner like Eddie again. He said they thought the same in the ring and knew what each other were thinking at all times. He said he was his brother and always would be. He said he loves Eddie with all his heart and that he was an inspiration to him. He said every aspect of his life he’s looked to Eddie for help. He thanked Eddie and told him that he loved him.


Shawn Michaels v. Rey Mysterio

Michaels opened up putting Mysterio in an arm wringer, driving his shoulder to towards the mat. Mysterio rolled through and clamped in an arm wringer of his own before going behind to the hammerlock. HBK reversed the hold and freed himself and put Mysterio to the mat with a shoulder block. HBK scouted the second leap frog and kicked Mysterio off before hitting the headlock which Mysterio kicked out of leading to a stand off.

Michaels clamped on a headlock, which evolved into another hammerlock. Mysterio dropped down after it going for the single leg but got rolled up by HBK who glided out of the pin to the headlock.

HBK avoided the leapfrog and went to catapult Mysterio out of the ring but Mysterio hit the apron turned and spring boarded off the topes with his flying senton for a two count on the cover. HBK kicked out and began lining up Mysterio for chops. He gathered the crumpled Mysterio and sent him into the ropes and hit a kick, which sent HBK into the ropes. HBK avoided the 619 and rolled outside but Rey pursued him and hit a pescada over the top rope. The two were left on the outside as we left for commercial break.


We came back to HBK having Mysterio in a sleeper hold. Mysterio fought out of it, but HBK quickly cut off the momentum, clamping in a rear chin lock. Mysterio again fought out with some elbows, but Michaels hit a back elbow of his own. Michaels flung him into the ropes but Mysterio hit the tilt a whirl head scissors, a cross body and some kicks to the leg. Mysterio gave the Guererro shuffle and floored HBK again.

He hit a drop kick to knee of HBK and then a boot to the head, which nearly got him a three count. He whipped HBK in and got nailed with a flying forearm. HBK nipped up and hit his inverted atomic drop but it was countered into a bulldog. Mysterio missed the 619 and HBK clocked him with a clothesline, which got a two count.

Mysterio went for a tilt a whirl again but HBK grounded him with another clothesline. He went to the top for the top rope elbow and connected. He tuned up the band looking for the super kick but no one was home. Mysterio avoided it hit a reverse ranna and the 619. Mysterio dropped the dime and got the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pin fall

Batista spoke his peace next. He was extremely emotional. Dave put him over as someone he genuinely enjoyed working with and couldn’t believe he was gone.

Another Johnny Cash music video aired, highlighting Guererro’s career.


Diva Battle Royal

Pretty much some otherwise useless action until the final four where we were left with Maria, Victoria, Trish, and Melina. Maria suprsingly eliminated Victoria. She got feisty at this point and attempted to fight both Melina and Trish. The two divas tossed Maria over the ropes and to the floor, eliminating her. Trish immediately went after Melina, trying to hit the stratusfaction, but had it reversed and she ended up on the apron. Trish went to hit her, but had it blocked and countered, knocking her to the mat on the outside, eliminating her.

Winner: Melina

Mysterio was up next giving his thoughts. He said he loved Eddie and he was always there for him. He said everyone would miss him greatly and that he was an inspiration to everyone. He said that as a fan, a person, and as a human being he had an excellent presence. He said he loved him and blew a kiss to the camera and took off his mask.


A video aired of Chris Benoit winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XX and then celebrating in the ring with long time friend, Eddie Guererro.

Simon Dean v. Eugene

Dean baited Eugene with a Simon system nutrition bar. Dean used the opportunity to try and get the roll up. Both of the two began doing push ups against each other. Dean attempted to hit him with an elbow drop but Eugene avoided it and bit him in the butt. Eugene hit the monkey flip out of the corner and went right for the “Dean Machine”, which he was enamoured with before the match began. Dean knocked him off and began pummeling him around the ring. He locked on a reverse chin lock and a back elbow to Eugene’s head. He went to spike Eugene’s head off the turnbuckle, but Eugene ‘hulked up’. He hit his rights and lefts followed by the windmill punch. Eugene went for the airplane spin but Eugene got dizzy and dropped Dean. Dean brought out the power bands and got them caught in the corner, causing him to slingshot to the corner, knocking him silly. Eugene hit the rock bottom on the rebound and got the three count for the win.

Winner: Eugene

Chris Benoit was next. Benoit said he could call Eddie his best friend. He said he spent 15 years with him on the road and had been up and down every mountain and highway. He said Eddie led by example. He said Eddie was always the guy who gave him advice when he needed it. Benoit said he never left Eddie without telling him he loved him. He said he loved his family too. He said his prayers went out to his family and said he couldn’t imagine the sorrow they were going through right now. He said that his prayers and thoughts were with him. He said that Eddie was in a better place and wanted to let him know that he missed him and that he loved him. He said Eddie made such an incredible impression on his life and thanked him for everything for everything he ever gave him. He said he loved him and he’d never forget him. This segment was incredibly emotional.


Footage of Eddie Guererro’s WWE Championship over Brock Lesnar aired from No Way Out 2004.

