The Blue Meanie Interview - Talks about Grunge, JBL incident, and more

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On Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 3:10 PM EST

The following was transcribed by Dan "Ho-Ju" Kriegbaum:

One of the competitors in tonight's Maryland Championship Wrestling "Resurrection" World Heavyweight Championship Tournament & John Bradshaw Layfield's best friend, The Blue Meanie was a guest on this past week's live edition (2/20/05) of Monday Night Mayhem, which can be heard in streaming audio every week (and live from 7-9PM ET every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, & celebrating its 10th Anniversary, -- your official home of "The Spring Break Incident" Video-On-Demand, featuring WWE RAW Diva & the hottest member of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," Stacy Keibler).
The interview with the former member of the bWo is now available to hear for FREE in Real Audio!

The Big Mosh & Blade said "Hello to The Blue Guy" (The Blue Meanie), on this past week's Monday Night Mayhem show, as The Big Mosh started the interview right off the bat plugging "Monday Night Meanie," an event that The Blue Meanie & a few others in Philadelphia put on every Monday night @ Club 218, starting at 8PM ET(218 South St -- South Philadelphia, PA).

The Big Mosh then mentioned Johnny Grunge's recent passing, and then allowed The Blue Meanie to share his thoughts on the Public Enemy member. Meanie said that Johnny Grunge was one of the pioneers in ECW, and Paul Heyman's first "creation." Meanie then mentioned Johnny's young age of 39, and how it's disheartening that he passed at such a young age.

Big Mosh asked Meanie if he thinks the beating ECW took on their bodies each & every night was a cause of the young deaths of ECW wrestlers, like Johnny Grunge, Ted Petty(Rocco Rock), and also Anthony Durante (Pitbull #2). The Blue Meanie said that their shows were the grueling part, and "Thank God that they didn't have a grueling schedule." He then mentioned that "ECW did things that humans are not supposed to do with their body," and also added that in other sports, there are off seasons & times to rest.

The Big Mosh went on to talk about the bWo's parodies of The Public Enemy in ECW, and asked Meanie if those memories are what will put a smile on his face when he thinks about The PE in the future. The Blue Meanie then remembered that Johnny Grunge was a part of his initial debut into ECW before "The Blue Meanie" came to be, and described what occurred. Meanie said that Grunge was a great guy, and it was an honor to parody Public Enemy -- which they considered to be "tributes."

Michael "Johnny Grunge" Durham also left behind two young sons, Michael Jr. (8) & Chase (3). In lieu of flowers, the family asked that donations be made to the Michael Durham Memorial Fund at:

Bank Of America 500 North Lake Drive Peachtree City, GA 30269 (770) 631-3200

The Big Mosh then "switched gears," as he likes to say on the show, and mentioned tonight's re-emergence of Maryland Championship Wrestling, which The Blue Meanie will be a part of -- in the MCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. The Big Mosh then asked Meanie what the return of MCW will mean to the independent scene, to which Meanie answered by saying that he immediately sent out e-mails to appear on the show, once he heard "the most professionally-run independent promotion" was returning. The Blue Meanie then took Mayhem fans on a history lesson, saying MCW rose up from MEWF, and mentioned that their talent was the cream of the crop -- specifically mentioning Orlando Jordan, now of WWE fame.

Mosh asked The Blue Meanie what his thoughts are on the current state of professional wrestling. Meanie said that he has not seen too many indies, because of lack of time, but he does think that TNA is awesome when he catches their shows at "Monday Night Meanie." He then said that he thinks the WWE is improving, putting out fresh new talent. He also put over Ring Of Honor, saying that they have "stellar talent." Meanie believes that it's a shame that wrestling today is "flat-lining" -- with everything that there is to see now. He added that there's one big angle that is needed to "ignite the fire that we had in the late 90's."

