More on Scott Hall no-showing PPV, Samoa Joe upsets some with promo

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Monday, December 3, 2007 at 5:06 PM EST

According to a report by The Pro Wrestling Torch, Scott Hall's last voice contact with anyone was on Sunday morning. As the afternoon progressed and Hall wasn't answering his phone, a lot of concern grew within TNA that he was going to no-show. There was said to be hope as the PPV went live that he would eventually show up. However, Hall sent word that he had food poisoning and couldn't make it.

As a result, Samoa Joe was asked to go to the ring and cut a promo on Hall to try and take heat off the company for him no-showing the event and then shift to putting over guys on the roster before introducing Eric Young as the replacement. Joe's promo went five minutes longer than planned and reportedly incorporated a lot more than they had discussed with him.

For those wondering, when Joe leaned over the top rope and yelled to someone off camera that if they were mad they could go ahead and fire him since he didn't care, he was looking at TNA President Dixie Carter. Carter was said to be legitimately upset with Joe "going into business for himself" and taking so long with his promo. Nash, who was said to be disappointed in Hall no-showing the event, was also upset with Joe turning his rant against him. When the main event concluded, Nash returned to the back right away and waited for Joe. When Joe reached the backstage area, Nash reportedly confronted him and a somewhat heated exchange took place between the two. Joe was described as backing down and avoiding the situation from escalating any further with Nash.