NWA Shockwave Promoter, Billy Firehawk, Passes Away Monday At 40

Reported by Jay Flannagan of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 12:09 AM EST

William Hawkins known as “Billy Firehawk" passed away Monday evening at the age of 40 while in Canada on vacation. Hawkins has been the promoter of NWA Cyberspace (which recently changed their name to NWA Shockwave) which has run in New Jersey the last few years.

Hawkins, a former wrestler himself, was in Calgary visiting his wife’s family when he became ill a few days ago and was hospitalized. It is believed that he was suffering from diabetes but was un aware of the illness when he passed away this evening.

Funeral services are currently scheduled to take place in Canada however a memorial service will is being prepared for a forthcoming date in Brooklyn, New York. His daughter resides there.

Fred Richards of NWA Shockwave sent out the following press release this evening on Hawkins’ passing:

Billy Firehawk Dead at Age Forty

William J. “Billy Firehawk" Hawkins III died at 6:10 PM EDT from complications of diabetes at a hospital in his native Canada. He is survived by his wife Daisy Wei-Hawkins and his young daughter. Mr. Hawkins was forty years of age. He will be cremated, consistent with his wishes.

“Hawk" loved the pro wrestling industry. He manifested that love by creating Cyberspace Wrestling; a company that became an affiliate NWA promotion in New Jersey. Corporate headquarters are in Nevada.

Professional wrestling overflows with controversy. Hawk thrived on it, finding it amusing and motivational. He built NWA Cyberspace to be an extension of his eclectic personality. A promotion that was heavy in top shelf talent but also nurtured the up and coming. He was tremendously loyal to those he believed were loyal to him. His generosity to those in his employ is legendary.

There were no phony “demons" in Billy Firehawk’s life. No dependence on illegal drugs or overindulgence in alcohol. Just the “world’s biggest teenager" having fun getting his belt signed by wrestlers he idolized and doing those in-ring promos we all kidded him about.

Wrestling is a make-believe industry. It is built on falsehoods going down to its roots. Works, angles, kayefabe, there is little reality inside the world of pro wrestling. But death is real. No Grim Reaper gimmick, no Undertaker bell-tolling or any of the other quasi-morbid promoter-generated creations. Now, there exists an empty chair next to the Hawkins family fireplace. A crying child wondering why her father was taken from her so early in his and her life. A grieving widow left to bury the man she loved and settle his affairs. Death is not virtual reality – it is reality in the truest meaning of the word.
NWA Shockwave is Billy Firehawk’s dream. It is what he wanted. And he shall not be disappointed. His dream will go on. His legacy will be refreshed every time the opening bell sounds.

There can be no better memorial.

Chief Operating Officer

Director of Operations
NWA Shockwave

Source: Mike Johnson @ PWInsider.com

On behalf of everyone at WrestleView.com, we would like to offer our condolences to Billy’s family, his friends and his fans.