'Deep South Wrestling' 4/15 TV report & full 4/21 NWA Anarchy Report

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, April 23, 2007 at 3:08 PM EST

Larry Goodman sent in this report:

Deep South Wrestling TV
Airing April 15, 2007 on CSS
Taped on April 5, 2007 in McDonough, Ga at the DSW Arena

This week’s Deep South Wrestling show (and there’s only one more) opened with a quick recap of last week’s episode. Kofi Kingston chalked up another victory, “Bad Seed" Shawn Osborne & Jon Bolen defeated Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis, and Heath Miller upset Siaki. The main event of Mike Knox vs. G-Rilla concluded with Team Elite attacking and destroying Freakin Deacon. Sherrod said he would have an update on Deacon’s condition later in the hour. Sherrod added that Bradley Jay had defeated Ryan O’Reilly at a live event to go up 1-0 in their best of seven series for the DSW Heavyweight Title.

Shantelle asked O’Reilly about losing to Jay. O’Reilly sighed as a he removed his sunglasses. “All I can do is learn from my mistake, suck it up, and move on." O’Reilly said Jay had won the first match, but they had a long way to go. O’Reilly politely excused himself.

Cut to the entrance of DSW co-general managers, Krissy Vaine and “your internet Diva champion" Angel Williams. Jay joined Sherrod on commentary. Vaine invited the fans to attend the next Six Flags event on 4/21 (featuring The Miz). Williams made derogatory references to their opponents in tonight’s Divas tag match, the Bag Lady and Nattie Neidhart. Vaine said the Bag Lady’s fans could wave her bye-bye. Williams wanted to know what was up with “Miss Good Samaritan pants" Neidhart coming out to help Bag Lady after they beat her down last week. Vaine said Neidhart better watch her hussy rear end or she was going to get the same treatment.

Kofi Kingston and Luscious were being interviewed by Shantelle, when Heath Miller asked if he could join in. Shantelle said actually, it was Kingston’s time. Miller said he deserved some interview time after beating Siaki last week. “We can do this." Kingston politely declined to share. Before leaving Miller said, “Tonight, it’s going to be Miller time." Kingston said he didn’t know what Miller’s problem was, but he and Luscious were going to do everything possible to win the match.

(1)Kofi Nahaje Kingston (with Luscious) pinned Heath Miller at 5:45 with the Cool Running. Sherrod noted that the crowd was split 50/50. They did a sequence of mirror image moves, until Kingston used a high hiptoss and Miller backed off. Jay boasted about sweeping the best of seven and making history by becoming a four time champion. Miller ended up on the floor after a Kingston dropkick connected. Kingston spread the ropes in a show of good sportsmanship. Miller then hiptossed Kingston through the ropes. Sherrod said it looked intentional. Miller spread the roes for Kingston. They did an intense lock up that forced the ref to call for a break. Miller blasted Kingston with a fist in the face and put the boots to him. Miller covered after a kneelift, but Kingston kicked out a one. Miller started working the shoulder. Sherrod commented on Miller’s changed attitude. The crowd got behind Kingston. Miller tried for a Boston crab, and Kingston’s counter sent him through the ropes. As Kingston went for a shoulder block, Miller catapulted back to the inside. Kingston jumped and his butt collided with Miller’s head. Jay told Sherrod to call it, but he didn’t. Kingston cleaned Miller’s clock posthaste with his finisher.

Shantelle did a backstage interview with the debuting team of T. J. Wilson and Harry Smith. Wilson said he had been watching Bad Seed and Bolen and they were always winning by hook or crook. “Actually it’s always by crook." Wilson said Bolen and Bad Seed had been tagging together for three months. Smith said he and Wilson had been a team for four. “Four years," added Wilson. “We don’t win by accident, and you’re about to see why."

Wilson and Smith entered to a mild pop.

Cut to a bug eyed Bad Seed and a clean shaven Bolen. Osborne said he had good news and bad news for Wilson and Smith. The good news was they were debuting in Deep South. The bad news was that they were going to lose. Bolen made fun of their Canadian accents.

