RAW Results - 12/26/05 - Bridgeport, CT (McMahon/Beat the Clock)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 26, 2005 at 11:56 PM EST

December 26, 2005
Bridgeport, CT
Commentators: Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler, and Jonathan Coachman
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Vince McMahon was in the back and informed us about the open interview process for the open Raw General Manager’s spot. He also put over the beat the clock qualifying matches later tonight. He also said he’d review Bret Hart’s DVD later tonight. He said he would add his candid comments regarding the DVD.

The opening credits hit and Styles welcomed us to the show.

Shawn Michaels v. Snitsky

HBK came right after him and chopped him up against the ropes/. He slung the big man off the ropes and tried a sunset flip but to no avail. HBK rolled Snitsky up for the pin attempt but couldn’t get the tree there either. HBK caught Snitsky with some more chops and a high cross body block, but Snitsky plastered him with a clothesline.

In control of the match, Snitsky smashed HBK off the turnbuckles twice before following up with a big sidewalk slam and a pin fall attempt. He eventually ejected HBK over the ropes and followed him to the floor to inflict further punishment. He slammed Michaels into the ring apron before tossing his limp body back into the ring and attempting another unsuccessful pin attempt.

Snitsky hit a big scoop slam before dropping four elbows and got a two count on the cover attempt. HBK fought back with some punches to the mid section but Snitsky hit a knee that sent HBK to the corner. Slumped in the corner, HBK was gathered and placed in a big bear hug by Snitsky dead center in the middle of the ring. Michaels punched away at the big man and exchanged some chops and punches with him towards the middle of the ring.

Michaels caught Snitsky with a clothesline and hi inverted atomic drop. Michaels planted him with two more clotheslines but his back nearly gave way on the scoop slam attempt. Michaels got pasted with a Snitsky clothesline. HBK rolled to the apron and tried to get to the top of the ropes with Snitsky in hot pursuit. The two exchanged punches and Snitsky eventually plummeted to the mat. HBK hit the elbow drop off the top rope and nipped up to tune up the band. Snitsky however hit a sweet chin music of his own on Michaels. He gathered HBK and choked away at him in the corner. The referee went to break the two up and he did HBK cold cocked Snitsky with sweet chin music. He made the cover and got the victory at 5:56.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Coach put over the “Cutting Edge” which would air later and feature Ric Flair as its special guest.


The Cutting Edge

Edge introduced “Ric Flair” which was a Conan O’Brien spoof with the mouth talking behind the picture. “Flair” asked for Arn Anderson and ripped off Macho Man’s catch phrase. Edge said he stole his chops from Wahoo McDaniels and his ‘wooo’ from John Lois.

Lita asked him about the road rage incident. Edge asked him why he thought he was better than him. Edge put himself over as an athlete, a boy toy, etc. Flair said he was a 16 time world champion and Edge told him to shut his mouth. He said he could take his 16 world championships and shove them because when he cashed in his money in the bank contract his world championship run would be longer than all of Flair’s reigns combined.

All of a sudden Ric Flair’s music hit and the real Flair came out to confront Edge. He took off his watch and jacket on his way down to the ring.

Edge asked Flair what he came down here for. To come down and find out that Edge was a better man then him? He implored Flair to admit it. Flair instead just dropped him and landed some punches. Lita jumped on top of Flair breaking the two up and the two heels booked it out of the ring. Flair taunted the two from the ring.


Chris Masters v. Chavo Guererro

The two circled each other before Chavo smacked Masters right across the face. Masters missed a punch and was rolled up but only for a two count. Chavo rolled to the outside quick before coming back in again and attempting the roll up. Masters whipped Chavo to the buckles and missed the follow up and found himself drop kicked to the outside.

Chavo flew over the ropes but was caught and slammed hard into the apron. Masters tossed Chavo back in and went for the cover but only got a two count. Masters hit some axe handles and a body slam before sizing up Chavo for the masterlock. Chavo fought the hold and elbowed his way out of it. He came in for a high cross body attempt but was caught again and tossed via a fall away slam.

Masters went for the pin fall but only got a one count. Chavo kept fighting back but got nailed with another body slam and a leg drop. Chavo barely kicked out of the cover attempt before Masters back body dropped Chavo back down to the mat. Another cover attempt on the part of Masters and again Chavo kicked out.

Masters hit some elbows to the back and went again for the master lock and Chavo beautifully countered the hold. Masters immediately went for it again and Chavo slid out of it and hit a kick and some punches. Chavo hit some European uppercuts before countering a fireman’s carry into a roll up attempt. Masers managed to whip Chavo to the corner but missed the follow up. Chavo leapt to the outside but Masters caught the master lock and dragged Chavo back in. Time ran out on Masters who disdainfully tossed Chavo to the outside.

