Impact Results - 3/5/09

Reported by Josh Boutwell of
On Friday, March 6, 2009 at 4:11 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
March 05, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens up with a recap of last week. Jeff Jarrett is in the back with JB and he announces that Kurt Angle has been suspended for one week without pay due to his actions last week. He says that Kurt attacked Jeff and Mick (TNA executives) and they are donating Kurt’s pay for this week to a ‘worthy cause.’ The Impact opening video plays.

Don is back at the announce booth and Mike says that Don West will now explain his actions from last week. Don says that he knows he shocked some people last week and he said some things last week out of character, and he has done some soul searching and if he could have last week again he wouldn’t change any of it! He says he isn’t apologizing for anything because he was right and anyone that has been betrayed by a friend knows what he’s talking about, and until he hears differently he’s a part of that announce team and there isn’t a damn thing Mike Tenay can do about it! That was awesome! West had freaking tears in his eyes before he did the heel thing again! Don tells everyone to chill, relax, grab a beer, and enjoy the ride. Tenay mocks West’s “enjoy the ride” statement and says the next 2 hours with him is going to be about as fun as an emergency landing in the Hudson River and says that he wouldn’t expect an apology from someone who was so professional that they would walk out on their job live. Oh yeah, the fireworks have started, and oh Mick Foley’s music hit while all this was said.

Mick gets in the ring and says it is with great pride that he introduces the TNA World Champion: Sting! Sting back to full face-mode obviously as he makes his way out to the ring (still rocking Main Event Mafia gear though). Mick says he wants to publicly thank him for saving him from the attack from Kurt Angle last week, but he says that’s probably not the first time he saved him. He talks about the night he debuted in WCW attacking Sting (which he talked about on Hardcore History a few weeks ago) and he says if it had been anybody out there other than Sting it wouldn’t have meant a damn thing. Mick says that one move changed his life and everything he has today goes back to that day some 16 years ago the first time that Sting saved him. Mick says now he would like to save Sting and he says after Destination X he hopes that they’ve seen the last of the Stinger as a member of the MEM because TNA needs Sting back and he needs Sting back. He says most importantly the fans need the Stinger back on the good side. Sting says he appreciates all those kinds words that Mick just said, but he can’t let an egomaniac like Kurt determine whether he’s in the Mafia. He says he has no problem with Booker T., Scott Steiner, or Kevin Nash and in fact he has the same kind of history with them that he has with Mick. Mick says he may of flew off the top rope and crashed down on his sternum one time but he never used Sting the way that the Mafia is using him right now. This brings out Nash, Steiner, and Booker (Angle suspended). Don West talks about how Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley are trying to get Sting out of the Mafia when he doesn’t want to leave. Nash asks Foley why he’s bowing up and that he can relax. Nash says that Foley has been in TNA for a cup of coffee and a Danish but Kev has been in TNA for awhile and he knows how those ‘punks’ in the back are. Nash says Foley is office and he’s not one of the boys anymore, he’s a stooge. Nash says the last 5 months they have been that close to doing what they set out to due, to gaining their respect. Sting gets pissed and he says that what ticks him off right there. Sting says he doesn’t have a problem with them but Kurt didn’t respect him when he spit in his face and Kevin knows it. Kevin says that he isn’t look at Kurt right now and he says that they all knew when they got into this thing that Kurt was a hothead, but he’s their hothead. He says that when he goes to war he wants Kurt Angle beside him, but he sure as hell wants Sting too. Nash says Mick and Jeff put Sting in a corner and now they have to fight, but they can fight with honor, dignity, and respect but when it’s over they have to shake hands because at the end of the night no matter what the belt stays in the family. He says they can do that or he can turn his back on the Mafia and not finish what they set off to do and he says Sting may be able to live with that, but they can’t. Nash throws the mic down and the Mafia leaves Sting in the ring alone.

Kurt Angle is shown walking into the backstage area!


