Ohio Valley Wrestling Results: 3/25 - Elizabethtown, KY (Brent/Punk)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 6:28 AM EST

Joe Jones sent in the following report:

OVW 3/25/06 Elizabethtown, KY

Ohio Valley Wrestling returned to Elizabethtown, KY on March 25, for one of the most exciting house shows in many months.

Referees: Robert Brisko & former TNA female star, Trinity.

OVW Referee Goose Mahoney was sitting in the front row with a "BRISKO SUCKS" T-Shirt. After Goose tarred & feathered OVW Divas Beth & Shelly at the previous Elizabethtown show, Senior OVW Official Robert Brisko banned Goose from officiating in E-Town. However, Brisko was powerless to keep Mahoney from buying a ticket for tonight's show. There were many loud "GOOSE!" chants heard throughout the night, and many louder "BRISKO SUCKS!" chants heard as well.

(1) The Miz pinned Jack Bull with a seat drop from the top rope.

Once again, Bull tortured every fan by terribly singing his version of "Amazing Grace". His singing gets painfully worse every time he tries. Coming off losing the OVW Tag Titles at a house show last week, The Miz was able to score a quick win over Bull. The crowd liked Miz as much as they hated Bull's singing.

(2) "Silverback" Ryan Reeves pinned "Highlander" Rory McAllister with a Jackhammer.

Rory looked outweighed by nearly 100 pounds, as Reeves appeared to be well over 300 pounds of muscle. Rory did his best to take the fight to Reeves. Rory kicked out of a belly to belly suplex, but was unable to escape the Jackhammer. Short but effective match.

Before OVW Announcer Ron Hed could introduce the next match, Da Beast came out and shoved Hed down. Beast grabbed the microphone, and on behalf of his partner Tytus issued a challenge to to any team in OVW. Good heat for Beast, and good facials by Hed.

(3) For the #1 Contendership of the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, former champs Seth Skyfire & Chet The Jet defeated Johnny & Jason Riggs, when Da Beast & Tytus interfered.

This match started out as a clean, fast paced encounter, with the fans solidly cheering both teams. Referee Robert Brisko actually received loud "Brisko Sucks" chants led by Goose Mahoney in the front Row. Chet & Seth became more aggresive, when Chet didn't break clean on a rope break. Finish came when Beast & Tytus came to ringside, and distracted Brisko and Jason. Tytus shoved Johnny off the top rope behind Brisko's back, and Seth capitalized with a pin. Post-match set up Beast & Tytus vs The Riggs when OVW returns to E-Town April 21.

(4) In a Grudge Divas Match, Shelly (w/local favorite "Hollywood Wild Thing") beat Beth Phoenix.

This match was not as good as their fight from this past Wednesday's OVW TV taping, but it had a ton of intensity and heat. These former partners were extremely physical and brutal with each other. Finish came when Beth shoved referee Trinity, who shoved Beth back down in time to deliver a quick three count. Both Shelly & Beth looked extremey hot. Trinity didn't look half bad herself.

Ron Hed announced that Osama Rodriguez Alejandro, AKA: Big Lalo would be taking signatures during intermission for his campaign to run for "Dictator of Los Kentuckos". Osama came to ringiside waving a huge "BOTE FOR LALO!" (yes with a "B") sign, and gave another one of his hugely entertaining speeches. A surprisingly long line formed to sign Lalo's petition, and to buy an autographed Lalo photo.

I must admit that I was disappointed because the rumors of Maria and Michelle McCool being in the building were untrue. But as good as that Deep South Announcer was on last week's OVW TV, and as hot as Maria & McCool are, they are no Ron Hed.

Former Smackdown Wrestler Chad Toland/Dick prematurely interupted Big Lalo's autograph signing by challenging him to a fight. Once again Chad's mic work showed just how much WWE dropped the ball with his talents, as he got a ton of heat from the crowd. Lalo was more than willing to fight in this impromptu match.

(5) Osama Rodriguez Alejandro, AKA: Big Lalo pinned Chad with a sunset flip.

The crowd was unbeleivably behind Lalo, who was receiving the loudest reaction of the night thus far. After his win, Osama grabbed the mic and yelled, "If you like what Big Lalo did tonight, let me hear a 'HA-HAA!" To which the crowd gladly responded with a loud "HA-HAA!". Unreal! Osama had not even turned on OVW TV yet, but the crowd was going nuts for him. He has "WWE Superstar" written all over him.

(6) New OVW Southern Tag Champs Deuce & Domino "The Untouchables" (w/Cherry) beat Roadkill & Kasey James.

The match started with some early comedy, as Roadkill & James messed up The Untouchables' hair, and put on their leather jackets. Fans didn't start by caring too much for new tag champs, but the antics of Deuce & Domino gradually got them a great deal of heat. Finish saw Cherry distract referee Robert Brisko, and Domino used her roller skate on Roadkill for the pin.

(7) OVW Champion "Shooter" Brent Albright wrestled C.M. Punk to a no-contest.

It is becoming clear that there is no such thing as a bad Albright vs Punk match. Punk came to the ring with his shoulder heavily taped, which "The Shooter" did his best to capitalize on. Tremendous match, with a great deal of power moves, combined with excellent submission wrestling. Albright was able to maneuver Punk into his Crowbar finisher, which Punk refused to submit to. After a long and heated struggle, Punk escaped using the ropes, which appeared to greatly frustrate Albright. Crowd was going ballistic for Punk at this point. Referee Trinity was accidentally knocked out, at which point Punk clamped on his Anaconda Vise finisher. With Trinity unconscious, Albright was vigorously tapping out. Finally Goose Mahoney jumped in the ring from the front row and called for the bell. The crowd went berzerk as Ron Hed announced C.M. Punk as the new OVW Champion. However, Robert Brisko jumped in the ring, and threw the match out because Goose Mahoney was banned from officiating in E-Town.

Brent Albright escaped with his title belt during this fracas, and C.M. Punk left the ring to a huge ovation. However, the controversy continued in the ring.

As Aaron "The Idol" Stevens and OVW Trainer Eric Langely kept the two refs separated, Goose Mahoney issued a challenge to wrestle Robert Brisko when OVW returns to Elizabethtown on April 21. If Goose loses, he will retire from OVW forever. But if Brisko loses, he will be tarred & feathered in the ring!

Joe Jones