RAW Results - 12/5/05 - North Charleston, SC (Eric Bischoff Fired...)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 5, 2005 at 11:45 PM EST

December 5, 2005
North Charleston, SC
Commentators: Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The opening pyro hit and here we go! Styles and the commentary team put over Ric Flair’s antics over the past few weeks and that he’d be the special guest on the Cutting Edge.

Mr. McMahon’s music hit the arena and he came out driving a garbage truck.

McMahon said that last week he gave Raw GM Eric Bischoff an ultimatum to achieve a goal or take out the trash. He said Bischoff failed and put over the garbage truck now sitting in the aisle. He said the only thing missing was the trash itself and introduced the current Raw GM Eric Bischoff. Bischoff’s music hit and out he came looking like he was walking down death row. Bischoff gazed at the garbage truck before he entered the ring.

Bischoff said that the job of being GM of Raw is more to him than a job and that it wasn’t about what he did, it was about who he is. He said before things went any further, he was begging McMahon to keep his job. Vince told him to ask him why he had two podiums out here and a raised platform. He said he was a fair man. He said everyone should have his or her day in court, because for the first time tonight, we would have the ‘Trial of Eric Bischoff’. He said he appointed a council and a prosecuting attorney.

McMahon announced Jonathon Coachman as Bischoff’s defense attorney. Coach came out dressed up in a suit and a brief case. McMahon put over his ‘Johnny Cochran sunglasses’. Coach grabbed the mic and said that ‘I got this’.

Coach said his client was a complete ‘a—hole’. He said Eric Bischoff wasn’t the fans friend, and wasn’t paid to be their friend. He said Eric was paid to deliver the best sports entertainment show week after week and he had the last four years. He said not only did Eric Bischoff deserve to keep his job, but also he deserved a raise. He also said Bischoff was the best GM in WWE history.

McMahon thanked him and introduced the prosecution. MICK FOLEY’S music hit the arena and he came down, also dressed in a suit.

Foley said that he felt no one did more to benefit Raw than Eric Bischoff did. He said several years ago Bischoff was running WCW and disclosed the results of his first WWE Championship win. He said that half a million fans switched to watch Raw and caused the reversal in the ratings war that WWE would never lose. Foley said that was very generous. He said as a general manager Bischoff was deceitful and has failed miserably at trying to entertain the fans and then got a cheap pop.

McMahon said by the end of the night, Bischoff would either keep his job or it would be time to ‘take out the trash’. The rest of the trial would be held in the WWE Court of Law.


World Tag Team Championship
Kane & Big Show v. Tomko/Snitsky v. The Heart Throbs v. Viscera/Val Venis

Chaos ensued at the opening bell and when things subsided, Viscera hit a big splash on Kane in the corner. He turned to meet Big Show but got jumped by Kane who worked over the big man, tossed him into the ropes and planted him with a double clothesline. They hit a pair of big boots to the face of Snitsky and then Show caught Anotonio coming off the ropes and tossed him over the top rope to the floor. They tossed in Romeo and planted him with a clothesline. Val Venis was next and got planted in the corner with a huge double team clothesline from Kane. Show followed and then the two set up Tomko, Romeo, and Venis for a TRIPLE choke slam. They pinned a member of each team to pick up the win.

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Big Show & Kane via pinfall

We went to the court of law where the trial of Eric Bischoff resumed. Chris Masters was the bailiff.

Foley called his first witness, Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie took the stand and Foley asked her about her relationship with Eric Bischoff in the past. She said her brother and she believed he should be removed from office. She told us to take a look at the video footage. Foley introduced exhibit A.

A clip of Bischoff kissing Stephanie in 2002 aired. She said that Eric Bischoff impersonated her father and violated her. She said she couldn’t get the taste out of her mouth. Bischoff objected and Vince told him to shut up.


A clip showed of last year’s Iraq tour and announced their return there in two weeks.

