9/23 Blackball'd Wrestling Organization, K.S.W.A events, VPW on 9/16

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On Monday, September 11, 2006 at 5:20 PM EST

Blackball'd Wrestling Organization sent this in:

Blackball'd Wrestling Organization proudly presents "School's In Session" on September 23rd at the Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street, Phoenixville, PA with a 7:00 pm belltime. Tickets $10.

Matches already announced:

Heavyweight Title Match:
Doomsday Danny Rose defends his title against Glen Osborne

Anything Goes Match:
Rockin' Rebel/Greg Matthews vs Mr. Jester/Sgt. Smith
FANS BRING THE WEAPONS!! That's right! You the fans will help in this Anything Goes Match. Only items not allowed are lighttubes, glass or barbed wire. Use your imagination!

Niles Young vs Chris Wylde

Maverick vs Dark Angel

Ref vs Ref Match:
N.S. Johnson v Mark Griffin

Salvation 2K6 v Mercedes Martinez/Kid Kaos

Iron Man Rules Match:
Justin Cage vs Jason Static

Hard Candy with Noel vs Gemini Trojans

Plus the big return of SEEMOR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus Angus, Dr. Spider, The Saint and Damien Destruction and many more surprises!

*card subject to change*


Tickets available at the door or email topgunoffice@blackballdwrestling.com or call 610-933-8550


Do you have the desire to be a Professional Wrestler?
BWO is proud to announce Top Gun Wrestling Academy in Phoenixville, PA!

The Academy is a full state of the art Training Center. We offer the use of our 16ft. ring, complete Weight & Fitness Training area, Tanning Bed and much, much more.

All Training is done by Professional Wrestling & Fitness Trainers. Our trainers have over 50 years total experience in countries all over the world!!! Such as: Rockin' Rebel, Danny Rose, Maverick, Norm and others!

Come visit and check us out at 373 Walnut Street - just blocks from the Vale Rio Diner and Phoenixville Hospital. New classes always opening!

We offer everything you need to become a Star in the Wrestling World today and are just minutes from Philadelphia, New Jersey & Delaware.

Call today (610) 933-8550 or email RebelTopGun@aol.com for a tryout, hours, rates and information on our programs and unleash the Wrestler in YOU!

Blackball'd Wrestling Organization website

K.S.W.A. Wrestling sent this in:

K.S.W.A. Wrestling
"2006 K.S.W.A. Krazy Tour"
Millvale Community Days Celebration
This is a two day outdoor FREE event

5:30pm, Friday, September 15, 2006
3:00pm, Saturday, September 16, 2006
For Show Information Call

4 matches announced with more to come!!!!!!!!!


Friday Night September 15, 2006

KSWA Tag Team Title Match

Champions - La Lucha & Justin Sane


Ali Kaida & Baracus


KSWA Heavyweight Title Match

Champion - "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard


"Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin


Saturday Afternoon September 16, 2006

Main Event "King of Millvale Battle Royal


KSWA Golden Triangle Title Match

Champion - Anthony Alexander


Mike Malachi


Keystone State Wrestling Alliance

Victory Pro Wrestling Inc. sent this in:

VPW September 16, 2006 Return Event Update, Preview & News
VICTORY PRO WRESTLING INC. presents Pro Wrestling Live on Long Island, NY.

VPW's return event will also be a benefit for V.F.W. Post 4927. Support our veterans and check out a great evening of action.


V.F.W. Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road
Centereach, NY 11720
Tel. 631-585-7390

Saturday September 16, 2006
Doors open 7:30pm with an 8pm bell time. All tickets are only $15 each, so get there early for the best seats
Advance tickets are available at V.F.W. Post 4927

For more info visit www.victoryprowrestling.com, call 631-357-1810 or email info@victoryprowrestling.com

Current Card:

Grim Reefer vs. Jason Static

Both Grim Reefer and Jason Static are fresh off their wins at VPW's last event. Reefer defeated Danny Demanto while Static defeated Papadon. After his match with Papadon, Static was brutally assaulted by Papadon, but the time to settle that score is not now. Instead Jason Static will have to fend off the ever-growing anger of Grim Reefer.

Still infuriated over his narrow loss to Xavier at City Limits, Reefer has seemingly used that rage to his advantage. Grim Reefer wanted another shot at Xavier, but a shoulder injury has kept Xavier out of action. When asked about his upcoming match with Jason Static, Reefer had the following to say, "Yo Moe, it doesn't matter who those clowns throw out at me because taking out everyone in that damn locker room. I don't care if I have to take care of Danny Demanto one more time or if they put me up against Richie Tyler." Perhaps Grim Reefer is getting a little ahead of himself or perhaps Jason Static is in for some trouble.

Jason Static told VPW officials that it's Grim Reefer is the one who should be worrying. Static said that he'd like nothing more than to return the favor to Papadon, but that can wait until he gets another win under his belt. Static also made it clear that if Papadon interferes, there's going to be a big problem. It looks like Grim Reefer has a legit challenge ahead of him.

