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On Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 4:59 PM EST

Aaron Patton sent this in:

World Class Extreme Wrestling
& Harvest Ministries Presents…
"Next In Line"
Saturday June 7th, 2008
At the Harvest Ministries Outreach Center
1134 East Caswell Street
Wadesboro North Carolina
Belltime 7:30pm ~ Doors Open @ 6:30pm

The #7,8 & 9 Entries into the "Next In Line" Rumble" has been announced:
Three of WCEW's Young Guns have been added to the Special 20 Man Rumble on June 7th, Those men are Kid Evil, Zebro Kid and Cory Duncum. All three of these young men could win a shot at a WCEW Heavyweight Title Match. Can one of them make it to be the NEXT IN LINE? Find out in Wadesboro North Carolina....

Participants announced for the "Next In Line" Rumble:

Evan Lee Devine - After his big win at "Xtreme Intentions" over Stan Braddock, Devine is looking for Gold already? He will have to outlast 19 other stars to even get a shot at the Big Prize.

KC McKnight - Yes One half of the WCEW Tag Team Champions has entered his name in the Rumble.Question is will his quest for WCEW's Biggest prize cause conflict with his Friend, partner and WCEW Champion?

J Prep Esquire - Fresh off his First Single Victory, J Prep is really looking to prove himself to the match makers in WCEW and fellow Money Clip members.

DZ Hyde - Bad Religion is looking for Gold and Hyde wants to bring it to the family.

Shaq Knox - One of WCEW Biggest and Youngest Fan favorites is looking for his first shot at gold.
Why not start with the biggest piece of Gold in the Company?

Tracy Gilbert - It's been months since Gilbert has held gold in WCEW.He says His time is now!

MORE Participants will be announced later this week!

***Main Event ~ 20 Man "Next In Line" Rumble with the Winner receiving a WCEW Heavyweight Title Match on the Aug. 9th "Turn The Page" 7 Year Anniversary Show....

** WCEW Tag Team Title Match ~ "The Kings of the Carolina" KC McKnight & Corey Edsel (C) VS The Money Clip - Dillinger & Tracy Gilbert w/Stephen B Esquire III....

More Matches to be announced as well as the participants for the "Next In Line" Rumble....

Get your reserved Tickets now as Ringside is sure to be sold out...

Todd Brantley sent this in:

Quick Results from NWA Upstate's Anniversary Anarchy IV at the Minett Hall in Henrietta, New York 5/17:

"The Montgomery Madman" Sweet Lou defeated "The Rican Sensation" Maximo Suave (w/Luis Whiteshoes) and Coconut Jones (w/"Superbad" Richard Venice) in a triple threat match
Yoko-Dewey defeated The Dustytaker in a Casket Match

Main Show
The McCloud Brothers defeated The Ring Crew Express (w/Nikki Jett), CloudLee, & NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze (w/Col. Johnny Kayfabe) in a non-title four corners match

"The Notorious BCL" Big Cat Lemmer defeated Spazz

"American Angel" Sara Del Ray vs. Portia Perez was ruled a no-contest when CloudLee came out and interrupted their match and challenged Del Ray & Perez to a tag match

CloudLee defeated Sara Del Ray & Portia Perez

"The Bull of Black Mountain" Gabe Saint defeated NWA Upstate No Limits Champion Cheech in a relaxed rules (no time limit, no countout) match to win the title.

Triple X, Super Assassin, Mastiff, & Jonny Puma defeated The Star Foundation (Starrider, Platinum, Rip Impact, & Loca Vida)

"The Patrick Swayze of Professional Wrestling" Pepper Parks defeated "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes & "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles in a triple threat match

NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion Danny Doring defeated Jimmy Olsen in a steel cage match

ACWOFFICE sent this in:






10. The ‘Canadian Bulldogs’ DH Smith & TJ Wilson (Challengers) VS. The ‘Empire’ Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre (Champions)