Masters grabbed the mic and complained about being held back. While he bantered, Chavo recovered and went after Masters, knocking him to the outside. Masters left the ringside area completely angry.


Kurt Angle was being wired in the back for his big announcement.


Kurt Angle was in the back bantering about US troops again. He said the troops bitched and moaned too much. He said no one commended him for the sacrifices he made to go to the Olympics. He said all the troops made him sick. He slammed the mic down and walked off.

Torrie was in the back and Vince said he thought she was just a beautiful, over sexed bitch. He said he knew she had been housebroken too and pointed to Torrie’s dog. Todd Grisham came into the office and asked him what he wanted from him. Vince asked him what he thought of Bret Hart’s DVD. Vince asked Todd if he thought Vince could beat up Bret. Todd said he could and then turned to Torrie and told her he loved to play with puppies.

Trish and Mickie James were in the back. James was decorating Trish’s locker room. She said she was excited to face her for the Women’s championship. Trish told her it meant a lot to her. Mickie pointed out the missal toe above Trish’s head, cutting her off, and then kissed her. Trish just walked off obviously wielded out.


Kurt Angle v. Daivari

Daivari immediately laid down for Angle and the ref went for the count but refused to count to three. The scenario repeated itself again and the official refused again. Angle took off after Chioda and chased him out of the ringside area. Another referee came into the ring and counted Angle out as Angle sprinted back to the ring. Angle was furious with the result.

Winner: Shawn Daivari via count out

Big Show was in the back making his way towards the ring. The contract signing is next!


Coach introduced Triple H and the Big Show.

Coach put over why both were here. He asked them if they had any questions. Big Show signed the contract first. Triple H didn’t sign however and said that he had been out here for the last couple of months listening to Show telling him his time was coming. Triple H said he had no problem with Show but apparently that was still and issue. He said he had a big problem with Show.

He said the two of them were very different. He said he was killing himself to get where he needed to be while Show was handed everything. He said he made himself the best over time and Show stood there just as some sort of genetic freak. He said he scratched and clawed to get to the top while Big Show bulldozed through everyone. He said the only reason people wanted to see him is because he was a circus sideshow freak.

He said he looked at him long and hard and came to the conclusion that Show was just another tall guy. He said the NBA was full of them but not one of those pipe cleaners could kick his butt. He said all he saw in Show was an over inflated basketball player.

Show cut him off and said there was no DX or Evolution to back him up. He said Triple H was all on his own so if he was the Game, he’d shut his mouth. He said at New Year’s Revolution his time would come. He said if the Game kept running his mouth, he’d have no problem making the Game’s time right here and right now.

Triple H acknowledged the lack of back up and said he didn’t need any back up to beat him and called him a fat boy.

The two began brawling and Show fought off a sledgehammer attack. He charged HHH who pulled down the top rope and sent Show hurdling to the outside. Triple H slammed Show’s right hand with the sledge hammer. Coach brought the contract over and Triple H signed the contract. He threw the contract at Show and tossed the contract at him and walked back up the ramp. Show writhed in agony as the Game walked back up the aisle.


A replay showed of the contract signing before the break.

A clip showed of Stacey Kiebler training for the ball room dancing reality show that will air in a few months called “Dancing with the Stars”.

John Cena v. Shelton Benjamin

The two circled up and locked up in the middle of the ring. Shelton sent Cena off the ropes but got caught with a shoulder block but kicked out at one. Cena went for an FU but Benjamin fought out again. Cena tried to hit an arm ringer but Benjamin spring boarded off he ropes. Cena went for another FU but Benjamin countered and got a two count on the pin attempt.

Cena hit a back elbow and got a one count on the cover and went for a suplex, but it was countered into a neck breaker. Shelton went for the pin but only got a two count. Shelton whipped Cena into the buckles but missed the follow up. Cena dropped Shelton with a slam and then an elbow to the chest and got a two count. Shelton ducked under a clothesline attempt and got a high cross body and then a neck breaker to take control.

Shelton had an Irish whip attempt countered into two buckle shots and a side slam. Cena got a two count on two cover attempts. Shelton scored with a spine buster and got a two count on the cover. Shelton missed a stinger splash attempt and almost got nailed in an FU but wiggled out of it and hit a Samoan drop. Shelton spring boarded off the buckle with a back elbow but only got the one count on the cover attempt.

Shelton clamped on a sleeper hold but Cena tossed him off. Shelton snared Cena in a reverse chin lock and Cena again fought out with his inverted belly to back suplex. Cena ducked under clothesline and hit a shoulder block. Cena clotheslined Shelton twice before hitting a slam. Shelton jumped onto the buckles again but got caught in the FU. Shelton hung onto the ropes as time ran out on Cena.

