SmackDown Results 12/23/05 (Best of 2005 edition of SmackDown)

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On Friday, December 23, 2005 at 10:40 PM EST

WWE SmackDown!
Air Date: 12/23/05
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
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**Note**Tonight's edition of SmackDown is a recap of the year that was in the WWE, therefore, tonight's recap will be a rather brief edition, as I won't be recapping gold matches that are edited due to time constraints, for anyone upset with this I apologize in advance.

We open with a package featuring, Batista winning the title at Wrestlemania 21, JBL in his "Uncle Sam" attire with the WWE Title, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio winning the WWE Tag Team Titles, Benoit doing a sick suicide dive onto Booker and into the announce table, Orton "killing" the Undertaker first at the Casket Match, then blowing him up in the lowrider, setting him on fire in the casket and hitting an RKO followed by chair shots, then it was Undertaker's turn, he bursts out of the flaming casket, it is shown he him chokeslamming a few superstars, and the lower of the Hell in a Cell, ends the package, we go to the a screen with a Christmas backdrop saying the show is entitled:

Friday Night SmackDown Best Of 2005.

Michael Cole and Tazz in studio, they wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and the memorable Hell in a Cell form Armageddon, we start at Wrestlemania 21, with Triple H vs. Batista.

Batista vs. Triple H from Wrestlemania 21



Conclusion of Batista vs. Triple H from Wrestlemania 21.

For some reason during the broadcast a short while after the return from the commercial the feed is sent in black and white and stays that way until Batista gets the pinfall at the end.

Michael Cole and Tazz talk about how good the match was and how it started Batista's dominance.


Clips of JBL form the "JBL appreciation night" from February.

Tazz with Michael Cole, talks about JBL's success and his title reign being the longest in ten years, Cole mentions entertaining people from all over the world.

Fatal FourWay For the Number 1 Contender ship JBL vs. Kurt Angle vs. Booker T vs. Big Show, from SmackDown on April 28th, from Birmingham, England.



Michael Cole and Tazz talk about the troops, Tazz talks about how he remembers being away form home as a wrestler and how it can't compare to being away over in the Middle East.

Video package about the Trip to Afghanistan set to the song "The Great Divide" by Scott Stapp

Highlights of the Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero feud starting with No Way Out when they won the WWE tag-Team titles from the Basham.

Tazz and Michael Cole talk about Rey and Eddie being not just friends but they really where like family Brothers.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero from the first SmackDown! of 2005 on January 6th


Conclusion of Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero


Tazz and Michael Cole talk about Eddie Guerrero and how great he truly was.

Video packages celebrating the life and career of Edward Gori Guerrero Llanes set to "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down.


We come back ti see the Boogeyman's debut from December 2nd, where he comes up throw the tray of worms frightening Simon Dean, too the match.

Tazz and Michael Cole talk about a party at Tazz's where he is going to have a big bowl of worms and invite the Boogeyman, they talk about Palmer Cannon bringing in the Boogeyman on Friday Night SmackDown, and show clips of other new stars.

Ken Kennedy..................Kennedy: After showing clip of him doing his own intro, they show some Green Bay Plunges.

Kid Kash: being a trash talker, and a few brainbusters and winning the Cruiserweight title at Armageddon.

Bobby Lashley: The Real Deal, they go through his military and amateur wrestling accomplishments while he is shown hitting power moves.

The Mexicools: They give their line about being Mexicool, they show them selling concessions, and some intros on the Lawn Mowers.

Sharmell: They show her Introducing Booker, and talk about her being Miss Black America while helping Booker win.

MNM: they show their entrance and a picture perfect.

The Boogeyman:..........and he's comin' to getchya, they show him with some worms and destroying Ray Gordy.


Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan from SummerSlam aka the 26 second match.

Tazz and Michael Cole talk about Benoit having a great year and he will go down as one of the best ever, they brag up Booker T also.

WWE United States Title Chris Benoit vs. Booker T from October 21.


Clips of Sharmell and Booker fighting over Sharmell helping Booker win then the fact that Booker was siding with her and turned on Benoit.

They talk about how this led to a Best Of Seven series between the two. And a still picture recap of match number 4 form Armageddon, and announce match number 5 for next week on the last SmackDown of 2005.


Clips form the Undertaker vs. Bob Orton and Randy Orton in a Casket Match from No Mercy, where randy burned the Undertaker.

Tazz and Michael Cole talk about Randy Orton having a phenomenal year with a brief list of legends he killed, and how the Undertaker feud lasted almost the whole year as it consumed Randy.

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown from Survivor Series.


Conclusion of Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown from Survivor Series.

They show SmackDown celebrating when he Undertaker returns and attacks members of the roster.

They show the build up to the Heel in the Cell match between The Undertaker and Randy Orton, which culminated at Armageddon last Sunday.

Tazz and Michael Cole talk about how a Hell in a Cell match changes careers, and what a year it was, they remind us of Match number 5 between Booker T and Tazz, Tazz says "your welcome" to Michael Cole for making him a star.


A fairly well put together show, showing a lot of the year's highlights and focus on the big stars and some new stars.

As the focus was on the year that was even though there is still one SmackDown left, I would like to thank the WWE for providing the entertainment they do on a non-stop schedule and despite it's up and downs, I know in their hearts they are trying their best to entertain myself and as many others as they can.

I'd also like to take a minute to thank each and every wrestler who put their body on line night in and night out, a lot of men and women give us more then what they can physically offer and a lot of times don't get any respect let alone the respect they deserve.

One last note I'd like to take a minute and remember those that we as wrestling fans have lost this year: "Pistol" Pez Whatley, Tony Lanza, George Culkin, Chris Candido, Dan Quirk(Spider), Rod Trongand, Shin'ya Hashimoto, Miguel Perez Sr., Lord Alfred Hayes, Chris Tolos, Chri$ Ca$h, Sailor White(Moondog King), Czaya Bob Nandor, Gene Stanlee, Legs Langevin, Sweet Stewie Lee, Reggie "Crusher" Lisowski and Eddie Guerrero, may you all rest in piece, and I thank each and everyone one of you for what you contributed to wrestling and what you worked your lives at to entertain, I thank you and I won't forget you.

Even though I haven't been doing this long I'd like to thank those for reading, to those who celebrate have a Merry Christmas to those who don't I'll wish you a Happy Holidays.