9. Victoria, Roucka, Daisy VS. The Bellas (Bri & Nicole) & Taryn Terrell

8. Bryan Kelly VS. Big Rob

7. Afa & Tyrone Jones VS. Eric Perez & Eddie Colon w/ Miss Angela

6. Sheamus O’Shaunessy VS. Gabe Tuft

5. ‘Ass Kicker’ Jay Bradley & Mondo VS. Colt ‘Boom Boom’ Cabana & Atlas DaBone


3. Sinn Bowdee VS. Rycklon

2. ‘Sterling’ Jack Gabriel VS. Kafu w/ Andrew Vein

1. Shawn Spears VS. Mr. Yamamoto


Saul Stradlin sent this in:

PWG held Night 1 of the second annual DDT4 (Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament) in Burbank, CA on Saturday night. In the weeks leading to the event, several wrestlers booked for the shows were forced off the cards due to various injuries. The Briscoe Brothers were forced out of the tournament due to an injury to Mark Briscoe, Kota Ibushi (who was set to make his PWG debut this weekend) was injured days before the event, and PWG World Champion Human Tornado suffered a very serious knee injury that will prevent him from being in action for a year.

(Quick note, I'm in a rush to write this, so I won't have many details on most of the matches as I have a family function to attend before I head out to Burbank for tonight's show. I apologize in advance. I'll hopefully have more details for tonight's show report.)

Before the show, PWG Commissioner of Foods and Beverages Excalibur and PWG Commissioner of Wrestling Dino Winwood did their usual opening promos to welcome the fans to the event and got the crowd hyped for the show.

Match 1. Hook Bomberry over Nemesis: Standard opening match with a good heel/face dynamic. Hook was a very entertaining heel in this match.

Match 2. Los Luchas (Zokre and Phoenix Star) vs. 2.0 (Shane Mathews and Jagged) to advance in the tournament: 2.0 came into this tournament as replacements for The Briscoe Brothers and were making their PWG debut. They are well known for their work in IWS in Canada and CHIKARA Pro. Good match, although there were some awkward moments in this, with 2.0 playing goofy heels, which got over with the crowd really well.

Match 3. TJ Perkins over Candice LeRae: Before the match, TJ Perkins cut a promo discussing how he was always getting the shaft whenever something happened to a PWG star. He complained about his match with Jay Briscoe being canceled because of the Human Tornado's knee injury and issued a challenge to any "prima donna" in the back to a match. His open challenge was answered by Candice LeRae. TJ controlled most of the match, and played to the crowd more than he usually does. Really entertaining match with good heat and told a really good story.

Match 4: Roderick Strong and Jack Evans over Ronin and Scorpio Sky to advance in the tournament: Really good match. The finish came with Evans and Strong hitting the Ode To The Bulldogs, which got a huge reaction from the fans in attendance. Up until this point, this was the second best match of the night behind Perkins/LeRae.

After a 15 minute intermission, Excalibur came out to address the situation involving PWG World Champion Human Tornado and the current situation with the title. Tornado addressed the fans after getting a good reaction from them, and then went back to his heel shtick by claiming that he wasn't vacating the PWG World Title and left with the belt around his waist, leaving Excalibur inside the ring in a state of confusion.

Match 5: El Blazer and Kagetora over The Dynasty (Scott Lost and Joey Ryan) to advance in the tournament: El Blazer was a late replacement in the tournament for Kota Ibushi. This was also the US debut of El Blazer, who got a huge reaction from the fans. Blazer and Lost matched up really well together in this. El Blazer was pretty much the star of this match, as he hit several amazing high flying moves that got over huge with the fans. Kagetora was also very impressive, and this was probably the best tag match of the tournament this far.

Match 6: Austin Aries over Jay Briscoe: Originally, Jay Briscoe was booked to face TJ Perkins, and Aries was booked to face the Human Tornado for the PWG World Title. One of the biggest criticisms the Briscoes get for their match is that they're usually full of crazy moves that should be finishers. This match was really the polar opposite of your usual Briscoes match, and instead was paced well and built up to a really exciting finish.

Match 7: Kevin Steen and El Generico over Super Dragon and Davey Richards to advance in the tournament and to retain the PWG World Tag Team Titles: This match started out really hot, with lots of crowd brawling for the first few minutes. At some point during the match, Super Dragon appeared to have been knocked out and looked as if he suffered a concussion, as he was really out of it for the majority of the match. After the match, Dragon had to be helped to the back by several officials.

