NEPW report, CZW Chris Cash Memorial, KSWA, W.A.R., GCW 9/8 show

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Monday, September 10, 2007 at 3:53 PM EST

Ed Edwards sent this in:

NEPW Showdown 9/8/07
Hide Out Roller Rink-Painesville, Oh

Eddie Edwards came out & thanked the crowd for coming and announced that Blackhammer has retired as an active member of the roster. Hammer came out to a huge ovation. Eddie had a surprise for Hammer, He announced that Hammer was King for a Day & that he was in charge of the show. Hammer brought out former NEPW Rookie of the year The Deviant. The Deviant is rehabbing from a torn ACL.Hammer also announced that he signed the first contract for The December show. Out came non other than J-Rocc. J-Rocc said he was going to hang out with the fans tonite cause he didn't have a match.

Fatal Four Way Match: "Omega" Aaron Draven def. Tj Dynamite, Zac Vincent, & Eric Ryan to win the Vacant NEPW Cruiserweight Title

"Jiggy" Jeff Jevic def. Nemesis w/a roll up after Nemesis struck himself with his own Barbwire kendo stick..after the match Jevic was attack By "Notorious" Shane Taylor and his manager "Rightous" Tony Lee.
Lee and Taylor demanded a match On the December 1st event. Blackhammer announced that Taylor would face J-Rocc December First at Hostile Holidays

The Team of Lethal Impact (Jesse Burke & Ryan Miller) def. The Odd Squad (Screwy Louie, Don Roid) to become the NEW NEPW US Tagteam champions

Sassy Stephanie won the NEPW Ladies Title when she outlasted 7 other ladies in the first ever NEPW ladies battle Royale

Jason Bane & Killer Kumpf battled all over the Roller Rink to a double disqualification. It took half the locker room to pull these Two warriors apart

The One on One match-up between Ray Rowe and Micheal Facade turned in to a tag team match as Micky Gambino interfered on behalf of Facade. J-Rocc came out of the crowd to help his longtime freind. J-Rocc & Rowe defeated Gambino & Facade..after the match, J-rocc was attacked by Shane Taylor while Ray Rowe battled Gambino to the back of the building

MAIN Event: "The Spartan Warrior" Chris Cronus def Jabari to retain his NEPW Triple Crown Title

NEXT Event is Hostile Holidays Saturday Dec 1st

Matches Already Signed:
J-Rocc vs. "Notorious" Shane Taylor
Ray Rowe vs. Micky Gambino
NEPW Ladies Title Match: Sassy Stephanie (c) vs. Angel Dust
NEPW Cruiserweight Match: "Omega" Aaron Draven vs. Michael Facade
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Jason Bane vs. Killer Kumpf
Plus.. NEPW Triple Crown Champion Chris Cronus, NEPW Tagteam Champions Lethal Impact & Much More!!

Ben Kerin sent this report in:

FULL CHRI$ CA$H MEMORIAL SHOW RESULTS! New Ironman, Tag Team, and Jr. Heavyweight Champs! Explosive Main Event! Headbutts! The Battle Royal! Wifebeater! Lobo! And More!


The locker room emptied as John Zandig welcomed Chris Cash's family, spoke about the late Chris Cash, and showed a new, emotional video, and kicked off the show with three students looking to prove themselves. The video, and John's speech, stressed Cash's commitment and enjoyment in the wrestling business, being ahead of his time, and love for the fans.

1. LJ Cruz defeated Joe Gacy and Alex Colon in a three-way match that was well-received by the crowd. Great work by the CZW Wrestling Academy stand-outs to put on an exciting bout that had the crowd into it. Gacy and Colon's inability to get along was their downfall.

2. Jon Dahmer & GQ defeated Brodie Lee & Cheech after mis-communcation between Lee and Cheech led to GQ delivering a Cash Driver to Cheech. Brodie hit some knockout kicks and Cheech & he delivered an impressive back suplex/Blockbuster combo that almost got them the win. Another failed Cheech partnership...?

- Niles-Young hits the ring to apologize for his head-butt incident...except he apologizes for not head-butting EVERY CZW FAN. Joker comes out and delivers the sickest headbutt you have ever heard, splitting Niles wide open and sending blood gushing down his face. Niles is irate and wearing a crimson mask, with Joker delivering another thud as Niles tries to fend him off. Derek Frazier hits the ring, BLKOUT hits the ring, and a match is set for later. Insults galore tossed.

