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On Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 7:37 PM EST

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On October 23rd, Wrestling Weekly host Doc Young and special guest co-hosts Bryan Alvarez & Bill DeMott (Hugh Morrus) were joined this week by Ryan O’Reilly.

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Doc was joined firstly by F4W‘s Bryan Alvarez. Bryan & Doc discussed, among other things:

- ‘Monday Night Raw’

- Triple H brawling with Umaga

- Candice Michelle’s injury

- The debut of D.H. Smith

- Mr Kennedy & Jeff Hardy’s promos at the beginning of ‘Raw’ & the possibility of Jeff Hardy challenging Randy Orton at ’Cyber Sunday’

- ECW being renewed for one year by the Sci-Fi Network & their thoughts on ECW

- The merger between ’SmackDown!’ & ECW

- Kristal Marshall released & the details behind her release

- Last week’s ’Monday Night Raw’ with Hornswoggle & The Coach

- John Cena being on ’The Apprentice’

- Donald Trump’s appearance at ’WrestleMania’

- The new reality show starring Bret Hart’s ex-wife and his children

- Lex Luger’s health

- The recent wrestling fanfest at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, which is Bryan says is detailed on his ‘Figure Four Weekly’ website

- The show which Doc promoted in Indiana & wrestling promoters in general

Doc & Bryan were joined by their first featured guest, Ryan O’Reilly

- Ryan said, “it was a lot of things, it really came down to family issues…" and spoke more about why he requested his release

- O’Reilly noted it’s more of a time-off period now for him, emphasising that he still loves wrestling, it’s his passion & he wants to wrestle & he’s focusing more on family & being with his fiancée Krissy Vaine

- Ryan O’Reilly says he has worked for TNA before as an enhancement talent, noting he had a great time

- Ryan spoke about his different trainers. Norman Smiley is very technical & has a “way different, European style“, O’Reilly stated. Bill DeMott & Jody Hamilton are more about psychology & telling a story, making wrestling matches make sense. “All three of them are by far the best", Ryan stated. He continued by mentioning Dr Tom Pritchard & Steve Keirn.

- Bryan asked about the end of Deep South Wrestling. Ryan O’Reilly highlighted that “it crushed me…I was an original…to see it just go, was rough…it was really where I began my professional career"& said that DSW was home to him & spoke about the former developmental territory in more detail.

- Ryan spoke about why he’s called ‘Ryan O’Reilly’ and the story behind the name. He noted he is Irish & “always wanted to do an Irish character“ & said his name is ‘flashy & catchy‘ and has nothing to do with the TV show ‘Oz‘.

- Ryan is asked by a listener in the Wrestling Weekly live chat about his memories of DSW are and about the fans. “I really loved our fans…they were so loyal, just to perform for the fans was a honor" and performing for them was a highlight.

- O’Reilly noted he’s wrestling locally & promoters can book them via their official website, & at present he wants some time off.

Doc then wishes Ryan the best of luck & thanked for being a guest. Bryan then talks with Doc about his new newsletter & radio shows which is available for subscribers of , Wrestling Observer Live at Sunday nights & Bryan is then thanked for being the co-host.

Doc is joined in the second hour by Bill DeMott. Bill spoke about being at Deep South Wrestling (DSW) and training wrestler’s there. They then talked about Ryan O’Reilly, who was a student for Bill DeMott. He said that Ryan came from a similar clique which he did, Bill noted that he was from the ICW/MCW area & spoke about O‘Reilly in more detail & that it‘s unlikely that the situation about Ryan requesting his release would have happened if DSW was still there in Georgia. Doc asked Bill DeMott why DSW ended, with him noting “it was internal combustion…changing of the guard from Tommy Dreamer to Simon Dean…Hamilton played the mediator between Deep South & WWE…all the talent doing the complaining has been fired". Bill said that the people complaining was over them being their 3 hours a day, a total of 12 hours per week. DeMott continued that with Les Thatcher he trained wrestlers at HWA and then he spoke about the wrestlers who complained.

Bill DeMott said he was in wrestling for twenty years and has a new company with his wife called ‘New Energy Wrestling’ in Georgia. They are looking for a building, new training centre & get some independent shows running & talked more about his plans & the wrestlers he trained - Angel Williams, Gymini, Mike Knox. They then talked about ‘MAV-TV’ which is airing episodes of Deep South Wrestling from 2006. Bill DeMott said that DSW TV took off and that other developmental groups working with WWE will be compared with OVW. “We were popular, we did well, we were up & going…they came in the middle of the night & took Deep South away", DeMott noted. Bill’s asked about where his promotion will run, he highlighted that it will be in the same area where DSW was,right outside South Atlanta & that he‘s looking to be in the same building Deep South ran shows in & that they hope to have a professional training facility too. They have a Myspace at - to find out more & also hope to have a website in the next month.