During Steen and Generico's celebration, Excalibur came out and berated Steen for not attending PWG shows over the past several months and demanded to know why he was never around. Steen answered by pointing out that he was taking care of his wife and child, who were in attendance. Excalibur then called Kevin's child ugly, which resulted in Kevin Steen delivering three straight Package Piledrivers onto Excalibur, grabbed his son, and had him pin Excalibur for a three count. After all this, El Generico stole Excalibur's shoes to close out the show.

Notes: Really fun show. As mentioned, Super Dragon appeared to have suffered a concussion during his match as he didn't seem very responsive towards the end of the match. The crowd looked to have been about 375, and were pretty into the show. Tonight's show i Burbank (with a 5PM belltime) will feature the final rounds of the tournament. Here are the current matches lined up:

DDT4 Semi-finals/PWG World Tag Team Title Match: Kagetora and El Blazer vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico
DDT4 Semi-finals: Jack Evans and Roderick Strong vs. Los Luchas
Non-tournament: Brandon Bonham vs. TJ Perkins
Plus matches featuring the eliminated teams from the DDT4, Necro Butcher, Austin Aries, Jay Briscoe, and more.

John Lynch sent this in:

VPW Tag Team Championship Tournament 5/16/08
Official Results & Notes

Everyone at VPW would like to thank the over 320 fans that packed in the Centereach VFW Hall on a rainy Friday night. VPW would also like to thank our special guests, WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and TNA Star Shark Boy.

The VPW Tag Team Championship Tournament kicked off with an exciting first round match that saw Eclipse defeat the debuting Funky Fresh Boyz. The debuting K-Fresh and K-Funk had an impressive debut, but it wasn’t enough to out due Xandar Page and Jay Delta.

The second first round match featured the returning SAT defeating Pretty Poison. The experience of Jose and Joel Maximo was too much for the young team of EJ Risk and Justin Toxic. Even their manager, Tough Tommy, couldn’t help his team win. In fact, Tough Tommy was so pout of control that VPW Management made the call to have Tommy ejected from the match.

In a match that truly could have gone either way, the Suburban SWAT Team came up short against Livewired in the third first round match up. Both teams showed each other respect before and after the match in a showing of true sportsmanship. Despite the loss, the Suburban SWAT Team of Johnny Suburban and Joey Everlast have to be considered amongst the top contenders for the tag team titles. After the match, manager Mikey Old School was seen coming up with a plan for his team.

The fourth match was a special attraction that saw the Zombie running wild against the debuting Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter. Once again, the Zombie was victorious. It seems that the only person in VPW that has been able to defeat the Zombie is the VPW Champion, Jason Static.

The fifth match was scheduled to feature Best Bodies, Inc. members Sabotage and Joe So Delicious against Nightmare and Chopsaw. When Sabotage hit the ring alone, something seemed up. Sabotage informed the fans that Joe So Delcious was at the gym and that he would be competing in the tournament alone. Something definitely seemed off about that because there is no way that anybody in Best Bodies, Inc. would pass up a chance to win championship gold. With a 2 on 1 advantage, it looked like Nightmare and Chopsaw were a sure thing, but VPW Champion Jason Static made certain that his man won the match. Contributing to Nightmare and Chopsaw’s downfall was the mysterious Gina Bella. For the first time, she officially accompanied Chopsaw to the ring, but she seemingly served more as a distraction than anything. Following the match, Static explained to the audience that he had gone back to the locker room and found his gear and his bags chewed up as if a shark had gotten to them.

Next up was a very special edition of the Jerry Fitzwater Show with special guest Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Fitzwater seemed in awe of Hammer’s presence, but as usual, Fitzwater seemed more confused than anything. Just as the interview was picking up, members of VTG Enterprises, including Vinny the Guido, Scotty Rio and Johnny “Muscles” Marinara, hit the ring and got right in Valentine’s face. Not one to take crap from anybody, Valentine quickly laid out all 3 men and even trapped Rio in the Figure-Four Leglock. Mikey the Security Guard made sure that Fitzwater was kept safe during all of the action.

