RAW Results - 11/21/05 - Sheffield, England (SmackDown vs. RAW)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 12:24 AM EST

WWE RAW Results 11/21
November 21, 2005
Sheffield, England
Commentators: Jonathon Coachman, Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The opening pyro hit and Styles welcomed us to the show.

The Raw Survivor Series team came down to the ring followed by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff said that this would be the team that would prove once again what was so obvious that Raw was the preeminent brand in all of sports entertainment. He said that apparently Team Smackdown didn’t feel that way. He said there were rumors all week on the Internet that Smackdown wanted to come get some early.

He said he had Todd Grisham was out in the parking lot on Smackdown watch so he’d know if anyone would come bother him. He said Smackdown wouldn’t be here because of him. Big Show told him that they were his ‘nothing’. He said he and Kane went to Smackdown because they wanted to prove their point that they were unstoppable. He said if Batista got hurt somehow, then that was just too bad. He said Batista was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Todd Grisham cut us off and JBL’s limo pulled up and out stepped most of team Smackdown. Batista grabbed the mic and told them to bring their ‘sorry asses’ outside to the parking lot. HBK picked up the mic and told Bischoff, who was pleading with them to not go outside, that they were going outside. Bischoff pleaded and then eventually ordered the group to come back to the ring, but no one listened.


The Smackdown stars were out in the parking lot waiting for the raw superstars. HBK was removing his tie heading down the hallway. The teams brawled in the parking lot and Batista got smashed through the windshield of a car outside. Raw pretty much dominated until security broke up the scene. Teddy Long was screaming for a doctor as we left for commercial.


Todd Grisham was out back showing us the car that Batista was choke slammed through. Batista apparently refused a stretcher.

Ric Flair v. Trevor Murdoch

The two circled the ring and locked up and Murdoch gained the advantage with a shoulder block but quickly had the tables turned when he got hit with a back body drop. Murdoch powered Flair into the corner and began hauling off with right hands, the third of which floored Flair. Flair reversed momentum in the corner and lit Murdoch up with some chops and some punches. Flair went to the top rope but got hit with a shot to the gut as he came off.

Murdoch gained the advantage driving some knees into Flair’s back followed by an elbow to his sternum. Murdoch stretched out Flair on the mat with a modified abdominal stretch. He brought Flair to his feet and hit a body slam before going to the middle rope. He took down his kneepad to expose his knee but missed the move on the way down.

Flair came at Murdoch with some chops and a knee to the chest. Flair hit some chops and then another chop before attempting the figure four but getting pushed off into the turnbuckles. Flair ducked through on the rebound though and rolled up Murdoch and grabbed the tights to gain the victory.

Winner: Ric Flair via pin fall

Triple H appeared on the titan tron. He mocked Flair saying all he was doing in that ring was buying himself time. He said at Survivor Series, it wouldn’t be about winning or losing, it’d be about surviving. He said he’d show him about that later tonight. He said a month ago he said he’d beat Triple H if it was the last thing he ever did. He congratulated Flair, assuring him that it WOULD be the last thing he’d ever do.


Rob Conway v. Tajiri

Tajiri had Conway in the tarantula and JBL appeared out of nowhere and flattened both men.


JBL asked the people if they wanted a fight. He said Batista was going to the hospital because of a bunch of cowards from Raw. He said he was calling Raw out because he was not a coward. He demanded that the knuckle dragging, hair lipped orangutan Chris Masters drag his face out here and get beat down by the wrestling god.

Bischoff came out and said he thought they had already taken the trash out. Bischoff asked him who he thought he was and JBL declared himself. Bischoff said that wasn’t the right thing to say and either he was the dumbest man on earth or the bravest. He said he was the dumbest. He gave JBL a match but said he wouldn’t give him Chris Masters just because he requested it. He said later tonight, we’d see JBL v. Shawn Michaels.

Bischoff told him to leave before he got his butt handed to him. JBL left through the crowd telling Bischoff we’d see him in the main event.

Highlights of the Angle-Shelton match aired from last week.


A video of WWE Champion John Cena’s appearance at Mad TV last week aired. The show will air at 11pm/9CT.

Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin

There wasn’t a referee for the match until DAIVARI’S music hit. Daivari is the special guest referee.

The two locked up in the middle of the ring and Angle took Benjamin down with a side headlock. Shelton fought his way to his feet and tossed Angle off the ropes but caught the business end of a shoulder block. They went off again and Shelton hit two deep arm drags and clamped them in. Angle fought out with a rake of the eyes.