(2) Jon Bolen & Shawn Osborne beat Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson in 6:34. The rudos tried to take unfair advantage of Smith, and he responded with a double dropkick. Jay noted that it was an impressive move of a man of his size. The Canadians blasted Bolen with a double shoulder block and focused their attack on the arms of Bolen and Osborne, as the fans chanted “break it off." Wilson has a sweet deep armdrag. Smith did an elevated armbar power move. Osborne sold a hiptoss as if he had landed on a hot frying pan. Osborne reversed the armbar, so Wilson sprung to the top rope and did a backflip to regain the advantage. At the four minute mark, Bolen interfered with a lariat from the apron to start the heat on Wilson. The heels worked over Wilson’s back. Bolen ate the turnbuckle on a missed corner splash. Hot tag. Smith cleaned house. Wilson did a springboard missile dropkick variation of the Hart Attack on Osborne, but Bolen made the save. Smith dumped Bolen over the top. On the outside, Bolen reversed a whip, sending Smith crashing into the ringsteps. From the apron, Osborne snapped Wilson’s neck off the top rope and went for a sunset flip. Wilson was fighting it off when Bolen punched him in the head to send him down for the 1-2-3.

DSW’s resident superhero Nattie Neidhart and her damsel in distress, Bag Lady were interviewed by Shantelle. Neidhart said what Vaine did to Bag Lady last week was wrong. Neidhart accused the co-GMs of taking advantage of an innocent bystander.

As an upstanding citizen of this community and Deep South Wrestling, nobody gets away with taking advantage of other people. Not when I’m around. So Krissy Vaine, Angel Williams, tonight, I am going to right this wrong. And I am going to take care of business. When you mess with best, you go down like the rest. Yeah, baby.

“That was a waste of television time,“ said Angel. Krissy agreed. Krissy congratulated Angel for the number she did on that skanky Bag Lady last week. Angel said she broke a nail. “And she’s so not worth it." Feeling Angel’s pain, Krissy told her to take the night off from wrestling and second her at ringside instead.

Ted Guinness announced that the Divas tag was now a singles match. Sherrod said as co-general managers, Vaine and Williams could do whatever. Bag Lady was wearing high heels. Her psychic powers must have clued her in that she wasn’t wrestling.

(3)Krissy Vaine (with Angel Williams) beat Nattie Neidhart (with Bag Lady) in 6:37. Vaine decked Neidhart with a shoulder tackle and started running the ropes, but Neidhart got the best of an awkward sequence and Vaine ended up on her backside. Neidhart worked an armbar. Vaine used rude shortcuts to take commmand. Vaine’s brawling tactics included making Neidhart eat the rope. Vaine followed with a running butt drop to Neidhart’s neck. Vaine used a hair mare. They busted out a good looking exchange of forearms from the mount. Neidhart did a sunset flip and the crowd chanted “that was three." A Neidhart Russian legsweep left both Divas down. Neidhart made the comeback with stiff strikes and then a discus lariat for a near fall. When Neidhart hit her sitout slam, Williams crawled into the ring. Bag Lady jumped in to cut her off, losing one of her high heels in the process. As referee John Cone was getting Bag Lady out, Vaine clocked Neidhart with the shoe and tossed it to Williams before making the cover.

Shantelle approached G-Rilla and Freakin Deacon in the parking lot and asked about Team Elite’s attack on Deacon. Deacon (his head wrapped in bandages) said Willow (the tarantula) told G-Rilla to take him to the hospital to get his head fixed. As G-Rilla was giving Shantell the blow off, Deacon placed Willow in the driver’s seat of G-Rilla’s SUV. G-Rilla sat down on Willow. Deacon started moaning and wailing and foaming at the mouth. G-Rilla told Shantelle to call 911.

Next up was a backstage promo by Eric Perez. He had his mustache and goatee died blonde, but the rest of his hair is still jet black. Perez said Siaki did a lot of talking without saying much and there was a saying about people like him. “Perro que ladra no muerde" (the dog that barks doesn’t bite).

I don’t have to say much, because I’m going to do my talking in mi barrio, in that ring. Tonight, Siaki, it’s your turn to get mugged.

(4) "The Puerto Rican Nightmare" Eric Perez beat Siaki (with Afa Jr.) in 6:58. Siaki sprung a sneak attack on Perez from his hiding place next to the ramp. They traded shots at ringside. Once inside the ring, Perez took control. Afa interfered early and often. Siaki capitalized on the distraction with a rabbit lariat that knocked Perez out of the ring. Afa kicked Perez with his bare feet. Sherrod said it was more like a handicap match. Siaki gave Perez a beating in the corner. Siaki cut off a comeback with a swank jumping heel kick. Siaki grounded Perez with a cobra clutch. Perez fought his way clear, ducked a lariat and planted Siaki with a spinesplitter. Both flat on their backs and neither one moving. Up at seven with Perez firing blows. Perez hit a senton backsplash for the first big near fall. Perez showed fire. Perez hit a spinning X Factor and cradled Siaki for a close two count. Perez pulled the straps down, but Siaki ducked the Kick of Death and snapped off a powerslam. Perez managed to roll a shoulder. The announce team said it had been a long time since anyone kicked out of that move. Siaki ran into a sidekick and got knocked for a loop. Perez set up for his finisher, and Afa came up on the apron to distract. Siaki speared Afa when Perez stepped aside. Perez rolled Siaki up for the three count and a megapop from the DSW fans.