3. "Diehard" Dustin Lee pinned Cloudy after reversing a Yoshi Tonic attempts into a sit-down pin, ala the Jig 'N Tonic. Post-match, Cloudy threw a tantrum at ringside and threw the announcer's table, upset at his losing streak.

4. DJ Hyde defeated Toby Klein to win the CZW Iron Man Title in a Dog Collar Match following a Shadow Driver after Toby kicked out of the Summoning Lariat. Billy Graham and Maven Bentley were handcuffed to each other until the cuffs actually broke with Maven's repeated attempts to get into the ring and help his charge.

5. BLKOUT fought Niles-Young & Derek Frazier to a no-contest when Team AnDrew interfered. Lobo hit the ring and made the match a three-way dance.

6. Team AnDrew defeated BLKOUT and Niles Young & Derek Frazier in a three-way dance when Drew Gulak scored the submission victory with the CHIKARA Special. Post-match, BLKOUT gave the new champions their respect, until Young & Frazier attacked Team AnDrew, from behind of course. Big ovation for the AnDrew title win. Sabian finally meets his match, BTW in one of the more humorous moments of the year!

7. GQ won the Cash Battle Royal, also involving: Jimmy Starz, Hellaware Assassin, Jimmy & Colin Olsen, G. Raver, Greg Excellent, Cheech, Core, WHACKS, Jon Dahmer, CJ O'Doyle. WHACKS was thrown off the top rope through the announce table. Lots of sick ladder smashes. GQ delivered the Cash Driver off the top through a propped up ladder, and eliminated both Olsens for a comeback victory.

- GQ is attacked by DJ Hyde during the celebration, only to be saved by Wifebeater & Toby Klein, who chokeslam Hyde through a table. Wifebeater then goes apeshit and cracks the tables and Hyde with a chair dozens of times.

- Nicky Benz & WYSP's Alex introduce the "Nicky Benz Show" with guest Lobo. Disrespect shown to Lobo, who gives Benz the DVD.

- Drake Younger apologizes for not being able to compete after nearly losing a finger. Joker accepts apology. Scotty Vortekz calls Drake a pussy and says his injury isn't that bad. Drake insults Vortekz. Diehard comes to the ring to back-up Drake, but then turns on him and calls his injury "pretty damn gay" and calls him a coward. Danny Havoc hits the ring and the RAAGE Dojo with a ladder, and Lobo sanctions a 5-way for the Jr. Title.

8. In a MUST-SEE main event, Danny Havoc defeated Joker, Drake Younger, Diehard, & Scotty Vortekz in a ladder match to win the Jr. Heavyweight Title. Glass everywhere. Joker Driver off a ladder onto Vortekz through tons of chairs. Drake gets absolutely squashed through glass. Diehard and Vortekz sadistically bash in Drake's hand with chairshots. A stacked-up superplex/powerbomb Tower of Doom through chairs/glass/ladders. Just total chaos. Crowd with deuling "CZW!" and "HOLY SHIT!" chants. Havoc is left alone admist the chaos and climbs the ladder with the crowd going nuts to win the title. Drake was rushed to the hospital as per doctor's orders following the beating from Vortekz and Diehard and being hit with a high-air flying double-knee from Vortekz that exploded a glass panel and sliced Drake up, who was underneath and held by Diehard. Talk about taking advantage of someone.

- Post-match, the locker room empties, the Cash family is again thanked, memories of Chris FUCKING Cash are shared, and we look forward to Saturday's TOD: Fast Forward.

Maven Bentley announces that Drake will definitely compete at Fast Forward or will be FIRED.

