Report: Shelly "Salinas" Martinez quits TNA Wrestling; get the full details

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Monday, September 15, 2008 at 12:38 AM EST

PWInsider is reporting that Salinas (Shelly Martinez) has quit TNA Wrestling. She gave her notice to the company when she had reportedly booked a role in an Italian film that would conflict with her TNA bookings. She was said to have offered to give up the film role if TNA would give her a pay raise. TNA refused, so she gave her notice and is now done with the company.

They announced over commentary at last night's No Surrender PPV that Salinas was attacked backstage by Jackie as that is expected to be the storyline for her being written off TV. It is believed that TNA invited Shelly to come into PPV and TV this week to be written out, but when that didn't happen they went with the "backstage attack" storyline instead.