Mickie James w/ Trish Stratus v. Victoria w/ Candice & Torrie

James went for a quick roll up but only got a two count. James hit a snap mare and a drop kick to the face. Victoria begged on the mat but slammed James’ face on the mat before putting the boots to her and sending her to the outside. James fought off Torrie and Candice before tossing Victoria back into the ring.

Victoria hit a power-slam before hammering her knuckles over James’ face. Victoria hit a body slam and then stood on James. She did her back flip and got a two count on the cover attempt. She tossed James to the mat before going to work on her hand, slamming it off the buckle and yanking her over to her back. Victoria stomped on it before twisting it up. James fought out and landed a few punched but hurt her hand and Victoria capitalized with a clothesline.

James hit her head scissors and then some clotheslines before she hit a take down. She only got two on the count and followed them up with two kicks and then a chick kick. Torrie jumped up on the apron and James brought her in and stomped on her. James mounted the buckles but got tossed off by Candice. Trish kicked Candice but Victoria snuck up, got a roll up with the tights and scored the victory.

Winner: Victoria via pinfall

After the match James looked at Trish but made up.

Back in the courtroom, Tajiri was on the stand. He said that he was a huge star in ECW and in Japan but Bischoff was holding him down. Tajiri said he hoped Bischoff got fired.

Coach got up in his defense and requested that Tajiri got back to the arena as soon as possible because he had a match with Triple H. Tajiri ran at Bischoff and was dragged out. Coach said that Bischoff didn’t do it out of malice, but out of the spirit of competition.

Foley called his next witness, Mae Young.


Mae Young said Eric Bischoff didn’t have a penis. Foley said he had a strained relationship with Ms. Young. A video clip aired of Bischoff kissing Young and getting the broncobuster at Bad Blood 2003.

Coach called her old and senile. Vince sustained the objection. Coach called Chris Masters to the stand. Coach called him ‘Masterpiece” and Vince stopped him and called Masters by his real name and disqualified him.

Shelton Benjamin was taping up in the back. HBK asked him if he was ready for tonight and said he needed to make a good showing for the home state crowd. HBK put over his two state championships and All-American status. HBK said Shelton’s career had amounted to nothing. HBK said Shelton took him to the limit but that his career had gone downhill fast. HBK said he didn’t have an amateur background, but said in his line of work there wasn’t anyone better. He said he wasn’t always popular but successful. He asked Shelton if he wanted friends or success. He asked Shelton what he’d do about his attitude problem. Shelton turned and said if he wanted attitude, he’d get it and not to worry about him. HBK smiled from the reaction.

Later tonight it’ll be Shelton and HBK against Carlito and Kurt Angle.


Vince asked Coach for another witness. Coach said he just got off the phone with someone who would prove that Eric was competent.

Chavo Guererro v. Lance Cade

The two locked up in the middle of the ring and Chavo backed him to the corner before being reversed. Lance planted a boot to the midsection on the break before whipping Chavo to the corner. Chavo caught him with a boot on the way in and landed some punches. The two came off the ropes and Cade ducked under and tossed Chavo to the floor. Cade planted Chavo into the ring post before tossing him back into the ring.

Cade hit a back-breaker and got a near fall. Cade mocked Chavo on the mat before Chavo began to fight back and hit a drop kick. Chavo followed up with a European uppercut and some punches. Chavo hammered away at Cade but got bullrushed to the corner. Cade choked away at Chavo in the corner twice before yelling at the referee. Cade set Chavo up for the suplex but it was countered into at DDT. Chavo went to the top paid tribute to Uncle Eddie and nailed a frog splash to the get the three count and the win.

Winner: Chavo Guererro via pinfall

Coach had Daivari on the stand. Daivari started talking in Arabic and Coach asked for English. Daivari said he thought Bischoff conducted himself well as GM and said he should continue as GM of Raw.