Without asking too much about last year's uproar, The Big Mosh asked Meanie if he has been contacted by World Wrestling Entertainment to work this year's ECW PPV. Meanie says that he has not been contacted yet, but last year he was contacted only three weeks before "One Night Stand." He also mentioned that after the whole ONS incident, JBL was professional in the weeks after when he was a part of SmackDown roster, and "they did business." Meanie then said that he would not have anything to fear if he went back again, and said the fence was "sort of mended." He also mentioned his former promotion, 3PW, and said that he would love to send the receipts he has back to his ex-girlfriend -- if she wanted them.

Mosh asked Meanie to describe why he took the WWE contract approach to it, instead of filing a lawsuit which he could've rightfully won. Meanie answered saying "he would be damned if he didn't sign and go for the lawsuit, or when he did sign the contract." Meanie said that he's been in the ring with stiff people before, but what JBL did was just unprofessional. He said that the code in wrestling is giving your body, trusting that the other person won't hurt you. He also said that accidents happen, but the JBL thing clearly was not an accident. Meanie mentioned that he got phone calls from talent not on the Pay-Per-View, wondering what it was about -- and mentioned that a contracted WWE wrestler was so disgusted by it, that he was ready to leave and go to TNA. Meanie then brought up the fact that he did consider filing a lawsuit and weighed all of his options out -- and that even a few WWE guys did say that they would be witnesses, but didn't want to wait forever for a settlement with WWE's legal team. He ended by saying that "he thinks he did the right thing -- showing that he can do business, and possibly work in the future for a long-time deal."

Blade finally entered the interview at the 26 minute mark, and asked about a passage from the new book "Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story Of ECW," regarding not dropping ECW angles the night after last summer's "One Night Stand" Pay-Per-View. Meanie agreed with the quote, and mentioned that the ECW feel was in storylines all year. Meanie said that the overall aspect of the PPV was positive and everybody from fans to production workers enjoyed it, and believes that it outshined anything they did that year. Mosh, Blade, & Meanie then joked around about how's it's physically & logistically possible to have a second One Night Stand -- to which Meanie would like to see the name "ECW One Night Stand Part II: Sloppy Seconds." The Mayhem Crew & Meanie also broke down the outrageous $400.00 ringside seat tickets for The Hammerstein Ballroom, which hardcore fans probably could not have afforded whatsoever.

Mosh asked Meanie his thoughts on how the "Voice Of RAW," Joey Styles has done in the WWE so far. Meanie said that Joey is "a quality announcer, he does a good job, and that there should not be any criticism about him." Meanie also wanted to emphatically say that Joey will be around for a "long time."

Blade & Mosh then stuck with WWE "goodness" and asked Meanie his thoughts on the current use of the late Eddie Guerrero in their current storylines. "The Blue Guy" said that he's not comfortable with what they are doing with the whole entire angle, and the script that Randy Orton has been saying. Meanie also has an uneasy feeling that World Wrestling Entertainment is setting up feuds over comments said about "Latino Heat." Meanie then described it as "the kind of heat you could buy at the store, in a can, and open it up -- it's that easy." There are better ways to keep Eddie's memory alive (such as the talked-about match between Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko at ONS and inducting Eddie into this year's WWE Hall Of Fame).

Mosh then brought up the name of one of the true legends in the business, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk. The rumors have been going around about Funk being made an offer by the WWE to appear at this June's "One Night Stand" Pay-Per-View. Meanie said that Terry can do whatever he wants to do, simply because "he holds the key to the wrestling industry, for all he did in the old-school territories, bringing Extreme Championship Wrestling to the forefront." People can see him as a sell-out, but Meanie would not.

The Big Mosh then mentioned another huge ECW name in Rob Van Dam, and his recent return/ push to main event status on WWE Monday Night RAW. Meanie said that RVD is "the most underutilized wrestler that the company has, who should've had a title run or two by now, and that's a shame that he has never been used right from day one." Meanie does see Van Dam as a WWE Champion sometime in 2006 though.