Grim Reefer may currently be fueled by anger, but Jason Static is fueled by competition. Find out on Saturday night, September 16th who will be walking out on top.

Intergender Tag Team Match: JD Michaels & April Hunter vs. Danny Demanto & Alicia

Back at City Limits, April Hunter assisted JD Michaels to win in a match that also included Nikita Allanov and Javi-Air. Since Hunter seemed so inclined to get involved, VPW gave her a match on the last show. Her opponent was everybody's favorite Jersey girl, Alicia. Once again devious tactics came into play, only this time, it was JD Michaels running interference. After April defeated Alicia, her and JD ruthlessly attacked Alicia. Then just as things were looking bad, Danny Demanto ran out to save his longtime friend, Alicia. This caused JD and April to instantly retreat to the back.

Now it's time to settle the score in VPW's first intergender tag team match. What this means is that the men and the ladies can mix it up just as freely as in a regular tag team match. While Danny and Alicia have been friends for a long time and know each other well, they will be going up against two individuals who have gotten the upper hand so far. We also know that JD Michaels is not afraid to hit a lady, but is Danny Demanto going to be able to play the same rules?

Papadon vs. Richie Tyler

This match has a lot riding on it since it could very well determine each wrestler's path in the coming months here in Victory Pro Wrestling. Back at City Limits, Richie Tyler, a relative unknown in the Long Island wrestling scene, had a competitive match with long-time rival, Sabotage. Just when it looked like Richie Tyler had his opponent beat, Sabotage resorted to cheating as a means to get the win. Rather than let his loss consume him, Tyler immediately challenged his victor to a rematch. Back in June, during that rematch, Tyler successfully defeated Sabotage. This was all despite the efforts of Sabotage's newly acquired insurance policy, Don Tony.

At City Limits, Papadon found himself in starting off in a similar situation, but things soon moved in a different direction. On VPW's first show, Papadon let his temper get the best of him and found himself face down for the count in a match against Danny Demanto. Papadon had several opportunities to score the win, but chose to continue his assault on Demanto and taunt the fans instead. That arrogance cost him a match that he had won. Then back in June, Papadon faced similar circumstances in a match against Jason Static. Papadon looked like he was edging out Static, but once again found himself on the losing end in similar circumstances. Immediately after the pinfall, Papadon snapped and assaulted Static. These actions once again showed Papadon's true character.

Now on September 16, 2006, VPW will be presenting a match between Richie Tyler and Papadon, a match between two very different individuals. On one hand, Tyler is calm, collective and an all-around nice guy. On the other hand is Papadon who is devious, angry and determined to win more than anything. Having got past his rival, Sabotage, Tyler is looking to move up in VPW. Defeating someone like Papadon could allow just that. Papadon is looking at this match as a must win situation. He's allowed his anger to hinder him in the past and needs to move past that in order to get past Richie Tyler. It's now a matter of Papadon realizing this for himself. If Papadon gets himself under control, Richie Tyler could be in for the beating of his career.

Already confirmed to appear:

Grim Reefer
"The Cold Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto
"Superstar" JD Michaels
April Hunter
Richie Tyler
"The Steel City Assassin" Sabotage w/ Don Tony
Bison Bravado
"The Brooklyn Bull" Steve "Monsta" Mack
Jason Static
Dead Presidents (Boog Washington & Lo Lincoln)
Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xandar Page) w/ Jack O'Hearts
DC Diamond
James Sullivan
L.I. Kid
Eug Perversion
AC Carter w/ Jack O'Hearts

More names and matches to be added in the coming days!!!

VPW's second event held on June 17, 2006 will be available on DVD at this upcoming event. Matches include:

1. Danny Demanto vs. Ashe Samuels
2. Grim Reefer vs. Danny Demanto
3. Richie Tyler vs. Sabotage w/ Tony Canoli
4. April Hunter w/ JD Michaels vs. Alicia
5. Jason Static vs. Papadon
6. SAT vs. Javi-Air and Jamie
7. JD Michaels w/ April Hunter vs. Xavier
8. Eclipse w/ Jack O'Hearts vs. James Sullivan & Chopsaw
9. Elimination Match: DC Diamond vs. Eug Perversion vs. AC Carter w/ Jack O'Hearts vs. L.I. Kid

VPW's debut event, City Limits is also available on DVD. This double disc DVD set will feature the following matches plus lots of backstage segments and maybe even a few extras.

1. Sabotage vs. Richie Tyler
2. Danny Demanto vs. Papadon
3. Grimmstone w/ Jack O'Hearts vs. L.I. Kid vs. Eug Perversion
4. Backseat Boys vs. Joel Maximo & Quiet Storm
5. Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xandar Page) w/ Jack O'Hearts vs. DC Diamond & James Sullivan
6. 3-Way Dance: JD Michaels w/ April Hunter vs. Nikita Allanov vs. Javi-Air
7. Bison Bravado vs. Mike Mayhem
8. Xavier vs. Grim Reefer

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