McMahon wasn’t paying attention and said he was listening to Ashley Simpson and that she sucked. He said Daivari wouldn’t be officiating any of Kurt Angle’s matches and that he could step down.

The cutting Edge is next!


The Cutting Edge

Edge welcomed everyone to the first ever edition of the Cutting Edge. He said this show was different and that they’d ask the questions no one else would ask. He said what they’d say would catch some flak from the locker room but he didn’t care. He said by his side was the only lady hot enough to be on his show, Lita. Lita said she knew why he was the rated R superstar. She said everyone else was afraid to come on his show. She said they should be because if they saw him destroying Dimitri Young at Survivor Series, they would be. They said that Ric Flair wouldn’t be on the show tonight due to some legal advice. Lita said that this wasn’t Flair country, it was Edge country. He said that’s why Flair was afraid to come on the show tonight because being the dirtiest player in the game caught up to him. They said he was making more news out of the ring then he was making it inside of it.

Edge showed pictures of Flair from yesteryear then his mug shot. Edge continued to make fun of Flair until Sgt Slaughter and Michael Hayes came out to drag him out of the ring. They said they only earned money because they kissed McMahon’s ass. The two came into the ring Edge said Hayes must’ve found out that he had a bottle of JD and an eight ball down here. Edge said he didn’t care about him. Hayes said he didn’t understand kids these days. He said Edge was running his mouth and didn’t have respect for this business. He said Edge could have his rental cars and written contracts and said he respected Flair for his contributions. He said as a 16 time World Champion he’d give Flair the benefit of the doubt on this. Hayes asked him how many times he had been in the main event. He asked him how many times Edge sold out the arena and turned them away. He asked Edge how many times Edge had been World Champion. He said he’d do the math for him and said zero.

Edge had him cut his mic and then Hayes shoved him. Edge said Hayes wouldn’t do anything because Terry Gordy wasn’t there. He said he wasn’t here because Gordy was dead. Hayes looked back at him and said the only reason he had the show was because he was banging Matt Hardy’s ex girlfriend. He punched Hayes and kicked Slaughter. Hayes came back but got clocked with Edge’s briefcase. Edge celebrated over the bodies of Slaughter and Hayes.


Triple H v. Tajiri

Tajiri came right at Triple H but got nailed coming for his handspring elbow with a clothesline. Triple H punched away at Tajiri in the corner and then hit a vertical suplex. Tajiri rolled to the corner and Triple H did a Karate Kid pose and came charging but got nailed with some kicks then the handspring elbow. Triple H came at Tajiri again who tried to apply the tarantula but was tossed to the ring. Triple H tossed him back in the ring before getting nailed with a kick. He recovered though and planted Tajiri with a spine buster. He collected Tajiri and nailed him with a pedigree and got the cover for the win.

Winner: Triple H via pin fall

Vince McMahon was back in the courtroom as the trial continued. Coach called Simon Dean to the stand, but no one showed up. McMahon asked him where his witness was. The Boogeyman popped up from behind the stand with a worm sticking through his nose and said it was time for a new face on Raw. Boogeyman told Bischoff to listen to him. He said as the time drew near, the truth said he shouldn’t be here. Boogeyman wrecked the clock over his head and disappeared back behind the stand. Everyone in the room was perplexed.


Big Show cut off Triple H in the back. He said his time was coming. He told him he wasn’t so tough and walked off.

Back in the court room Foley called his final witness, Maria. Maria wanted to see Socko. Foley asked his questions as Mr. Socko. He asked her for her opinions. She said he abused his power maliciously last week in an uncharacteristically incredibly intelligent response. Vince and Foley watched her walk off.

Coach said he wanted to call one final witness, but Vince said there wouldn’t be anymore witnesses and the trial would conclude in the arena.

The main event is next!