During intermission, VPW fans were given a chance to meet and take pictures with most of the roster, including Shark Boy and Greg Valentine.

In the fist semi-final match of the VPW Tag Team Championship Tournament, Eclipse defeated the SAT by count out. This has to be considered a huge upset despite Eclipse sneaking their way to victory.

In the second semi-final match, Livewired defeated Sabotage and Joe So Delcicious. It seemed that Joe So Delicious was not in fact at the gym afterall, but instead was out back in a fight with long-time rival Mack Daddy Flexx. It seemed as if Best Bodies, Inc. had the match in total control until Flexx came down to the ringside area where he quickly got into a fist fight with Joe So Delicious. That left Sabotage alone in the ring with JMS and VSK and the table quickly turned in Livewired’s favor.

In a battle of six of VPW’s best, the returning Richie Tyler defeated Minyon, Azrieal, Jorge Santi, Mike Gallagher and Javi-Air. Gallagher was accompanied to the ring by Ms. Terri. Following the match, Azrieal and Javi-Air kicked their rivalry back in to high gear and continued to fight despite the actual match being over. These two have been going at it on and off for over a year.

An injured and upset Vinny the Guido interrupted the ring announcer and started berating the VPW fans that were laughing at him for getting roughed up by Greg Valentine earlier in the night. While Vinny was ranting, Deli Man came from behind and cracked Vinny in the head with a loaf of Italian Bread. Deli Man then rolled Vinny in to the ring where he broke a raw chicken over Vinny’s face. The fun didn’t stop there as Deli Man then took the chicken gizzard and shoved it down Vinny’s throat. Not much is known about this Deli Man, but Vinny the Guido has already swore revenge for this humiliation.

After that incident, it was time for VPW Championship match between Shark Boy and Jason Static. The match went back and forth the whole time, but in the end, Static walked out with his VPW Championship. However Static did not win the match and was disqualified for pulling the referee in front of him to deflect one of Shark Boy’s attacks. Shark Boy had Static pinned and it appeared the referee was calling for the bell to be rung because of the pinfall, but the referee was actually calling for the bell for the disqualification. Following the match, Sabotage and Joe So Delicious hit the ring to go after Shark Boy, but Shark Boy stunned both men. Mack Daddy Flexx, Don Tony and Zombie then came down to help Shark Boy take out the trash. All four men then had a clam juice bash in celebration. Shark Boy then got on the mic and addressed the VPW fans.

To close out the night was the finals of the VPW Tag Team Tournament. In this hard-fought match, two exhausted teams went at it full force. Despite a ton of effort, Livewired were defeated by Eclipse. Xandar Page and Jay Delta have been calling themselves “the resurrection of tag team wrestling’ for over two years, but now they can truly back up that claim. With the gold around their waists, Eclipse has put all VPW teams on notice. Unfortunately for Eclipse, all of the many enemies that they’ve made over the last few years have an even greater reason to come after them.

Victory Pro Wrestling will return to Centereach on Friday night July 11, 2008. Keep up to date with all VPW events and news on For complete details on the VPW Wrestling School call 631-357-1810 or visit the website.

Bradley Grover sent this in:

At EPW's Vindikation event in Danielson, CT on May 17, 2008, Rocco Abruzzi defeated Christian Angers to become the NEW Eastern Pro Wrestling TV champion and "Brutal" Bob Evans defeated Scotty 2 Hotty to regain the EPW heavyweight title that Scotty won from him in March. Afterward, Dan Freitas and Evans' "friend", the 350 lb. monster Kongo, got involved. Evans had Kongo hold Scotty up and Evans said he respects Scotty, but not Kongo. Evans then kicked Kongo below the belt and raised the hands of Scotty and Freitas. Evans will defend vs Kongo on July 17 at the Plainfield, CT Town Hall.

At the Eastern Pro Wrestling event this past Friday in Swansea, MA, EPW Vice President Ricky Vazquez announced that when EPW returns to the Bank Street Armory(aka the Community Development Recreation building) at 72 Bank Street in Fall River, MA on August 1, manager Marshall McNeill's "secret weapon" will compete against Jerry "The King" Lawler, who will be making his EPW debut on that night.

