SmackDown Results - 12/9/05 - Columbia, SC (Batista and Mysterio)

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On Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 1:49 AM EST

WWE SmackDown!
Air Date: December 9, 2005
From: The University of South Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole and Taz
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We open the show with a recap with still photos of Survivor Series, Orton being the sole survivor and then the return of the Undertaker, we move onto last week's SD Live special, in video, with Orton killing the Undertaker by blowing up the lowerider, we move to last week with Orton saying he is the new Phenom and Undertaker haunting him, and the announcement of the Hell in a Cell match between the two scheduled for Armageddon.

The opening video plays and we are off.

Tonight we have Booker T vs. Chris Benoit in match number 3 of the best of 7.

JBL is in the ring with a bandaged eye, stemming from the injury received at the hands of the referee in the main event last week.

He thanks the fans for sticking by his side through the injury, he says it is recommended by doctor to end his hall of fame career, but what hurts him the most is that people say he deserted Rey Mysterio last week, and he blames Rey for not doing his part in the match and because of the fans love and support he won't retire.

Rey Mysterio comes out, clips of Rey getting beaten last week at the hands of Big Show/Kane.

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

Bradshaw forces Rey to the corner and lays in rights and lefts, Rey with a dropkick, and begins the attack, he uses his speed to avoid JBL while landing his own attacks, Rey with a thumb to the eye, and a bronco buster, JBL avoids it going to the outside, Rey over the top with a cross body, Rey misses a big splash from the top rope,JBL uses his strength to get the upper hand, Rey counters with a flying head scissors and goes for the 619, Orlando Jordan slides in and cuts Rey off, Batista heads towards the ring and JBL and OJ bale, Batista helps Rey up.


Teddy Long out he announces Batista and Rey Mysterio vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan tonight.

Randy and Bob Orton walking backstage, Orton says he's going to call out the Undertaker right now.


Orton comes down and says he's sick of the Undertaker's mind games, and says it isn't fair, he says he's close to snapping, and he's sick of it, Orton's music hits, but cuts in and out and rewinds, the lights flicker, Orton says he doesn't want to fight, he wants Undertaker now not at Armageddon in Hell in a cell, he wants to talk about it man to man and not fight.

Orton pleads for Undertaker to come down and talk about the situation, the gongs go off and the crowd erupts, on the screen is footage of Undertaker destroying his opponents in Hell in a Cell matches, and Taker's voice reading quotes, pertaining to the situation. Undertaker says Orton is on the fast line on the highway to hell, and to enjoy the ride.

Backstage Krystal is trying to get an interview from Booker T, she knocks on his locker room door, and Sharmell answers, Booker says to let Krystal in, Booker does some math on a white board about the falls in the best of seven series, he tells everyone to get out the brooms for the sweep, they kick Krystal out of the locker room.


Joey Mercury w/ Melina and Johnny Nitro vs. Super Crazy w/ Juventued Guerra and Psicosis

Footage form last weeks Tag-Team battle Royal with the Mexicools winning a title shot against MNM at Armageddon.

Side headlock to start off, both men toying with each other early, Crazy goes for Asai moonsault lands on his feet, as Mercury had moved, Mercury hits a clothesline and takes control in the ring, a slam and Mercury goes up top, an elbow drop and a pin for 2, Crazy fights back with rights and a huge dropkick, Crazy up top, missile drop kick, crucifix pin but only a two on Mercury, Mercury with a hangman's neckbreaker, countered, Crazy hits a DDT, Crazy up top, Nitro tries to cut him off but to no avail, Crazy hits a moonsault.


After the match, Kid Kash comes down and attacks Juventued and hits a brainbuster, MNM hit a snapshot on Super Crazy, MNM and Kid Kash along with Melina leave with all three Mexicools down.

Backstage with Orton, he does to a sink to wash his face when he looks up the Undertaker's reflection is shown standing behind him he turns to see nothing there.


Mr. Kennedy's music hits, but Palmer Cannon comes out and says that Mr. Kennedy has injured himself and won't be competing but they have found a replacement.

Ray Gordy (the son of the late great Terry "BamBam" Gordy of the Fabulous Freebirds) vs. The Boogeyman

Gordy looks on in fear as, the Boogeyman comes out through the sea of red and yellow smoke with his smoking staff pole his alarm clock.

Gordy hits one stiff shot to the chest, Boogeyman spits worms out at Gordy, yes he had them in his mouth through the whole entrance but you couldn't tell, Boogeyman hits a pumphandle slam and a spitting of worms.


Backstage with Orton again. Bob Orton comes in and scares the heck out of Randy, he looks down for a second and looks back up to see Bob bleeding profusely from the skull, he blinks a few times, and Bob is standing there fine as normal.

Benoit walking backstage he's heading towards the ring down, two nothing to Booker T in the best of seven series.


Match 3 of Best of 7 Series
Booker T w/ Sharmell vs. Chris Benoit

Collar and Elbow tie up, Benoit works into a front face lock form the mat, Benoit sent into the corner but comes out chopping, Benoit woks over the lower back with repeated forearms, Benoit dominating this whole match with forearms and chops, a German suplex, cover, and kick out, Booker with a side kick form behind.