TNA Rough Cut: Ultimate X

D-Von talks about the most memorable thing he ever saw in Ultimate X is when somebody (Chris Sabin) kicked AJ while he was hanging from the cables and he did a complete flip in mid air and landed on the mat. Shelley says there has been so many ‘holy sh*t’ moments in UX that he can’t narrow it down to one. AJ says the craziest spots he saw was when Frankie Kazarian gave Christopher Daniels a Diamond Cutter while Daniels was hanging upside down from the cables and also when Daniels dove off the top of the scaffolding to the center of the cables to grab the belt. Sabin says his most memorable moment was the 2nd UX when he got to the middle of the X and starting pulling the belt down but couldn’t because that time they used electrical tape to keep the belt up there (I remember that) because in the first one it fell down a couple of times and when he finally snatched it off he landed very hard on his back. Consequences Creed says the best moment he ever saw was in the last UX when Kaz did the leg off the top of the scaffolding onto Sheik Bashir (insane spot). Devon says the only thing they could do to make UX more dangerous would be to be a table underneath the cables, put thumbtacks on it, set it on fire, and throw someone on it. AJ says that he would like to see the Ultimate X evolve into maybe an Ultimate X Cage Match and maybe that’s the next step for it (hmmm, that could be interesting).

In the back Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, dressed in suits, are with Lauren. Creed says that Jarrett just gave them a bonus because they were the future of the company (apparently giving Kurt’s pay check to them). Jay Lethal goes ‘ape sh*t’ and starts doing his impression of Ric Flair screaming and taking his jacket off and starting to elbow it before Creed stopped him and Lethal realized he was doing the ‘wrong one.’ Lethal starts talking about the Machine Guns disloyalty and they have new heights to climb in TNA.

TNA X-Division Championship
Alex Shelley (c) w/Chris Sabin vs. Kiyoshi w/No Limit (Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito)

Hell yeah, Kiyoshi comes out wearing the hood/mask like Muta wears and he is also accompanied to the ring tonight by team No Limit from New Japan! They show clips of No Limit’s match from Global Impact against the Machine Guns! I knew that No Limit were coming to TNA soon but I had no clue it would be this soon! The Guns still aren’t wearing their IWGP Jr. Tag Titles (I’m guessing their holding off on that until after Global Impact 2). Tenay puts over Shelley being a fighting champion. Kiyoshi is rocking the red face paint (along with red tights and a red streak in his air) and he nails Shelley with a running Superkick as the bell rings! Kiyoshi and Shelley trade nasty chops in the center of the ring until Kiyoshi gets the upperhand with the Muta thrust. Kiyoshi comes off the ropes but Shelley quickly nails him with a running back elbow followed by an armdrag. Shelley with a running bulldog and then charges Kiyoshi in the corner but eats a Snake Eyes into the top turnbuckle for his trouble. Kiyoshi then hits a beautiful spinning heel kick while Tenay and West argue about Kurt Angle (West claims Tenay is blaming everything on Angle, classic heel/face announcing going on!). Kiyoshi chokes Shelley in the ropes and then hits a running clothesline to a seated Shelley for the first nearfall. Tenay & West argue somemore before Tenay tells West they should just focus on the match but West still throws in a nice little “you’re biased” comment. Kiyoshi climbs to the top rope but Shelley quickly jumps up there with him. Kiyoshi chops Shelley off the top to the mat and hits a Mongolian Chop off the top rope for another nearfall! Kiyoshi puts a nerve hold on Shelley but he fights to his feet and hits elbows to Kiyoshi’s gut but Kiyoshi quickly puts him in a Sleeper! Shelley counters with a jawbreaker and Kiyoshi goes for a roundhouse kick but Shelley catches his foot, flicks him off, and then hits a beautiful dragonscrew legwhip. Kiyoshi selling the knee now and Shelley hits a running forearm in the corner and then throws Kiyoshi down and hits a springboard into cross body splash all in one fluid motion for a nearfall. Shelley hits a Michinoku Driver for another nearfall. Shelley hits a spinning back kick to the gut and goes for the Sliced Bread, but Kiyoshi shoves him off and charges at Shelley in the corner but Shelley moves and Kiyoshi nails the turnbuckle. Shelley slingshots himself over the top to the apron and then hits a slingshot into the DDT but Kiyoshi blocks it and then grabs Shelley’s arm in a wristlock and puts his foot on the side of Shelley’s head and falls back pulling Shelley’s head into his boot (he used to call that the Kurt Cobain but I don’t think he has a name for it as Kiyoshi yet)! Sick move and Kiyoshi hits a nasty basement kick and then picks Shelley up in a Scoop Slam but throws him into a reverse chancery and nails him with a Mongolian Chop for another nearfall. Kiyoshi climbs to the top once again and goes for the Diving Headbutt but Shelley moved and hits Kiyoshi with the Brainbuster! Shelley climbs to the top himself and hits the Frog Splash flush! 1…2…3 and Shelley retains the title. Nice match!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Alex Shelley via pinfall (Frog Splash)

