SmackDown Results - 11/25 - Sheffield, England (Batista vs. Orton)

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On Saturday, November 26, 2005 at 3:56 AM EST

WWE SmackDown Results
Air Date: 11/25/05
Sheffield, England
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Charlie Benjamin of

We open up with a recap form two weeks ago on Smackdown, when Edge confronts Batista and Masters attacks Long, the clip continues with the SmackDown Survivor Series team filling into a limo and driving off, they show the attack by Kane and Big Show on Batista.

The piece continues with this weeks Raw, we see Team SmackDown show up, and the parking lot brawl that ensued, they push the fact that Batista is really hurting. They show clips of the interpromotional lumberjack match between Micheals and Layfield, and Batista's return to the arena, to take out Raw.

The opening video plays, the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to the arena, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and plugging this Sunday's Pay-Per-View and tonight's Main Event an No Holds Barred World Title match between Batista and Randy Orton, also, Melina vs. Christy Hemme tonight.

Teddy Long is seen in the parking lot giving a pep talk to a number of security guards, warning them to be prepared for a "Raw" attack.

WWE United States Championship
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T w/ Sharmell

Sharmell comes out and thanks the crowd for the ovation, she announces for Booker's entrance, claiming he is the greatest U.S. Champion ever. Benoit follows with a huge pop form the British crowd.

We start with Booker trash talking, both men dance around and finally meet in a classic collar and elbow tie up, back and forth moves early, a slow start as both men know each other very well, they trade a few chops only for Booker to get the upper hand with a knee to the stomach.

Benoit avoids an elbow and takes control backing Booker in the corner, Benoit with a suplex and the first pinfall attempt of the match, Booker connects with a super kick, and moves to a front-face lock, Benoit powers out, only to get taken down with an elbow, Benoit gets sent out to the apron, and gets whipped shoulder first into the ring post.


We return with Booker applying a top wrist lock in the center of the ring, both men collide with shoulder blocks and both go down, Benoit counters a slam into the crossface, Booker blocks and rolls out and takes Benoit down with a Side Kick, vertical suplex by Booker, and he goes back to working on Benoit's shoulder, Benoit gets whipped into the referee and he goes down.

Benoit goes for the Triple German's Booker reverses one into a pin, but no ref, Benoit squirms out and into a Sharpshooter, a new ref comes running down, and he reaches the bottom rope, Benoit now hits the Triple German's he goes for the diving headbutt, only for Sharmell to cause a distraction, Booker hits a superplex, both men hook a leg, the original ref is awaken and counts a fall as does the second ref.


Each ref was counting for a different man they argue over who was actually pinned Teddy Long has come down and says he's not sure who one, and wants to see the replay, still unsure, Sharmell grabs the mic and says that when there is a tie, the champion gets to retain, Long agrees and says Benoit is not champion, BUT neither is Booker T, he announces a Best of Seven Series, much like there's from WCW, and the first match will be at Survivor Series.


Backstage a security guard is leading JBL to a van, JBL thinks it is Shawn Micheals and team Raw, he opens it to find the Boogeyman, with a spoon full of medicine, he sings about it for a while and breaks a clock over his head, JBL walks off like he saw, well, the Boogeyman.

They plug the World Title No Holds Barred match between Batista and Orton.


We return with some shots of beautiful Sheffield, England, we return into the arena to the entrance and SmackDown debut of Chad and James Dick, a tag-team who comes out in uniforms similar to what you would see on Chippendale's dancers and rubbing oil on the bodies.

Another huge pop front he crowd for the Legion of Doom, Animal and Heidenreich.

The Dicks vs. The New L.O.D.

The Dicks don't even allow the L.O.D. in the ring and attack them on the outside, they break off and Animal and James end up starting it off in the ring, a quick tag to Heidenreich, and he dominates, using his obvious strength advantage.

Tag to Chad Dick fairs no better, as Heidenriech forces Chad to the apron, Heidenriech gets hung up and the Dicks take control, Chad tagged in and he hammers the shoulder of Hiedenriech , knees to the mid section, and a bit of double teaming by the Dicks, Heidenriech counters with a big boot and looks for the tag, Animal make sit into the ring and hits a huge back suplex, Chad knocked over the top rope, and James, Animal into the corner.

Chad sprayed baby oil in the eyes of Animal a school boy pin from James and some assistance by Chad, and the Dicks, get the 1-2-3, on the L.O.D.


Next up Hardy vs. Kennedy.


Ken Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Kennedy comes down and does his announcing routine, Kennedy still has not ever been pinned or submitted in the WWE...

Hardy with a headlock takes control early, Kennedy escapes with a back suplex, a forces Hardy to the corner, Hardy battles out, an back to the headlock, Kennedy lifts Hardy to the top turnbuckle and follows behind, Hardy with an elbow knocks Kennedy down, Hardy with a moonsault, an just barley catches Kennedy who was rolling out of the way, Hardy driving into the steel post ribs first, Kennedy slides to the outside and stretches Hardy around the post, punishing the ribs and back.

