Complete Royal Rumble PPV Results - 1/28/07 in San Antonio, Texas

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On Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 11:13 PM EST

Royal Rumble PPV Results - 1/28/07
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler (Raw), Michael Cole & JBL (Smackdown) and Joey Styles & Tazz (ECW)
Report By: Hunter Golden of

The opening pyro hit and all three commentary teams welcomed us to the show!

MNM v. The Hardy Boys

MNM controlled the opening segment, keeping Matt Hardy at bay. Eventually Nitro gained the advantage after a brief Hardy comeback, and tagged in his partner Joey Mercury.

Mercury was tagged in only to be rushed to his opponent’s corner and watched Jeff tag in and drop kick him in the face. Mercury hit a low blow to save himself and tagged in Nitro who almost immediately was on the receiving end of an atomic drop and a leg drop to the groin.

Matt tagged in and suplexed Mercury who rolled to the outside to avoid further punishment. Nitro got his bell rung on the turnbuckle and took a swinging neck breaker. Hardy went for the cover, but Nitro kicked out an opportunistically hit a jaw breaker on Matt, enabling him to tag in his partner.

Mercury kept Matt at bay in the corner and the two alternated double teams on Matt and kept him under their control. Mercury’s offense was particularly stiff, trying to get over the fact that he wanted to injure one of the Hardy’s. Eventually Hardy began to fight back a bit, but was cut off by a stiff Mercury lariat. Mercury went for a second rope elbow drop and missed, allowing Jeff to be tagged into the match.

Jeff hit an inverted suplex on Mercury before Nitro ran in and tried to break up the party, but got cut off by Matt. All hell broke loose and when all subsided, Nitro was in the ring getting ready to get hit by the senton/leg drop top rope combo from the Hardy’s. Though he ate the leg drop, he managed to get his knees up, knocking the wind out of Jeff.

The two went right to work on Jeff’s midsection, hitting a nice leg drop combination before Mercury clamped on a reverse bear hug. Jeff eventually began to fight back and caught a roll up and a near fall out of it. Mercury pounced right back on Jeff though, landing a bunch of clubbing blows on his mid section. Nitro tagged in and MNM hit a double knees gut buster on the IC Champion before Nitro began his dirty work. Nitro laid the boots a bit to Hardy before cinching in a nice leg scissors, keeping the speedy high flyer at bay. Eventually Jeff broke the hold and Nitro moved to a front face lock. Jeff struggled to try and get to his corner, but Nitro was able to hold him off fairly effectively. Jeff made a tag, but the referee didn’t see the tag, so it didn’t count.

MNM taunted Matt on the apron while laying the boots to Hardy and raking away at his face. Mercury made a tag but missed the double team. Hardy kicked Nitro off his leg and finally made the tag to Matt hardy.

Hardy cleaned house and put the exclaimation point on Nitro with a big back body drop on Nitro before hitting the bulldog-clothesline combo. Hardy landed an elbow off the second rope on Nitro and went for a cover but only got two. Mercury popped up out of nowhere and went for the Snap Shot, but Matt wiggled out.

Jeff went for his diving splashes in the corner, but Nitro rolled out of the way of the second and almost scored a flash pin. Eventually Matt popped up and hit the twist of fate on Nitro. He went to hit Mercury with it, but Mercury grabbed him and bull rushed him out of the ring. Jeff capitalized and hit the swanton bomb for the victory.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz via pin fall

Teddy Long and Coach were in the back looking at the number balls when Edge poppd up. Kelly Kelly popped up and told everyone she was the rumble tumbler for the numbers. Edge made fun of her until Orton popped up and gloated about throwing him over the top rope. They argued a bit and Edge wanted to see Orton’s number. Edge said he’d show Orton his if he showed him his. King Booker showed up and asked them if they just said that.

ECW World Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) v. Test

The two locked up and powered each other around the ring until the ref broke the clinch in the corner. The break wasn’t frienly though and Lashley speared Test backing up and rode him into the ring ropes.

Test eventually gained the advantage with a boot to the back of Lashley’s head. The two exchanged some power moves before Lashley hit a nice T-Bone suplex on Test to regain the initiative. Lashley powered Test up and dropped him on the back of his neck with a brain buster.

Test rolled to the outside to avoid more punishment and Lashley went out to collect him and tossed him back into the ring. On the apron, Test quickly jumped lashley and sent him sailing into the ring post. Test went for a cover and caught a two count before slapping on an arm bar trying to wear down the injured shoulder.

