SmackDown Results - 12/16/05 - Springfield, MA (NEW Tag Champs)

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On Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 12:38 AM EST

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
Air Date: 12/16/05
From: Springfield, Massachusetts
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
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We start the show off with a video package building up the Hell in a Cell match between Randy Orton and The Undertaker this Sunday at Armageddon, it shows all of Undertaker's mind games, his destruction of past opponents in Hell in a Cell marches and clips of Randy and Undertaker's interactions.

The opening video plays and we go right to the show run-down. Tonight for the WWE Tag Team Championship, MNM w/ Melina vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio.

The Boogeyman vs. Nunzio w/ Vito

During the Boogeyman's entrance a huge explosion of pyro filled the arena with a red smoke that stays for quite some time, creating a nice little haze during the match.

Nunzio runs towards the Boogeyman but gets thrown to the ground after a series of headbutts, Boogeyman finds worms somewhere on himself and puts them in his mouth, he backs Nunzio to a corner, pulls him out and drive shim back again, pumphandle slam.


After the match, he feeds some worms to Nunzio while Vito runs away in fear. A clip of the SD locker room is shown with everyone watching in disgust, Sylvan makes a comment about the worms being un-trendy and un-fashionable.

We go backstage with the Ortons, Bob tells Randy to go talk to him, Randy says he doesn't think it's a good idea to go see a shrink, Bob talks him into it by telling Randy that this guy can set him straight and get him ready for the Undertaker.


Clips of "Hell in a Cell Last Rites" showing Undertaker's greatest Hell in a Cell moments, this one against Shawn Michaels from way back in October 1997.

Backstage with Randy lying on a couch talking to his shrink, he says the big thing that since "that" happened he sees the Undertaker everywhere, he can't sleep, he sees him sitting next to him, walking behind him, he can't get him out of his head. The shrink asks about the HIAC, Randy says that's just what it is Hell, in a Cell, your trapped in there like an animal, and you can't control it, it ends careers and ruins men. The Shrink tells him that every athlete has times when he has to re-evaluate situation, and tells him to make a choice about life and death.

Backstage locker room with Batista, shuffling through a bag, Melina comes in and says tonight's a special occasion her boys MNM are excited about the match tonight, and asks Batista to drop out of the match tonight so that MNM will have it easier Sunday at Armageddon against The Mexicools, and if he did that she would make it worth his while. Meanwhile, she straddles herself over one of Batista's knees and starts rubbing his chest, she lays a little tongue on Dave.

Later Tonight - Batista and Rey Mysterio vs. MNM and Booker T vs. Matt Hardy.


Clips fromm the Armageddon press conference this past week.

Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy w/ Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis

Juventud and Psicosis get sent to the back right from the bell, Kash on the attack first with some forearms to the back, Crazy counters a hiptoss with a monkey flip, drop toe hold and a drop kick to the head, Kash avoids a dive by crazy, he skins the cat from the bottom rope, in and a spin wheel kick on Kash, Kash on the apron with a neckbreaker on crazy across the rope, elbows and kicks to the shoulders, Kash with a scoop slam into a pin, only a 2, Kash back to the shoulder now ramming the head of Crazy into the mat.

Crazy battling back, with rights to the gut and a backbreaker by Kash, Kash with knees to the shoulder a pair of kicks by Kash, Crazy battling back again, but again Kash with a shot to the gut halts momentum, a rib breaker by Crazy a pair of dropkicks, rolling leg bar after a step over toe hold, Crazy into the ropes and he hits a tornado DDT, Crazy going up top, Moonsault, Kash out of the way, Kash with a brainbuster.


After the match, Kash lays in a few more kicks and goes for a chair, he sets up for a brainbuster, but the other Mexicools rundown and Kash bolts.

Backstage, Bob Orton is pacing, Randy comes out of the room with the shrink, he says he understands that there is a decision he'll have to make but he isn't going to tell Bob, he's going to tell the whole world later tonight, and thanks Bob for helping him through this.

Backstage, we see Melina putting her top back on, she says to Batista so we got a deal right, Batista says no deal but thanks for the warm up, I feel great and will kill those guys now.

Promo for Tribute To The Troops airs.