Cena followed Shelton to the outside and missed a wheel kick and hit the post. Cena followed him in the ring and paused as if having sympathy. Shelton poked him in the eye and Cena snapped and slapped on the STFU for the tap out victory.

Winner: John Cena via submission

Kurt Angle and Daivari ran down to the ring and the two exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. The officials broke up the scuffle as Cena caught Angle with a punch before Angle was taken from the ring by the officials.


Shelton was in the back on the cell phone. He said losing to Cena wasn’t his fault. He paused and asked the person whom he was talking to why he or she was coming and said he would see them next week and that he loved them.

Matt Striker said he would be an exemplary Raw GM. Vince asked him what he would just do when he saw Cena and Angle brawl. He said he would require both to write a 500 word essay on rules and regulations. Vince said that made him want to vomit. He said he was kicked out of plenty of schools just for fighting. Striker said that wouldn’t teach their children social grace. Vince said it was great for violence and getting out aggression. He said next week it would be Angle v. John Cena in a first blood match. He excused himself to review a video.

Carlito was in the back and said he remembered the times he spit in someone’s face. He said he did so with glee. He said at New Year’s Revolution, he’d win the WWE Championship. He said in 2006 he’d rule and it’d be ‘cool’. He spat apple on the camera before the segment ended.


Carlito v. Victoria

Carlito backed Victoria back into the corner easily. Carlito asked for a kiss but Victoria ducked under to the other side of the ring. Carlito got a go behind and he slapped her in the butt. Victoria admonished Carlito before getting picked up and body slammed to the mat. Torrie’s dog got loose and Carlito was distracted. Victoria low blowed Carlito and hit him in the knee with the wand but only got a two count on the cover. Carlito grabbed Victoria and hit her with a spinning neck breaker hard and got the cover.

Winner: Carlito via pin fall

Carlito now holds the time record at 2:36.


The commentary team ran down the card for New Year’s Revolution.

WWE Championship—Elimination Chamber
John Cena v. Kurt Angle v. Carlito v. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Masters v. Kane

Big Show v. Triple H

WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus v. Mickie James

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Ric Flair v. Edge

Kane v. The Heart Throbs

Both ran at Kane and got nailed with punches and some boots. He gathered both and choke slammed them to get the pin fall.

Winner: Kane via pin fall

Because his victory was in 28 seconds, he will enter the Elimination Chamber last at New Year’s Revolution.

Mr. McMahon was in the back watching the screw job footage from the Bret Hart DVD. “Best there ever will be. We’ll see about that”.


McMahon came down the ring. McMahon said he thought he was in the right and Bret thought he was. He said he asked the fans whether they thought he was right or Bret was right. The fans booed him and sorta booed Bret Hart too with a trick question. He said he tricked Bret into giving him the result he wanted that night. He said the means justified the ends. He said as long as he got what he wanted, it was the right thing to do.

HBK’s music hit and he came down to the ring. Michaels whispered something in McMahon’s ear and had something to say. HBK said the last thing he was going to do was defend Bret Hart. He said no one would buy it and it would be hypocritical of him. He said he would have screwed Bret again if he had to. He said the reason he would do it again was because his loyalty was to the company. He said he did it then for the WWE because he thought it was the right thing to do for the WWE. He said it was one thing for Hart to relive the day time and time again, but for McMahon to continue to live in that day, was something else. He told him it was time to let it go. He said it was eight years ago.

He said it was time for the two of them to grow up a little bit. He said it was time for Vince to move on. McMahon grabbed the mic and reminded Shawn that the business moves on. He said Buddy Rodgers, Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Ultimate Warrior all moved on, but one remained constant. He said the name was McMahon. He asked Shawn if he was suggesting that he make him move on. He said one bad investment and he knew that he had a lot of things to think about other than himself right now. He said he didn’t want Shawn to make him make Shawn move on. He said he didn’t think Shawn was any different from any of these other people. He said there was no other place to go. He said everyone worked for ‘the man’. He said in Shawn’s case it was Mr. McMahon. He said he appreciated Shawn’s willingness to speak but right now he was eating some humble pie.

He asked him what it was like to swallow his pride and just like the people, all of those people swallowed their bile. He said HBK was like everyone in the crowd. He said he’d do not only what he asked him to do in Montreal, but he wouldn’t take crap from Michaels or anyone else from now on. He said he wanted HBK to know that he screwed Bret Hart and that he didn’t want to have to screw HBK.

Vince threw the mic down and went to leave the ring but hesitated a few times. Michaels began removing his jacket as McMahon implored him to rethink his actions. Mcmahon’s music hit and he walked out of the ring. Michaels just looked down and back at McMahon as the segment ended.

The commentators put over Angle-Cena 1st blood next week.

