RAW Results - 12/19 - Bagram, Afghanistan (A Salute to The Troops)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 19, 2005 at 11:11 PM EST

December 19, 2005
Bagram Airforce Base, Afghanistan
Commentators: Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Mr. McMahon’s music hit and he came strutting past the troops down to the ring.

McMahon said they were here to entertain the troops and spread Christmas cheer. He said Santa would be stopping at the airfield later tonight as well. He said he heard, though, that Santa was in a quandary because he didn’t know what to give certain individuals for a Christmas. He said he forgot to give the media types who refuse to continue to tell their stories. He said their story was a story of accomplishment, sacrifice, and service. He said the men and women of the armed forced damn well ‘get the job done’. He said he suggested the media types stop telling their stories and start telling the troop’s story. He introduced Lillian Garcia to us.

McMahon called everyone to attention and asked Lillian to sing the national anthem. Lillian sang the national anthem and here we go.


A video aired of various WWE superstars stopping off at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany and then in the military hospital.

Carlito v. The Big Show

Show backed Carlito into the corner who hid behind the referee. Once the scene was broken up, Carlito unsuccessfully jumped Show and was tossed out of the ring. Once he got back into the ring he capitalized on the situation with some punches and kicks. He went right to the top rope but got caught coming off by Big Show who choke slammed him to the mat and scored the quick pin fall for the victory.

Winner: The Big Show

King and Styles reminded us that later tonight we’d see a boot camp match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

A video aired which showed the massive ammounts of land mines in Afghanistan. Ric Flair was with Sgt. Justin Powell to destroy some dug up mines. John Cena and Shawn Michaels climbed into the bunkers with the troops and set off the mines. The troops put over how important their job was in that they save lives every time they go out, thus the job was very rewarding.


Coach was in the ring and introduced Santa Claus. A guy who looked nothing like Santa came out to a chorus of boos. Santa said he knew McMahon since he was a little evil boy. While he grew up to be a good supporter of the American troops, he had to disagree about one thing. He said the world had forgotten about the troops and who cares. He said there were some brave people here and if it was any better it’d suck. He said to his disdain he had to use a porto potty. He said they should call it re-habistan. He said he had flown all over the world and he knew bad people when he saw them and he said he’d fly over Afghanistan and cancel all the major holidays. He said he was also canceling their leave and got hammered by the crowd with you suck chants. He said he hoped they had bad Christmas and that he was going back to room service.

All of a sudden the real Santa’s music hit and Santa came out in his real outfit. Coach said there couldn’t be two santas and one of them was an imposter. He said he would be packing is toys and delivering good deeds to people in Afghanistan (cheap pop). Santa proposed a no holds barred match where anything goes against the other Santa Claus.

Santa v. Santa

Bad Santa turned out to be JBL and good Santa was Mick Foley. Foley began to wail away at JBL with his toy sack. Foley pulled out a pair of salad tongs and grabbed JBL’s nuts. Foley pulled a pillow out and nailed JBL with it to no effect. JBL leveled Foley with the big boot but missed the clothesline attempt and got caught on the business end of a double arm DDT from Foley. Foley pulled out socko and got the one, two, three pin fall victory.

Winner: Mick Foley

A video aired of the press conference aired of WWE superstars interacting with the Afghanistan media. John Cena said he’d have nothing but good things to say about Afghanistan upon his return to the States.


Another video package aired of the WWE superstars being accompanied by MSNBC. Rita Cosby came along for the ride and the package covered her experience with the WWE on the trip.


Shelton Benjamin v. Snitsky

Snitsky slapped Benjamin who fired back with come big punches. Snitsky came back with a shoulder block before going to the turnbuckle pad. Snitsky went for the suplex, but Shelton countered it into a neck breaker. Snitsky missed the clothesline and Shelton fired back with a flying forearm and a knee lift. Shelton scaled the ropes and hit his flying lariat. Shelton mounted Snitsky and landed his ten punches before being torn off Snitsky by the referee. Shelton went for the stinger splash, but missed and hit the exposed turnbuckle and got caught on the business end of a Snitsky big boot. Snitsky got the cover for the win.

Winner: Snitsky

A video aired at a tavern in Khandahar.

Chris Masters takes on WWE Champion John Cena next!


John Cena v. Chris Masters

The two locked up in the middle of the ring and Masters managed to push Cena into the corner. He taunted Cena before locking up again and getting snagged in a headlock. Masters flung Cena off the ropes but got caught with a shoulder block. Cena went back to the side headlock but Masters broke it with a forearm to the kidneys. Masters hit a powerful shoulder block but got tripped up and clamped into a front chantry. Masters flung Cena off the ropes and chased him, but Cena pulled the top rope down and sent Masters to the outside.

Outside the ring, Cena got his head smashed off the steel steps. Masters tossed Cena into the ring and hit two double axe handles to the back before he clamped on a front face lock of his own. Cena fought back with some punches before getting snagged in the master lock coming off the ropes. Cena tried to fight back but Masers tossed him to the mat. Masters went for the fist drop off the second rope but Cena caught him with a boot to the face.

The two exchanged punches in the center of the ring and Cena got the upper hand with the shoulder block, and two clothesline. Cena hit his belly to back side power bomb and followed it with the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena hit the FU next for the pin fall victory.