We return with Booker applying a arm wrench, we see that during the break Booker whipped Benoit into the steel steps, Benoit goes for a leap frog, Booker catches him and drives him neck first into the turnbuckle, Booker suplexes Benoit over the rope to the apron, and shoulder blocks him to the floor, and into the barricade, Booker with a kick to the head, scissors kick, ducked and the Triple German suplex, Booker counters the third, Spinebuster by Booker.

Booker up top but he's cut off and hung up, Benoit climbs up and a superplex, Benoit with a diving headbutt, Ref down, Benoit end sup applying the crossface, Booker taps but there is no Ref, Sharmell in with a chair, distracting Benoit, Booker with the chair lays in a shot to Benoit, the scissors kick, Sharmell wakes up the ref.

WINNER: VIA PINFALL BOOKER T he now leads 3-0 in the best of 7

A video package is played hyping "THE REAL DEAL" Bobby Lashley.


Bobby Lashley vs. William Regal w/ Paul Burchill

Lashley attacks Regal and hits a corner avalanche, an inside fireman's carry throw, after Birchill distracting Lashley, Regal takes over with rights and lefts, Regal with an exploderplex, Lashley with a belly-to-belly, and a delayed back body drop, another belly-to-belly, dominator.




Backstage with the Ortons, they're talking about, Undertaker's mind games, and that Randy is seeing things, Undertaker's face appears on a monitor and watches the Orton's walk away.

The Ortons are in the parking lot now, they go to get into their car and leave, the car stars and drives off with no one in it, Josh Matthews comes up and reminds Orton he is in a HIAC match, Matthews becomes possessed, his eyes roll back and Undertaker's voice come out, he tells Orton it won't be over until the Hell in a Cell match.


Clips of Kane/Big Show destroying Rey Mysterio and Batista.

Armageddon run down:

Kane/Big Show vs. Rey/Batista Inter-promotional
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T match Number 4 of best of 7
MNM vs. Mexicools WWE Tag-Team titles
Undertaker vs. Randy Orton Hell in a Cell

JBL and Orlando Jordan w/ Jillian Hall vs. Rey Mysterio and Batista

Batista and OJ start it off, Batista shoves OJ across the ring, Batista tags out and Rey with a senton over the top splashing onto OJ, Rey pulls the rope down and OJ goes over the top after charging, Batista picks Rey up and uses him as a ram into JBL, JBL sent over the top.


We come back with OJ choking Batista, Batista takes over with a suplex, Rey in with a cross body, Rey whipped into JBL he goes off the apron, OJ gets a head scissors form Rey, JBL tagged in, Rey attacking the knees of JBL, sunset flip, Rey back to the knee with a dropkick, Rey over the top, JBL pull Jillian in front Rey avoids landing on his feet, Jillian Hall slaps Rey and JBL with a big boot.

Rey rammed off the announce table, back in the ring now, JBL props Rey across the top rope and delivers some rights, top rope fall away slam, Batista, takes a step in and then leaves, JBL with a bear hug, crushing Rey's already injured ribs, Rey with a bulldog, but JBL makes the tag first, OJ in and goes on the attack, focusing on Rey's ribs, OJ with a bear hug now.

Both men down, both men tag, Batista and JBL in, Batista over powering both, JBL goes for the clothesline form hell, a spear by Batista, Batista after OJ who slid outside, Rey with a Droppin'' The Dime, Hall in the ring, JBL almost takes her down by accident, 619 on both JBL and Jillian Hall, JBL backs up and trips over Jillian, he "twists" his knee, he hobbles away.

OJ attacks Rey from behind, and looks at JBL who is leaving, Rey with a 619 n OJ, spinebuster by Batista, both men shake the ropes, both with thumbs down, OJ with no where to go, BatistaBomb.


The show ends with Rey handing the World title to Batista and they celebrate.


Cheers and Jeers

Rey Mysterio
Undertaker references


Match Rankings:

Joey Mercury vs. Super Crazy - **1/2
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T - **1/2
JBL/OJ vs. Batista/Rey - **
JBL vs. Rey - **
Lashley vs. Regal - *1/2
Boogeyman vs. Ray Gordy - DUD

Odds and Sods:

JBL's injuring faking shtick is good for cheap heat, but doesn't do much for his character that he played for the past year and a half.

Kid Kash debuting was a markout moment for myself, and a feud over the Cruiserweight title, only good things to come.

Kennedy's music got a huge pop, what an unfortunate time for an injury this guy WILL be something someday.

Ray Gordy, although not hitting a move, had a good presence and played the "scared" act really well for someone making his big league debut, and with the family legacy I expect greatness from him too.

Boogeyman, gets a mixed reaction, it's only a matter of time before he crosses paths with the Undertaker in one way or another.

I love Benoit and like Booker T, but these have been three of the most boring matches I've ever seen, I'm sorry but this isn't acceptable from these two, if it ends up going long, I hope it gets more exciting.

There was a huge Lashley chant going on after the match, another young guy that could be something special. But his new moniker "THE REAL DEAL" scream Lesnar rip off to me, I guess they didn't own the rights to "The Next Big Thing".

Batista sucking it up due to the injury may be good for business, but you got to wonder how long can the world champion be in somewhat meaningless tag matches before it starts hurting business.