Second report from 1/11 Raw House Show from Jacksonville, Florida

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Saturday, January 12, 2008 at 1:46 PM EST

Eric Geores sent this report in:

-I was in section 103, which would be directly across from the camera if we were on tv

-arena was a little more than half-way filled

-lots of kids with DX & Cena merchandise

-Tony Chimmel is your ring announcer for tonight

-General Manager William Regal is out first (wearing robe & trunks), and would like to welcome us to the Raw house show in... line? Lots of cheap heat for that. Cody Rhodes comes out, and reminds him that we're in Jacksonville! Cheap pop that would make Foley proud. Cody mentions on the history of the Rhodes family wrestling in Florida, and then asks for a spot in the Royal Rumble. William Regal says if he wants a spot in the RR, he'll have to earn it against... him.

Royal Rumble Qualifying match
William Regal v. Cody Rhodes
-entertaining match with Regal playing the cowardly heel as only he can. Lots of "Let's Go Cody" and "Regal Sucks" chants. Cody wins with a reverse roll-up.
Winner by Pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Charlie Haas v. Ted DiBiase, Jr.
-DiBiase got no reaction. Two minutes into the match, Haas disappeared under the ring, and came back with that Blue Blazer mask on. A few comical spots with Haas acting like a superhero. He caught some heat when he went to the top rope, and everyone thought he was going to splash DiBiase from across the ring. Instead, he hopped down, and did a Rolling Thunder type move. DiBiase won after locking-on the Million-Dollar Dream.
Winner via Submission: Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Super Crazy v. Afa, Jr.
-Super Crazy got a decent pop, while Afa got no reaction. Crazy had a few quick spots, while Afa basically used Umaga's moveset. Crazy wins with a missile dropkick, followed by a standing moonsault.
Winner by Pinfall: Super Crazy

DH Smith & Atlas Damone v. The Highlanders
-originally advertised as Smith & Drew McIntyre. Smith was introduced first, with a slight reaction. ASHLEY MASSARRO was introduced next, to a huge pop, as a "Special Guest." Then out was Damone to a surprisingly good pop. Must be a local guy. On a side note, Smith, DiBiase, and Rhodes were all dressed identically. Highlanders got your typical foreign-heel heat. Atlas got tagged in to a big pop. Smith took Rory out, while Atlas hit what appeared to be a standing/jumping Ki-Stomp on the back of Robbie's head! (keep in mind Robbie was not on the ground, but standing hunched over) Then he stomped the ground a little, before hitting an Ultimate Splash!
Winners by Pinfall: Atlas Damone & DH Smith

Trevor Murdoch v. Drew McIntyre
-Murdoch got a lot of "Redneck" chants (go figure), while Drew was surprisingly over for most of the match. Murdoch was backed into a corner, and decided to kick McIntyre's junk like he was punting a football. Acted all surprised when he got DQed. After the bell, McIntyre got back up, and hit some big clotheslines.
Winner via Disqualification: Drew McIntyre

-Santino Marella is out next (thank you God!). He says it is great to be here in Jackson-towne. You gotta love this guy. He says the people at WWE were-a so stupid, that they-a messed up Maria's flight, so she-a couldn't-a be here. Lots of disappointement in the crowd. Instead, he wanted to impress Maria by issuing an open-a challenge to anyone in the back . WHAT? I said "I'm-a issuing an open-a challege to anyone-a in the back!" "WHAT?" I said "I'm-a issuing an open-a challege to anyone-a in the back!" "WHAT?" I said "I'm-a issuing an open-a challege to anyone-a in the back!" "WHAT?" I said... he realizes he's been had. Hilarious. Hardcore Holly comes out to a big pop.

Santino Marella v. Hardcore Holly
-originally advertised as Santino v. Carlito in a Royal Rumble qualifying match. I tried starting a "NASCAR sucks" chant, but no-one got it. Great match with Santino proving he is the most underrated performer since Owen Hart. Holly hits the Alabama Slam and it's all over. Afterwards, Santino is still acting disoriented trying to find his way to the back.
Winner by Pinfall: Hardcore Holly


WWE Women's Championship
Beth Pheonix v. Mickie James
-God, she has a phat ass. Crowd was very pro-Mickie. Lot of back & forth, with plenty of near falls. Mickie's thong was sticking out most of the match, while Beth's boobs almost popped out. Mickie is about to hit the implant DDT, when Beth reverses it into a huge powerbomb
Winner and STILL Women's Champion: Beth Pheonix

WWE Championship
Randy Orton v. Jeff Hardy
-incredible heat on Orton. Jeff gets one of the biggest pops I've ever heard. Cool spot saw Jeff hit a dropkick to Orton, who was standing on the ring apron, knocking him down onto the rail and almost into the crowd, but maintaing enough balance to keep from crashing into this family at rindside. Jeff hit's the side-effect, and goes up for the Swanton Bomb, to a huge pop. Orton catches even more heat, if it was possible, for rolling out of the ring. The match ended with Orton attempting the RKO, Hardy reverses it into a Twist of Fate, Orton reverses it again into an RKO.
Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

DX v. Snitsky & Umaga
-HHH & Michales did their usual shtick, which involved starting a "Brush Your Teeth" chant directed at Snitsky. They didn't lock-up until five minutes AFTER the bell had rung. The only remotely unique spot saw Triple H slapping his belly, I guess to imitate Umaga, who responds by pretending to spit water, only it doesn't take him ten minutes. DX wins (big surprise) by hitting Sweet Chin Music on both of them, followed by a Pedigree on Umaga (bigger surprise.)
Winners by Pinfall: DX

Quick Results & Ratings:
Cody Rhodes defeated William Regal **/****
Ted DiBiase, Jr. defeated Charlie Haas */****
Super Crazy defeated Afa, Jr. */****
DH Smith & Atlas Damone w/Ashley Massarro defeated The Highlanders *1/2/****
Drew McIntyre defeated Trevor Murdoch via DQ *1/2/****
Hardcore Holly defeated Santino Marella **/****
Beth Pheonix defeated Mickie James (Women's Championship) ***/****
Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy (WWE Championship) ***1/2/****
DX defeated Snitsky & Umaga **1/2/****

Who's Hot, Who's Not:
Biggest Pops:
1. Jeff Hardy
2. DX
3. Mickie James
4. Hardcore Holly
5. Atlas Damone & Ashley
6. Cody Rhodes

Most Heat:
1. Randy Orton
2. Snitsky
3. Umaga
4. Santino Marella
5. Tevor Murdoch
6. William Regal