K.S.W.A. sent this in:

K.S.W.A. Wrestling
Presents: "K.S.W.A. Krazy Tour 2007"
Millvale Days Celebration
6:00pm to 7:00pm, Friday, September 14, 2007
Free to all fans!!!
Millvale Days Celebration
Grant Avenue (by Attic Records)
Millvale, PA 15209
For Show Information Call


K.S.W.A. Wrestling
Presents: "K.S.W.A. Krazy Tour 2007"
Millvale Days Celebration
2:00pm to 3:00pm, Saturday, September 15, 2007
Free to all fans!!!
Millvale Days Celebration
Grant Avenue (by Attic Records)
Millvale, PA 15209
For Show Information Call


Yeungling & K.S.W.A. Wrestling
Presents: "Yeung in the Ring 2"
7:00pm, Saturday, September 15, 2007
All Tickets $5.00
Yeungling Draft Specials, Assorted Giveaways & Yeungling Girls
Obey House Tavern
1337 Steuben Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
For Show Information Call

Marty Lyons - K.S.W.A. Public Relations
Keystone State Wrestling Alliance

Oliver Newman sent this report in:

W.A.R. Buried Alive report by Oliver Newman

Wrestling Association of Rugby

Date: Saturday 8th September 2007

Time: 7:30pm

Attendance: Near capacity a few empty seats.

Adults: £5
Under 15's : £4

Location: Lawrence Sheriff Grammar School, Clifton Road, Rugby.

W.A.R. Buried Alive

Grudge Match

Nero v Fireman Stan

Fans boo loudly as Nero enters and chant ‘You suck’, the fans cheer loudly as Fireman Stan enters. Stan dresses the ref up like a fireman, Nero sneaks in from behind and rolls him up (believing he is Stan) and Stan counts to two before the ref kicks out! Nero and Stan criss cross the ropes and Stan slides out of the ring, hilariously Nero keeps running. Stan re-enters the ring and points up (Nero looks up) so Stan slaps him across the face. Nero tries to repay the favour but is slapped once again. Fans chant “Stan, Stan, Stan". Nero elbows Stan as he attempts a corner splash and follows that up with a vicious dropkick to Stan’s knee.

Stan looks injured!? Stan is helped to the back by the referees as he is unable to continue. Nero attacks Stan from behind and brings him back to the ring. Nero applies the spinning toe hold on Stan but Stan will not quit, Stan in desperation manages to hit a spine buster and both men are down. The ref starts the count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and both men are to their feet once more, Nero hit’s the incoming Stan with a double boot followed by a dropkick. Then he heads up the turnbuckle for a moon sault….Stan is able to move out of the way, Nero runs at Stan, Stan hit’s the Fireman Slam for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Fireman Stan

The Executioner & Red Tiger enter the ring, the Executioner attacks Stan. Fans direct ‘You suck’ chants at Tiger, Executioner hits his finishing move the choke bomb on Stan. He then takes the microphone “Shut the hell up" he tells the fans “I’ve never been pinned, no man can beat me!" Tiger opens the casket and W.A.R. Heavyweight Champion Louie Zerr comes out and attacks the Executioner. Fans chant “Louie, Louie". Louie takes the microphone “I don’t have to pin you! I’ve got to shove you in that casket and shut the lid".

Dante w/Roselyn v Wheeler

The ref takes Dante’s Singapore cane away, Wheeler seeing his opportunity hit’s a step up enzurguri. Dante retreats, Wheeler follows so Dante uses Roselyn as a shield and then sucker punches Wheeler (the fans boo loudly). Drop toe hold by Wheeler gets a two count, Roselyn gets up on the apron and distracts Wheeler, who walks right into a Sky High by Dante for a close near fall. Dante shows his sinister side by choking Wheeler when the ref isn’t looking. Back suplex by Dante on Wheeler, Dante picks him up and executes another but as he attempts a third Wheeler manages to reverse it into a bulldog. Both men are down the ref starts the count 1,2,3,4,5,6! Wheeler comes back once more with clotheslines, a flying head scissors and a chin breaker in quick succession, once again Roselyn distracts Wheeler. This time to no effect as Wheeler nails Dante with a code red for a long two count. Wheeler climbs the turnbuckle, Roselyn distracts Wheeler yet again. Dante is able to crotch Wheeler and quickly follows up with a Tower of London for the 3 count. “She’s a man" chants directed at Roselyn, Wheeler leaves with applause ringing in his ears.

Winner: Dante

B52 Lance Corporal v Jimmy Ocean

Ring announcer announces Corporal as “The man that puts the fun in confrontational". Ref checks both men for illegal objects. “Jimmy, Jimmy" chants by the fans. Corporal offers Jimmy a handshake (Jimmy looks for the crowds approval) and then shakes Corporal’s hand, and gets sucker punched for his naivety. Ocean fires back with a series of forearms and a dropkick sending Corporal to the outside. High cross body by Ocean he then attempts to ram Corporal into the ring post (Corporal blocks), so does Ocean, Corporal goes shoulder first into the ring post. Ocean attempts another high cross body this time Corporal blocks and rams Ocean back first into the ring post. Fans chant “Jimmy" in unison. Ocean attempts a super kick Corporal reverses into a knee to the stomach for a two count, Corporal frustrated by his inability to put Ocean away starts using some underhand tactics unbeknownst to the referee.