Lashley threw Test off him into the corner but got hit on the rebound with a huge clothesline and found himself stuck right back in the armbar. Test hit some knees on the arm to further weaken it. Lashley again tossed him into the turnbuckle but this time caught on to the rebound and back body dropped him.

Lashley hit some shoulder thrusts and went for a military press, but his arm gave way. While the referee tended to him, Test came out of nowhere and killed Lashley with the big boot. He went for the cover but Lashley kicked out at 2.

Test went for his f-5 like finisher but Lashley wiggled out and shoved Test to the mat. Lashley waited for Test in the middle of the ring, but Test said he had enough and began walking back to the back and got counted out.

Winner and STILL ECW World Champion: Lashley via count out

After the match Lashley was apparently upset that he retained the title so he went after Test, brought him back to the ring and power slammed him.

The doctor was in the back with John Cena. Cena was in a lot of pain and told the Doctor he needed to have the match tonight. Mr. McMahon walked in and asked him if he was going to wrestle tonight. He said after tonight, he didn’t think he was going to ‘see’ Cena as Champion because he wasn’t going to be the last man ‘standing’.

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) v. Mr. Kennedy

The two circled up, but Kennedy looked a little hesitant at first. His fears were justified however when in the first two lock ups, he was bullied. Kennedy used his speed to try and snag a quick roll up, but didn’t even get a count.

Batista bullied Kennedy to the corner but Kennedy hit him with a thumb to the eye and landed some forearms to Batista’s face. Batista quickly tossed him off the ropes and locked him up with a suplex and dropped him on his back.

The action spilled to the outside briefly where Batista continued to dominate. Back in the ring, Batista landed some shoulder thrusts in the corner before Kennedy popped out out of nowhere and hit a drop kick to the leg. Kennedy, went after the leg like a pitbull, before eventually going for an inverted figure four submission hold. Batista eventually was able to break the hold in the ropes.

Kennedy laid some more boots to Batista’s leg before giving him a running face wash in the corner. Kennedy followed it up with a second face wash and this time went for a cover but only got a two count. Kennedy rolled Batista over and cinched in a half crab. Batista tried desperately to crawl to the ropes, and was eventually able to push Kennedy off him and rolled him up for a two count.

Batista went for a power slam, but Kennedy booted him in the back of the leg to regain the advantage. Kennedy came flying off the ropes, but Batista caught him and planted him with a spine buster, but looked like he injured his knee in doing so.

Kennedy kept putting the boots to Batista but he fought through the pain and hit some clotheslines and a body slam. Still favoring his knee, batista went for a fireman’s carry slam, but Kennedy held him up with some elbows. Batista hit the fallaway slam and set up the Batista bomb.

Kennedy shoved Batista off into the referee and hit a low blow and his swinging neck breaker but the referee couldn’t make the cover. Finally the Ref came to and Kennedy hit a DDT and got another 2 count on the cover.

Kennedy went for second rope double axe handle but got plastered with a lariat. Batista set up for the Batista bomb and connected with it, but not without Kennedy punching away at him all the way down. Batista made the cover to retain the title.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista via pin fall

Great, great match.

Ariel was in the back with Kevin Thorn and they were busy being weird again. Coach said there were some freaks in ECW before Little Bastard showed up and assaulted the number roller. He picked out a number and Coach said he hoped it wasn't a 'small number'. Little Bastard came at him and took him down before he realized that the Great Khali was there. He saw Khali and took off. Khali took three numbers and Coach informed him he could only take one. Khali stared at him and dropped two of the balls and left the room.

Kelly Kelly proceeded to pick up the two balls and called them the biggest balls she had ever seen. Ron Simmons walked in and looked at her and gave us our "damn!" moment of the evening.

WWE Championship - Last Man Standing Match
John Cena (c) v. Umaga

The two stared each other down in the middle of the ring before trading blows. Cena hit a jaw breaker before Umaga hit a nasty looking shot to the gut that sent Cena ll the way out to the floor. Cena climbed back up on the apron but Umaga pounded him off the apron with some forearms before coming to the outside and chucking Cena into the ring steps like a rag doll.

Umaga kept pounding away on the champion beating him all the way up the entrance way towards the stage area before they made their way back down towards and eventually into, the ring. Umaga hit a head butt before Umaga began placing kicks into Cenas abdomen.

The challenger stalked the champion around the ring landing some clubbing blows to the back before trapping Cena in the corner and landed some shoulder thrusts into the wounded stomach of the champ. Cena caught Umaga on a charge into the corner but when he came rebounding out himself, he got decapitated by an Umaga lariat.

