Impact Results - 8/28/08 (Angle vs. Nash, Sting finally speaks, more)

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On Friday, August 29, 2008 at 3:15 AM EST

August 28, 2008
Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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Impact opens with Lauren running up to Sting getting out of his SUV. Lauren asks Sting if he will speak and he says that "tonight's the night!"

Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed vs. Sojourner Bolt

Bolt is formerly Josie who competed in the Kong Open Challenge a few months back at "Slammiversary" and is actually a very accomplished wrestler for the all female based Shimmer promotion. Kong starts off by throwing Bolt around the ring, but she's able to fight back with some rights and a dropkick that rocks Kong. Kong stops her assault, though, by flinging her to the floor and then throws her into the railing. Kong throws her back in the ring but Bolt is once again able to fight back and attempts a cross body off the top but gets nailed in midair. Kong goes for the Spinning Back Fist but Bolt once again counters with a slap of her own. Bolt comes off the ropes again, but this time Kong nails the Spinning Back Fist for the pin.

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Spinning Back Fist)

Kong continues to assault Bolt after the match and Saeed sets up two chairs in the ring. Kong goes for the Awesome Bomb, but ODB runs out to make the save. ODB & Kong go into a huge brawl before Slick Johnson. ODB hits a Tornado DDT on Kong and continues to assault her on the mat before Security rushes out to break it up.

Backstage Jeremy Borash is with 'new gold medalist' AJ Styles. They announce that AJ will face Christian Cage in the final 4 Ways To Glory Qualifying Match. AJ puts over Christian and their history before moving on to Sting. AJ says Sting's "receipt" is coming and that he will let Sting speak tonight, but his right hand is going down his throat afterward. JB then asks AJ about Kurt's gold medal, but AJ says that its his now and not worry because "its in safe hands."

TNA runs another great installment of "Rough Cut" with Consequences Creed. These segments about Creed have been really good and this week he talks about how he sent his tapes to TNA and how AJ helped him land a spot in the Tag Titles match last year at Bound For Glory, and shows video footage of him accepted his TNA Contract at a NWA Anarchy show. The segment leads us into the next match.

Sheik Abdul Bashir & "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan vs. Consequences Creed & "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

Lethal & Bashir start the match off. They lock up and Bashir almost hits Williams when Lethal ducks. Williams argues with Bashir and this allows Lethal to take control. Lethal hits a Double Sledge off the top for a two count and then tags in Creed who immediately hits stinging jabs to Bashir that take him down for a two count. Bashir comes back and rams Creed into the corner before tagging in Williams and double team him there. Williams attempts a whip into the corner, but Creed reverses and hits a big knee. Creed slingshots to the apron and attempts a top rope maneuver but Rhaka Khan pulls him down face first on the apron. Williams goes to the floor and tosses Creed back into the ring for a two count. Williams gets in a flurry of offense with a sidekick to the cut followed by a jawbreaker and then a spinning heel kick. Williams tags in Bashir who puts the boots to Creed followed by chops. Creed tries to fight back but gets thrown into the corner for his troubles. Bashir tags back in Williams who hits a slam followed by a slingshot Somersault Senton attempt, but Creed moves on Williams lands on the back of his head hard. Creed is able to tag in Jay. Bashir runs in to help Williams and they go for a double clothesline, but Lethal hits a cartwheel to avoid it and follows it up with a dropkick to Williams for a two count before Bashir breaks it up. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination/DDT combo on both Bashir & Williams. Lethal goes up top for the Flying Elbow but Bashir pushes him off. Bashir then climbs to the top himself while Williams sets up Lethal for the Canadian Destroyer. Creed back up and tosses Bashir off the top onto Williams allowing Lethal to roll up for the pinfall!

Winners: Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed via pinfall (rollup)

Petey Williams & Bashir argue after the match and before anything is able to become really physical the referees break it up. It seems like they are setting up a possible three way between Bashir, Williams, & Creed which could be really good.

In the back Lauren is with ODB. ODB cuts a nice promo where she says that she is more of a beast than Kong will ever be because she's "one dirty bitch." ODB then tells Kong to bring it hard and rough, like she likes it, because the zoo isn't big enough for both of them.

