Slammiversary PPV Results - 6/8 - Southaven, MS (KOTM, AJ & Angle)

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On Monday, June 9, 2008 at 12:12 AM EST

TNA Slammiversary PPV Results - 6/8/08
Location: Southaven, Mississippi
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report By: Ryan Droste of

Note: WrestleView's Adam Martin has lost power at his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa tonight. Therefore I (Ryan Droste) will be subbing and doing the live PPV play by play tonight for TNA's Slammiversary. We're starting things live here at 8:30 EST / 7:30 CST, so we missed the first 30 minutes of the show but will be posting a summary of what happened in that first 30 minutes shortly.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Petey Williams vs. Kaz

By all accounts, this was an excellent opening match. Kaz bled and survived numerous interference attempts by Scott Steiner and Rhaka Khan. Williams eventually won with the Canadian Destroyer.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Petey Williams

Steiner beat up on Kaz after the match until Abyss made his much anticipated return. He gave Steiner, Williams, and Khan all a Black Hole Slam. Abyss is wearing a white mental ward costume. He carried Kaz off to the back afterwards.

- Eric Young showed up ringside and promised Don West and Mike Tenay that he has found Elvis Presley, and he has brought him to the PPV tonight for an appearance.

Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Moose (Mickie Knuckles) vs. Gail Kim, Roxxi & ODB

Early on it looked like Velvet and Angelina were going to walk out on their partner, Moose. The "Beautiful People" worked over their opponents early once things settled down. Moose gave Roxxi a variation of the F-5 for a 2 count. Velvet Sky then came in and put an octapus submission on Roxxi. Roxxi broke the hold and tagged in Gail Kim.

Gail worked over Velvet Sky with her feed and clotheslined Angelina Love off the apron. Kim hit a crossbody over the top on Velvet for a near fall. Angelina then interfered from outside and tripped Kim, ramming her bad knee over the ring apron. Velvet worked over Kim a bit and tagged in Angelina. Angelina exposed Kim's hurt knee by pulling down her knee brace and kicking at the knee. Angelina continues her assult with submission moves on the injured right knee of Gail Kim. Angelina tagged Moose back in, who continues the assault on Kim's injured knee. Kim eventually escapes a standing submission with a huracanrana. Kim makes the hot tag to ODB who clears house.

ODB gives a fall away slam to Angelina. ODB takes a sip from her flask and spits the contents in Moose's face. ODB gets a near fall after a Thesz Press on to Moose out of the corner. The match then breaks down and the ladies are fighting around ringside. ODB hits a running powerslam on Moose in the ring and gets the pinfall.

Winners: ODB, Gail Kim, Roxxi

- A Rhino video package airs.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
LAX (c's) vs. Team 3D

Hernandez and Devon start off the match. They start off locking up struggling for position a couple of times. Devon eventually gets the advantage with some hard right hands. Hernandez makes a quick comeback and tags in Homicide. They double team Devon for a minute, but Devon eventually makes the quick tag.

Brother Ray takes a hip toss from Homicide after calling him “Small! Small! Small!” They jostle for position in mid ring, before Ray gives a snap mare and neck snapper to Homicide. Homicide eventually gives Ray an arm drag and hangs on to wrench the arm on the mat. Homicide goes for a monkey flip in the corner, but Ray sets him up on the top rope. Ray taunts, and Homicide nails a drop kick out of the corner. All four men get in the ring with LAX gaining the advantage. Both members of LAX execute dives to the outside taking out 3D near the announce table. Homicide makes the cover on Ray back in the ring for a near fall. He goes up top, but Devon pushes him off to the outside.

Ray comes to the outside, taking out Salinas and Hector Guerrero, and throws Homicide back in the ring to Devon. Devon continues to work over Homicide, choking him across the middle rope and following that up with a corkscrew elbow smash in mid ring. Team 3D double teams Homicide in the corner. Ray is tagged in and continues to work over the neck of Homicide with a wrenching submission in mid ring. Homicide attempts a comeback, coming off the ropes but running into a side slam from Ray. Devon is tagged back in. Devin with a big scoop slam followed by a splash attempt off the middle rope which Homicide dodges. Homicide makes the tag, but the ref doesn’t see it. Team 3D then beats down Homicide some more on the opposite side of the ring.

Ray with some loud open hand slaps across the chest of Homicide. Devon is tagged in and is perched on the top rope with Homicide. Homicide jumps and hits a jaw breaker on Devon. Hernandez and Ray are tagged in. They exchange blows in mid ring, with Hernandez eventually giving some back tosses to both members of Team 3D. He hits a delayed vertical suplex on Devon. Then a big splash in the corner to Ray. Hernandez with consecutive clotheslines on Ray and then the tag to Homicide. Homicide hits a top rope cross body on Ray for a near fall, with Devon making the save. Homicide is sent to the outside and 3D work over Hernandez in the ring.