Cena rose to his feet at the count of seven. Umaga hit a body slam and then went to the outside and gathered some toys from the ringside area. Umaga tossed the ring steps into the ring and went to get back into the ring before Cena drop kicked him back to the floor. Cena picked up the steps and tossed them directly at Umaga’s head, cold cocking the challenger. Umaga stumbled to his feet at seven before getting back in the ring.

Cena had a brief advantage before Umaga nailed him with yet another clothesline. Umaga hit some more punches to the gut before slapping on a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Umaga held the hold on for two minutes or so before converting it into a belly to belly suplex.

Umaga, never one to be distracted from much, grabbed the lower ring steps and placed them into the ring. Umaga set the steps up in the corner and sat Cena in the corner. Umaga went for his running butt to the face, but Cena got out of the way just in the nick of time and Umaga clattered into the steps.

Cena grabbed the ring steps and laid out the challenger yet again in the middle of the ring. Cena went to the top rope but Umaga caught him mid air and hit a tilt a whirl slam on the champion, leaving him in a heap on the canvas.

Umaga hit a banzai drop but was met with knees on the second. Cena hit a bulldog onto the steel steps and then followed it up with his inverted suplex onto the steps. Umaga was draped on the steps as Cena set up and connected with the five knuckle shuffle. Cena went for the FU but he felt forward and Cena’s head smacked off the ring steps.

Cena came too, but was bleeding badly. Umaga went right at Cena’s cut, Hammering away at Cena’s open wound. Despite a pretty bad fist-based beatdown, Cena rose to his feet at nine.

Umaga kept flailing away and Cena hulked up. He came at Umaga hard only to be caught in mid air and samoan dropped right on his head. Umaga signaled for the Samoan Spike as the bloody Cena struggled to his feet. Cena blocked the spike but was immediately met with a head butt to counter his own defense.

Umaga tied Cena upside down in the corner and went for his diving head butt, but Cena sat up, climbed to the top rope and hit a leg drop off the top rope. Umaga popped up though , so Cena tossed him into the ring post. Cena grabbed a TV monitor from the outside and slammed it right into Umaga’s forehead hardway, DENTING the TV monitor.

Umaga still rose to his feet before he was dumped back to the floor by Cena. Cena went for a suicide dive but was caught and slammed into the ring post and then summarily into the ring steps.

Umaga cleared off the announce tables and set up Cena on the Spanish announce table. Umaga ran across three tables and went for the diving head butt but missed and went crashing through the table.

The referee began counting but there wasn’t any count out. The crowd’s a little confused. Umaga got back into the ring and immediately regained the advantage. Estrada undid the entire top rope from the ring and gave the piece connecting the buckle to Umaga. Umaga went for the spike with the metal piece but missed. Cena began beating the hell out of Umaga with the piece of metal and slapped on the STFU using the ring ropes to choke Umaga out.

It looked like a real life strangling. Cena let go but Umaga began stirring before 10. Cena went right back to the well and literally strangled Umaga lifeless on the mat. The referee finally counted Umaga out as JR screamed “even a monster has to breathe!"

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

Cena staggered back to the backstage area.

A promo for Wrestlemania 22 aired. The marketing slogan this year will be "All Grown Up".

Sandman showed up and did his number schpiel before Ric Flair showed up. The Smackdown Divas showed up and gave him a little rub down and that was that I guess.

The Royal Rumble Match

Entrant #1 is RIC FLAIR. Entrant #2 is FINLAY. Oh lord, I’ll love this. The two oldest guys in the Rumble.

Finlay grabbed a headlock and hit a shoulder block to floor Flair. He bullied the 16 time World Champion to the corner and began hammering away at his chest before whipping him hard to the buckles and back body dropping him to the mat. Finlay looked for the elimination before Flair raked his eyes.

The #3 Entrant is KENNY DYKSTRA.

Kenny came in and he and Flair immediately went at it. Flair chopped the poo out of Kenny’s chest before Finlay came over and decked Flair. Kenny helped Finlay but then Finlay turned around and tried to toss Kenny, but Flair made an inadvertent save.
The #4 Entrant is MATT HARDY

Hardy came into the ring and hit the side effect on Kenny while Finlay worked over Flair. Kenny eventually gained the advantage. Flair swapped places with Hardy and the duos switched up a bit.

The #5 Entrant is EDGE

Edge came right at Flair and Speared him. He hit the same on Finlay before missing Hardy in the corner. Dykstra and Hardy double clotheslined each other leaving everyone down on the mat. Flair went to the outside and grabbed two chairs to ry and get revenge for the conhairto on Raw. Kenny low blowed him allowing Edge to dispose of Flair.