Championship Wrestling sent this in:

Championship Wrestling Results
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Greeneville, TN @ the Eastview Rec Center

This event was a benefit for former long time Greeneville promoter, Roy Roberts. Roberts was recently diagnosised with cancer and the proceeds from this event went to his family to help pay for medical bills.

1. Nick Hammonds defeated The Krazed One

2. AWA Shooting Star Champion, Mike Howerton defeated Shane Storm

3. Beau James defeated Matt Burns

AWA World Heavyweight Champion Brian Logan called out Tony Givens to the ring... When Givens didn't come to the ring, Logan called Givens' wife, Candice into the ring. Logan berated her until her father, long time local star, James Blevins came into the ring and told Logan to stop... Logan then pushed Blevins and gave Candice Givens a superkick... Tony Givens' G1 teammates, Robbie Cassidy, Wayne Adkins and Nick Hammonds chased Logan off.

4. The Krazed One defeated Matt Stevens

5. The 501st (The Jin & The Super Jin) defeated National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy & Thorn... After the match, Thorn's wife, Kandy revealed that she was pregant. Upon hearing this news, Thorn went nuts and attacked Robbie Cassidy and his own pregant wife... Thorn had to be escorted out of the building by security.

6. The Main Event of the evening was a 2 out of 3 falls Match between Brian Logan and Wayne Adkins with Tony Givens as the Special Guest referee... The 1st fall was for Logan's AWA World Heavyweight Title. The 2nd Fall was for Logan's CW Television Title and if the match went to a 3rd Fall then Logan's APEX Heavyweight Title from WV would be on the line.

Before the match, Tony Givens was told by AWA Official, Clarence Clippenback that if he touched Brian Logan during this match then he would never get a match with Logan.

Brian Logan won the 1st Fall to retain his AWA World Heavyweight Title by using his loaded boot on Adkins behind Givens' back.

Wayne Adkins won the 2nd Falls out of no where with a Sunset Flip to become the CW Television Champion

Logan hit the loaded boot on Adkins again during the 3rd Fall, but this time Givens caught him and refused to count... Logan pushed Givens and Givens retaliated by punching Logan. Logan then kicked Givens in his injured knee... Logan went to hit Givens with the loaded boot, but Adkins grabbed his foot and spun him around. Givens and Adkins hit Logan with a double Superkick. Adkins covered Logan for the 3 count to become the AWA APEX Heavyweight Champion.

A return date for Greeneville will be announced next week.

Championship Wrestling's next event is Saturday, June 14 at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, TN.

Here is the card so far:

***Title Turmoil***
National Heavyweight Title Re-Match
Champion, Robbie Cassidy
Big Steve Fury
w/ John Hawkins

The Winner will then immediately face Thorn in a 2nd National Heavyweight Title Match

***The Return of the Dragon***
Tony "The Dragon" Givens
Chris Richards
w/ John Hawkins
--- If Givens wins he face Brian Logan on Wednesday, July 16 at Fun Fest

***AWA World Title Match***
Champion, Brian Logan
w/ John Hawkins
"Sensational" Wayne Adkins

***Grudge Match****
"Notorious" Nick Hammonds
"The Cold" Alyx Winters
w/ John Hawkins

Much More will be announced in the coming weeks.

Watch Championship Wrestling TV every Saturday at 5:00 PM on Tri-Cities CW4.

For more information visit

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

Results by IWC Play-by-play commentator Joe Dombrowski,

The International Wrestling Cartel returned to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa with all the fallout from last month’s Super Indy VI spectacular. With promoter Norm Connors not in attendance, would the inmates truly be running the asylum?

Our main event saw the legendary former World champion Jerry Lynn defeat “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney for undisputed possession of the Super Indy Title. Lynn, the consummate, respectful professional refused to acknowledge himself as the official Super Indy champion until he defeated prior titleholder Sweeney. After a unique strut-off, and great contest, Lynn reigned supreme as champion, with Sweeney both gracious and humble -- and quick to mention his prized ICW/ICWA Texarkana TV Title was NOT as stake. However, IWC’s Super Indy division officially enters the Jerry Lynn Era.