Kennedy with a rear chin lock, Matt escapes and hits a side Russian leg sweep, both men down, forearm shot sends Kennedy down and Hardy takes control, Side Effect on Kennedy, kick out, Hardy calling for the twist of Fate, Kennedy counters Hardy going up top, Kennedy gets the advantage, for the Green Bay Plunge, Hardy counters with a bulldog, Kennedy gets a hand on the bottom rope to break the three, Kennedy sent outside.

Kennedy and Hardy both outside, Hardy's head off the steel steps, Kennedy with a chair in the ring now, the ref goes to stop Kennedy and Kennedy accidentally jabs the ref in the stomach.


Kennedy throws a bit of a temper tantrum.

We go to the parking lot with Eric telling the security guards to calm down, Teddy Long comes out to see what's going on, Bishcoff says that he has a message and that they're coming and they're a lot closer then Teddy thinks.


We return to see a video clip of the capture of Trish Stratus, by MNM and Melina challenging Trish.

Christy makes her way to the ring and then the red carpet is rolled out for Melina who is accompanied by MNM.

Christy Hemme vs. Melina w/ MNM

Christy takes it hard to Melina and tackles her to the outside, Joey Merucry pushes down Christy and both members of MNM are sent to the back by the referee, now the match officially starts, Christy with a slingshot, Melina squirms to the outside as Christy had a handful of hair, Melin a with a big clothesline, Melina with a backbreaker, continuously driving the knee in the back, scoop slam, now, with a bow and arrow type submission, Melina eventually releases and kicks Christy in the ribs and head, another clothesline by Melina, Chritsy with a sunset flip for two. Melina takes back control with a vicious bulldog.


MNM return to the ring to celebrate with Melina.

We go backstage where a medic is taping up Batista's shoulder, Orton comes in and says that he feels bad for not being there for Batista when Kane and Big Show attacked him, he says that he knows about the injuries and that he doesn't want Batista to use the injury as an excuse if he looses the belt, Orton says he was the best member of Evolution and he is going to prove it.

Dave says really?, you were better than HHH, well how come you lost the title to HHH, and that Batista was the one to beat HHH for the title.


They show a video package form the Italian Tour and Nunzio pinning Juventued Guerrera for the Cruiserweight Title.

Carlito and Masters, are shown walking down through the crowd, with tickets, and they take a front row seat. Security comes down to keep them under control.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Nunzio w/ Big Vito vs. Juventued Guerra w/ The Mexicools

A brawl back and forth to start this one off, punches, kicks, and chops, a spine kick gives Juvi the control, and he gets sent to the outside, Nunzio quickly follows and brings him into the ring, knees to the back by Nunzio, and wristlock by Nunzio, Juvi with a spin wheel kick, and he tries to fire up the crowd, Juvi with a pumphandle sitdown inverted slam, Juvi with a driver plants Nunzio, Vito and The Mexicools toy with each other on the outside, and a Juvi Driver on the inside on Nunzio.


Super Crazy finds a sign in the crowd that says "Latino Heat Will Live Forever" they acknowledge it, as they live.

Regal/Birchill vs. Rey Mysterio and JBL next.



WWE US Title - Best of Seven - Match One
Booker T (c) vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Women's Title
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Melina

WWE Title
John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle
with Daviri as the Special Referee

Last Man Standing
Ric Flair vs. HHH

Teddy Long vs. Eric Bishcoff

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown
Shawn Micheals, Kane, Big Show, Carlito and Chris Masters
Batista, JBL, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley

Regal/Birchill vs. Rey Mysterio and JBL w/ Jillian Hall

Regal and Rey start off, Regal with a butterfly suplex, but Rey counters with an arm drag, tag to Birchill, and he works over the mid section of Rey, Birchill with a backflip but Rey counters with a hurricanrana, 619 and Droppin the dime, but Regal breaks the count, Clothesline form Hell on Regal.

Micheals out of no where, super kick on JBL, Masters and Carlito in the ring attacking Rey, here comes Smackdown and they clear house as Raw runs through the crowd.


The Undertaker will return at Survivor Series.


We return to clips of the action that just happened between Raw and Smackdown.

Orlando Jordan vs. Bobby Lashley

Jordan attacks, Lashley with a powerbomb, a suplex, a bodyslam, a belly-to-belly suplex and a Dominator.


Teddy Long is seen running to the parking lot, security is knocked out, Long asks a referee to get the whole locker room down to the ring, to protect the World Title match next.


We return with the ring surrounded by the SmackDown roster

World Heavyweight Championship - No Holds Barred
Batista vs. Randy Orton w/ Bob Orton

Batista tries to over power Orton but hurts his shoulder and back, here comes Raw, a huge fight in the aisle way between practically everyone, Murdoch and Cade make there way through to the ring, Orton takes them both down with RKO's.


Sweet chin music by Michaels, 619 by Rey, Swinging neckbreaker by Carlito, and a Masterlock by Masters, Batista with a spinebuster for each, Kane form behind but Batista gets the upper hand, Big show, doesn't make it into the ring because of a knee by Batista, Batista gets kicked in the shoulder and rolls to the outside, Kane and Big Show Double Chokeslam him through the announce table, JBL tries to get there but is cut off at the last second.

Everyone files in to the ring and continues fighting, Smackdown goes of the air with Kane and Big Show smiling over a prone Batista.