Triple H said Eddie was an amazing guy. He said from a professional standpoint, he’d remember him from being one of the best. He said Eddie could do anything from making you laugh one minute to cry the next. He said Guererro was a phenomenal talent. He said personally, Eddie was an inspiration. He said that Eddie had a lot of demons and issues in his life. He said Eddie overcame all of that to become what he was and is. He said he had succeeded in life where so many others failed. Triple H paused and gathered himself before saying he’d miss him. He said he wanted Eddie’s wife and kids to know that they were all he ever talked about. He said he knew Eddie was proud that they all put on a show for him. He said everyone would have wanted the show to go on. He said he was in heaven lying and cheating someone and he was still in all our hearts.


Ric Flair v. William Regal

The two went to lock up but Flair slicked the hair back and strutted. Flair hit a kick to the gut and ran Regal to the corner. Regal gained the upper hand with some punches to the face, flooring Flair. He gathered Flair who turned the tables and hit two of his chops then some punches.

Regal countered with a European uppercut flooring the champion. He got a two count on the cover. Flair clamped on an abdominal stretch but Regal broke the hold and went back to work punching away at Flair. Regal connected with a huge European uppercut that sent Flair over the top rope and on to the floor. Regal pursued him but was on the receiving end of some chops before whipping the champion to the barricade. Regal saved a whip attempt but got nailed with a clip of the knee on the rebound. Flair chop blocked him again before clamping on the figure four leg lock. Regal tapped quickly.

Winner: Ric Flair

Stephanie McMahon recounted her story of first meeting Eddie Guererro. It was when Guererro was still deciding whether or not he wanted to move from WCW to WWE. She remembers him as very humble and fun loving. She said when she finally got to work with Eddie behind the camera. She said he could give you all sorts of emotions. She said that when he went out there he stole their heart. She said he loved everyone and the audience more than anyone. She had talked to him on Friday quickly and Eddie told her he was going to be champion again. She broke down briefly before saying the most important thing to him was his family. She said he loved his wife Vikki so much. He would light up when he talked about them. She said she was so sorry for their loss. She said he was a son, a husband, a father, and friend and that he’d always be a champion. She said she will miss him and that she loves him.


A video aired of Eddie Guererro’s relationship and feud with Chyna.

John Cena v. Randy Orton

The two locked up in the center of the ring with Orton getting the headlock advantage. Orton took him down maintaining his advantage. Orton whipped Cena off the ropes and nailed him with an elbow. He went right after Cena up against the ropes stomping the hell out of him. Orton brought him to his feet and went for a punch but Cena blocked it and hit some punches of his own.

Orton countered the last punch though and hit his reverse headlock back-breaker before clamping on a rear chin lock. Orton continued to dominate the action, whipping Cena into the buckles. Cena put the breaks on and Orton clattered into him, leaving both men laid out on the canvas.

The two got to their feet and Cena hit a shoulder block and two clotheslines. He hit his sit out proto plex before going for the five-knuckle shuffle and connecting. Cena went to pump the shoes up and went for the FU. Cowboy Bob came running in however, looking for the DQ. The Ortons went to work on the champ in the corner but he eventually fought them off and planted Randy with an FU.

Winner: John Cena via DQ

Cena took off his Eddie Guererro T-Shirt and laid it in the middle of the ring with his WWE Championship belt and left the ring.

What was good was the tributes made tonight. What’s bad is that I will never see Eddie again. What’s ugly is that we lost an outstanding human being this weekend who deserved better.

I’m rarely one who gets emotional about celebrity deaths or deaths in general. I could have cared less when Princess Diana died and was fairly indifferent to many others. I felt for Owen Hart. However Eddie Guererro’s death is unfortunately the one that sticks.

Eddie Guererro didn’t always say his prayers and didn’t always eat his vitamins, but I guess that’s what made him so great. Eddie wasn’t a super hero and didn’t pretend to be. He was hampered by his demons, plagued by self-doubt, and carried many of the same worries and pain that we as normal people do every day. Eddie was just like us.

What made Eddie stand out, however, was his willingness to stand up to his demons, confront them, and conquer them. Arn Anderson said it best when he said that “Adversity introduces a man to himself”.

No quote rings as true for any man I’ve known than that quote does for Eddie Guererro. He was a brave human being, a brilliant performer, and most importantly a good father, devoted husband, and loving son. I will miss you greatly Eddie. Thank you for the memories. Miss the man, live the legacy.

Viva La Raza.

Quick Results

Big Show & Kane def. MNM
Kurt Angle def. Shelton Benjamin
Rey Mysterio def. Shawn Michaels
Melina won a Diva Battle Royal
Eugene def. Simon Dean
John Cena def. Randy Orton

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Eddie Guererro
2. John Cena
3. Rey Mysterio
4. Shawn Michaels

Most Heat
1. Kurt Angle
2. Randy Orton
3. MNM
4. Simon Dean

Match of the Night: Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin **1/2

Power Rankings
****With no real story-line progression this week, I’m leaving you with last week’s ratings. In parenthesis are their previous rankings:

WWE Champion: John Cena (WWE Champion)
Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (IC Champion)

1. Kurt Angle (1)
2. Shawn Michaels (2)
3. Triple H (4)
4. Edge (3)
5. Carlito (6)
6. Chris Masters (7)
7. Big Show (3)
8. Kane (8)
9. Rob Conway (9)
10. Shelton Benjamin (10)

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