Ocean is locked in a bear hug the referee raises his hand it drops twice but on the third time, Ocean rakes Corporal’s eyes and lands a DDT. “Jimmy, Jimmy" chants once more, Ocean follows that with a head scissors and boot into a hurracanrana on Corporal which sends him to the outside once more. Ocean soon follows with a slingshot press to the floor. Ocean attempts the super kick once more and again it is counted this time into a full nelson slam by Corporal. Corporal attempts a suplex from inside to outside of the ring Ocean manages to fend him off and runs towards the opposite ropes and sunset flip power bombs Corporal on the wooden floor! Ref leads a count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Both men return to the ring. Ocean goes up to the top rope for an axe handle Corporal counters that into his AA spine buster for the 1,2 and 3. Fans clap loudly as Ocean exit’s the ring.

Winner: Lance Corporal

4 man Ladder match for No1 contendership to W.A.R. Heavyweight Title
‘Old School’ Dan London v ’King of spin’ Spindoctor v Tank v ’Bird of prey’ Falcon

Tank and London shake hands as do Spindoctor and Falcon. All four men exit the ring straight away in search of a ladder. Spindoctor’s ladder catapult hits both London and Tank directly in the face, Falcon hits Tank with a monkey flip into the ladder. Falcon climbs the ladder but is shook off by London, flapjack on Spindoctor looks like it has dented the ring! Double flapjack on Falcon by London and Tank in exactly the same place (may not help matters). Falcon is thrown head first into a ladder, London attempts to do the same thing again (this time Falcon slides out of the ring) Spindoctor hits London and Tank with a top rope double dropkick. Van Terminator by Falcon into the ladder into London’s face, Falcon ascends the ladder but is shoulder blocked off by Tank. Spindoctor sets up a second ladder (all four men climb) and all four men fall just as quickly.

“Ginger Ninja" chants by the fans directed at Falcon. Falcon and Tank climb, Tank is pushed off by Falcon who is inches away from the W.A.R. Title shot contract, Falcon has other ideas though and proceeds with a Swanton bomb from the top of the ladder onto Tank below! Spindoctor climbs the ladder but is caught by London’s low blow and Spindoctor is then suplexed off the ladder. Falcon, London and Spindoctor climb the two ladders, London and Spindoctor’s ladder is shook by Falcon and they fall off into Tank leaving Falcon with his best chance to win the match, he takes it by pulling down the W.A.R. contract to win the match.

Winner and new No1 contender: Falcon


Martial Arts Exhibition

Array of kicks by Danny to a club, then he breaks a board with his fist. Dante and The Judge interrupt the exhibition, Judge bellows “I’m not impressed" and then attempts to break the wooden board (but fails). He then challenges Danny to a 1 on 1 match, which Danny accepts.

Danny v Judge

Judge outwrestles Danny in the early going, Danny is able to recover and kicks Judge directly in the ass. Judge frustrated illegally chokes Danny behind the refs back, the fans start chanting “Jelly, belly" at the Judge. Judge has too much strength for Danny as shown by an avalanche splash in the corner followed by a running cannonball on the fallen Danny. Judge takes Danny to the top rope and hit’s a fall away slam for a close nearfall. Judge power bombs Danny hard to the canvas but as the pinfall is taking place he pulls him up off the canvas. Judge takes the microphone “You could have taken the easy way out, now you are going to be punished" Judge sets up another power bomb but Danny rolls through 1,2 and 3! The fans go crazy for Danny!!

Winner: Danny

Red Tiger’s cruiserweight open challenge

Red Tiger and Nero make their way to the ring “Rob Hunter isn’t here tonight, so I issue an open challenge". ’Mean Machine’ Iggy Taylor answers the challenge “Tonight your going down, right here in Rugby".