The two traded punches before Angle caught Benji in an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle went to work, hitting back breaker and then some stomps to the back. Angle kept stomping away and choking the youngster in the ropes. Angle hit a vertical suplex and then caught two near falls.

Angle cinched in a waist lock on Benjamin Benjamin freed himself with some punches and then hit his flying forearm which left both men laid out on the mat. Angle charged Benjamin but got caught with two clotheslines and whip to the corner. Benjamin missed the follow up but managed to gather himself to hit the Samoan drop.

Shelton immediately went for the T-bone but it was blocked. Benjamin hit his hanging neckbreaker and got a near fall. Benjamin punched away at Angle in the corner, ducked under a punch, then hit his spinning wheel kick on Angle, which knocked the Olympian to the outside.

Shelton baseball slid out to the ringside area and smashed Angle’s head off the apron. Angle tried to hit a German suplex off the apron but Shelton fought out of it. Angle charged at Shelton on the apron but got nailed with a DDT off the edge of the ring.

Back in the ring, Shelton went for the T-bone, but Angle cinched in a front face lock, which turned into the ankle lock. Shelton came close to reaching the ropes, but was pulled back to the center of the ring again. Shelton fought like crazy and reached the ropes but couldn’t get a full grip on the ropes to break the hold. Shelton mustered up the courage one more time and reached the ropes, but Daivari didn’t make Angle release the hold. Shelton eventually was able to roll up Angle, but Daivari pushed Shelton back, reversing the roll and causing Angle to get the pin fall victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle via pin fall

Angle grabbed the mic after the match and said that he had an announcement that would change the landscape of John Cena’s title defense against him this Sunday at Survivor Series.


Kurt Angle said that Daivari was a proud American. He said he was sickened by their distaste for Daivari. He said he would be the referee for the match on Sunday against John Cena. He said that the people WILL show him and Daivari some respect. Daivari did his Arabic rant thing before Cena showed his face on the monitor.

Cena told him to stop acting like a ham sandwich. He said he was going to find out the real story about Kurt Angle, what the WWE superstars thought..He went around to the various locker rooms trying to find out what they thought. Snitsky and Tomko were giving each other massages. Cena made fun of their beards and Snitsky said it wasn’t his fault. He encountered the boogeyman again, who Cena didn’t really know how to react to.

Cena eventually made his way through the crowd asking them what their opinions were on the challenger and of course they all said he sucked. Cena made his way to the ring Cena charged the ring and Angle tackling him and sending Daivari flying. He back body dropped Angle who fled the ring. Cena celebrated with his belt as the two retreated up the aisle.


Triple H v. Val Venis

Total squash here. Val got the upper hand and knocked Hunter to the floor. He followed Hunter out and got his skull caved in with a steel chair DQ’ing Hunter. Triple H then went to work destroying Val and sending a message to Ric Flair.

Winner: Val Venis via DQ


The JBL v. HBK match was announced as a lumberjack match for later tonight.

Mickie James v. Candice Michelle

The match itself was very short. James and Candice came right at each other and scuffled. Mickie hit a big bulldog and a clothesline flooring Candice. On the outside however, two masked men came out and kidnapped Trish Stratus, which distracted James. Victoria came in and planted her with a kick that knocked her out. She pulled Candice on top of her and got the pin fall victory.

Winner: Candice Michelle


Trish was shown kidnapped in the back of a truck with her attackers. It turned out to be MNM. Melina said that no one would find her here. Melina said it had nothing to do with Survivor Series. She said she was the dominant diva in the WWE and wanted a match against Trish for the WWE Women’s Championship. Trish said she was going to kick her ass. The match will be on for Survivor Series. Melina then booted Trish in the head and walked away, leaving her there.

King decided to go find Trish. Joey and Coach ran down the Survivor Series card. Here’s what we’re looking at:

WWE Championship—Special Guest Referee
John Cena v. Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing
Ric Flair v. Triple H

Eric Bischoff v. Theodore Long

Team Raw v. Team Smackdown

WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus v. Melina

Maria was in the back with Shawn Michaels. She said she was reading his autobiography and HBK said now wasn’t the time.

He said tonight would be the ‘initial’ confrontation with JBL. He said the participants would be lumberjacks. He said he didn’t like anything Eric Bischoff said or did but what JBL did on Smackdown is his own business but it doesn’t fly on Raw. He said Smackdown would find out what it was like to get “Raw”.