Video package building up the Rey Mysterio/Batista vs. Big Show/Kane match at Armageddon this Sunday.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
MNM (c's) w/ Melina vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio

Rey starts it off with Mercury. Rey starting sparks a huge Eddie chant, they tie up a hiptoss by Mysterio, the fans break out into a derogatory chant towards Melina for her earlier actions, Mercury has Mysterio up but Rey goes for a victory roll, and works into an armbar, Batista in.

Mercury goes for a super kick, Batista catches it and just tosses Mercury head over heels, he tags out to Nitro, who gets caught in a corner and gets pummeled by Batista, Nitro thrown into the turnbuckle a rake to the eyes and Nitro high-tails it out of there, Batista sets up for a Batista bomb, Nitro hops over the top rope and hits a Super kick, another tag by MNM, they go for a double Irish whip, but get clotheslined over the top, Rey with a moonsault to the outside.


Mysterio in control of Mercury as we return, Crucifix, flying head scissors, Rey leap frog's over Mercury, he goes hard into the corner, Rey up top with a set of punches, MNM get the upper hand, powerbomb Mysterio, a huge clothesline on Rey, Nitro goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam but Rey gets out, and hits a dropkick, Nitro with a STO backbreaker and a side Russian leg sweep, Mercury choking Rey while the ref is distracted, Melina grabs Rey and pulls him out to the floor he hits hard, this causes the fans to chant at Melina again.

Rey kicks out of three covers from Mercury, flapjack by Mercury, Mysterio battles back but MNM pull him back into their corner, body slam by Nitro, Double whip into the corner, Mysterio being beaten down, a snapmare and bear hug by Nitro, Rey fighting back, springboard bulldog, Nitro comes in and helps Mercury pull Rey back to their corner, Nitro again stops Mysterio from getting to Batista an enziguri on Rey, Rey sat on the top rope, Mysterio with a sunset powerbomb, but Nitro blocked it, Mysterio top rope reverse hurricanrana.

Both men tag, Batista with a back body drop on Nitro, corner avalanche on Mercury, shoulder thrusts on Nitro and a spinebuster, 619 on both Melina and Mercury. Batista Bomb on Mercury.



"Hell in a Cell Last Rites" showing Undertaker and Rikishi from the 6-Pack HIAC from Armageddon 2000.

"The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley vs. Paul Burchill w/ William Regal

Burchill with a knee, he tries to whip Lashley but Lashley doesn't budge, he sends Burchill to the outside, back in now they tie up and Lashley backs him into a corner, Burchill tries to battle out but gets shoved back against the turnbuckle, Burchill up and down, Lashley with a delayed back body, Lashley decks Regal who jumped on the apron, Dominator on Burchill.


Matt Hardy being interviewed by Krystal, he says Booker T is red hot he's up three to nothing against Chris Benoit, JBL slides in and says he got a lot of money, and he wants to tell the fans, Matt says he doesn't like being interrupted, JBL says do you know who I am, he slaps Matt in the throat, JBL with crutches do to injury is tackled by Matt, and put through some scenery, Matt drug away by a pair of road agents.


An ad for a new Eddie Guerrero biography entitled "Cheating Death, Stealing Life, The Eddie Guerrero Story" airs.

Teddy Long, talking to the shrink, concerned about his ppv, the shrink says that his conversation with Orton is confidential, Long says he isn't going to have some shrink come in and ruin his ppv match, the shrink says this match is barbaric and he is looking out for a man's life.

Rey and Batista backstage, Rey says that one was for Eddie, Rey is questioning his size, Batista says it doesn't matter, Randy slides in, he says congratulations to Dave, and they've known each other for a long time, he says a lot of people say he's the best, but Randy tells Dave that we'll never know which one of the the two of them is the best, he extends the hand, and after a shake leaves.


Armageddon run-down:

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag-Team Champions
Rey Mysterio and Batista vs. Kane and The Big Show

United States Championship Series - Match 4 of a possible 7
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T

MNM w/ Melina vs. Super Crazy and Psicosis w/ Juventued Guerrera

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Juventud Guerrera vs. Kid Kash

Matt Hardy vs. JBL

Hell In A Cell
Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

Still to come, Randy Orton's Revelation. JBL on his way to the announce table, still suffering from a sprain after tripping last week.