Afa leveled Perez with a superkick to end the celebration. The Samoans gave Perez the beatdown. Afa followed with a devastating frogsplash. Siaki covered Perez with the wrap he wears into the ring, and the Samoans did a little incantation over his carcass.

Closing Thoughts: The main event had great heat, stiff striking, and some nicely done near falls. The crowd was really behind Perez coming off the angle last week. It was surprising to see Smith and Wilson go under. With the pedigree, the size (6-4, 250) and the athletic ability, Smith is gold for WWE if they play their cards right and don’t rush him. He’s a boyish looking 20 and needs a lot of polish before being put on national television. Wilson looks to be further along. Osborne cracks me up. Neidhart and Vaine had a better match a few weeks back, as there were a number of spots with awkward pauses in this one, although Neidhart’s selling was fine, and they both worked hard. Bag Lady coming to the ring in high heels defied any logical explanation, except that they needed the shoe for the finish. Bag Lady (Melissa Coates) is totally outrageous, like a comic book character come to life. Neidhart speaks well in her promos, but the style and content need a complete overhaul. DSW has done some campy stuff, but the segment with G-Rilla squashing Deacon’s spider was as silly as they come. I liked the direction unexpected direction they went with Miller, and it was the best talking he’s done. The match worked as a way to unfold his heelish attitude adjustment. This week’s dark matches: Afa Jr. b Johnny Curtis, Smith b Jason Jones, Majors Brothers b Cru Jones & Brian Cage.

Larry Goodman also sent in this report:

Jeremy Vain won the NWA World Television Title at the NWA Anarchy television taping Saturday night in Cornelia, but the biggest news was the blockbuster announcement regarding Hostile Environment ’07.

Greg Hunter (pulling double duty as commentator and substitute ring announcer for slacker Eddie Rich) introduced NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer to open the show. Palmer said he was making no apologies for the promotion’s success in 2006 and gave credit to the fans for making it so. Question was could they make it “bigger, better and badder?" Palmer called on Bill Behrens, his key advisor since taking over in Cornelia, to make the announcement. Behrens said his associations with WWE and TNA notwithstanding, he has most fun and take the most pride in what happens at the NWA Arena. But to grow, they needed to do something phenomenal, and that word made him think of Gainesville, Georgia.

Behrens announced that Hostile Environment ’07 would take place on 6/23 at the Mountain Center in Gainesville. This is by far Palmer’s most ambitious undertaking. We’re talking about an historic wrestling venue capable of holding 3000 people. No matches were announced, but the summer extravaganza has traditionally been headlined by the War Games.

(1) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Skitzo & Big Dogg in 4:53. North Carolina babys vs. Texas heels. Driver and Walters opened on a roll with a tandem Russian legsweep. But Walters soon tasted turnbuckle and the Texans teed off on him. Walters hit an enzuigiri leading into the hot tag. An assisted tornado DDT by the babyface team looked messed up. Dogg speared Driver when ref Harold James was busy with Walters. Skitzo picked up Driver, but Walters did a missile dropkick to his partner’s back, toppling Driver on top of Skitzo for the pin. Not much to get excited about.

Hunter was backstage with Todd Sexton. Sexton talked about the misfortune Sal Rinauro suffered when he lost control of his bodily functions in his choke hold. Adrian Hawkins said Seth Delay wasn’t there and asked Sexton to be his partner. Sexton blew him off. Hawkins set out on a desperate search for a partner to the point he even tried to enlist the services of Hunter. Hawkins came upon Brett Thunder and did some fast talking. Thunder reluctantly agreed.

(2) Toss Sexton beat Andrew Pendleton III via submission in 2:38. Pendleton attacked at the bell like the spoiled rotten cheater that he is. Pendleton got a one count only with a corkscrewish elbow drop and worked the neck for a bit before dumping Sexton to the floor. Sexton smacked the crap out of Pendleton with a superabundance of chops and forearms. Sexton then dropped Pendleton on his head with the Gamebreaker and choked his ass out. I think the finish of the match two weeks ago boosted Sexton’s stock with the Arena fans. It was the most positive crowd reaction since his return to the ring.