3D go for their “wazzz up” move, but Homicide throws Devon off the top. Johnny Devine runs out, but Hector Guerrero jerks him out of the ring and nails Divine with the kendo stick that Divine had brought out. Salinas gets involved in the ring, nailing top rope headbutt to 3D in the ring. Hernandez puts Devon on his shoulders, and Homicide hits the gringo cutter from the top. Homicide hits a frog splash on Ray for the near fall, but Devon pulls the ref out to make the save. Homicide jumps to the outside, but Devon dodges him. Ray low blows Hernandez back in the ring. Team 3D gets ready to nail the 3D on Hernandez in the ring, but Homicide sneaks in behind Ray and school boys him for 1-2-3 out of nowhere.

Winners & STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: LAX

- A Robert Roode video package airs.

- Borash is in the ring and declares that any fan in attendance who defeats Awesome Kong will receive a briefcase with $25,000 in it. They choose two women. The first one says her name is Serena D. The second woman is Josie Robinson. Kong's manager chooses Serena to be the opponents.

$25,000 Open Challenge
TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong vs. Serena D

Serena declared she has Mixed Martial Arts training to Borash when on the mic before the match. Serena tries to take down Kong, but Kong just throws her off. Serena jumps on Kong's back, but Kong grabs her by the hair and just throws her off. Serena goes to the outside, where Kong follows her. Kong swings her by the feet into the guard rail at ring side. Kong throws her into the steel steps. Kong then goes over and pushes down Josie Robinson at ring side. Kong rolls Serena back into the ring. Kong gives her the Implant Buster in the middle of the ring for the three count.

Winner: Awesome Kong

After the match, Josie Robinson is still screaming at Kong. Borash asks Kong if she wants to fight "The girl from Memphis." They agree.

$25,000 Open Challenge
TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong vs. Josie Robinson

Josie gets in several punches before Kong pushes her off into the guard rail. Kong throws her again into the rail. Josie then dodges several punches and fights back. Josie gets in the ring and screams for Kong to bring it on. Kong gets in the ring, where Josie hits some kicks before Kong hits a big chop. Kong takes off her padded gloves and hits some punches and a big clothesline. Kong then nails the Awesome Bomb for the pinfall.

Winner: Awesome Kong

- Eric Young comes out on the ramp afterwards and says this is the moment everyone has waited for. He introduces "Elvis Presley." A rather pitiful immitator comes out, dancing nothing like the real Elvis nor looking much like him. The Elvis immitator goes down to the ring. Kong gives him the Awesome Bomb.

- A Christian Cage video package airs.

- A video recap of the Jay Lethal/So Cal Val romance airs.

- Ace Young, Kamala, Jake Roberts, Koko B. Ware, and George "The Animal" Steele are introduced as the groomsmen. For some reason, everyone was wearing a suit except for Ace Young, who was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. Sonjay Dutt is introduced as the best man, along with the Maid of Honor (Didn't catch her name). Apparently there are no bridesmaids, as Jay Lethal is now introduced. So Cal Val makes her way out next. They start the ceremony. Dutt interupts and says this has gone on "long enough." Lethal says he knows he is just looking out for him, but he really wants to do this. Dutt says that he's not talking to him. He says he has always been in love with Val and that he should be the man she marries tonight. He asks her to reconsider. Val starts crying and Lethal pushes him away, yelling at him in the corner. Lethal grabs one of the wooden decorations and cracks it across the back of Lethal. He then gets on top of Lethal and punches him. Ace Young runs into the laughably try to make the save, and Dutt turns and nails him. Koko B Ware gets in the ring and hits a few punches before Dutt fights back. Kamala then gets in the ring. He gives Dutt and a big chop, and Kamala and Ware take turns hitting Dutt. Jake Roberts pulls a snake from under the ring and lets it out in the ring. Jake puts the snake on top of Dutt. Meanwhile George Steel is eating one of the turnbuckles. What a waste of time. Seriously, could we bring in the real Macho Man to feud with Jay Lethal and end this crap already or something?

- A Booker T video package airs.

- A video recap of the Kurt Angle & AJ Styles feud airs.

