Lilian Garcia & Beth Phoneix both injured on Monday Night RAW & more

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Monday, June 5, 2006 at 11:05 PM EST is reporting that both RAW announcer Lilian Garcia and the newest RAW Diva Beth Phoenix suffered injuries on WWE Monday Night RAW earlier tonight in Pittsburgh.

In regards to Beth Phoenix, she suffered a fractured mandible during her match with Victoria. Phoenix is already being taken to a local medical facility and will be undergoing some oral surgery as a result.

In a moment that I'm sure most everyone caught that was watching live, Garcia was knocked off the ring apron after Charlie Haas inadvertently went off the ropes during his entrance before his match with Johnny Nitro. Many of the fans were spotted looking over in her direction and Jim Ross could no longer dodge the issue when she was helped up and the crowd started a "LILIAN" chant. All that is known is that Garcia suffered a sprained wrist.

We hope to have more updates on this situation soon.