SmackDown Results - 3/31/06 - Kansas City, MO (Build for WM22...)

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On Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 2:39 AM EST

WWE SmackDown!
Air Date: Friday, March 31, 2006
From: Kansas City, MO
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
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The show stars with a video voiced over by Randy Orton's promo from last week, the video shows clips form Saturday Night's Main Event and the Tag match last week, we go straight into the arena as Mysterio's music kicks in and he is on his way to the ring.

He grabs a mic and talks about his dreams coming true, wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship at WRESTLEMANIA, he talks about people who say he doesn't think he deserves to be in the main event, and talk about him being a charity case, he said that someone is Randy Orton, he calls Orton out, he says he wants Orton in the ring to prove to Orton he deserves the shot at Wrestlemania, he asks Teddy Long to come out and make the match official, Angle's music hits and comes to the ring, mic in hand.

Kurt says, that with all due respect to Rey, Angle says after Randy's actions lately it will be Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton tonight, he says he'll beat Randy tonight just like he'll beat both randy and Rey at Wrestlemania, because nobody can beat a wrestling machine and the only Olympic gold medalist in the WWE's history, Orton's music hits and he walks out into the ramp way.

Rand comes out and addresses Mysterio and Angle, he asks if he's bothered them that bad, he asks if they both want a piece of him, then there is no need to argue, Orton suggests Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton in a handicap match tonight, he says well to bad because he doesn't want to hurt himself tonight, he says he won't be doing anything except get on the next flight to Chicago and go to Wrestlemania, Teddy Long's music hits and here comes the mack militant.

He says, that Randy's idea of a Handicap match was a good idea, Orton cuts him off and talks about Teddy always taking sides with Rey, and that Orton has already beaten Rey so bad he shouldn't even be in the match at Wrestlemania, Angle tells Orton that this isn't about Mysterio, Mysterio then cuts Rey off and asks, if Kurt things that Rey is undeserving also, Kurt says that he thinks Rey would be a better opponent then Orton.

Kurt and Rey get in each others faces, talking about Rey accidentally costing Kurt his match last week, Randy chimes in and suggest Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio tonight to settle their differences, he tells Rey that this is the perfect way to prove he deserves his spot, unless of course Kurt is scared, Rey says he thinks Randy has a point, and he will beat Kurt twice in the same week, to become World Heavyweight champion, Teddy Long officially announces, Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio for later tonight, Long says and to help Randy with his trip to Chicago, he'll have security show him out of the building, and in a bit of comedy, randy starts screaming that this is prejudice.

Also later tonight Finlay and MNM vs. Lashley, Matt Hardy and Tatanka.


We're back and they show a clip from over the break with security escorting Randy form the building, and he drives off.

Chris Benoit vs. Road Warrior (Animal)

Road Warrior (Animal) comes to the ring with a mic and talks about carrying the RoadWarriors to be the greatest tag-teams off all time, and how they can't even find a spot for him at Wrestlemania, he says he is going to beat Chris Benoit and take a spot at Wrestlemania because he is "Big Time".

Animal slides into the ring and they instantly lock up,Animal powers Benoit to the ropes and then throws him across the ring, they lock up in the corner this time, and Animal with a big hip toss, Benoit comes firring with chops, off the ropes with a forearm, and a back elbow, another set of chops sends Animal, over the top to the floor, Animal slides in and throws a big hay-maker, Benoit blocks and delivers a chop, Benoit ducks a clothesline and hits a German, Benoit with two more German suplexes, Benoit going for the sharpshooter, Animal powers out, Animal going for the brass knucks in the corner, Benoit ducks the punch and locks in the crossface.


Benoit walking backstage and we hear clapping coming form a distance, there is JBL and Jillian Hall standing there, he says impressive you made a RoadWarrior tap, that must make you the greatest technical wrestler of our generation, he says speaking of great technical wrestlers he (JBL) took the world title off one of the greats, that being Benoit's best friend Eddie Guerrero, Benoit says that he's glad JBL's hand is feeling good enough to clap because at Wrestlemania he will tap out.


We come back to the Hall of Fame induction video for William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

John Bradshaw Layfield w/ Jillian Hall vs. Daniel Cross

They tie up and battle into the corner, Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Hell, picks up the corpse of Cross and hits another.


They run down all the Hall of Fame inductions, to happen Saturday Night before Wrestlemania, and announce that Tony Atlas Mr. USA will also be inducted, he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame by "Special Delivery" S.D. Jones, for those who don't know I will include this, it is possible to watch the first two hours of the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony live Saturday night on, before the final hour is aired live on T.V.