Red Tiger v Iggy Taylor

Iggy hits Tiger with a side effect and a bulldog for a two count. Iggy attempts a moonsault but Tiger moves (Iggy is able to land on his feet), this isn’t advantageous though because he is quickly hit by a running boot. Tiger chokes Iggy in the corner (the fans boo loudly). Iggy rallies with a jumping hurracanrana and wheelbarrow into a DDT. Tiger retreats to ringside, Iggy attempts a suicide dive but is caught and thrown over head with a belly to belly suplex. Tiger taunts the crowd “The more you speak, the more he gets hurt". The action returns to the ring, Iggy manages to hit the code red for a close near fall. Nero attacks Iggy from behind, Tiger heads up to the top rope (but he’s wasting time taunting the crowd) Iggy crotches him on the turnbuckle and then hit’s a top rope twist of fate! Both men are down as the ref starts the count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8! Double jump whisper in the wind by Iggy, Tiger exit’s the ring. Asai moonsault by Iggy on Tiger and Nero, Nero distracts Iggy which leads to a hook ddt by Tiger (luckily for him Iggy’s foot is under the ropes). Iggy attempts a twist of fate it’s reversed into a splash mountain for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Red Tiger

Main Event

Casket Match for W.A.R. heavyweight Title
Louie Zerr © v The Executioner

Fans chant ‘You suck’ toward the Executioner, the fans surround Louie as he makes his way to the ring. Louie hits Executioner with a dropkick, (Executioner lands in the casket) Louie tries to shut the lid but Executioner manages to escape. Kick and axe handle to the back by Executioner “Shut up, this could be you kid". Executioner drags Louie out of the ring and hit’s a slam on the hard wooden floor, Executioner picks up Louie and suplexes him into the casket. “Louie" chants around the building, Louie is somehow able to escape. Back in the ring Louie attempts a high cross body but Executioner ducks out of the way, Executioner rolls Louie to outside. He picks Louie up and straddles him on side of the casket and follows that up with a big boot which knocks Louie into the casket. Executioner continues the attack and inadvertently knocks Louie outside the casket. A ladder is brought into play, cross body off the ladder onto Executioner puts Louie in control. Louie forces Executioner into the casket Louie then dropkicks the lid but Executioner manages to escape. A chair is brought into play Executioner smacks Louie with it across the head he attempts a second shot but Louie dropkicks the chair into Executioner’s face! Executioner is able to recover though, choke slamming Louie from the ring into the casket, he then shuts the lid and the match is over! Executioner is the NEW W.A.R. Heavyweight Champion, Tiger congratulates him. “No man can beat me", cue No1 contender Falcon who appears the two men stare each other down as the show comes to a close.

Winner and NEW W.A.R. Heavyweight Champion: The Executioner

Overall Thoughts:

A decent show which was highlighted by a thrilling ladder match that was worth the price of admission alone, the show had the right mix of entertainment and wrestling which sent the fans home happy.

Next show:

Saturday 8th December 2007,
Lawrence Sheriff Grammar School,
Clifton Road,

Larry Goodman sent this in:

Great Championship Wrestling crowned a new Columbus City Champion last night in David Young, and narrowly escaped having a weaselly non-wrestler as their new heavyweight champion.

GCW drew a crowd of 95 to the Gr8 Sk8 Plex in Phenix City, Alabama for what was a highly entertaining build up for the Fred Ward Memorial. It’s a promotion that deserves far better fan support given the impressive lineup of talent, and the overall quality of the wrestling, both of which are as good as they’ve ever been. These shows have to be the best kept indie wrestling secret in the Southeast.

The Gr8 Sk8 Plex is a fine venue with two major shortcomings. I used to think the low ceiling was the main problem, but the wrestlers have learned to work around it by modifying their top rope moves. It’s the heat-killing acoustics that are proving to be more troublesome. The combination of the carpet used to cover the skating rink and the acoustic tile ceiling make for a very dead room.

