WrestleView.com speaks with Kurt Angle: Jump to TNA and TNA growing

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 5:04 PM EST

WrestleView.com's own Adam Martin and Ryan Droste took part in the Spike TV/TNA Wrestling Conference Call earlier today with TNA's Kurt Angle. Here are some highlights of the questions asked by WrestleView.com to Kurt Angle. A full recap of the conference call will be posted soon:

WrestleView.com's own Adam Martin asked Angle about his reaction to fans caring more about his health than getting back into the ring too soon and if that surprised him? "I didn't know what to expect. When people reacted, it spoke volumes about what people thought they could do for TNA. I have a lot of respect for the audience." Angle said he was very happy to see they cared about his well being. "I can reassure them from the bottom of my heart that I am 100% healthy and there is nothing to worry about. I'm completely focused on making TNA the top company in the world. I took the comments to heart about my health. I asked myself if he was to the point where I couldn't wrestle anymore, but everything told me no." Angle himself thought he could go and he has a lot more to offer. His doctors thought there was no reason he shouldn't come back. They did all kinds of tests and found his health to be great and cleared him.

WrestleView.com's own Ryan Droste brought up to Angle that he came to WWE when it was on top and asked what he thinks needs to happen in TNA for it to grow? Ryan also added what he thought about the six sided ring: "The six sided ring is awesome. I don't run around in my matches. I stay in the middle and wrestle." Angle on TNA getting to the next level - "they need to keep doing what they are doing. Jeff Jarrett did a great job as champion. Dixie Carter is doing a great job as owner. I'm just part of the picture here. I saw TNA coming and this is selfish, but I saw this team of guys that were rapidly growing. I want to be part of that. I want to be part of history. When I got to WWE, they were already at the top. I got paid well, thanks to guys like Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker and even Triple H, to a certain degree. I saw so much room for growth and the athletes in TNA. TNA needs to keep doing what they are doing - stay with the basics, we have the best writer in Vince Russo and best wrestler in Kurt Angle. I told four TNA wrestlers that if they learn a few more things, they can be better than me. I feel TNA is just not going to grow rapidly, they will be on top and make lots of money. There is always room in wrestling for two companies to have success. I feel Vince will still be alright. TNA is going back to basics. We are wrestling. We aren't sports entertainment. We have entertainment in the shows, but our basic thing is going back to what wrestling use to be and that is telling a story. People pay to see that. They don't pay to see someone having sex on a bed in the middle of the ring. They pay to see a great main event. TNA is doing as good as they possibly could have done. Compared to Vince, TNA is primitive. In the next two years, TNA is going to grow so fast they will have to have their own headquarters and same amount of employees. TNA, The Carter's and Spike TV is meshing so well. No one is butting heads. When Spike enjoys TNA, you will get help from them. Now you got a marketing machine all the time. It's going to be Nonstop Action Marketing! TNA is going to be the biggest thing in wrestling since the Monday Night Wars. I was honored to be compared to Hogan's jump to WCW. TNA is in it for the long haul." Angle finished saying when Dixie Carter wanted him for 30 years, he loved it. He hopes TNA stays with Spike because they are unlimited.