Konnan talks about why he left TNA, speaking out in the media, & more

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, July 8, 2007 at 9:43 PM EST

Former WCW & TNA star Konnan made an appearance on Wrestling Observer Live with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Sunday night (July 8) discussing his departure from TNA Wrestling and speaking out in the media regarding the Chris Benoit situation. Here are some highlights:

- On leaving TNA, Konnan said it was a combination of five years of lies building up and not getting paid enough money.

- He added that not being helped with his health issues also caused him to make his decision. Konnan said he came into TNA with a hip problem and the excuse he got from TNA was that he already had a bad hip. Konnan told them it got worse working for them.

- Konnan said when it was time for him to get the hip replacement surgery, TNA did loan him the money, but wanted it all paid back in full. He said they also offered to loan him money for his kidney transplant as well, but again wanted to be paid back in full.

- He said that TNA always disrespected him and briefly mentioned some racial tension.

- Konnan said he could never understand why when he would go to TNA and would ask for more money why that would tell him they couldn't, but were re-signing Christian Cage and giving Kurt Angle and Sting huge contracts.

- He said since he had somewhere else to go (AAA), he just left.

- Konnan said he told Homicide and Hernandez not to leave TNA because he was. He gave them his reasons for leaving having been there since day one and now being broke. "I decided to quit. Enough was enough," said Konnan.

- He added that Dixie Carter has her head in the sand and is oblivious to the problems with TNA. Konnan said that she complains about Jeff Jarrett all the time, but never pulls the trigger and gets him out of there.

- "All of the talent is frustrated there. No one watches the show," said Konnan. He added that the mid-card guys in the X Division are buried so bad and the people in power don't care.

- Said BG James, Kip James and Senshi have all asked for releases from TNA, but the company won't give it to them. He said he just straight up quit and they can't obligate him to work for them since TNA deals don't work like that.

- On getting involved in the media with the Chris Benoit situation, Konnan said quote, "They called me. I didn't call them."

- Said he felt we are all accessories to this (those in the wrestling industry). Felt it was his duty to speak up about the wrestling industry and steroids.

- Konnan said he wasn't afraid to speak his mind and that others won't because they are in fear they won't get a job with WWE.

- Said he didn't understand why so many wrestlers die and no one does a thing about it. He hoped by speaking out that someone in some type of power would step in and get some regulation.

- Said he has gotten some positive and negative feedback to speaking out in the media about what goes on behind-the-scenes with steroid use.

- His stance is that it will save lives and that wrestlers won't have to be on the road so much per year. "We are year round. And you have to take all these substances to stay in tip-top shape," said Konnan. "We are a different breed and put up with it because we love it."

- Said the only good thing that could come out of the Chris Benoit situation is that more attention could get put on the bad things in wrestling.

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