Kurt Angle & Carlito v. Shawn Michaels & Shelton Benjamin

Shelton and Carlito tied up in the ring and Shelton got a headlock. Carlito went to fling him off the ropes, but got caught in an arm bar. Carlito tried to counter but Shelton got a belly to belly suplex and pounded away on him. Angle tagged in.

Angle hit a single leg take down and leaned in on the hold applying the pressure. Benji kicked him off and hit an arm drag and a clothesline. He went for the t bone suplex but Carlito came in. Angle went for a German Suplex, but Shelton countered it and knocked Angle out of the ring.


Carlito whipped HBK into the ropes but got caught with a swinging neck breaker. Shelton came in and hit some clotheslines and a modified back breaker. Shelton got the two count on the cover before being tossed to the apron and hitting a knee lift on Carlito and knocking Angle off the apron. Shelton was tossed to the outside eventually and Carlito came out in pursuit. Carlito tossed him in but only got a two count. Carlito got aggressive and punched and stomped away on the South Carolina native.

Angle was tagged in and worked over Benjamin in the corner. Angle distracted the ref while Carlito choked him out. Shelton fought back with some right hands but got caught in a mean overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle tagged Carlito back in who kicked away at Benjamin’s midsection. Carlito stomped away on Benjamin who was still fighting back. Carlito hammered away on Shelton some more finally putting him down on the mat. He went for a cover but only got a two count.

Angle was tagged in and planted Shelton with a German before getting consecutive two counts on the cover attempt. Angle put on a rear waist lock and clamped down hard. Shelton fought back and reversed an Angle slam into a DDT. Shelton crawled to the corner and tagged in HBK.

HBK hit his clothesline, inverted atomic drop and body slam before knocking Angle off the apron. Michaels went to the top rope and hit his flying elbow. HBK tuned up the band and as he went for the kick, Shelton tagged himself into the match. Shelton came off the top ropes on a high cross body but missed. Carlito rolled him up for the cover and win.

Winners: Carlito & Kurt Angle via pinfall

After the match HBK offered his hand to Shelton who looked up at him. Shelton snubbed him and walked to the other side of the ring. Michaels looked back at Benjamin, still in the ring. Shelton climbed out of the ring and went back up the aisle.

Back outside, Mr. McMahon’s limo pulled up to the arena and he got out with daughter Stephanie. Triple H came out and said he wanted a second of his time. He said he thought he should hear from his #1 guy that Eric Bischoff should stay in the company. He said he’d rather be with the devil he knew, rather than the devil he didn’t know. McMahon said he wanted him as GM so he could manipulate him and Triple H agreed. Vince introduced Steph to Triple H and walked off. The two looked at each other as the camera cut away.


Everyone was in the ring for the closing arguments. Foley said he’d keep this short and sweet. From HLA to Daivari as special guest referee, Bischoff abused his power. He said it was time to take out the trash.

Bischoff elected to represent himself. He said that he may consider his tenure as a joke at Raw. He said if McMahon let him keep his job he’d make millions with him. He bantered some more before John Cena’s music hit the arena.

Cena said Bischoff took everything that was great about Raw away. He said McMahon looked ridiculous in the robe, but he liked it anyway. He said Bischoff was a ‘pioneer’ of censorship and that he wanted to introduce him to 10,000 surprise witnesses. He asked the crowd if Bischoff should be fired and they all agreed.

McMahon then stood up out of nowhere and asked if the crowd would like to see the WWE title defended in an Elimination Chamber. The crowd went wild and McMahon made it official. He said everyone would see the match except Eric Bischoff, who was fired. Cena booted Bischoff out of the ring and then McMahon tossed him in the garbage truck and drove back through the entranceway.

The Good-- Tonight, while low on wrestling, was VERY high on entertainment and the progression of characters and opening up some new doors for the future.

Eric Bischoff is out so who’ll replace him? Shane would be a great choice, but with all the airtime Stephanie has had of late, don’t be surprised to see her. We could get a total shocker in the form of Mick Foley, or maybe something we’re totally not expecting. Either way, it’s been time for a change on Raw for a while and I think it’ll bring something fresh to the brand.