(3) Slim J & Patrick Bentley beat Andrew Hawkins & Brett Thunder in 6:13. I’ve been forgetting to mention the odd metal matador gear Bentley’s been wearing. The story here was Hawkins making Thunder do all the heavy lifting. J did some deep arm drags and worked Thunder’s arm. Hawkins wanted nothing to do with wrestling fair and square. Hawkins distracted Bentley and snapped his neck off the top rope. Hawkins was suddenly begging for the tag. Hawkins talked trash as he softened up Bentley’s back. Bentley came back with a backbreaker on Hawkins and hot-tagged J. Hawkins wanted out, but Thunder jumped off the apron to avoid the tag. J welcomed Hawkins to lariat city and finished him with a wicked package piledriver. J looked like a millions dollars. Bentley not so much.

(4) Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) beat Windwalker & Billy Buck in 6:50 with the Sheeny Curse. Brunettes got a mixed reaction. A bent minority of fans are into their gimmick. Fans chanted “Village People" at the cowboy and Indian team. Windwalker (or Windbreaker as John Johnson refers to him on commentary) doesn’t look like a very fierce warrior. Needs more war paint or something. Brunettes functioned like a well-oiled machine with their combo moves. The one where Matthews does a senton backsplash from a seated position on Alexander’s shoulders is especially cool. When Windwalker landed a stiff Wahoo chop, business picked up big time. Double clothesline and both men down. Hot tag to the cowboy. Buck got a near fall with a leg lariat. Matthews made a blind tag and Brunettes annihilated Buck with their finisher. Alexander does a fireman’s carry dropped into a bow and arrow and Matthews sandwiches the victim with a top rope double stomp to the gut.

Justice Served hit the ring and cleared out the gibronis. Their rude, thoughtless little pig of a manager Al Getz called out Urban Assault Squad. He didn’t need to ask twice. UAS swarmed all over Justice Served but they were soon attacked by Brodie Chase and Brandon Phoenix. Truitt Fields and Phil Shatter hit the ring to even up the odds. Palmer came out and made it an eight man tag. Palmer told Getz he owed him one, so he was going to hang around at ringside.

(5) Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) & Brodie Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix (with Al Getz) beat Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) & Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter (with Jerry Palmer) in 9:28. The crowd turned molten hot. Cornelia likes it stiff. Nemesis made the mistake of playing to the crowd and Chase beat him down. Nemesis managed a tag to Jackson and the place went crazy. It was the loudest the building got all night. If you closed your eyes, you would have thought the place was packed. There is no question that at this point, UAS is the most over act in Anarchy by a wide margin. Jackson busted out the bionic elbows on Free and got the “kill the cracker" chant. Shatter took over on Free, scoring big with a fist drop. Justice Served doubled up on him, but Shatter came back with a massive spinebuster on Justice. Fields followed with a leaping forearm smash on Justice for a near fall. Justice took Fields’ head off with a lariat to start the heat. BRC and Phoenix gave him a sideslam/elbow drop combo and Jackson made the save. Phoenix got into it with that same lady, the one that takes sadistic joy in verbally abusing him. The heels drew the faces into the ring, and beat on Fields behind the ref’s back. Fields hit a jawbreaker for a double down spot and made the hot tag to Nemesis. Meanwhile, Palmer pulled Getz off the apron. Palmer got into an altercation with the heels, which distracted ref Harold James. Justice capitalized on the diversion by clocking Nemesis with a chain for the 1-2-3. Getz gloated. Palmer was upset with himself.

Far from the most talent-laden hour of Anarchy, but the main event was blazing. If the heat comes across on TV, it could be among their best main event segments.

Hunter conducted a backstage interview with Chad Parham about his upcoming World Television Title match against Jeremy Vain. Hunter asked Parham why Vain? Parham said he wanted a cardio workout. It’s Parham’s world. We’re all just living in it. Palmer entered the picture and said this thing stunk. Palmer introduced former champion, Ace Rockwell as the special referee for the title match. Vain told Rockwell this was his night, so he better call it right down the middle.

(6) The Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Anger Inc. (Don Matthews & Adam Roberts) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 8:30. Attraction was on fire in the early going. They hit a double vertical suplex and Creed outclassed Matthews with chain wrestling. Young hit a springboard (and I do mean spring) crossbody for a near fall. The heels got heat on Creed. Matthews threw two lightweight and Creed lit him up in return. Matthews threw some lame forearms. One stiff shot is way better than five that look like s***. Brunettes came to ringside to observe. Roberts hit a stalling gordbuster. Matthews and Creed traded stiff chops. Matthew did a sorry gorilla press gutbuster. It just wasn’t his night. Creed hit a sweet floatover tornado DDT to set up the hot tag. Young was kicking ass. Mattthews accidentally nailed Roberts with a lariat. Young sent Matthews out of the ring with a dropkick and followed with a terrific flip dive that took out Matthews and the Brunettes. Creed pinned Roberts after the Montefisto. Another strong outing for Awesome Attraction.

