SmackDown Results -12/2 - Cincinnati, Ohio - (Tag Team Main Event)

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On Saturday, December 3, 2005 at 2:46 AM EST

WWE SmackDown Results
Air Date: 12/03/05
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported By: Charlie Benjamin of

We open the show with a recap of the live Tuesday Night Special, Rey comes out in the lowrider, and gets dominated by Big Show, Rey uses a chair to get the advantage, Kane shows up as Rey goes for the pin, Undertaker shows up to clear house, but Orton from behind with an RKO, Brawl between Undertaker and Orton, they blow up the lowrider.

We cut right to the live studio, with the damage from the Tuesday special to the Entrance way still unfixed and covered in caution tape. No opening video or pyro this week. As Orton is on his way to the ring.

After a lengthy entrance Orton grabs the mic and says he's not going to brag because he isn't an arrogant man, Orton says Undertakr won't be here because he is dead at the hands of Randy Orton, he says he's the new phenom and he deserves the World Heavyweight Championship, he mentions being the sole survivor at three straight survivor series, and being the youngest world heavyweight champion, he says he "demands" a title match at Armageddon against Batista, claiming it is his destiny.

One last clip of what Orton did to Taker and the lowrider on the Tuesday special.

Rundown for the show:
* JBL and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane and Big Show.
* Boogeyman's in ring debut.
* Tag Team Battle Royal for the Tag Title shot at Armageddon is next.


We return to Michael Cole talking about's report on the return of the Undertaker.

Tag-Team Battle Royal for a shot at the WWE Tag-Team titles at Armageddon

MNM w/ Melina at ringside to watch all the action they make their way over to the commentary booth, Melina does her typical entrance on the commentators table instead of the ring.

The New L.O.D. vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki vs. The Dicks vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Nunzio and Vito vs. The Mexicools (Super Crazy and Psicosis)

Everyone off the bat attacks Animal, because of his tag-team experience, Nunzio charges at Animal and is back dropped over the top.

Nunzio and Vito ELIMINATED

Many ganging up on Heidenreich now, Animal hits a corner splash on both Dicks at the same time, Kendrick was whipped into the crowd beating on Heidenreich by Animal causing Heidenreich to be eliminated.


Lights go out for a second but come back on.


We come back to see Scotty 2 Hotty on the floor, a double feature shows the Dicks eliminating him unceremoniously.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki ELIMINATED

The Dicks and Mexicools break off with members of London/Kendrick, London goes over the top but lands on the apron, goes up top and is shoved off by the Dicks.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick ELIMINATED.

Were left with the Dicks and the Mexicools, a huge backbody drop by both Mexicools and a moonsault by Super Crazy, they celebrate a little as MNM begin to look a bit worried, The Dicks get the upper hand and go to eliminate Psicosis, but he lands on the apron, he hits a swinging head scissors type move to both Dicks and they both go over the top.


Backstage, Josh Mattews is with JBL, who has a tag match with Rey Mysterio vs. Kane and Big Show, his thoughts, is that he should of been at the Smackdown Special that way nothing would of happened to Rey, he's tired of Kane and Big Show raising hell on "his" show, he says he understands why he is hated, because people always hate what they can't be, tonight he is going out there with someone he doesn't like just to stand up for "his" show.


Booker T and Sharmell on their way to the commentator booth Booker in a suit and Shamrell in a typical dress and tiara.
They announce that next week will be match 3 of the best of seven series between Booker T and Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit vs. William Regal

They start off gingerly trying to lock up, Benoit stars by working on the shoulder setting up the Crossface, Benoit gets Regal down and goes for the sharpshooter, Regal, punches his way out, Regal with a side headlock, and he just dumps Benoit to the outside, Regal slamming Benoit's neck into the ring ropes form the outside, the move back into the ring, and Regal with a shoulder breaker, and now a surfboard submission, Regal drags Benoit over to the edge of the ring and slams his neck against the edge of the apron, and then the ring post, Benoit fighting back with chops, but Regal regains control easily.

Benoit kicks out after a 2, Regal going for a butterfly suplex, but Benoit rams him back into a corner, Regal with a series of T-Bone suplexes, a series of covers by Regal with no success, Benoit up to his feet, with headbutts and now going for the triple German suplexes, and a dragon suplex for the third, into the crossface.


Benoit comes outside and jumps Booker T at the commentator booth, he sends Booker into the ring post and locks on the crossface on the floor, Sharmell gets a chair and goes to hit Benoit but he gets in her face first, Benoit stalks Sharmell around the ring, she goes back to comfort Booker and Benoit leaves.

Backstage with both Ortons, Orton says he's going to tell Batista exactly what it is that he wants and if Batista doesn't agree, that Orton will spit in his face, a clock on the wall is shown going hey wire.

Hardy vs. Orton is up next.


Plug for the Boogeyman's debut later tonight, Taz does a near spot on "I'm the Boogeyman and I'm coming to get ya"

Randy Orton w/ Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. vs. Matt Hardy

We start off with a headlock by Orton into a drop toe hold, Hardy takes over and works a headlock of his own, Orton reverses it and has another headlock, hiptoss by Hardy, and now an armbar, Orton with a dropkick, and a pinfall attempt to no avail, Orton back to the headlock, both men back and forth with right hands, Orton down and to the outside, Hardy crossbody over the top.

