CZW Cage of Death 7 12/10 Philadelphia, PA results (Sabin and more)

Reported by Bob Magee of
On Sunday, December 11, 2005 at 8:34 AM EST

Last night, Combat Zone Wrestling presented its seventh annual Cage of Death event before a packed standing room only crowd at the ECW Arena.

  • Cheech pinned Cloudy after a superbomb in a surprisingly good opener. In the first of many sick moves of the night, Cloudy hit a Canadian Destroyer on Cheech on the apron. If that wasn't enough, Cheech hit Cloudy with a Tree Of Woe double stomp on the floor. The two got a helluva pop from the crowd.

  • Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw/Shane Storm defeated Hallowicked/Icarus/Grand Akuma in a CHIKARA style match, after Mike Quackenbush hit Icarus with the Quackendriver II.

    CZW Tag Team champions Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli cut a promo saying that Eddie Kingston wouldn't be there to challenge for the Tag Team Titles, since he’s "in rehab". Kingston then charged through the crowd, hitting the ring and ran off Hero and Castagnoli.

  • DJ Hyde pinned Jon Dahmer in a match that the crowd crapped all over, for no apparent reason at all. Many of the fans at COD haven't been at recent shows, and may not have been at last month's show for the set-up of the feud between the former partners; so still apparently saw Hyde and Dahmer as opening card talent.

  • Larry Sweeney/Frankie the Mobster defeated Excalibur/Beef Wellington after Sweeney got a distracted Excalibur with a rollup (as Beff Wellington suddenly decided he was scared of heights, and was being helped off of one of the platforms.

  • Joey Ryan successfully defended his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla title, pinning El Generico, while holding the ropes. Ryan seemed a bit off, perhaps due to an injury suffered at last week's PWG show, where he was hit in the head with the wrong side of a chair.

    A surprise return took place, as Adam Flash came out for his match. Then his partner B-Boy, who had been banned from working the match in an online angle, citing the "Loser Leave" stipulation in his match earlier this year with Nate Webb. Maven Bentley came out and told "B-Boy" who was under his "Pandora's Brother" mask, that he ha dbeen fired and couldn;t work the match. "B-Boy" punched promoter Maven Bentley and proceeded to unmask and reveal himself as Sonjay Dutt.

  • In the match, Adam Flash/Sonjay Dutt defeated Nate Webb/Sexxy Eddy, after Sonjay gave Eddy a Moonsault Double Stomp to the groin.

    Several of the CZW babyfaces came out for a ten bell in memory of Eddie Guerrero. The CZW workers also presented a check for $1,700 to the Christopher Bauman family (the family of the late Chris Ca$h, who sat ringside at the show) from proceeds of the September 10 "Down With The Sickness 4 Ever" benefit memorial show.

  • CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Derek Frazier defeated Niles Young in a Best of Three Falls TLC Match. Frazier took the first fall with a Moonsault Legdrop on a chair. Young won the second fall with a sick-looking Top Rope Ace Crusher through a table. Derek won the final fall and the match, with a double stomp off the top of the scaffold onto Young stacked on chairs.

  • CZW Tag Team champions Chris Hero/Claudio Castagnoli defeated Eddie Kingston/Sabian, after Hero hit Hero's Welcome on Kingston.

    Post-match, Chris Hero cut a promo about Ring of Honor running the same date as CZW next month (it was announced at Cage of Death that CZW will run an 3:30 pm matinee show on January 14, with Ring of Honor running the nightcap at the National Guard Armory in northeast Philadelphia). Hero announced the afternoon show; and said "that was $#$t because CZW runs in Philly every month and for them to take the backseat to ROH, a company who only runs in Philly twice a year was bull#$#%".

    Hero talked about how he'd worked Christopher Daniels and others within ROH; then challenged ROH champion "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. Hero made a point about defeating previously in IWA Mid-South Wrestling, and said he wanted to see if Danielson would show up at the CZW afternoon show, or suggested he might show up at the ROH show that night.

  • CZW Ironman Champion Kevin Steen pinned Chris Sabin.

  • Super Dragon pinned Ruckus after a Pyscho Driver to become the new CZW championship. The tail end of the match fell apart a bit, as Ruckus appeared to be out on his feet after a kick in the head.

    Then, the main event....

    CZW outdid itself with Cage of Death this year. Unlike previous years, the cage wasn't up at the beginning of the show, adding to crowd surprise on what the Cage would look like this year. An intermission was taken, with the cage assembled. The intermission was surprisingly fast, with the ring crew deserving lots of credit for how fast and how well they got this complicated structure up.

    The Cage of Death was an huge eight-sided cage built on the floor rather than the ring (think old-style Memphis cages) surrounding ringside, covered in barbed wire on the top.

    Inside the cage, there was a barbed wire spider web structure on one side, with an auto glass pane structure set up against the ring, sitting on the COD on the other side. Inside the ring, the turnbuckles were studded with thumbtacks, a bale of barbed wire set up in one corner, two platforms above the ring (which were up throughout the show); with various weapons inside including a barbed wire bat, a cactus, a Staple Gun, and a chain.

  • In the actual Cage of Death match, Zandig/Nick Gage/Justice Pain defeated Joker/Toby Klein/ Necro Butcher. The finish saw John Zandig hit a "Mother F''n Bomb" (Falcon Arrow) on Joker off one of the platforms into the ring through 2 tables lit on fire.

    CZW returns for a 3:30 pm afternoon show on January 14 with No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Zandig-Necro Butcher, Nick Gage-JC Bailey, and Joker-Justice Pain; with the potential challenge of "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson by Chris Hero