We come back to get a reality check, we see the Miz standing on top of Titan Tower in Stamford, he teaches the secretary how to answer the phone, and bothers a bunch of other staff members, he taps into some woman's computer looking for porn.

Booker T vs. Pirate Paul Birchill

The two circle and tie up, Booker applies a headlock, and is whipped into the ropes, Birchill applies a drop toe hold and then an arm drag, Birchill with a headlock and he is sent off the ropes, Birchill with a standing moonsault, and Booker kicks out, Booker chops Birchill to the mat, and takes control in the corner, Birchill hops up top and hits a cross body.

The Boogeyman's music hits and the red lights shine throughout the arena, Booker slides out to protect his wife, and Booker goes around the ring to look under the ring, the Boogeyman slides out form the side with Sharmell standing beside it, he picks up Sharmell and carries her off, while having a light snack, Booker follows him back through the curtain.



We are shown clips form the commercial break with Booker storming the backstage area looking for Sharmell and the Boogeyman.

Lashley, Matt Hardy and Tatanka vs. Finlay and MNM w/ Melina

Mercury and Hardy starting it off, the two lock up and Hardy with an arm bar, Mercury whips Matt off the ropes and Matt takes Mercury down, Mercury tags out to Nitro and he gets caught with an inverted atomic drop Lashley in and he cleans house with clotheslines all around, he wants Finlay and Finlay gingerly obliges, but MNM from behind and they pound away at Lashley, a double suplex form Lashley to MNM, Tatanka tagged in and he comes off the top with an axe handle, Tatanka whips Nitro off the ropes and hits a dropkick a couple of tomahawk chops and a scoop and a slam, kick out by Nitro.

Tatanka off the ropes and he gets kicked by Finlay from the outside, Finlay in and he clubs away on Tatanka, short arm clothesline, and another cover, Mercury back in an he gives a big kick to the gut, Tatanka fighting back, neck breaker on Tatanka, he kicks out, Nitro springboard elbow and now laying the boots to Tatanka, a cover, but Tatanka kicks out, headlock by Nitro, Tatanka with a back suplex, he tags in Hardy, Hardy in a head of steam and he takes Finlay off the apron he hits clotheslines on MNM members and a side effect for Nitro, Merucry breaks up the count, Lashley takes out Mercury, Finlay takes out Lashley.

Hardy being set up for the snapshot, Lashley spears Nitro, out of the ring, Finlay back dropped on the floor, Hardy with Merucry, twist of fate.



We come back and we see a black carpet over the ring a black wreath and a podium set up, Mark Henry comes to the ring in a suit, he stands at the podium and says that for those of us that don't know him, he is the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry, and tonight he is here to pay tribute to the Undefeated streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, he says that all the men that tried failed, because they weren't him, they show all the men that were beaten by Undertaker at Wrestlemania as Mark Henry reads off the list and a picture is shown on the titatntron.

When he got to Flair he through out a "Wooooooooo", he says but they are in the past and the future is what we are here to talk about, and he is the future, he is the one who took out Batista, and the one who will end the Wrestlemania streak.


We come back to see Candice Michelle at the Playboy mansion, Hugh talks about the shoot, and Candice talks about the house.

The Mexicools vs. Jamie Noble and Kid Kash

Noble and Kash split up going on opposite sides of the ring, Noble distracts the Mexicools by playing with one of the lawn tractors mean while Kash comes up form behind he dumps Crazy out of the ring to Noble and lays in some forearms to Psicosis, Noble with a snake eyes onto the law tractor on Crazy, now a bit of double team on Psicosis before the ref gets some order, Kash wailing away at Psicosis, and Noble in again Noble with a running elbow and a stiff knee, or three, Noble with a hay-maker punch, and Kash is tagged back in, Kash with a kick to the mid section and a second, a cover and two.

Quick tags as Noble is back in, and a double back elbow, Piscosis getting riled from the double team costs his team some more, Noble with a suplex, and a cover but Psicosis is out at two, a camel clutch applied and he lets Psicosis go, picks up Psi, and moves him to the corner, he chops away, and boots, Noble whips across Psi and Psi ducks a clothesline but Noble gets him with a forearm, Noble gets caught with a flying knee, Psicosis looking for the tag, both teams tag off, Crazy hits a high back body drop on Kash and a dropkick for everyone, tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Crazy, Noble in and hits a swinging neck breaker, Noble sent to the floor, Psiocsis with a corkscrew plancha taking out Noble, Crazy with rights, Kash with a flapjack and Kash going up top, Psi with a distraction, Crazy with a Moonsault Uriangi form the top rope.(Birchill's finisher)


Another segment with Booker looking for Sharmell, he hears something squish and look down to see a pile of worms in front of a door, he follows a trail down the hallway.