Lumberjack Match
Shawn Michaels (Raw) v. John Bradshaw Layfield (Smackdown)

The two went at it right away as the two exchanged punches. HBK flung JBL off the ropes and barely missed Sweet chin music retreating under the ropes. HBK backed JBL up into the corner and landed some chops but had an Irish whip reversed. JBL missed the follow up but hit a huge axe handle to gain the upper hand.

JBL hit his swinging neck breaker and rammed Michael’s head into the ropes. JBL backed Michaels into the corer and smashed Michaels down to the mat. He hit a big forearm and then a boot to the side of the head. JBL got a near fall before planting Michaels with a right and a knee lift. JBL sent Michaels off the ropes but got nailed with a kick to the chest and some chops. Michaels went for the cover but JBL got his hand on the ropes. The two exchanged chops before JBL gained the advantage with a huge sidewalk slam.

JBL clamped on a bear hug on HBK and squeezed away. HBK used some forearms to free himself before hitting a running forearm, which knocked the Texas Tycoon to the mat. Michaels went to the top, but JBL caught him and tossed him to the mat. JBL hit a running shoulder block and got a two count on the pin attempt.

JBL sent Michaels into the turnbuckles hard on an Irish whip before gathering him and hitting some more clubbing blows to the back. JBL kept working away at Michael’s back JBL hit a big body slam but missed the elbow drop follow up.

HBK leapt to his feet and clotheslined JBL over the top rope. HBK came with him and the lumberjacks began to brawl with each other over who would get to pick HBK’s carcass. JBL had rolled under the ropes back into the ring. Big Show lifted Michaels and tossed him over the top rope on top of JBL causing HBK to get a near fall.


We came back with JBL holding HBK in a torture rack. HBK fought out and tried to get a sun set flip fall but JBL kicked out. HBK was sent to the outside where the Smackdown lumberjacks pummeled him. HBK made his way back into the ring where JBL continued to dominate.

JBL floored Michaels with another forearm and two elbow drops. He followed up with two more before going for the cover which only got a two count. HBK raked JBL’s eyes, trying to survive but JBL tossed him to the outside for the Smackdown lumberjacks. The Raw lumberjacks saved HBK again. HBK was suplexed off the apron into the ring by JBL and nearly was pinned.

HBK fought his way to his feet and began to trade punches with JBL but got caught on the business end of a clothesline off the ropes. JBL connected with his fall away slam and Michaels barely kicked out of the pin attempt. HBK blocked a punch attempt and began to fight back. He hit some brutal chops before flinging JBL off the ropes who reversed it and then hit the forearm.

HBK nipped up and hit his inverted atomic drop and his clothesline. He picked up the big man and slammed him before scaling the ropes to hit his elbow drop off the top rope. Michaels began to tune up the band much to the delight of the British fans. Michaels went for the kick but Lashley pulled JBL out of the ring. HBK flung himself on top of the Smackdown lumberjacks.

Back in the ring HBK hit a chop but had an Irish whip attempt reversed. As he rebounded off the buckles, he got plastered with a JBL big boot. JBL perched HBK on top of the ropes and punched away at the fading Michaels. JBL went for the super plex and Michaels tried to fight his way out and succeeded in knocking JBL off the ropes. HBK went for the flying body press, but Randy Orton shoved him off the ropes.

JBL went for the clothesline from hell but missed and HBK planted him with sweet chin music. Randy Orton jumped in and hit an RKO on HBK and then an on rushing Carlito. Mysterio hit a head scissors and took Chris Masters over the top ropes and to the floor. Big Show came in and speared Orton, causing him to hit the skids. Lashley came in and went after both Kane and Big Show and almost hit Big Show with his finisher but was cut off by Kane. The two planted him with a double choke slam before Batista came running in with a steel pipe. Batista beat Kane out of the ring before hitting a huge spine buster on Big Show. Batista celebrated as the show went off the air.

Winner: No Contest


The Good-- Tonight, believe it or not, was a fairly decent Raw. We got three matches that had decent to good action in them. The Smackdown v. Raw feud was certainly the highlighted portion of the night and delivered on all account. JBL and Shawn Michaels put on a good television match that if it hadn’t been for the sure-fire interference finish and maybe 10 more minutes, would have been one of the better television matches on Raw in quite some time.

