Jimmy Hart Interview - Talks about TNA, appearing for WWE, and more

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, February 27, 2006 at 5:31 PM EST

The following was transcribed by Chris Furguson:

Show: 3 Count Wrestling (courtesy of www.WrestlingEpicenter.com)
Guest: "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart
Date: 2/27/06
Your Hosts: Brian Luquette, Chris Furguson, & James Walsh

He's one of the greatest professional wrestling managers of all time. He's recognized in he WWE Hall of Fame. He's considered the "Mouth of the South!" He's Jimmy Hart and he's this week's guest on 3 Count Wrestling.

Below is the transcript of what Jimmy had to say. But, if you'd like to listen to this interview plus catch the discussion between Brian, Chris, and James, simply go to www.WrestlingEpicenter.com.

Interview conducted by James Walsh and Chris Furguson
Transcript by Chris Furguson. Intro by James Walsh

As we welcome Jimmy to the show, he tells us about how he created the group "3 Count" and how much he loves our name.

Then, he goes into a list of his WWF musical creations before his phone cuts out. (Jimmy was driving and his phone hit a dark spot, so we rescheduled for a later time that day. The tape cuts into the phone call with Jimmy, but before they start up again, Walsh lets Jimmy know about his interview with Hulk Hogan.)

Chris welcomes back Jimmy Hart to 3 Count Wrestling, who is in Orlando with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Jimmy goes into the recent "Against All Odds" Pay-Per-View with Christian Cage as champion.

Chris asks a quick question about Jimmy's thoughts on Christian Cage becoming champion. "Well, you know, I've always said that Jeff Jarrett's our best babyface and he's our best heel. But only thing, he can't fight himself."

Jeff Jarrett's dominance of the TNA title is the next subject. Jimmy puts over the fact that your champion needs to be someone loyal, who can work whether hurt or not, and can wrestle many styles. Jimmy then goes into a story about how he goes used to pick up little Jeff Jarrett to go to a basketball camp at Memphis State.

Walsh's next question is about the RAW Homecoming, and the rumor that TNA said "If you showed up there, don't bother coming back." Jimmy clarifies that he was not under contract for TNA. He then goes into a flashback on how Jimmy got TNA at the Universal Studios lot in Orlando, and explains that his job is as the spokesman for TNA, signing autographs and telling the people in the park about the show.

Walsh goes into a bit about Hillbilly Jim's role for the WWE "Road to Wrestlemania" tours. Jimmy explains that he did some promo work for the WWE, with Hillbilly Jim and Torrie Wilson. He was also in Chicago, with Rob Van Dam, promoting the Wrestlemania 22 ticket pre-sales.

Chris chimes with a question about the first "Wrestling Album" and the song "Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield." After accepting some compliments, Jimmy goes into how he had cut an album in Memphis called "Outrageous Conduct" and one of the songs on it was the song mentioned above, which was re-recorded it for the "Wrestling Album," to keep in character. Jimmy mentions Cyndi Lauper sang back up vocals and Rick Derringer did lead guitar on it!

Walsh asks about Derringer and it leads to a discussion about the "Demolition" song from the second album, "Piledriver." Jimmy reveals that it was he and his partner who wrote the song, but Derringer played it. Jimmy also mentioned that he co-wrote the Honky Tonk Man's song and "Crank It Up" for the Young Stallions.

After Walsh's explains Chris's preference for wrestling theme songs, Jimmy mentions the Shawn Michaels theme "Sexy Boy." That led into a question whether or not Jimmy was supposed to have sung it, but they gave it to Sherri instead. It wasn't true, but Jimmy goes into how he wrote "Sexy Boy," "The Mountie," and "All-American Boys" for the Rougeau Brothers. Jimmy then goes into how he wrote many themes for WCW, including the "Wolfpac" theme for Hall and Nash and "Buff Daddy" for Buff Bagwell.

The next topic is WWE splicing current theme songs when releasing old WCW matches on DVD. Jimmy says "I didn't really know that, because I know they called us about using some of the songs. I think by doing that, it really takes away the originality of the match." He later explains that Vince all the tapes, including the music, and he'd love to see a "Best of WCW" album come out.

Walsh asks about the "American Males" theme and the lead singer, who also sang the "American Made" song. Jimmy confirms this was Todd Plant, who does tours in Europe and is a "great guy." Jimmy then goes into how he uses different musicians to keep things different.

The conversation goes into how Jimmy always seemed to stay "current" and Jimmy confesses that he watches "American Idol," The Grammys and TRL. TRL, at the time, gave Jimmy the inspiration for the "Three Count" gimmick (which we thank him for) and that he knew the wrestling fans would hate it!

Chris brings up Jimmy's role in the "WWE Smackdown vs RAW" video game. As Jimmy explains, "I was so flattered that they even called me to do it." He then goes into how he had to do the higher pitched voice for 3 and a half hours! He also says how many times he's been asked to sign copies of the game at the park! Jimmy then goes into a bit about he has a solo action figure, one with the Hart Foundation and one with Hogan and Beefcake and a special one with Bobby Heenan, all out within a 5 month span! Someone at Jakks Pacific called him and said "it's never happened for anyone else!"

The subject of the Legends figures, and the fact they outsell current wrestler's figures, is next. Jimmy mentions the guy from Jakks Pacific, and how he said "Jimmy, we can't print them fast enough!" They then go into the 24/7 wrestling network, among other things, are putting the legends back into the limelight.

After Walsh brings a story about how he found a live sized version of the "Million $ Belt" and how great it is that younger kids are getting a chance to see the legends, Jimmy goes into a story about when he did a bus tour with Dick Clark! Dick said that "If y'all dress like the audience, you're never gonna get anywhere." This idea led to Jimmy changing jackets and recoloring the megaphone for everyone he managed.

Walsh chimes in with a question about newer guys who wear baggy clothes to hide their bodies and, as Hogan put it, "they learn the moves, but they don't learn wrestling." Jimmy mentions the time he was with Dusty Rhodes, who said "I feel like I'm at a stunt show convention." He then puts over the kids who do those moves, hoping they take care of themselves.

Chris's final question is about Jimmy's son's involvement in the War on Terror. Jimmy goes into how his son joined the army after 9/11 and how Jimmy got a call from his son, who said he was going to Iraq. After spending a year over there, Jimmy says his son made it home safe and sound. That Christmas, Jimmy gave Hulk Hogan the headband his son wore in Iraq, which was signed by 90% of the unit!

After Walsh and Chris sing the soldiers' praises, Jimmy promotes the upcoming "World Wrestling Legends" show at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is run by the guy who did the "WrestleReunion" shows.

The interview ends with Jimmy saying "Never trust a midget." Then, Walsh mentions the recent stroke scare of co-host Brian Luquette before Jimmy gives a plug for 3CW.

The show ends with the "Demolition" theme song.