We come back and Booker is at the top of a stairway with the worm trail going down, he carefully walks down, as we hear Sharmell scream for her life, Booker, breaks down a door and finds Sharmell in the boiler room filled with worms, the Boogeyman is heard laughing Sharmell jumps into Booker's arms and he carries her off, as the camera goes further into the room, the Boogeyman slinks around a corner laughing.

Wrestlemania Rundown:

World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Championship
Triple H vs. John Cena

No Holds Barrred
Shawn Michaels vs. Vicne McMahon

Hardcore Match
Edge vs. Mick Foley

Women's Championship
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus

World Tag-Team Championship
Carlito and Chris Masters vs. Kane and Big Show

Casket Match
Mark Henry vs. Undertaker

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Fit Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair vs. Matt Hardy

Playboy Pillow Fight
Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson

Handicap Match
Booker T and Sharmell vs. The Boogeyman

United States Championship
Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield


Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

Angle backs Mysterio into a corner and they lock up it is forced to be broken, they tie up again, and Angle takes Rey down and applies a top wrist lock, Angle goes to the armbar, Rey springboards off the ropes and arm drags Angle, they tie up and Angle applies the headlock, and takes Rey down to the mat, Rey up and whips Angle into the ropes, Angle with a shoulder block both men up, Rey drop toe hold Angle on the ropes, 619 coming, Angle out of he way, both men carefully lock up again, Angle with a boot, and stomping Rey into the canvas.

Rey off the ropes and under the clothesline, head scissors take down, Angle sent to the floor, Rey coming with a baseball slide dropkick, Angle side steps and drives Rey into the barricade.


Back and Angle is standing over Rey in the ring, Angle stomping away at the head of Mysterio, scoop and a slam, and a cover Rey's out at two, Angle with a side elbow, and a cover, Rey kicks out and Angle applies the bear hug, Rey fighting to his feet he elbows his way out of the bear hug, and gets caught with a high knee, sending him head over heels, a body scissors now by Angle, with a rear naked choke, Angle with a belly-to-belly, and a suplex, a pair of covers Mysterio kicks out of both.

Angle with a rear chin lock, Mysterio to his feet he elbows his way out of this, Angle telegraphs and Mysterio kicks him in the jaw, Mysterio takes him down, Angle to his feet first, and Rey blocks a punch with one of his own, Angle with a clothesline ducked by Rey springboard cross body, sunset flip Rey rolls out and drop kicks Angle, cover but no, Mysterio cover with a bridge and Angle gets out, in the corner, Angle whips Rey across and a German suplex.

Angle gets all fired up and takes down the straps, Mysterio in trouble, he turns around and Angle goes for the anklelock, Mysterio fighting, Angle tripped across the ropes, 619, Kurt catches the feet, anklelock.


Angle celebrates with the belt and leaves Rey alone in the ring, out of nowhere, Orton slides into the ring, RKO on Mysterio, Angle looks on with a smirk, Orton grabs a mic and tells him to wipe that off his face, because he says at Wrestlemania the same thing will happen to him, Angle comes storming back and they exchange rights, a thumb to the eye gives Orton the advantage RKO countered into the AngleSlam, and then the anklelock, Orton taps for his life.


Match Ratings:

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio -**
The Mexiccols vs. Jamie Nobel and Kid Kash -**
Lashley/Hardy/Tatanka vs. Finlay/MNM -**
Booker T vs. Birchill -*1/2
Chris Benoit vs. Road Warrior -*
JBL vs. Daniel Cross - Squash

Cheers and Jeers





Odds and Sods:

Congratulations to Tony Atlas, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, and because I was unable to do it last week, to the Blackjacks, Lanza and Mulligan as well, on their inductions into the WWE Hall of Fame, this stand as the greatest class they have ever inducted.

The opening segment was great, it really helped solidify the roles of the three men, Orton being the heel getting his too opponents to fight each other, Rey as the I have to prove myself kind of face, and Angle right in the middle simply claiming he can beat anyone, plus Orton continually cutting Long off added a bit of comedy.

I'm really excited about Kid Kash and Jamie Noble being paired together, they both play a kind of "badass hick" gimmick, but they aren't you standard cruiserweights, they have a lot of mat based work and it might help them get a good run together, and maybe they will see a bit of TV time.

The eulogy segment was really good, it was kept short it put both men over and leaves the feud at a good ending point.

A TON of matches tonight, a lot of quickies, but they got everyone out there that needed to be, good show going into Wrestlemania.

Even with what I consider a lack of build up, I can't wait for Wrestlemania, hope you all enjoy.