Kurt Angle w/ Tomko vs. AJ Styles

They jostle for position, feeling each other out. Angle has the early advantage with a headlock takeover and headlock on the mat. AJ tosses him off into the ropes but receives a shoulder block from Angle. AJ comes back with a series of arm drags, and Angle rolls outside to regroup. Referee Earl Hebner continues to warn Tomko to not get involved. Back in the ring now, Angle with a kick to the gut and an elbow smash and a couple uppercuts. AJ comes back with his big drop kick. Styles works over Angle in the corner. AJ gets distracted talking trash at Tomko, and Angle gains the advantage with a punch and more uppercuts. Angle works over AJ in the corner with some boots. Angle tries to hit a running shoulder block but AJ moves and Angle smashes into the ring post. AJ springboards with a flying forearm. Styles runs into a shoulder block and rolls to the outside.

On the outside, Tomko walks over towards AJ and Hebner orders him to the back before anything can happen. Angle takes this chance to slam AJ into the guard rails over and over as Hebner is distracted. TNA security takes Tomko off to the back. AJ nails a flip dive over the top rope to the outside on a distracted Kurt Angle. AJ rolls Angle back into the ring. AJ with a backbreaker to Angle and a 2 count. Styles bodyslams Angle and follows that up with a knee drop to the face and another near fall. Angle comes back with a couple right hands and a big kick when AJ telegraphed a back body drop attempt. Angle gives AJ a big back body drop of his own. Angle gives him another and goes for a cover, 2 count. Angle locks on a headlock on the mat.

Angle repeatedly drives AJ’s head into the mat, and then he follows that up with some punches to the face. Angle goes back to the headlock. Styles begins to bleed from the nose. Styles fights to his feet and breaks the hold. He then runs right into a belly to belly release overhead suplex from Angle. Angle follows that up with a snap suplex for a 2 count. Angle puts a chinlock submission on, driving his knee into AJ’s back at the same time. AJ fights out of the hold. He comes off the ropes but runs into a knee to the gut from Kurt. Angle gives him a backbreaker and gets another 2 count. Some right hand uppercuts in the corner now to AJ. Angle props Styles up on the top rope. He gives AJ some hard right hands, nearly knocking him off to the floor below. Angle climbs to the top to go for a superplex. AJ tries to fight it off and they exchange right hands on the top corner. AJ counters the superplex attempt into a reverse front suplex from the top.

Both men slowly get to the feet. They exchange punches in the middle of the ring, with each man wobbly. Angle comes off the ropes and runs into a spin kick, followed by a series of clotheslines from Styles. Styles hits a pump-handle gut drop across the knee. AJ gives Angle a neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. Angle fights back with a knee to the gut followed by a series of German suplexes. AJ counters the third attempt into a release German suplex. Kurt ducks a right hand and nails a release German suplex of his own. Near fall. AJ hits a kick to the back of head out of nowhere. Angle counters an offensive attempt from AJ into a belly to belly release suplex into the corner. Near fall. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but AJ reverses it into a DDT for a near fall. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Kurt counters it into the ankle lock. Styles rolls out, sending Kurt into the corner turnbuckle. Styles hits a moonsault into the reverse DDT. Near fall.

AJ goes up top. Angle quickly runs up the turnbuckles and hits the Angle Slam from the top for a near fall. Angle puts the ankle lock on yet again. AJ counters into a roll up for a near fall. AJ nails his paylay kick. AJ goes for the cover, but Kurt grabs the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. Styles goes for the Styles Clash again, but Kurt turns it into the ankle lock. AJ kicks him off, with Angle taking out the referee in the process. AJ sends Kurt to the outside. Karen Angle appears at the top of the ramp with a chair and a smirk on her face. She acts like she’s going to give Kurt the chair, then takes it back as AJ comes over to nail the Styles Clash and get the pinfall. Really good match.

Winner: AJ Styles

AJ and Karen celebrate in the ring, but Kurt comes from behind and nails AJ with the chair in the back. Karen slaps Kurt in the face. Kurt grabs her by the hair and raises his fist, but Karen escapes to the outside. Kurt mounts AJ punches him in the face repeatedly. Tomko runs out and keeps security out of the ring as AJ is locked in the ankle lock. Eventually Kurt releases the hold and screams at Karen, who is retreating up the ramp.

- A Samoa Joe video package airs.