The GOOD: For whatever reason, I’m very, very into the Big Show-Triple H feud. It’s been simple but done well. Nothing over the top and things have been done very simply. The hand injury gives us a little something to work with and adds an interesting twist into the feud.

Matt Striker came off very strong on the mic as well. He may be someone the WWE may want to use a little more on television. He’s got the look and a decent enough gimmick, let’s give him a go.

The BAD: Everything tonight was completely and totally underwhelming. The Angle announcement was a normal promo. The McMahon review was just another promo. One wasn’t left wondering what would happen next week, you were just left with an overwhelming sense of ‘this is it?”.

Kurt Angle is a hurting unit right now. His heel character has taken an elongated turn for the ridiculous with this bash the troops thing. To make matters worse, Angle’s obviously trying too hard to get a bad idea over.

The UGLY: The talent pool looked incredibly low this week. Victoria and the Heart Throbs were used in the beat the clock matches but why? What about Rob Conway, Val Venis, Viscera, Matt Striker, or Rene Dupree? Another opportunity missed to get some younger guys some TV time, even if it’s only to get squashed.

OVERALL-D+ : I just couldn’t get into anything WWE did tonight. Nothing that was advertised was really followed up on in any way and left me feeling extremely underwhelmed. The matches were completely thrown together and the segments for the most part were done pretty poorly.


Shawn Michaels def. Snitsky
Chris Masters drew Chavo Guererro
Shawn Daivari def. Kurt Angle
John Cena def. Shelton Benjamin
Carlito def. Victoria
Kane def. The Heart Throbs

Biggest Pops
1. Mr. McMahon
2. Shawn Michaels
3. John Cena
4. Big Show

Most Heat
1. Carlito
2. Triple H
3. Chris Masters
4. Mr. McMahon

Match of the Night: Shawn Michaels v. Snitsky *1/2

Power Rankings
WWE Champion: John Cena (Last Week: WWE Champion)-- Another ‘meh’ week for Cena. He put on a decent match with Shelton but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that fans are growing a little tired of his seemingly repedative act week in and week out. Cena could be done much better by chasing the title. He’s still very over, but he could use a little freshening up for his character.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (Last Week: IC Champion)-- The fact that the Intercontinental Championship is on the line seems more of a hinderance to this feud then a help. Edge regaining the belt certainly doesn’t ‘do’ anything for the belt as much as Flair beating Edge doesn’t ‘do’ anything for the belt. Flair’s been cut off thanks to his lawyers in terms of his stick work, but is still able to get a feud over effectively.

1.Triple H (Last Week: 1)-- An incredibly strong promo from Triple H this week who’s put on a great program with Big Show thus far. He’s doing well in his utility role and fans seem to be sticking to him more because of it. This will undoubtedly be a good set up for his run at Cena for Wrestlemania.

2.Shawn Michaels (Last Week: 2)-- Michaels carried Snitsky to a watchable match tonight. His promo was a shred pointless at the end but his work continues to be solid.

3.Chris Masters (Last Week: 5)-- Masters looked pretty akward tonight, but managed to effectively put together a decent match with Chavo Guererro. It’s my feeling that Masters has the most to gain from the NYR program so it’s vital that WWE continue to make him look strong throughout the remainder of it.

4.Carlito (Last Week: 4)-- Carlito beat up a chick tonight but the finisher finally debuted.. I think. Nothing really changes for Carlito who’s still improving, but going relatively unnoticed.

5. Kurt Angle (Last Week: 3)-- Angle is really in more of a free fall then this week’s ranking may indicate. His character looks desperate to gain heat and his strength, wrestling, is being thrown out the window in a vain attempt to better get his intense heel persona over. It’s not working. Not looking so hot heading into the Elimination Chamber.

6.Big Show (Last Week: 6)-- Show is involved in the best storyline he’s been a part of in a long, long time. Good storyline development again and Show, as well as the Game, are really proving their worth as extremely effective utility workers.

7.Kane (Last Week: 7)-- Kane is quite obviously being made out to look like the monster heading into the chamber match. He quite obviously won’t go over, but to the average mark, he looks hard to beat heading into NYR.

8.Edge (Last Week: 9)-- Edge was decent on the mic tonight. The Conan O’Brien spoof tonight was well done and Edge is building decent heat. The Flair match probably won’t be very strong at the pay per view, if not just pointless, but the feud has been watchable enough.

9.Shelton Benjamin (Last Week: 8)-- Shelton’s obvious heel turn seems readily apparent. It sounds like his mommy is going to show up next week. Should be fun.

10.Chavo Guererro (Last Week: NR)-- I almost wonder if WWE is continuing to keep Chavo looking strong because they may have a small push planned for him in the future. He DIDN’T job tonight which was rather surprising. Stay tuned.

Dropping Out: Snitsky (Last Week 10)

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