Paul Roma Interview: Talks about wrestling school, Hulk Hogan, & more

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On Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 4:53 PM EST

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Show: 3 Count Wrestling courtesy of
Guest: 'Pretty' Paul Roma
Date: 10/29/06
Your Hosts: Chris Furguson, Bill Farmer & James Walsh
Recap By: Chris Furguson & James Walsh

From a Young Stallion to Glory, of Power and Glory that is! 'Pretty' Paul Roma is one of those unsung heroes of professional wrestling you don't hear much about these days. So, we at the Wrestling Epicenter tthought it was time you heard from him aagin. And hear from him you shall!

The former Four Horsemen member stopped by to promote his brand new wrestling school which now has help from the legendary Mr. Fuji! But, he was sure to spread the Halloween cheer as only he can by taking shots at quite a few of his peers.

All this plus the lovely Liz Savage stops by for her weekly segment, a Bound for Glory recap, and all the funny stuff you expect from 3 Count Wrestling, the wrestling talk show that doesn't take itself too seriously!

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"Pretty" Paul Roma Interview -
Transcript by Chris

3 Count Wrestling welcomes Paul Roma to the show, who chides the host about forgetting "Power & Glory" in the introduction!

Roma has a professional wrestling school in Bridgeport, CT and has a "normal" existance selling computers and related technology. Roma still takes bookings now and then, though.

In his own words, what seperates Roma's school from others is that he teaches his kids how to stay the course until he gets the big break plus he teaches psychology, which he feels is a dying art in the business. Roma also doesn't abuse his guys or take their money and try to make them quit.

Roma never watched wrestling growing up and he goes into his days as a WWF "enhancement talent." Roma also talks about how, during his first day backstage, Hulk Hogan walked by him and Roma had no clue who he was!

Roma comes from a "winning" attitude and the first time he had to lay down for a pin, he says, "was the hardest thing I ever had to do."

Roma says that Mr. Fuji wouldn't pull a rib himself but had other people do them for him. Roma also said that Fuji once tried to feed his next-door neighbor's dog to them!

Roma says the "Young Stallions" (Roma and Jim Powers) gimmick came from Pat Patterson. He also goes into how the team broke up because the two couldn't get along each other.

Roma says that Andre the Giant, once Roma got to know him, was one of the nicest people Roma ever knew. Roma also tells a story that Andre was part of a battle royal and backhanded Koko B. Ware, who flew all the way across the ring! Roma also tells a few more stories about Andre that need to be heard to be believed!

According to Roma, if he and Powers had gotten along, they would have been given a run with the tag belts.

Roma knew that Bret would be as big a star as he became.

Roma explains that "Young Stallions" were supposed to be managed by Mr. T, who no-showed. Roma also said that there were tons of politics backstage, even during the Hogan era WWF!

Roma goes into how "Power and Glory" was formed, and how the fans reacted favorably to it despite the two being heels. Roma even offered to bankroll his own "Power and Glory" shirts, which Vince eventually nixed.

The late Hercules Hernandez was like family to Roma. Roma also goes into how they created the superplex, splash finisher on the dashboard of their car.

Roma loved working with the Rockers, then goes into a tirade that needs to be heard. Roma also clarifies a previous story, told by Marty Jannetty, about the Rockers putting human feces on a guy's back while on a plane to Dallas.

The reason behind Roma's leaving the WWF needs to heard.

Roma's career in boxing was actually 2-1 and was supposed to wind up in a match with Mark Gastineau. He also has one of the fastest knockouts on record with 59 seconds and he also broke 3 ribs of his last opponent!

Roma's return to wrestling began when he called WCW and they called back, said they were going to put him with the Horsemen and almost expected him to haggle over money! He also came up with the "Pretty Wonderful" name for his tag team with "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff.

Roma says that Bischoff was a snake, then goes into how he believes Vince McMahon sent Russo and Ferrara to WCW to destroy them and Eric hired them!

Roma believed that Steve Austin would become the superstar he became back when they wrestled in WCW.

"Pretty Wonderful" came back together at a Connecticut Championship Wrestling show for an autograph session.

The backstory behind the match between Paul Roma and Alex Wright at Superbrawl V is the next topic and, once again, needs to he heard to be believed!

Roma says that WCW was better for him, backstage wise.

Roma addresses a long standing internet rumor that he and his "brother," Alex Roma, were to debut as a tag team in the WWE. According to Roma, they did get a tryout, but "Alex" was really one of his students. Roma also addresses the other half of the rumor, which has Roma turning down an offer by Vince McMahon as not being enough money, by saying "How could I turn down an offer when he didn't make one!"

Paul thinks the internet is okay, and compares the stuff people say about the wrestling business to what is said on ESPN about sports.

Roma doesn't think wrestling on TV is good at the moment, then goes into how he thinks Booker T is a good worker where Batista is "lost in the ring."

Roma thinks there are too many "self-proclaimed" pro wrestlers in the indy scene.

Roma doesn't think he'd come back to the business unless Vince asked him to, but he's not waiting for a phone call!

Roma puts over Tookie Tucker, the "Wrestling Trucker," as one of his students who could make an impact in the WWE or TNA if given a chance. he also puts over Brian Anthony.

Word Associations -

Shawn Michaels - "A Great Wrestler"
Hulk Hogan - "Egomaniac"
Jimmy Hart - "Loudmouth"
Ultimate Warrior - "Nice Guy"
Slick - "Super Nice Guy"
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell - "A Total Dipshit"
Nasty Boys - "Clumsy"
Vince McMahon - "I'll be nice. A Businessman."

Paul ends the show with a plug for his school. You can contact Paul Roma about his school at