Back into the ring, Bob Orton distracts Hardy, but he is still able to hit the side effect on Randy, Matt looking for the twist of fate, Orton backs Matt into a corner, Matt with a big boot gets Orton down, Hardy misses a moonsault, RKO by Orton.


The Ortons are celebrating when the Undertaker's gong hits and the lights go out, we here the Undertaker's voice say "hello Randy", a lightning bolt hits the entrance way stopping Orton form leaving, Undertaker, asking Orton if he feels safe, and telling Orton that the is all around him, he says he is coming after Randy, he tries to escape through the crowd but the exit ways are blocked off with caskets, Taker's voice asking Orton if he's afraid, and to remember his destiny, which is right in front of him, he tells Orton that he didn't kill him and that he's the one that does the killing.

Orton tries to escape through the crowd on the other side but another lightning bolt cuts him off, he tells Orton that he is taking him to a cell.


We return with Randy Orton and Teddy Long arguing over if the Undertaker is dead or not, then between which match Orton will have at Armageddon, Orton wants a title match, Long says he isn't going to make the Undertaker angry and makes the Hell in a Cell between Undertaker and Orton.

SmackDown's newest broadcast member, Krystal Marshall is with Simon Dean, Dena is the man chose to face the Boogeyman in his first match, he says he isn't afraid of the Boogeyman, because the Boogeyman is just someone that hides, under beds and in closets most people who do that are called lunatics,he talks about his Simon System, and he has nothing to fear because he has a new invention, he looks for it but the Boogeyman's head has popped up through a table, he eats some worms off the table.

Raw Rebound.


We Return with the clip from Survivor Series, of the Boogeyman's entrance and slam on Eric Bischoff.

Simon Dean vs. The Boogeyman

No sign of Dean at first, after a second introduction, security drags Simon Dean down to ringside, and throw him in the ring, he runs out the other side, but security is there and force him back in.

The Boogeyman comes out in a sea of smoke and fire, he caries a staff pole and with some type of scarf around his neck.

Dean tries to give the Boogeyman some Simon System products, the Boogeyman takes out a mouthful of worms and eats them.

The Boogeyman hits a inverted powerslam.


Plug for JBL/Mysterio vs. Kane/Big Show later tonight.


We return to highlights from recent European tours.

Bobby Lashley vs. Sylvan

Sylvan comes out with a mic, and says that all the screaming women are here for him, he calls himself the most handsome athlete in WWE history, Sylvan says he is what they came to see, Lashley grabs the mic and says I know what they came to see.

Lashley back body drops Sylvan, he sends Sylvan outside and rams his shoulder into the post, Lashley with a delayed vertical suplex a very delayed vertical suplex, shoulder thrusts in the corner, Sylvan battles out a drop kick from the second rope, elbow drops to the back of Lashley, Sylvan in control using a series of boots, but he gets caught Lashley with a huge clothesline, a body slam he powers Sylvan back to the corner, now another corner, and dumps Sylvan of his shoulder, huge spinebuster, and the dominator.


Clips of what Big Show did to Rey at the Smackdown special.


Plug for the Hell in a Cell between Orton and Undertaker at Armageddon.

Big Show and Kane vs. JBL w/ Jillian Hall and Rey Mysterio

JBL attacks Kane right from the get go, Kane with clubbing blows takes over, a big boot by JBL, and Kane reverses a whip into the corner, Kane dives out of the ring to avoid a Clothesline form Hell, Rey with a senton on Kane, JBL blindsides Big Show on the apron, Kane and JBL back in the ring, Kane makes the tag to Big Show, JBL battling back against both though.

Rey in illegally, with a set of leg drops, JBL with a shoulder tackle from the top, JBL calls for the Clothesline, Show catches him with a choke, and a headbutt moves JBL into the wrong corner, Kane in now after a tag, JBL kicks out after a corner splash by Kane, Kane goes for another splash, but is caught with a big boot, JBL walks by Rey, and Rey tags himself in, Kane with a clothesline, JBL makes the save.

The referee accidentally hits Bradshaw in the eye and he staggers to the outside in noticeable pain, Rey looks to see, JBL staggering up towards the ramp, JBL says he's had enough leaving Rey alone with Kane and Big Show.


Kane dominating Rey and a tag to Big Show, a kick tot he injured ribs of Rey, Big Show with a rib breaker on Rey, Show standing on the chest and ribs of Rey Mysterio, Show with a huge overhand chop, and he tags out to Kane, Show holds Mysterio for Kane to deliver a kick to the ribs, Rey trying to fight back, Kane throws Rey across the top rope, another tag and Show is in, Kane whips Show into Rey, but Rey ducks, Rey going for a series of punches, Show throws Rey half way across the ring, Kane catches him and goes for a reverse powerbomb, but Rey counters with an armdrag, and a pin attempt.

Big Show drops a leg but Rey moves and the leg hits Kane, Rey scurries to the apron and hits a springboard, Rey clips the knee of Show, he finally gets Show down, against the rope Kane was on the other side starting to get up a 619 for each, Mysterio going for the West Coast Pop, but Show and Kane caught him and hit a double chokeslam.


Kane goes out for a chair, they set up fro a chokeslam, but Batista's music hits and he hits the ring, he fights them both off, a spinebuster on Kane, a spear on Big Show, Batista has the chair, a shot for Kane and one for Big Show too, Batista's music hits again and he helps Rey up.

The show ends with Rey/Batista in the ring,with Kane/Big Show on the floor holding on their heads from the chair shots.