King of the Mountain - TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Enforcer: Kevin Nash
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Robert Roode vs. Booker T vs. Christian Cage vs. Rhino

All five men tentatively circle each other before things erupt into a brawl. Roode is tossed to the outside by Christian, and they fight at ringside. Joe and Booker are left alone in the ring, with Rhino going to the outside working over Roode with Christian. Booker and Joe end up fighting by the announce table. They exchange chops right there in front of Don and Mike. Joe and Booker fight up the entrance ramp while Rhino and Christian work over Roode in the ring. Christian and Rhino give Roode a two man suplex in the ring. Christian goes up top, but Booker T comes back to the ring and pushes him off to the floor. Rhino matches up with Booker in the ring, with Booker nailing him with a kick and a getting a near fall. Booker with a short one armed clothesline for another 2 count. Christian sells that his knee is injured on the outside. Booker goes for his axe kick in the ring, but Rhino dodges it and clotheslines Booker to the outside. Joe gets in the ring to match up with Rhino. Rhino hits some right hands but then gets atomic dropped and drop kicked by Joe. Joe with a backsplash for a two count.

Roode in the ring now. Joe works him over, nailing a big knee drop for a near fall. Christian comes in to interfere and work over both men. Christian with a DDT to Roode. Joe with some open hand slaps to Christian. Joe with a big kick in the corner to Christian. Joe sets Christian up on the top. Christian quickly gets down but runs into a powerslam from Joe. Booker T comes in and gets slammed by Joe. Christian comes back with a corkscrew elbow out of the corner. Christian mounts Joe in the corner for some punches, but Joe escapes after a few and kicks Christian. Joe hangs Christian upside down in the corner and hits a running drop kick. Joe is all alone in the ring. Joe comes off the ropes, and Booker catches him from outside. Booker pulls him to the outside and throws Joe into the penalty box. Booker with a multitude of shots to Joe on the outside by the announcers. Joe is left laying on the floor by the announce position as Booker enters the ring and gives Rhino the Book End. Booker covers Rhino to get the pinfall. Booker is now eligible to win, and Rhino must go to the penalty box for two minutes.

Booker takes the title belt from Nash and slides into the ring. Booker tries to set up the ladder, but Joe grabs it and Booker goes to the floor to fight with him. Joe and Booker tug of war with the ladder, and Christian nails a drop kick to the ladder from the ring, taking out both men. Roode then gives Christian a neckbreaker in the ring. Christian comes back and hits a catapault in the ring, sending Roode over the top to the outside. Rhino exits the penalty box and gets in the ring to fight with Christian. Rhino with a belly to belly. Joe then grabs Rhino and drags him crotch first into the ring post. Joe in the ring with Christian, slamming him down to the mat. Joe with a twisting dive over the top rope, taking out Booker, Roode, and Rhino. Christian then heads up to the top of the penalty box and jumps off on top of all his opponents on the outside.

Christian pulls a table from underneath the ring and sets it up on the outside. Christian slides a ladder into the ring, along with Roode. Christian lifts the ladder, but Roode uses a chair to slam the ladder into Christian’s face. Roode makes the cover for the pinfall. Robert Roode is now eligible to win, Christian must head to the penalty box for two minutes. Rhino rolls up Roode in the ring for a pinfall. Rhino is now eligible, Roode to the penalty box. Roode gets into a fight with Robert Roode on the outside, who was refusing to go to the penalty box. Nash sends him into the box. Rhino in the ring now attempts to take the belt up the ladder. He gets near the top of the ladder, but Booker tips the ladder over sending Rhino crashing down. Booker and Joe exchange shots in the ring. Booker goes for the axe kick, but Joe dodges it. Joe puts a chokehold on. Christian exits the penalty box and climbs to the top again. He jumps off into the ring, frog splashing on top of Joe and Booker. Booker must go to the penalty box. Christian is now eligible to win. Joe is the only man not eligible to win at this point, having achieved no falls.

Christian takes the belt up the ladder, but Roode breaks it up. Roode now goes up the ladder, but Joe gives him a slam off the ladder. Cage now goes up the ladder, but Joe climbs up and exchanges shots at the top before taking him off with a diamond cutter. Rhino then Gores Joe. Nash is in the midst of handing Rhino the belt, when Booker gets out of the penalty box. He snatches the belt and lays out everyone with it, including Nash. Booker goes up the ladder with the belt. Nash gets into the ring and Jacknifes Booker off the ladder. Joe sets Christian on top and goes for the Muscle Buster. Christian fights off on to the apron. Rhino then goes Christian, sending him through the table on the outside. Roode knocks Rhino to the outside. Joe and Roode wrestle for the belt in the ring. Roode starts to climb the ladder. He swing the belt at Joe, Joe dodges. Joe kicks Roode and gives him a muscle buster off the ladder. Joe is now eligibile. Joe makes his way up the ladder and hangs the belt to win the match.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe

Joe celebrates with the TNA World Title belt in the ring. Joe and Nash shake hands in the ring, with Joe still looking suspicious of him.