After the match No Limit drags their fallen buddy out of the ring and then the lights go out! Suicide swings down to the ring! Don West puts over how Suicide always attacks the Guns after they’ve been word down during a match. Shelley tries to hit Suicide with the title belt but he ducks and then grabs Sabin in a Cutter and kicks Shelley in the gut and hits knee strikes on Sabin and then slams Sabin headfirst into Shelley’s crotch. Suicide picks Sabin up and hitss Sabin with a leg on his hetero-lifemate and then kicks Sabin into the corner Low-Ki style. Suicide then grabs Shelley and hits him with that move he hit him with last week. Suicide grabs the X-Division Title belt and poses with it as West says instead of just stealing it and posing with it how about wrestle for it instead. Suicide throws the belt over Shelley and the lights go out again and when they come back on Suicide is gone. They show another video package highlighting the X-Division and the Ultimate X.

In the back Steiner asks Kurt if he nuts and why he’s there. Kurt says that he’s an Olympic Hero and Jeff is just a washed up wannabe, he doesn’t have to listen to Jeff. Kevin says that Kurt needs to do himself a favor and go home. Kurt says he’s there to have fun but Booker tells him that Jarrett gave Lethal Consequences his pay check and they bought new Armani suits with it. Kurt is pissed off and says that if it’s his money then it’s his property so tonight in the spirit of good fun he’s going to go retrieve his property. Don West says he loves it when Kurt gets that look in his eyes.


Back from commercials they highlight the past two weeks of Off The Wagon challenges which resulted in the firing of Petey Williams and Lance Rock. Lauren is in the back with Beer Money and they laugh about it and mock Lauren talking about the recession. Roode says that in this recession he has lost a truckload of money but the only problem is that he has truckloads more! Roode says he doesn’t care about those ‘slobs’ or their families and he tells them to work in a soup kitchen for all he cares. Roode says they agreed to the stipulations to the match so it’s too bad. Storm says L.A.X. doesn’t understand English so they’ll spell it out for him, ‘if they lose tonight it’s over for them, no more pesos.’ Storm says he is sorry….about yo damn luck! Storm then slaps Roode on the ass and walks off and Roode is trying to figure out what in the hell he did that for when Storm walks up and says ‘sorry’ and then slaps Jacky on the ass and walks off again. God, those two are gold.

L.A.X.’s music interrupts Don West gushing about Kurt Angle and Hernandez gets on the microphone and says tonight they regain their championships! They both brought out their brief cases with them and Tenay puts over that if they lose tonight then those title shots will go unused.

In the back Booker T. is talking to someone on his phone telling them that AJ will definitely be here tonight and he needs to learn the lesson that Booker learned a long time ago when he was a criminal (didn’t Booker rob a Burger King or something when he was younger?). Booker says ‘I wonder how Black Snow would say it? YES! And we’ll be back in a minute, this is Black Snoooow!”


They show more embarrassing videos of those marks that sent in tapes to try and win a date with ODB. Y’all notice that they show one guy every single week right? That Cody Deener (who is actually a wrestler) and I really hope he is not from Alabama. God, why? Like we don’t have enough to be embarrassed about with Hardcore Holly. Shark Boy apparently sent in a video and he says that if ODB picks him he’ll show her his ‘other’ fin, the ‘big’ one.

In the back Angle is attacking Consequences Creed and he nails him with a steel chair. He screams at Creed telling him to tell Jarrett he’s coming after him and you don’t take his money. Kurt snatches the jacket off of Creed when security run up to stop him.