Karen's Angle with Abyss

Karen welcomes her guest, Abyss, who then tells her its "Chris Parks." Abyss then asks Karen if he can get comfortable followed by flipping a table over and sitting on the floor rocking back and forth. Abyss says that Abyss was a destructive force that destroyed people and dreams, but that he had been taught to be Chris: a good person. He then says that Abyss is a part of him and is always trying to get out. He then says that he doesn't know what lies ahead for Chris or Abyss, but right now they are one. The then challenges ANYONE to wrestle him because he is rehabilitated. Abyss then asks Karen what she looks for in a man, a man that snarls at her (Abyss then snarled at her), a man to whisper to her (whispering), or a man that screams at her (screaming). He then pulls out a poem that he wrote her:

"Your skin is golden and your eyes are brown/
I can take you with me but you cant make a sound/
Not a cry, not a whisper, not a peep/
Like a pool of blood, lots of blood, my love is deep/
Oh, Mrs. Angle, I can be your teddy bear/
but just for now, accept this gift: (screaming) MY HAIR!"

Abyss then rips his hair out and gives it to her. This segment was done very well, it was both oddly humorous but very creepy. Abyss is pulling off this lunatic gimmick perfectly. He doesn't just seem like a monster anymore, but someone that is incredibly insane.

In the back Lauren is with The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Angelina Love) and Kip James. Kip is trying to make Lauren "beautiful" until Lauren finally just gives the mic to the Beautiful People. Velvet talks about their match with Roxxi & Wilde tonight before Love gets the mic and says that tonight she will hurt Wilde, and at "No Surrender" she will "pin your cottage cheese ass." Ouch.

In the back JB is with Kurt Angle & Frank Trigg. Angle goes nuts over Borash calling him a 'former gold medalist.' Angle prays that AJ is here so he can "whoop his ass in front of the whole locker room" and that he will get his gold medal back. JB informs Angle that AJ doesn't have it and that its in good hands. Angle goes nuts again asking JB if he thinks this is a joke. Trigg pulls Angle off of him and tells him to worry about his match with Nash, because he's got AJ & Karen taken care of. Trigg then says that he wont leave Angle high & dry like Tomko did to become a shoot fighter in Japan. That's actually kind of ironic because Trigg just won an MMA fight in Japan last week.

Jimmy Rave w/ Christy Hemme vs. Curry Man

Curry Man jump starts the match with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Rave on the floor. Curry Man & Rave then brawl on the ring apron. Hemme distracts Curry Man allowing Rave to hit the STO on the apron. Raven hits a shoulder block but Curry Man fights back with chops and a spinning heel kick. Curry Man then hits a backdrop followed by a clothesline and a Springboard Cross Body Block for a two count. Rave counters a suplex from Curry Man and hits a nice Shinning Wizard for a two count. Side Back Breaker from Curry Man followed by the Spice Rack for the finish.

Winner: Curry Man via pinfall (Spice Rack)

After the match Lance Rock runs down and they triple team Curry Man before Shark Boy & Super Eric run in to make the save. They cut straight to the back where Lauren is with Jim Cornette. Cornette announces that at Hard Justice The Rock 'n' Rave Infection will team up with Christy Hemme to face The Prince Justice Brotherhood in a Mixed 6-Person Tag Match. Traci Brooks comes in and Cornette anoints her the "Knockout Law" saying she is now in charge of the Knockouts Division. Cornette makes sure she knows to replace someone when their 'shelf life' is up with someone new. Lauren asks her what 'shelf life' meant and Traci says she may find out.

In Booker's locker room he has invited Team 3D to watch Sting's speech with him and Queen Sharmell. Ray & Devon argue the whole time before they toast and Ray spills wine on Sharmell. Pretty pointless segment.

In the back JB is with Kevin Nash. Nash says that awhile back he did a favor for Jim Cornette and Cornette owed him. Tonight Cornette was paying that favor back by putting him the 4 Ways To Glory Qualifying Match. Nash says this way he can watch Joe's back at "No Surrender", and if Joe isnt ready he could become a 6-Time World Champion.