RIC FLAIR eliminated by EDGE

Kenny slapped Edge five only to get tossed over the top rope by the same man.

KENNY is eliminated by EDGE

The #6 Entrant is Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer went after Finlay but found himself nearly eliminated. Edge and Hardy grappled all over the second rope and neither really switched places for the entire time.

The #7 Entrant is SABU

Sabu went immediately UNDER the ring and laid out a table. Dreamer and Sabu went at each other before he hit an inverted swinging DDT on him. Edge worked over Finlay in the corner while Hardy came really close to eliminating Sabu.

The #8 Entrant is GREGORY HELMS

Helms came right for Matt Hardy. Helms choked out Hardy on the matt while Edge and Dreamer toiled around the top rope. Finlay picked up Sabu and almost tossed him over the top rope and through the table, but Sabu saved himself.

The #9 Entrant is SHELTON BENJAMIN

Benjamin hit th erring and came at hardy and almost tossed him over the top rope. Shelton laid the boots to Hardy on the mat while Finlay snuck up on him and tried to eliminate him, but no dice. Hardy tried to dump both Benjamin and Finlay, but nothing was going.

The #10 Entrant is KANE

Kane came in and immediately began to clean house and tossed Tommy Dreamer over the top rope and to the floor.

TOMMY DREAMER was eliminated by KANE

Sabu was grabbed mid air and choke slammed through the table on the outside by Kane.

SABU was eliminated by KANE

The #11 Entrant is CM PUNK

Punker came out and went right after Edge. Finlay ripped him off the Rated R Superstar and tried to eliminate him, but Punk skinned the cat. Finlay laid some nasty head butts in on Punk as the clock counted down.

The #12 Entrant is KING BOOKER

King Booker was ready to Rumble with some Rumbling trumpet music and came to the ring ready to beat some serfs. Booker immediately came out and made an impact, eliminating Gregory Helms.

GREGORY HELMS was eliminated by KANE

Booker worked over CM Punk in the corner as the clock counted down.

The #13 Entrant is SUPER CRAZY

Super Crazy came in and went after King Booker in the corner. Kane picked his scraps up off the mat and laid him out with a big upper cut.

The #14 Entrant is JEFF HARDY

The Hardy Boyz began double teaming everyone finally capping off the run with a wheel barrel suplex on Super Crazy. The may have picked the wrong fight against Kane. Jeff hit his splash however leaving Kane slumped in the corner.

The #15 Entrant is THE SANDMAN

Sandman came through the crowd with his cane and nailed the Hardy Boyz until King Booker came out of nowhere and tossed him out as quickly as he came in.

SANDMAND was eliminated by KING BOOKER

The #16 Entrant is RANDY ORTON

Orton and Edge went right to work and tossed out Super Crazy.

SUPER CRAZY was eliminated by RATED RKO

Edge immediately dumped out Jeff before Matt was tossed out by Randy Orton.

JEFF HARDY was eliminated by EDGE

MATT HARDY was eliminated by RANDY ORTON

Edge continued to work over CM Punk in the corner while the clock counted down.

The #17 Entrant is CHRIS BENOIT

Benoit came right after Orton and Edge. Benoit gave everyone chops and boots to the gut before german suplexing Finlay out of his boots. Benoit handed out the favor to both Shelton Benjamin and King Booker before he was finally cooled off by Finlay.

The #18 Entrant is ROB VAN DAM

Van Dam came into the ring as JBL put over the fact that we had six former World Champions in the ring at once. Van Dam booted King Booker in the head and Kane took him and tossed him to the outside.

KING BOOKER was eliminated by KANE

Booker was furious about being eliminated by Kane and eliminated him after a cheap scissors kick

KANE was eliminated by KING BOOKER

King Booker and Kane continued to brawl all around the ring side while the clock counted down.

The #19 Entrant is VISCERA

While the officials broke up Kane and King Booker on the outside, Viscera and Shelton Benjamin tried desperately to eliminate Edge in the corner as JBL pondered how many men Viscera would eat.

The #20 Entrant is JOHNNY NITRO

Benoit almost eliminated Benjamin while Finlay came close to tossing out RVD.

The #21 Entrant is KEVIN THORN

Thorne came in and worked over Shelton Benjamin in the corner. RVD was trying to use a clothesline to knock Viscera over the top rope before getting flat backed by the big man in the middle of the ring.

The #22 Entrant is HARDCORE HOLLY

Holly came out of the shoot and started beating Nitro down before coming across Big Visc and punching him across the face. Viscera punched back flooring Holly. The ring is pretty darn full at this point. Eleven were in the ring as six of them attempted to get Viscera out of the ring.

