Reports indicate Palmer Cannon granted WWE release -- full info inside

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 4:04 PM EST is reporting today that based on the word among WWE wrestlers, Palmer Cannon was finally granted his release from World Wrestling Entertainment today.

Cannon made headlines last week when he made the decision to turn in his notice to WWE officials and fly himself home during the WWE's tour of Europe. WWE management had tried to get Cannon to reconsider his decision, but he stood his ground and it appears he has gotten the release he had hoped for.

How WWE will explain his absence on SmackDown remains to be seen as nothing was mentioned about Cannon from the tapings on Saturday in London from the best we can tell. As reported earlier, some feel hazing by some SmackDown veterans including JBL caused Cannon to make his decision to leave WWE as he wasn't happy with the working environment.