Samoa Joe makes his way down the ramp to do color for the Qualifying Match.

Four Ways To Glory Qualifying Match
"Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs. "Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle

On commentary Joe says that Nash is 'reborn' and that they have been working out together. When Angle & Nash finally lockup Nash hits an elbow and big right hands before Angle goes for a cross body. Nash catches him in midair and hits a slam followed by a missed Elbow Drop. Angle with rights and uppercuts. Angle with an Irish whip on Nash, but Nash reverses it followed by a clothesline in the corner and a Back breaker for a two count. Nash again pins Angle for a two count. Nash then throws Angle into the corner and we see vintage Kevin Nash: elbows in the corner. Nash then whips Angle into another corner and chokes him with his boot before we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Angle is back in control working on Nash's knees. Angle with a take down and then hits elbow drops on Nash's knee followed by a Knee Lock. Angle then locks in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Nash fights to turn Angle over in the hold and finally does and then gets the ropes. Angle again attacks Nash's knees before Nash comes back with a vintage Sidewalk Slam. Both men are down now. They both fight to their feet at the same time and trade rights. Nash connects with a short armed clothesline. Nash then follows up with Snake Eyes and then modified Bronco Buster on the middle rope. Nash with a shoulder block for another two count. They brawl to the floor now and Samoa Joe talks some smack to Angle. Nash then slaps Joe and tells him to watch him in not so nice language. Joe yells right back at him. Back in the ring Nash hits the Big Boot and sets up for the Jackknife Powerbomb, but Samoa Joe is at ringside yelling at him. This distracts Nash allowing Angle to hit a low blow followed by an Olympic Slam for the pinfall to advance to the No Surrender Four Way. Joe laughs. This was a really good match, Nash has really been picking it up when hes been the ring recently.

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (Olympic Slam)

After the match Nash is pissed and he argues with Joe. Joe yells at Nash to "practice what you preach, Kev" before Nash leaves in disgust.

They then show a video package hyping up the possible return of Jeff Jarrett.

Lauren is with So Cal Val who is sporting a black eye. Val says she is sick of all the fighting and that they will suspend her ring above the six sided ring and whoever gets the ring gets her. They don't specify whether it will be at No Surrender or Impact though.

Main Event
The Beautiful People w/Kip James vs. Roxxi & Taylor Wilde

Man, the Beautiful People have the greatest ring entrance, ever, period. Mike Tenay actually refers to Kip James as "Cute" Kip James. Wow. Roxxi & Love kick the match off. Roxxi throws Love to the mat and Love talks about it with Kip. Roxxi puts in a front face lock followed by an arm ringer, and then tags in Wilde. Love runs away and tags in Velvet Sky. Wilde with big rights to Love followed by a whipe to the corner and kicks from Wilde. Kip distracts the referee and Love hits Taylor with the makeup case. Sky with a big flurry: kick tot he gut, chokes her in the rope, a Snap mare Takeover, and a kick to the back. Love tags in and hits a snap mare followed by a dropkick to Wilde's face. Love then slams Wilde down by her hair repeatedly has we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Roxxi gets the hot tag and cleans house. Roxxi rolls up Love for a two count and then this a Spinebuster for another two count. Wilde & Sky brawl and Sky ducks a cross body block attempt. Kip James tosses Sky a bottle of hair spray as Roxxi is setting up for the Voodoo Drop on Love. Sky sprays it in her face and Love hits the Bicycle Kick for the pin in a pretty good main event tag match.

Winners: Velvet Sky & Angelina Love via pinfall (Bicycle Kick)

Kip & The Beautiful People attempt to brown bag Roxxi but Wilde slaps Kip. They then beat down Wilde and attempt to cut her hair before Rhino comes down to make the save. That was pretty random.


