WrestleView.com speaks with Jeff Jarrett: TNA's TV ratings & TV tapings

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 3:57 PM EST

WrestleView.com took part in the TNA/Spike TV Conference Call with Jeff Jarrett today. Here are the highlights of the questions asked about our website. A full recap of the entire call will be posted shortly:

WrestleView.com's own Adam Martin asked Jeff Jarrett how TNA looks at its weekly ratings and what it tells them at the end of the day: "We look at them on a weekly basis. The thing you have to factor in, we do have a replay every week, there is an encore this Wednesday with fresh interviews about LAX and Kurt Angle. In our old timeslot (Saturday night) we watched it weekly, but you have to factor in that the hud levels are plummeting at 11pm at night. Primetime is 7-10 or 8-11 ET and you absolutely have to look at that. The overall usage of TV is plummeting when we come on and that is an uphill battle. Primetime is more competitive with football games and high profile TV shows. What we have looked at was how we did and what use to be on in the same timeslot and how much we gained. Our hopes and wishes this Thursday is that we continue to improve. Is competition there? Yeah, we want that. So we are vying for that eyeball every week.

WrestleView.com's own Adam Martin also asked if TNA has any plans of taking TV tapings out of Orlando as they plan to do with future PPV events: "The smart situation is to take the PPV on the road. Having people come out and watch TV tapings is a matter of numbers. When they do Raw or Smackdown they are literally shooting a program to 4 million people with 2,000-12,000 in attendance. In our situation, we need to take the PPV on the road and have a fantastic three plus hour experience where that fan walks away with raving reports. From the minute you walked in the door at Bound For Glory you met TNA personalities, you got t-shirt giveways, and a pre-show. When they walked out, they had a new champion and the viewer went away happy. So, we need to do that before we consider taking TV on the road. Things happen fast. I was part of WCW when Nitro went from 1 to 2 to 3 hours. Then Thunder came on and that was an animal that got out of control."