Four Corners Knockouts Tag Team Match
The Beautiful People w/Kip James vs. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Rhaka Khan & Sojournor Bolt vs. Taylor Wilde & “Hardcore Knockout” Roxxi w/The Governor

I fall in love all over again everytime the Beautiful People come out and I fall right back out when Kip James shows his damn face. This is a pretty star studding Knockouts match right here. Sojo just has a swag about her. Apparently they’re actually calling Daffney ‘The Govenor.’ Taylor and Raisha start the match off and lockup but Raisha kicks Taylor in the gut and then goes for a clothesline but Taylor blocks it and hits a springboard into a beautiful corkscrew arm drag showing off that Lucha background. Taylor with a twisting head scissors takeover but Raisha comes back with a forearm as Tenay and West argue again. Taylor tags out to Sojo and they trade nasty forearms but Sojo hits a kick and goes for a Powerbomb but Raisha escapes it and tags Roxxi in. Roxxi with a kick to Sojo and then attempts to whip Sojo into the ropes but she reverses it and Velvet kicks her in the back from behind allowing Sojo to hit a Powerslam for a nearfall. The Governor got on the apron to distract the referee as Madison Rayne makes her way out to the ring.


Back from commercials Angelina whips Taylor into the ropes and hits a nice flying clothesline and tags Velvet Sky in. Velvet kicks Taylor in the ribs and then slams Taylor headfirst into the top rope. Velvet whips Taylor into the ropes and they clothesline each other at the same time. Taylor tags out to Roxxi and Velvet tags out to Angelina. Roxxi with a big clothesline followed by a forearm and then one to Velvet and one for Rhaka Khan as she runs in. Raisha comes in and eats a clothesline from Roxxi as does Sojo. Kong comes in and Roxxi goes for a Big Boot but Kong catches her boot and spins her around, but Roxxi hits a Roaring Elbow that sends Kong into the corner. Roxxi charges at Kong but she just pushers her back. the Beautiful People double team Roxxi as Kong throws Sojo to the floor and beats her down on the outside. In the ring the Beautiful People whip Roxxi into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Roxxi kicks their arms and hits a clothesline on Velvet but Angelina ducked. Angelina then hits a forearm on Roxxi as Taylor throws Velvet to the floor. The referee is distracted by all the chaos and The Governor comes in and hits Angelina with the Thrilla from Wasilla. Roxxi then goes for the Voodoo on her but Angelina hits a nasty knee to the face and Madison Rayne comes from out of nowhere with a Missile Dropkick off the top! Angelina then hits the Lights Out on Roxxi for the pin!

Winners: The Beautiful People via pinfall (Lights Out)

In the back JB is with Jeff Jarrett and he says that Jeff has pretty much spit in Jeff’s face for showing up. Jeff promises that there will be repercussions for Kurt’s actions and leaves the offices.


Back from commercial they highlight the ongoing feud between AJ Styles and Booker. Booker & Scott make their way out to the ring after the video package. West calls AJ a coward for attacking Booker from behind. Booker says everybody has been seeing what’s been going on between him and AJ Styles over the past few weeks and him talking about Booker clowning AJ about living in a trailer park as the fans chant “AJ Styles” at him. Booker talks about AJ being from “that whack town in Georgia,” but he says he was wrong about AJ Styles. He says he was trying to show AJ some tough love but AJ showed him how to be humble. Booker asks AJ to come to the ring and squash their beef. Booker says it will be make AJ a better man like it made him a better man once upon a time. The fans are chanting “liar” at Booker as he tells AJ that Steiner is just out there cause he’s his homeboy and he always rolls with him. AJ doesn’t come out immediately which pisses Booker off and he tells AJ to ‘get your punk ass out here before I kick it’ which cues AJ’s music. West says AJ has done some dumb stuff in the past but he would be an idiot to come out there. AJ doesn’t come out in the entrance way instead he comes out of the stands and sneaks up behind Steiner & Booker! AJ nails Steiner with the Legends Title and goes right at Booker! Steiner comes back and attacks AJ from behind. Steiner & Book put the beatdown on AJ and Book slaps the hell out of him. Booker goes for a clothesline on AJ but he ducks it and slides out of the ring grabbing the title on the way out! All of a sudden Police officers in riot gear grab AJ from behind and arrest him. One of the cops gets in the ring and takes off the helmet revealing Samoa Joe! Joe kicks Steiner in the nuts and pulls out that knife from last week and puts it to Steiner’s throat when security runs out and begs Joe to not do it. Tenay says he can’t fault Joe for what he’s been doing and West gets pissed off saying he’s sick of Tenay treating the Mafia like they’re the anti-christ and even goes as far as to say they are the best thing going in wrestling!