Sting says that a few months ago he had an in depth interview with Mike Tenay where they discusses his possible retirement. Sting said he seriously considered it but could not leave the business to the group of young talent in TNA's locker room. He said that it would be the end of TNA. Sting said that the new generation would spit in the face of TNA like they spit in his face. Sting says that Joe had his opponent (Booker T.) beat at Victory Road, but he wanted to take it one step further and injure a 'jewel in wrestling.' Sting says that no matter how you feel about Booker he is a legend. He says Joe disrespected that and that's why he got involved. He says that he looked at Joe as someone who could carry the torch for TNA, but he disrespected someone who paved the way for him. He says that when he was Joe's age a young Ric Flair took him under his wing and that Flair believed in him like Sting believed in Joe. He respected Flair & Flair's peers who paved the way for him. He then turns to AJ Styles. He says that one day AJ was calling him Mr. Sting and then the next a coward and that Sting owed him something. Sting then says he doesn't owe ANYONE anything. He says that AJ owes HIM for paving the way for him. Sting says that AJ should thank him for giving him the chance to be a pro wrestler. Sting says he will not pay homage to the new generation because they are a bunch of spoiled, rotten, brats. Sting says that one way or another he will respect back into the business and he will be a babysitter if he has to, the parent that no one wants to listen to. He then says that if anyone thinks hes wrong to come say to his face.

AJ's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. AJ looks Sting in his face and tells him that he's "wrong, dead wrong." AJ says that he looked up Sting and idolized him and never disrespected him. AJ then says that he helped get TNA started while Sting says that he wanted to help AJ and thats why he got involved at Hard Justice. Sting then says you cant respect someone that you call a coward. Sting tells AJ that he could have gotten the 1,2,3 (though it was a Last Man Standing Match) but he wanted to take it one step further instead of walking away. Sting says that Kurt was a champion in WWE and TNA and that he did something that "none of us have done: win a Gold Medal!" Sting says, "Michael Phelps doesn't spit in Mark Spitz face does he?" Sting then gives AJ his back and turns around and tells him to hit him in the back. Sting taunts him and AJ finally goes to hit Sting, but Sting blocks it and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on AJ in the middle of the ring. Jarrett's music then hits as Impact goes off the air. Man, what a great segment. This was one of Sting's best promos, ever in my opinion. Just a great way to end the show.


Tonight's iMPACT! wasn't as good as it has been the last several weeks, but it was still very strong. They furthered several feuds. The Angelina Love/Taylor Wilde Title match for No Surrender is getting set up nicely and it seems like ODB and Awesome Kong could be headed for a heating feud. The X-Division has kind of settled down since the World X-Cup, but this three-way feud between Bashir, Williams, & Creed could be really good. A Three Way Match between them at No Surrender could be on the way and it could be a show stealer. I personally want to see Creed get the X-Title. The Christian/AJ match next week is very interesting because AJ seems to be the logical pick there because of his ongoing feud with Kurt, but then there's this thing with Sting so it could go either way. Regardless, it should be an awesome match. Abyss' character has transitioned nicely from a Monster with no emotions to a guy who is possibly criminally insane and his possible tag team with Matt Morgan could be an awesome one. There was no appearances from LAX or Beer Money Inc., which was disappointing but I'm sure their feud will be furthered next week. This slow build for Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe that it seems like TNA has been building to over the last several months seems to be coming to a head now and it could be an epic showdown between the two. The 4 Ways To Glory Match at No Surrender will most likely be an insane match with Samoa Joe, Booker T., Kurt Angle, & Christian Cage/AJ Styles all in at once. That should be a classic. The best match on the card tonight was Kurt Angle/Kevin Nash. They told a great story in the ring with Angle obviously going for Nash's knees the whole match and the heat between Joe & Nash. Angle was able to carry most of the match, but Nash was able to show that he still has some left in the tank.

- Match of the Night: Kurt Angle vs. Kevin Nash (***)
- Segment/Promo Of The Night: Sting's Speech
- Overall Grade: B

Scheduled For Next Week:
- 4 Ways To Glory Qualifying: Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles
- X-Division #1 Contenders Match: Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
- Abyss' Open Challenge
- ODB vs. Raisha Saeed
- Sting Speaks Again
- Also the fallout from Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash's confrontation

Scheduled For No Surrender So Far:
- Four Ways To Glory TNA World Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Booker T. vs. Christian/AJ Winner
- TNA Knockout Title: Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Angelina Love
- 6-Person Mixed Tag: Prince Justice Brotherhood vs. Rock 'n' Rave Infection & Christy Hemme