The Mayhem & The Blue Meanie then joked around about My Space, and how Meanie is such a popular guy with over 15,000 friends. Blade called Tom a "genius," and Meanie mentioned that it's to the point now where "if you aren't on MySpace, you don't exist."

Other discussion in this hour-long interview include: talk about last years WWE Great American Bash Pay-Per-View (along with the bWo's feud with The Mexicools), what Meanie's takes are on the recent WWE "legends" brought back like Goldust & Tatanka, his part in the World Wrestling Legends "6:05 -- The Reunion" PPV in Orlando, being the Women's Champion for the Dangerous Women Of Wrestling promotion (and if he has received any criticism in doing just that), and a long music discussion between Blade & "The Blue Guy" -- including the Guns-N-Roses current doings. A stellar 60-minute interview that you can't get enough of, without partaking in some of Wawa java!

*Meanie welcomes all feedback from his fans! Check out or head on over to his My Space ( for everything Meanie. "The Blue Guy" is headed over to Danbury, CT, the state of Oregon, and also overseas to England. Drop him a line and find out if he's coming to your hometown.

*Maryland Championship Wrestling will present "Resurrection," live tonight (February 26th) at The MCW Arena in Dundalk, MD at 7:30PM ET. The card will feature the crowning of a new MCW World Heavyweight Champion (featuring Danny Doring, Crowbar, The Blue Meanie, Julio Dinero, and several others), an X-Division Showdown between Roderick Strong & the current TNA D-Division Champion, "The Samoan Submission Machine," Samoa Joe, an open challenge by The James gang (The New Age Outlaws), ring announcing from former WCW ring announcer & the author of "BodySlams," Gary Michael Cappetta, commentary from former ECW star, Axl Rotten & former WCW announcer, Chris Cruise -- and so much more! For complete event information & how you can get your last-minute tickets, log onto Tell them The Big Mosh & Blade sent you!

*You can also check out The Blue Meanie LIVE next Sunday night, as part of the World Wrestling Legends "605: The Reunion" event being taped for Pay-Per-View, at The Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL. The Reunion" PPV will air on Saturday, April 29th at 6PM with a replay at 8PM. The PPV will be priced at $19.95 for a two hour broadcast. Matches currently scheduled for the taping include:

- Scott Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell

- Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Kanyon

- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Nikolai Volkoff (w/The Iron Sheik)

- The Midnight Express ("Sweet" Stan Lane, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, & "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey) (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Armstrong Family ("Bullet" Bob, Brad, & Scott Armstrong) (w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan)

- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

Other names announced for the taping include "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, Tully Blanchard (w/J.J. Dillon), Vampiro, Bruno Sammartino, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Rick Steiner, Lance Russell (calling his first PPV broadcast), Kamala, Koko B. Ware, Mike Graham, Carlos Colon, Virgil, Dr. Tom Prichard, Johnny B Badd, David Flair, Norman Smiley, Ron Niemi, The Disco Inferno & a reunion of the WCW Nitro Girls (Spice, Fyre, Chiquita, and Chae). Dave, Earl, & Brian Hebner have all be retained as referees for the event.

In addition to the interesting & insightful Blue Meanie interview, make sure you tune in to the rest of the complete 2/20/06 edition of The Mayhem, which also features the return of one of the #1 contenders for the X-Division Championship & one of the competitors in the Ultimate X Match at Destination X, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, to MNM.

And in case if you only read about it on the internet, words do not do justice on WWE Hall Of Famer, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff's interview with The Big Mosh & Blade this past Monday night. We encourage all wrestling fans throughout the world to check this out, as this is already being talked about as a "slam-dunk" candidate for "Interview Of The Year." Why is "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair boring? What are Orndorff's uncensored takes on the WWE Hall Of Fame & Vince McMahon? Talk about a shoot!

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In addition, what are Jacques' thoughts on Bret "Hitman" Hart being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame? Was World Championship Wrestling truly a sinking ship when he came board? And what's the real truth about his much-talked about backstage feud with The Dynamite Kid?

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