Doc asked about Bill’s retirement in 2003 and co-hosting ’Velocity’ with Josh Matthews. He then said he didn’t retire but broke his neck, went to see six doctors who told them the same result & that he had to fix his injury and although Bill healed his neck & noted he wanted to continue wrestling, “I was partnered up with Josh (Matthews) on Velocity, again I never officially retired, I look at it like I moved up a notch in wrestling…through my twenty years I’ve gone from wrestler, to behind the scenes, trainer, commentator, developmental trainer, talent scout, I’ve been lucky…I compare it to Tazz, from in-ring to being one of the best commentators in the business". He said he enjoyed ’Velocity’ and putting the guys over & Josh really helped him out. Bill DeMott notes that Josh Matthews wasn’t a bad commentator but he had his moments when he wanted to be in the ring himself. DeMott highlighted “I think Josh did a heck of a job with announcing, pay-per-view events…Josh is very knowledgeable…his character was supposed to be annoying…I had a lot of fun with him". They then talk about the season of ’Tough Enough’ which Josh was on with Chris Nowiniski & Maven.

Bill DeMott talked about him coming out on ’Velocity’ telling ’knock knock’ jokes & that the gimmick was getting over so they took it from him. Bill’s asked about if he owns an iPod which he does and “I have everything from Wayne Newton to Scorpions, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, Elvis…I have an eclectic taste in music". Another question from the listeners in the Wrestling Weekly chat is does Bill know any TNA wrestlers & how are they. DeMott notes he talks to a chosen few when he gets the opportunity & spoke with Brother D-Von yesterday and “catches up with guys, who are doing great." Bill’s then asked about the origins behind the General Reaction gimmick, when he was part of the M.I.A in WCW. DeMott highlighted that Vince Russo came up to him and came up to him with a piece of paper to read out at the pay-per-view, where he would say the new name of his character & wrestled Scott Stenier and spoke about his thoughts on the character.

Bill noted, “everything’s a test in wrestling…you got to roll with it". Bill spoke about the origins behind the Hugh Morrus character. DeMott talked about his moonsault finisher, the ‘No Laughing Matter’ and his other moves which had gimmicked names, like the ‘Punchline‘. Bill said the Misfits in Action (MIA) stable was actually a rib, going back to when Eric Bischoff came back the second time to WCW and that he called them ‘the misfits’ who they didn’t know what to do with them. He continued by saying that being in the MIA was great. Another question from the listeners, who is his favourite gimmick. Bill says Hugh Morrus is Bill DeMott, “that’s my personality, my demeanor’ & Crash The Terminator (whom he wrestled as in Japan & Mexico) was his only real gimmick. He highlighted that General E. Rection was just a name change & went to Hugh Morrus afterwards.

Bill’s asked when talking to wrestlers, does he call them by their real names or their wrestler names. “It depends on who I talk too & how friendly we are…some guys are comfortable being called by their first name" & that some people thought his name was Hugh. Doc then spoke with Bill DeMott about Candice being injured on ‘Monday Night Raw’ & talked about his injury in Corpus Christi against Sean O‘Haire. DeMott gave his thoughts on Candice saying, “the girl’s becoming quite good…she’s got very good over the past year or so". Doc asked about how the referees are now treating the matches as serious & real and Bill shared his thoughts on the new role for referees and the fines if they don’t stop matches if rules are broken etc. and he highlighted, “I like the fact that you have to be smart, to make it believable, you have to believable". Doc asks Bill DeMott about ECW. “I’m kinda torn on it…I know they’re bringing the SmackDown! stars into it, I don’t know if it’s being set to fail…good for them, the guys up & working the better, the possibility of going to Raw or SmackDown!…I’d like to see them guys being their own little group…they have enough talent in developmental for ECW for it to take off".

Doc said there’s a conflict of interest between WWE & the networks. DeMott added his opinions highlighted, “People looked at ECW being a televised farm league & I think because of Kane‘s and guys like that…it made it legitimate, they (networks) don’t care about wrestling, the story’s & characters…it’s about the revenue". Bill said that you see the same six guys every week & unless you let the wrestlers do what they do, you’re never going to know who they are, using newer wrestlers like the Major Brothers as an example & that you can watch the top guys on each show. They then spoke about the recent Cow Palace fan fest convention & that Bill’s good friend Scott Norton, who was at the fan fest convention, got paid by the promoter. Bill DeMott added his thoughts about the fan fest & wrestling promoters.

Bill DeMott then stands in for Les to play the prediction game & to hear their predictions check out the show!. Doc then thanks Bill for being co-host and wishes him luck with his new promotion, New Energy Wrestling.

Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries (producers of the ’Guest Booker’ series), will be next week’s featured guest.

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