Winner: John Cena

Ric Flair is showing up next!

A music video aired recapping the WWE Superstar’s interactions with troops in Afghanistan.


Coach introduced Ric Flair as the guy who was on a losing streak.

Coach congratulated Flair on his farewell tour of Afghanistan. He said Flair was taken out behind the barn and shot and should’ve stayed down. He said even he could beat Flair 1, 2, 3. He said that if he had the guts, he’d prove it. He said before Flair said anything, he said he wanted it to be for Flair’s Intercontinental Championship.

Flair grabbed the mic and said that he only had one thing to say ‘wooooo’. He took his robe off and here we go.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Ric Flair © v. The Coach

Coach hit an elbow to Flair’s head and then strangled Flair with his T-shirt. Coach stomped away at Flair but got poked in the eyes himself. He backed Coach into the corner and landed some chops and punches before strutting around and then hitting the home run blow. Flair landed is patented knee drop and a ridiculous low blow. He chopped Coach on his knees before taking him to school. He tied up Coach’s legs into the figure four and Coach tapped out.

Winner & STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair

Big Show was touring around airforce bases and in his words; “Blowing stuff up”. Chris Masters was in Khandahar with Carlito saying they should be the ones getting the troops autographs. Shawn Michaels was setting off Mortar rounds.


A Music Video aired of more WWE superstar interactions with the troops. Most of the shots were WWE superstars playing with guns and whatnot. Very upbeat segment.

The WWE Divas were getting ready ‘in the back’ for their Santa’s Helper tag team match which is next!


Diva Santa’s Little Helper Tag Team Match
Ashley & Trish Stratus v. Candice Michelle & Maria

Maria and Ashley started off the match. The two locked up in the middle of the ring and hit a decent looking side headlock takedown. She went for the pin fall but was unsuccessful. Trish tagged in and Candice came in and then immediately left the ring where she went to play with the boys.

Trish hit some punches before hitting the referee accidentally with her head scissors. Candice capitalized and yanked Trish’s hair but got backed into the corner and nailed with two chops. Trish tossed Ashley into the ropes but got caught with a kick. Candice went to tag Maria but Maria wanted to pose for photos instead. Trish went for her top rope head scissors but Candice pushed her off. Trish did catch her in it after a little while and Ashley Massaro tagged in shortly thereafter and the two hit a double elbow drop. Candice rolled Ashley up and grabbed the tights for the win.

Winners: Candice & Maria

A video aired that showed soldiers who had been awarded for meritorious service to their country. Some absolutely awesome stories. It also showed some of the troops who sacrificed their lives in this conflict. Several sites on the army bases have been named after these men.


A video aired showing how the arena was set up for tonight’s show. They also showed some of the soldiers playing around in the ring, including one of the ugliest frog splashes ever. Very funny video.

Boot Camp Match
Triple H v. Shawn Michaels

The bell rang and the two circled each other and locked up. Triple H hit a side headlock before being tossed off the ropes by HBK. Triple H met him with a shoulder block and a brief staredown ensued. The two locked up again and again Triple H caught HBK in a headlock and hit a shoulder block. The two criss crossed and HBK hit a hip toss and an arm drag into a nice arm bar. Triple H backed HBK into the corner and went to whip the Game into the opposite corner and hit an arm drag on the rebound. Triple H got back to his feet and after being floored by a shoulder block almost got caught in a back slide. Michaels went right back to the arm, but got whipped off the ropes and knocked to the floor.


We came back to HBK being back dropped over the top rope and to the floor. Triple H followed him to the outside and the two brawled up the ramp, exchanging blows. Triple H floored HBK at the top of the ramp and went for a pedigree. HBK back dropped Triple H to counter the move. HBK grabbed a sandbag and nailed the Game in the head with it. HBK reigned punches down on Triple H but the referee somehow broke it up. Triple H grabbed a gas can and nailed HBK in the head with it. The two fought back down the ramp towards the ring. Michaels fought back with some chops and punches. Triple H caught him with a knee but got caught with some more punches before being thrown back into the ring. Michaels hit some chops and whipped the Game over the buckles and to the floor.

Michaels took a mop from one of the soldiers and blasted HHH with it. The Game regained his bearings however and whipped Michaels into the ring post. Back in the ring, HBK went for a clothesline but he missed Triple H and hit the referee. Triple H nailed a DDT but had no ref to make the count. Another referee came in but the Game only got a two count on the cover attempt. Triple H protested but the ref pointed out that he had the 1st Cavalry patch and the Game clocked him. Triple H went back to work on Michaels nailing a scoop slam.

Triple H mounted the second rope but got caught on the way down with a boot. The referee started the count The two made their way to their feet and exchanged punches before Michaels hit his flying forearm and atomic drop sequence. Michaels hit a clothesline followed by a body slam and Michaels scaled the buckles and hit his patented flying elbow drop.

HBK tuned up the band Michaels missed the kick and Triple H hit the kick to the gut and went for the pedigree but was shot into the buckles by HBK. Michaels hit sweet chin music on the rebound and scored the 1, 2, 3 pin fall for the victory.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Michaels celebrated with the troops as Styles and King thanked the troops for all their service.

One final music video aired of the WWE stars experience in Afghanistan.