The #23 Entrant is SHAWN MICHAELS

HBK came into the ring with fists of fury and came right at Finlay. He hit the atomic drop as the two stood one on one in the middle of the ring and eventually clotheslined Finlay over the top and to the floor.

FINLAY was eliminated by HBK

HBK hit sweet chin music on Viscera who stumbled back to the ropes where the entire crowd tossed him up and over.

VISCERA was eliminated by EVERYONE

HBK then dumped Shelton Benjamin up and over the top rope and to the floor.

SHELTON BENJAMIN was eliminated by HBK

The #24 Entrant is CHRIS MASTERS

While Masters was on his way to the ring, Benoit knocked Johnny Nitro off the top rope and to the floor.


The #25 Entrant is CHAVO GUERERRO

Guererro went after Masters while Benoit chucked Kevin Thorne to the floor.


Masters beat down Chavo while Benoit and Hardcore Holly literally beat the crud out of each other in the corner.

The #26 Entrant is MVP

RVD flipped out of an atomic drop attempt and drop kicked Chris Masters up and over the top rope and to the floor.

CHRIS MASTERS was eliminated by RVD

CM Punk was desperately hanging on to the ring post while Randy Orton worked him over.

The #27 Entrant is Carlito

HBK almost found himself dumped by Chavo and RVD. The ring is getting mighty full yet again.

The #28 Entrant is THE GREAT KHALI

Edge and RVD went right at him but got tossed aside. Benoit and Orton followed. Khali cleaned out the entire remaining field. Khali managed to dump Holly over the top rope.


The #29 Entrant is THE MIZ

The Miz came in and was eliminated quickly by Khali

THE MIZ was eliminated by THE GREAT KHALI

The #30 Entrant is THE UNDERTAKER

Khali and the Undertaker went right at it After a ton of work, Taker tossed out Khali.


The Undertaker began to clean everyone’s clock, putting the exclaimation point on MVP.

MVP was eliminated by THE UNDERTAKER

That left HBK, Orton, Edge and Taker as the final four.

MVP handed a chair to Orton and he clocked him. As Orton gloated, Edge went for a spear but Orton caught him. While they were arguing, Orton RKO’d HBK for the fun of it. Edge and Orton worked over Taker and eventually busted him open. The two gloated but not for too long as Taker came back and went for a double chokeslam but the two wiggled out and shot Taker off the ropes only to get hit with a double clothesline.

Taker connected with snake eyes on Edge before slapping on a choke slam on Orton. He turned around with Orton just in time to get speared in the gut by Edge. Edge cracked Taker with a chair shot. Edge grabbed a second chair and he and Orton looked to set up a con chair to.

They went to give Taker the shot but HBK snuck up out of nowhere and back dropped Orton over the top rope and to the floor and super kicked Edge to the floor.

RANDY ORTON was eliminated by HBK

EDGE was eliminated by HBK

It’s Undertaker-HBK to see who goes to Wrestlemania. Taker sat up as HBK nipped up.

The two went right at it as Taker tossed HBK aside and tossed him hard into the corner and began beating Michaels down. He kicked him to the top buckle but HBK fought out of trouble and reversed the tide.

HBK chopped away at Taker’s chest before taker whipped Michaels hard to the buckles. HBK fipped over and was on the apron. Taker went for the big boot and flipped over the top rope but BARELY hung on. HBK went for Sweet Chin Music only to get a shoulder to his leg. Both barely survived.

The two got back to the center of the ring and Taker went for the suplex thing and they feigned the Benoit Rumble finish from 2004 before the two fought on the apron and the top rope. This is insane.

The two were on the top rope and Taker looked for the super plex on HBK to the floor but HBK again fought him off and knocked him to the mat. HBK connected with the big elbow off the top rope. HBK pumped up his home town crowd with sweet chin music.

HBK lined him up but Taker blocked it and hit the choke slam. Taker set up for the tombstone, but HBK wiggled out of it and connected with sweet chin music, leaving both men laid out on the canvas.

Both men were groggy but HBK came to first. Michaels tuned up the band, but HBK missed the sweet chin music attempt. Taker stepped under his leg and flipped HBK up and over the top rope to the floor. The Undertaker has finally won the Royal Rumble.


Afterwards, HBK and Undertaker exchanged approving glances before Taker pointed at HBK in approval before celebrating his big Rumble win. The Undertaker celebrated in the middle of the ring as pryo went off all around him.

Cole, JBL and King signed off.