Interview with John Bradshaw Layfield, Ashley Massaro note + Tatanka

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Friday, February 15, 2008 at 5:15 PM EST

Josh Stewart of The Long Island Press passed on a link to an interview he conducted with WWE's John Bradshaw Layfield at this link.

L Anne Carrington sent this in: Ashley Massaro posted a new blog on her official MySpace page February 14; apparently the punk diva was a little anti-Valentine's Day: "Well, yet another Valentines Day spent alone after 28 yrs. Not like I'm surprised really. I've really become used to the idea of me myself and I. I like it better that way. And I hope all you loners out there on this silly holiday feel the same way. I got you and you got me. Later punkinpies. Xoxo." In addition, all references to her relationship with Paul London have been removed and she is also listed once again as single. I also conferred with a source close to him that has confirmed they are no longer a couple.

L Anne Carrington also sent this in: Former WWE star Tatanka will be making an appearance for a meet and greet in Tuggen/Switzerland on 04/05/08. Additional details may be found at this link.