(1) Randall Johnson pinned Frankie Valentine in 8:40. A surprisingly good cruiserweight opener. They worked a hard pace with good intensity, and the execution was solid all the way through. Valentine is kin to Doug Summers. Valentine did an up and over into a reverse roll up. But Johnson took over with a double flying knee to the back. The body of the match saw Johnson stay on Valentine’s back with a camel clutch. One of the middle turnbuckles came completely apart along the way, but they didn’t miss a beat. Johnson used a Cena-like modified fisherman suplex for a near fall. Valentine hit an electric chair drop and it was both men down. Valentine ducked a punch and caught Johnson with a drop toehold. Nice. Valentine’s offense looked good on the comeback. He smoked Johnson with a blockbuster and held up a pair of electric clippers. Johnson surprised Valentine with a roll up to score the pin. Referee Steve Miller failed to see Valentine’s foot in the ropes. According to the ringside regulars, the hair cut deal came out of nowhere. It struck me as odd to have the babyface introduce the gimmick and get beat because of it.

Johnny Swinger was accompanied to the ring by Quentin Michaels and his tag team partner for the evening, GCW Senior Official Scrappy McGowan. Seeing Scrappy as a swaggering heel was worth the price of admission. Before insulting him and kicking him out of the ring as per usual, Michaels mentioned that ring announcer Billy Roper became a grandfather on 9/6. Michaels said GCW Heavyweight Champion Scotty Beach was a whiner and Bull Buchanan was “an ungrateful bald moron." The self-proclaimed “Boston Brawler" said he and McGowan were going to give Beach such a wicked beatdown that he would be easing picking for the winner of the Battle Royal, and that would be Swinger. Swinger pointed out that the restraining order Michaels Inc. took out on Buchanan extended to the battle royal, so Buchanan couldn’t lay a hand on Swinger’s gorgeous, beautiful body. “You’re looking at the next champion."

(2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) beat John Bogie & A. J. Steele to retain the GCW Tag Team Titles in 16:47. The Naturals were unadvertised. I don’t get GCW’s concept of promoting shows to the ticket buying public. Bogie started for the babyface side. This was a lot slower paced than the first match. Chase stalled. He chickened out of facing Steele. Douglas was less than thrilled about taking the tag. Naturals sold big for Steele’s power. Chase landed a low dropkick to Steele’s knee. Naturals were relentless on the knee. Figure four by Douglas. Single leg crab by Chase. Chase missed with a moonsault to set up the hot tag. Fans popped for Bogie’s “80’s guy" Miami Vice entrance more than they did for his offense. There’s a reason for that. Bogie hit a swinging neckbreaker on Douglas and Stevens saved. Naturals pinned Bogie after the Natural Disaster.

Naturals were confronted by Bad Company (David Young & Chris Stevens). Stevens said there was no way on God’s green earth that Naturals could beat them two out of three falls at the Ward Memorial show.

(3) Deathrow (with Thug Rowe) decimated Tex Monroe in 2:12. Monroe is doing a throwback cowboy gimmick. If he teamed with Billy Buck (NWA Anarchy), the Brokeback Mountain heat would be serious. Thug was getting Michael Vick dogfight heat. Dude looks the part. Death’s stuff was quite convincing. He used a double underhook suplex and wouldn’t allow the pin. Death then hit a press slam into a Samoan drop. Death’s has a sweet finisher, something like a side slam version of a tiger bomb.

(4) David Young pinned Shaun Banks (with Cru Jones) to win the Columbus Heavyweight Title in 15:18. While the intros were in process, Death chased after the Intern, who was in a full sprint. Banks tried a sneak attack, but Young knocked that glistening, gold grill right out of his mouth. Banks is a great bumper and all-around grade A heel . Young said he heard gays kept in good shape and asked how long Jones and Banks had been a couple. Fans questioned the legality of Jones’ physique. He said he could pass all the tests. Young’s dominance culminated in a gorilla press slam. Banks got the advantage and hit a Rude Awakening. He followed up with a double jump slingshot legdrop for a near fall. Banks cranked on Young’s neck. He got an assist from part of the ceiling on a top rope leg drop. Young kicked out. Banks pregnant doged about it and got rolled up for near fall. After sustaining more damage to the neck, Young came back with a super duper spinning enzuigiri. Banks bumped like crazy for Young’s comeback. Jones jumped up on the apron and grabbed Young. But Banks hit you know who, and Young planted him with his patented spinebuster for the clean win. Good match.

Banks was in anguish about losing his title. Young led the crowd in a “Crybaby" chant. Banks cried them a river. Young said the world title was next on his agenda. Banks went off on Jones.

Roper directed the fans’ attention to the big screen for the airing of brief promos by each of the participants in the number one contender’s battle royal.