On the big screen, we saw J approach a depressed looking Bentley in the dressing room. J tried to cheer Bentley up and told him not to dwell on the past. J urged Bentley to be like him, and get himself some opportunity. Just what was Bentley thinking?

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey and Jeff Lewis accompanied Abomination to the ring for his match against Onyx. But Onyx was a no show. Bailey said Onyx proved that he was a stinking coward, just like Bailey had said. Bailey went on to talk about the Devil’s Rejects were dead and buried and how Abomination almost snapped Tank’s neck off his shoulders. Bailey said they should have thrown Tank in the dumpster where trash belongs. Bailey said the Reverend Dan Wilson had crawled away from Hardcore Hell in humiliation. Bailey said the tentacles of the NWA Elite, “the modern day Gestapo" reached worldwide, and the Rejects were overmatched from the beginning. Bailey mocked Wilson’s blood curdling scream.

The disfigured freak, Dominous appeared near the front entrance. Abomination went to him, like a monstrous moth to a flame. The other Rejects attacked Lewis and Bailey from behind. With Wilson directing traffic, Iceberg obliterated Lewis a Ground Zero splash. Shaun Tempers and Azrael stretched Bailey out and Iceberg exploded Bailey’s internal organs with a Ground Zero. Bailey started bleeding from the mouth. Wilson did his trademark scream. Iceberg was getting ready to stab Bailey with Azrael’s dagger when Abomination returned to make the save. The arena was deathly quiet as Abomination carried Bailey out. He was foaming along with the blood. A gut wrenching segment.

(7) Jeremy Vain beat Chad Parham to win the NWA World Television Title with Ace Rockwell as the special referee (11:30). More story than wrestling. Parham came out wearing both the TV belt and Heavyweight belt. He demanded a security escort to the ring, like this was the freaking Omni 25 years ago. Rockwell found a chain and a roll of nickels in Vain’s tights. In the opening minutes, it was Parham dominating Vain on the mat. Rockwell established that wasn’t taking any crap from either Parham or Vain. Parham applied an abdominal stretch and used the ropes. Rockwell caught him. V got the upper hand, and Parham ended up on the outside. Rockwell made Parham stand in his corner, like he was a little kid. They both griped at Rockwell and then connected on simultaneous haymakers. Parham got down to business with an armbar submission. It was about here that Palmer tossed a fan out for distributing flyers without permission for the NFWA show in Gainesville. V took a bouncing crotch bump off the middle rope, but Rockwell caught Parham using the ropes for extra leverage on the pin. V schoolboyed Parham with the tights, and Rockwell saw that as well. V got filthy dirty. V hit a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. V applied a sleeper. Parham broke it and they collided midring. Parham went to use the TV title belt. Rockwell took it away. While Rockwell was getting the TV belt out of the ring, Rockwell put Parham’s lights out with the Heavyweight belt. Rockwell turned around just in time to make the three count. The pop was born more out of surprise rather than joy. I think the crowd was more into Parham losing than Vain winning. Vain did the “I’m number one" routine again. Parham was racked with anguish.

Despite the shortage of inring action, the second half should make a visually compelling hour of television. The hoopla of a title change and Bailey carried out after taking Iceberg’s Ground Zero. What more could you ask?

NOTES: NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena on 5/5 with Vain vs. Sexton for the TV Title…My prediction about the Easter weekend show having the lowest attendance of the year has already been proven wrong. Last night’s show drew only 105…Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to promoter Roger Cantrell, who was absent from Friday night’s GWP show in Ellijay after being hospitalized with an arterial blockage. GWP results were as follows: Shaun Tempers retained the Southern Heavyweight Title by pinning Adrian Hawkins. Iceberg pinned Nemesis after interference by Wilson. Nemesis called Jackson on the spot and confirmed that UAS will debut on 5/4 vs. The Rejects. Adam Jacobs over Randall Johnson with a superkick. Nick Rampage (with Aaron Voight) destroyed Jay Clinton. Rampage debuted doing a shootfighter gimmick. Hollywood Brunettes & Andrew Pendleton & Caleb Konley defeated Jessco Blue & Tim O'Brian & Regular Guys. Leatherface over Maul via DQ. Billy Love beat Amien Rios. GWP returns on 5/4 with an eight team tournament to crown the Southern Tag Team Champions…Over in Royston, APW and Rick Michaels have parted ways…Melissa Coates (most recently seen as The Bag Lady in Deep South) and Alan Funk were in attendance.