Slyk Wagner Brown Interview - Talks about April Hunter situation, more

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On Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 6:38 PM EST

Weekend Warriors of Wrestling sent in the following recap:

Show: Weekend Warriors of Wrestling
Guest: Slyk Wagner Brown
Date: 7/22/06
Your Hosts: "Green Meanie" Patrick Kelley & Chad "Ace of Spades" PerryTranscript By: Forum Member Phil

Slyk Wagner Brown is well known for being a taltented indy performer that was joined at the hip with "The Ultimate Prize" April Hunter. Well, they're no longer joined at the hip. In fact, some say Slyk beat her up. And, on 3 Count Wrestling, April basically backed up that theory.

Now, for the first time ever, Slyk tells us how it is.

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Slyk Wagner Brown

Born in Jamaica and came to the US when he was 10 years old.

Michaels, Rude, Savage, Steamboat, Perfect and many others were his favorites of his as a child.

Was trained by Killer Kowalski,

Said that when he has worked for TNA & WWE the locker rooms were the same very professional and run like big companies should.

Got the name the Underground king from a 50 cent song.

NWA Shockwave, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, & Pro Pain Pro Wrestling were some of his favorite promotions to work for.

Said that when he first came into 3PW Tod Gordon was calling the shots at first and later it was the Blue Meanie.

Said that he admired those that work hard in the ring.

Said that when he would win a promotions title, they all meant the same because the promotions was showing faith in him.

Felt it was very easy to work with Jerry Lawler & Mick Foley when he had the chance.

Said that when he started in 1997, the independent scene was much better then than it is now.

Back then you had to prove yourself and now you don’t have to prove much of anything.

Felt that working in Japan doesn’t mean as much now than it did in the past.

Said that at first he did not like Tough Enough because it made it look to easy to get into wrestling.

Said that as they get out into the Independents, the Fans won’t receive them very well, that those that were in Tough Enough would have to prove themselves.

Said that he left JAPW because they wanted him to skip other bookings to work their shows. He always has had a policy about not canceling one booking just to work another promotions show.

Felt that the WWE product was going strong.

On TNA said that the X division was great. You get to see fresh faces as well as those guys you already new about. The travel, meeting people and seeing the sights were his most favorite things about wrestling.

The lack of opportunities was something he didn’t like about wrestling.

ON April Hunter and his breakup with her. They had a disagreement and that is why they are no longer together. The things posted on the internet were totally not true. The argument was blown way out of proportion.

Said that all the internet writers care about was getting more and more people to their websites. They don’t care about the people they put stories up about.