Flair-Triple H is the best simple feud I’ve seen in a long time. No heat for the sake of heat, no pointless confrontations either. Just two guys who hate each other going at it verbally and physically every week. Everything has a point. What a novel concept.

Good move putting Daivari in the Cena-Angle mess. With Cena getting the upper hand it’s almost a sure bet Angle will win the belt on Sunday. That is IF the WWE stays with their tried and true formula.

And I think Snitsky and Tomko should be a full time tag team. Yes I said it and no, it’s not my fault.

The Bad-- What I was just talking about. Cena-Angle may be a serious contender for worst feud of the year or at least the most disappointing one. Granted I expect Sunday’s match to be a good one, but this whole entire feud has just lacked everything under the sun. Hopefully this will be sure fire finished on Sunday.

The Ugly-- Nothing this week was really all THAT ugly. Oh wait, everything Angle did on the mic tonight stunk. Absolutely horrible. Angle has got to stop trying so damn hard and take the intensity down about ten notches. Wrestling has always been over the top, but never THAT over the top.

Overall--C Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this, but the only reason Raw really took off tonight was because the Smackdown guys were there and carried the entire show from beginning to end. JBL & co. were just awesome tonight and I felt they made everything better. They cared, were fired up, and it showed in the ring. A stark contrast to the Raw workers who again, really could have cared less what they were doing.

Quick Results

Ric Flair def. Trevor Murdoch
Kurt Angle def. Shelton Benjamin
Val Venis def. Triple H
Candice Michelle def. Mickey James
JBL and Shawn Michaels fought to a no contest.

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Batista
2. Shawn Michaels
3. Ric Flair
4. Big Show & Kane

Most Heat
1. JBL
2. Kurt Angle
3. Triple H
4. Daivari

Match of the Night: JBL v. Shawn Michaels **3/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- Cena’s feud with Kurt Angle really doesn’t have anything to do with anything. It’s a bunch of scripts that lead the two to fight each other every now and then when they so happen to cross paths. I’d love to pick apart one of these guys, but they never run across each other so I suppose its kind of impossible.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- Flair is the only guy who seems to give a crap about what he’s doing out there, with the possible exception of Triple H. A nice low key, but effective feud with Triple H has given Flair’s career one last good gasp.

1.) Kurt Angle (LAST WEEK: 1)--Angle is the number 1 contender but hasn’t had a clean victory in forever nor has he really done anything to give a crap about. His mic work has been awful and his character is almost a totally lost cause at this point. The sad thing is, he’ll likely be the WWE Champion by this time next week.

2.) Shawn Michaels (LAST WEEK: 2)--Michaels held his end of the bargain up a little this week I suppose. At least he put effort in to selling the ridiculous beating JBL gave him all night. A better effort than most on the brand, but still could be a bit better.

3.) Triple H (LAST WEEK: 4)-- Triple H has put on perhaps the most simplistic of feuds with Ric Flair, but also one of the best in recent memory. He and Flair don’t interact all that much, thus making their encounters more special. Everything they’re doing has meaning and purpose, not just garnering heat for the sake of heat. Great work by Triple H.

4.) Chris Masters (LAST WEEK:6)-- This is the highest spot Masters has ever been in my rankings. Part of it is by default part of it has been earned. He’s been decent in the Smackdown v. Raw feud thus far and hopefully will supply us with a moment or two on Sunday.

5.) Carlito (LAST WEEK: 5)-- So for the second consecutive week, Carlito is in the top five and he hasn’t done a single thing to really warrant being there. He hasn’t been in too much action and has totally taken a back seat role in the Smackdown v. Raw feud. It’s a pity this is what Raw has come to.

6.) Big Show(LAST WEEK: 7)-- Is helping re establish a little credibility to the tag team belts with Kane. Once WWE runs out of their three ideas for Kane and Show, they’ll split them up and have them job them to a returning Brooklyn Brawler and Iron Mike Sharpe, thus making any work Show and Kane have done with these belts pointless.

7.) Kane (LAST WEEK: 7) --See Big Show.

8.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 10)-- Thankfully takes a little jump this week. It’s about time. Benji looked damn good against Kurt Angle this week and may head into a small program with Daivari.

9.) Rob Conway(LAST WEEK: 9)-- He was on TV. Hey, can you blame me? Doing a top 10 is hard when WWE barely used four guys on their entire roster.

10.) Snitsky (LAST WEEK: 10)-- It’s not his fault. He was hysterical tonight.

Dropping Out: No one

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