CZW 7/14 Best of the Best 7 ECW Arena results (Joker/B-Boy, more)

Reported by Bob Magee of
On Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 9:10 AM EST

CZW returned last night to the ECW Arena for Best of the Best 7. Until losing some steam at the end (the show went five hours... until 12:30 am), this was the kind of show that CZW has needed to put on for the last 6-7 months at the ECW Arena.

Best of the Best First round

  • Human Tornado defeated Ruckus

  • Ricochet defeated Chuck Taylor

  • B Boy defeated Cheech

  • Ricky Reyes ("Maven's Choice" #1) defeated Sal Thomaselli

  • Jigsaw defeated Grim Reefer

  • Vortekz defeated Cloudy

  • Brandon Thomaselli defeated Vito Thomaselli

  • Joker ("Maven's Choice" #2) defeated Drake Younger

    Non-tournament match/CZW World Heavyweight Title

    Ruckus defeated Justice Pain to become the new CZW World Champion

    Best of the Best Semi-finals

  • Joker defeated Ricky Reyes, Vortekz & Human Tornado

  • B-Boy defeated Ricochet, Brandon Thomaselli & Jigsaw

    Non-tournament matches

  • CJ O'Doyle defeated Jon Dahmer

  • Team AnDrew defeated Jav-Air & Ryan McBride

  • Mitch Ryder, Brain Damage, and DJ Hyde defeated Necrobutcher, Toby Klein, and

    Best of the Best 7 finals
    Joker defeated B-Boy by submission to become the 2007 Best of the Best Winner

    Far more important than any wrestling results, though, was something else CZW did last night.

    Sabine Kernaghan, who processes CZW's ticket orders and works the front door, and who works in the helping professions in her non-wrestling job, came up with the idea of a leaflet in a response to the Benoit family tragedy that said the following:

    Combat Zone Wrestling cares about you. If you are wrestling with real life issues, please look for help.

    National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE
    Alcohol Referral Hotline (Idaho Careline), 1-800-ALCOHOL
    Cocaine Hotline (Office of Substance Abuse Prevention) 1-800-CO
    Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, and the NAFARE Alcohol, Drug, and Pregnancy Hotline.

    And if all else fails, you can call on us at

    CZW's Maven Bentley and Zandig went along enthusiatically. Roger Artigiani of the Arena wanted to put the numbers up on the Arenatrons as a public service.

    Bitch all you want about CZW. Complain about their hardcore style. Complain about something else they've done in terms of promoting or matches they've run or whatever, but they did something post-Benoit that Vince McMahon hasn't done, Dixie Carter hasn't done, and any other promotion in America hasn't done to my something constructive to help someone with the kinds of problems that killed three people. They ought to be applauded.

    It's a helluva lot more important in the great scheme of things than the fact that they had a pretty good show.