A six-man tag team war pitting Marshall & Mickey Gambino and Jimmy DeMarco of The Family against the two recent targets of their attempted hits: Super Hentai & Michael “The Bomber” Façade, along with mentor Shirley Doe ended in chaos and bloodshed. After assaulting and bloodying Façade with a vicious chairshot, The Family set out to prove once again the power of strength in numbers. With Viki Gambino and the Family’s flunkies looking on from ringside, Vendetta made his presence known, interfering with a brutal power bomb, allowing near-300 lb. Marshall Gambino to connect with a splash from the top rope. After the match, the vile assault on Façade continued, dropping his lifeless body on two open chairs.
The Family makes another statement, as the remorseless destruction continues.

Record-setting five-time Heavyweight champion Dennis Gregory faced the challenge of Delirious, as Delirious tried to avenge the disgusting chauvinistic and overtly sexual nature of Gregory’s behavior toward Delirious’ personal translator Daizee Haze last month. Delirious and Haze were able to gain some degree of revenge, however Delirious was momentarily blinded by rage. As he trapped Gregory in a submission, the man from the Edge of Sanity failed to recognize his shoulders were on the mat as Gregory was on top of him. Gregory finds another way to win it “all by himself”, just like he claims to have done last month against The Sandman, conveniently neglecting to mention John McChesney’s knockout-shot to The Sandman that directly led to the title changing hands.

Sexual Harassment looked to add a fifth title to the team’s legacy, and the first title to this latest incarnation of the group as they challenged Shiima Xion & Jason Gory, Babyface Fire for the titles. The story in recent months was the repeated lack of chemistry between Idol & Xtasy, as they always seemed on two separate pages, but tonight they were as cohesive as ever. It was BFF that suffered from a miscue in the bout, however showed incredible recovery skills to retain the titles. All four men showed respect following the match, yet a clearly-dejected Harassment have to be hoping another opportunity is not far away.

The legendary master of mat psychology Jake “The Snake” Roberts made his Elizabeth, Pa IWC debut as part of Norm Connors’ punishment for the outspoken Family member Vendetta. However, a phone call to PETA from “Fabulous” John McChesney, still bitter over his loss to Jake some weeks back, meant that Jake’s trusty python was nowhere in sight. However, Jake’s deadliest weapon - the DDT - was still unleashed on Jimmy DeMarco, despite DeMarco’s preposterous attempts of countering the move by taping a plastic bowl to his head. McChesney wasn’t happy just taking away the snake, he went after Jake as well, until Sexual Harassment ran off the evil-doers. Officially, Jake wins via disqualification.

The implosion of The Cleveland Mafia led to the first one on one meeting between J-Rocc and Ray Rowe after months of ill-will. However, after Ray Rowe exploded with a series of suplexes, he made it clear, he was sparing J-Rocc for now for one reason… Rowe first wanted the man J-Rocc had sent to give Rowe his latest concussion and possibly end Rowe’s career… the 6’8 300 lb. Jason Bane. Rowe made it clear that once Rowe was done with Bane, he would be ready to finish off J-Rocc once and for all.

Johnny Gargano was able to defeat former Super Indy champion Troy Lords in a match of two athletes at a career crossroads, searching for momentum. Gargano was accompanied to ringside by Jerry Lynn, the man who defeated Gargano to qualify into Super Indy VI. It seems Gargano’s efforts against Lynn were enough to impress the former ECW champion, as Lynn and Gargano were seen discussing strategy earlier in the day. Is Lynn taking the 20 year old upstart under his wing?

“Fabulous” John McChesney officially severed any remaining ties he may have had with CJ Sensation, polishing him off with his electric chair driver in another search for respect and opportunity from IWC management. Still angry over his Super Indy VI shortcomings, McChesney made it clear he is no laughing matter. Sensation meanwhile, continued to take his frustrations out on IWC security, this time attacking his recent rival unprovoked during intermission.