(5) Quentin Michaels & Scrappy McGowan defeated Scotty Beach in a no DQ match to win the GCW Heavyweight Title (or so it appeared) in 4:40 after a humongous assist from Swinger. Michaels said Beach never defended his title and he wanted it to be a title match. Beach said OK. Michaels then requested a no DQ stipulation. Beach OKed that as well, but he never got on the mic. Beach called McGowan an old-timer. McGowan retreated. Beach used a bionic elbow and gave McGowan the Beach Balls, which is a double legdrop onto the cash prizes. Beating up an old man isn’t what I would call a smooth babyface move. McGowan tagged out. Michaels busted out the Crane stance. That cracked Beach up. He wasn’t alone. No sooner did Beach get his hands around Michaels’ scrawny neck than Swinger cracked him across the back with a steel chair. Swinger destroyed Beach’s back with three more chair shots. Michaels then covered Beach for the three count. Beach is a weak heavyweight champion to begin with and booking like this sure doesn’t help his cause.

What happened next was one of those surreal moments that are uniquely GCW, where the bizarre twists of reality are more fascinating than any wrestling fiction. As Quentin Michaels attempted to hoist the title belt up in celebration, he managed to whack his forehead with it and bust himself open the hard way. Not a little knick either. This was a gusher. Michaels was transported to a local ER for treatment.

Commissioner Bo Oates (in a suit!) entered the ring and said Beach was still the champ because he didn’t authorize a title defense.

Oates ran down the card for the Fred Ward Memorial on 9/29 (see NOTES below). Oates finished by announcing a Weasel Suit match with a member of Michaels Inc. vs. Scotty Beach. With that, McGowan hit the ring and KOed Oates. Some smart ass fans said Bo got waxed. (A while back, Bo cut a promo in which he made reference to the fact that Jerry Oates, his father and the former owner/promoter of GCW, was buffing floors for a living.)

Johnny Swinger won a 20 man Battle Royale to become the number one contender for the GCW Heavyweight Title in. 20:25. This was an old style battle royal. With 20 guys milling around and no room to work, the first half was drudgery. Rumble style (otherwise known as the Bill Behrens special) is way better for minimizing the cluster effect and getting over undercard storylines. The Intern was in a full blown panic and did a disappearing act a few minutes into the match. Devin Cutter and Michael Vendetta were eliminated before the seven minute mark. Buchanan started tossing guys out left and right – Mason Cutter, Johnson, Banks and Jones (a cause for more dissension) Monroe, Orion Bishop, Valentine, Thug Rowe, Steele and Bogie – a string of 10 eliminations in a row. Bad Company and Naturals went out together at 14:45 and continued to fight. That got a pop. Deathrow traded with Buchanan. Death was looking pretty sloppy here. Buchanan eliminated Death, and it was down to Swinger and Buchanan. Swinger reminded Buchanan about the TRO. He said an arrest would put Buchanan in the big house for 30 days, and Swinger would be facing the likes of a Tex Monroe in the cage at the Fred Ward show. “You really think this would be my first night in jail? I ain’t exactly GQ material," said Buchanan. Buchanan said he was going to hold off because nothing he could do tonight would compare to what he was going to do to Swinger in the cage. Buchanan promised somebody would bleed and take a trip to the hospital (somebody other than Michaels). Swinger saw to it that Buchanan stepped over the top rope to eliminate himself. The Intern crawled out from underneath the ring and hit Swinger from behind. Swinger teased going over the top but managed to hang on. Swinger dumped the Intern for the win.

NOTES: GCW returns on 9/15 with Beach vs. Swinger for the GCW Title, Young vs. Banks in a rematch for the Columbus Championship, and Steele vs. Thug Rowe…Tickets are now on sale for the 9/29 Fred Ward Memorial. The lineup is as follows: Swinger vs. Buchanan in the six sides of steel, Bad Company vs. The Naturals for the tag team titles in a 2 out 3 falls match, Johnson faces Valentine in a hair vs. hair match, Beach vs. a member of Michaels Inc. in a Weasel Suit match, Death Row vs. A. J. Steele in a Electric Chair match (All I could think of was Abdullah the Butcher being “electrocuted" by Cactus Jack in that awful WCW Chamber of Horrors match)…Last night’s show was taped with a two camera shoot. GCW’s long-awaited return to local television will become a reality in the near future, station and time TBA.