Edge’s segment was absolutely excellent. This is the perfect angle to take his character in and it got a great reaction. Great way to keep him on camera and in the view of the fans.

Shelton Benjamin is FINALLY going heel. Dump this power ranger crap, get a little jaded, possibly a new gimmick and let’s see what he can do. HBK-Shelton at New Year’s Revolution could be a show stealer.

The Bad-- Just not enough quality action tonight. The best action of the night was easily the main event, but outside of that the matches themselves felt like filler time. Let’s see if we can put something together a little more compelling than Triple H-Tajiri please.

The Ugly-- The Chris Masters topless as a bailiff… screams of the Village People. Mae Young… ah hell I’m a mark.

Overall B- Tonight’s show was all about the entertainment, and from that standpoint, it completely delivered. New characters getting pushed, old ones being used wisely. Let’s just see some real wrestling next week.

Quick Results

Kane & Big Show def. The Heat Throbs, Venis/Viscera, & Snitsky/ Tomko
Victoria def. Mickey James
Chavo Guererro def. Lance Cade
Triple H def. Tajiri
Kurt Angle & Carlito def. Shelton Benjamin & Shawn Michaels

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Shelton Benjamin
2. John Cena
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Mick Foley

Most Heat
1. Eric Bischoff
2. Edge
3. Triple H
4. Kurt Angle

Match of the Night: Carlito & Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels & Shelton Benjamin **

Power Rankings
WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- Cena didn’t do much this week, but came off as plucky and genuinely funny during the Bischoff segment. Good stuff.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- Out on Bail.

1.) Triple H (LAST WEEK: 1)--Another win this week for the game keeps him in the #1 contender’s spot. He’s been suprisingly fresh and entertaining since his return and let’s hope this all keeps up.

2.) Shawn Michaels (LAST WEEK: 2)--Some very, very interesting interactions with Shelton Benjamin this week and here’s to hoping we see it at New Year’s Revolution. If anyone can help turn Shelton heel, HBK can.

3.) Kurt Angle(LAST WEEK: 3)-- Came off incredibly ridiculous again tonight to me for some reason. The over the top-ness of his character and Daivari being in his corner is just a really awkward fit altogether. Angle needs some re-tooling.

4.) Carlito (LAST WEEK:5)-- After months of remaining relatively stagnant, Carlito is really showing signs of improvement in the ring. He’s peaking at the right time too. I’m taking him on a week to week basis, but another solid performance tonight.

5.) Chris Masters (LAST WEEK: 4)-- Drops a spot for no reason other than he wasn’t in action, Carlito was, and he looked like the cop from the Village People. Should get back on track next week.

6.) Big Show(LAST WEEK: 6)-- The Triple H fodder is quite obviously set up for the Elimination Chamber at New Year’s Revolution, but gives Hunter something to do in the meantime. He’s carrying his load and proving to be impressive in the tag ranks.

7.) Kane (LAST WEEK: 7) --Along with Big Show, is making up one of the more entertaining tag champs in a long time. There’s slight tension between the two and they interact well. Just a shame they don’t have much competition.

8.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 8)-- Shelton’s not here to fill up space, he’s here because it’s legit. A heel turn is long overdue for the frequently misused former all American and this could be the break he’s needed for a long time. Ditch the power ranger gimmick, get something with an edge that he can work on, and look out.

9.) Edge (LAST WEEK: NR)-- I’m putting Edge in here because he also earned it. A great, great segment from him tonight and is starting to really mold a character instead of the cookie cutter babyface or heel. I’m liking the changes and it keeps him in our eyes until he gets back in the ring.

10.) Snitsky (LAST WEEK: 10)-- I’m a Snitsky mark. It’s not my fault.

Dropping Out: Rob Conway ( LAST WEEK: 9)

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