Booker T w/ Sharmell w/ a broom vs. Matt Hardy

"Hell In A Cell Last Rites" Undertaker vs. Mick Foley


We come back wit Booker already in control, chopping away at Matt, Matt fights out of a corner, with rights and lefts, Matt with a clothesline over the top rope, Matt cross body over the top to the floor, JBL distracts Matt, and Booker drives Matt into the steps, back in the ring now, Booker with a kick and a spinning heel kick, Booker with a rear chinlock, Matt battles out, a falling neckbreaker, Matt takes Booker to the corner and clotheslines him, spinebuster by Booker, scissors kick avoided, side effect by Matt, going up top, leg drop, Booker out at 2, JBL trips Matt and pulls him out, clothesline form hell, Sharmell has the ref distracted, scissors kick.


Backstage, Bob and Randy, Bob asks if Randy is absolutely sure, Randy says 100%, and he wants to do this by himself, and he's doing it right now.


A promo for the Tribute To The Troops airs.

Randy Orton out as a HUGE Undertaker chant picks up.

Randy says this is something he has to do, at 25 he has accomplished more than most do in a lifetime, he's realized that nobody can kill the legend of the Undertaker, he tried to get around it but the HIAC ends career and he doesn't want any part of that, he said he envisioned himself talking to his grand kids from a wheel chair because he decided to go into the HIAC, and he doesn't want that, he says he is going out on top and he is officially retiring.

He says this isn't his destiny, he has a choice, he has the choice to kill one more legends career his.

Teddy Long out, says that Orton can't retire, because he has a contract and that means he's committed and if he doesn't show up for Armageddon Long will sue him for every penny he's worth, Orton says he doesn't care, he'd rather sit in court then go into the HIAC, and no one will change his mind.

Orton heads towards the entrance way when the gong hits, the lights go out, the smoke begins to fill the arena and the druids come out, Orton heads back to the ring, and Undertaker makes his way to the ring.

Undertaker after a slow walk finally gets to the ring and stares down Orton, Orton says to listen to him, he doesn't want anything to do with this business, he stepped over a line and he regrets it, Undertaker looks up towards the entrance where one druid has stayed behind, he reveals the urn to Undertaker. It's Bob Orton, Randy moves in and kicks Undertaker in the groin, Randy lays a beating on Undertaker, culminating with an RKO, Undertaker sits up, Randy goes for a chair.

A stiff chair shot to the head of Undertaker bust Undertaker open, a series of shots to the back, Undertaker still getting up all be it slowly, Randy with one last shot from the chair, straight to the head, Orton wipes blood of the chair on his chest, Undertaker sits up, Randy with the urn hits Undertaker, that one keep shim down.

Orton grabs the mic and says he'll see Undertaker Sunday at Armageddon.

The show ends with Orton leaving while a bloody Undertaker tries to get up against the ropes.


Match Ratings:

Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy - ***
MNM vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio - **1/2
Bobby Lashley vs. Paul Birchill - *1/2
Booker T vs. Matt Hardy - *1/2
Boogeyman vs. Nunzio - DUD

Cheers and Jeers:

Rey Mysterio

Randy Orton

*The heels weren't picking up much heat at all tonight, and if not for the final segment with Undertaker actually being there live Randy wouldn't of had any either, Melina's heat all came from her being a sl*t, overall a heat-less night, on the other hand the faces were hugely over, Batista, Rey and of course Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero R.I.P. had a few chants going for him through out the night.*

Odds and Sods

A pretty straight forward night with not a lot to talk about.

Kid Kash and Super Crazy had obvious match of the night they both impressed.

Orton's promo at the end of the night was really good, it almost makes up for all the cheesy "mind game" stuff they did the last two weeks.

Undertaker's new spandex attire doesn't sit well with me, especially with that beard.

Lashley showed some more signs of in ring comfortability tonight he still has a long ways to go but he is getting better weekly.

Booker T's matches are really starting to concern me, he is getting very slow and warn down lately, this serious with Benoit has been uber boring, and tonight against Hardy he again did nothing but chops and kicks, I think it's soon time for Booker to call it quits.

JBL did commentary during the Matt Hardy, Booker T match, listen to him if you get a chance it's better than the match.

Props to the Undertaker for taking some stiff chair shots to the head no hands up to block straight to the head.

Armageddon shaped up to be a decent ppv much better than what the past few years have been, on paper anyway.