They show a replay of what happened before the break between AJ, Booker, Joe, & Steiner. In the parking lot the cops put AJ in the cop car as Booker talks smack the whole time. Booker tells AJ they gone put him in there with ‘Bubba’ and Bubba is going to have ‘AJ’s ass tonight.’ Tenay and West continue to bicker over the AJ and Booker thing. I’m loving it. West says he can’t look at Tenay’s face anymore tonight and leaves the announce table again.

All of a sudden we see Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle brawling out into the arena! Angle throws Lethal down the ramp! Lethal comes back on Angle with big right hands but Angle pokes him in the eyes viciously and continues the beatdown. Kurt throws Lethal into the ring and hits him with the Angle Slam and strips the jacket off of Lethal. Tenay says that Kurt Angle is disgusting just like his broadcast partner. They cut to the back with JB and Jarrett and he says he hoped it wouldn’t come to this but Angle is forcing him. JB asks if he is going to fight Angle but he says, no, he’s going to kick his ass!


We see another therapy session with Abyss and Dr. Stevie. This week Abyss talks about how after Tom & Jerry always fight each other and at the end of the show they’re always friends again and his friend told him that they’re not really fighting, they’re playing. Stevie says he really wants to talk about the weapons and the brutality that he used to do. Stevie asks Abyss if he has become less dependent and Abyss says he won’t use anymore weapons and says he’s cured. Stupid.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Shane Sewell

Morgan and Sewell lockup and Morgan tosses Sewell away like a child. Tenay talks about how Don West can’t handle a different opinion. Sewell puts Morgan in a side headlock but he pushes him off and hits a shoulder block. Morgan taunts Sewell by kicking him in the head and then he sets Sewell up on the top rope and taunts him somemore. Morgan gets in Earl Hebner’s face and when he turns around Sewell nails him with a Missile Dropkick. Morgan goes for a clothesline but Sewell ducks and hits a Flying Forearm! Morgan is pissed and Sewell bails out to the floor. Morgan follows him out and Sewell quickly gets back in the ring and when Morgan tries to get back in Sewell crotches him with the top rope. Sewell goes for a Monkey Flip but Morgan blocks it and counters it into a Sitout Powerbomb as Mike Tenay announces that Jim Cornette has taken back the TNA Legends Title from Booker T. for some reason. Morgan chokes and taunts Sewell somemore and then throws him into the corner and hits those nasty back elbows in the corner. Morgan then hits Sewell with a Side Slam and taunts Sewell somemore and hits his Leapfrog Body Guillotine over the top rope. The fans really getting behind Sewell now but Morgan hits a Fall Away Slam and 1…2…no Morgan pulls Sewell up. Sewell is ‘hulking up’ and he hits right hands on Morgan and tries to whip Morgan but he blocks it so Sewell pokes his eyes. Sewell attempts to whip Morgan again but he reverses it and then goes for a Chokeslam but Sewell kicks him in the nuts as Earl Hebner turns around so he couldn’t see it. Sewell goes to the top and attempts a Flying Cross Body but Morgan moves and Sewell eats nothing but canvas. Morgan snatches Sewell over and hits the Hellevator and mercifully gets the pin.

Winner: Matt Morgan via pinfall (Hellevator)

After the match Matt Morgan pulls out a black bag and then grabs a microphone. Morgan says that the bag he’s holding means more to Abyss than anything and he then pours them out in the ring. Morgan says that Abyss can’t compete with him in any, way, shape, or form and then puts over all his credentials while saying Abyss is a mental patient. Morgan calls himself the DNA of TNA and since he can’t pull Abyss up to his level he will sink down to Abyss’ level and challenges Abyss to A MATCH OF 10,000 TACKS! Abyss says that he is going to make Abyss tuck his tail between his legs and never come back.

In the back Lauren is with Eric Young and he is still wearing a suit that was bought with Kurt’s money. EY says he got the suit at Salvation Army and he welcomes Kurt to come over and play video games with him anytime. Kurt comes out of nowhere and they go at it until security comes in to break them up.


In the back Jim Cornette is trying to talk Jeff out of fighting Kurt Angle and then tries to get Mick to talk him out of it, but Mick says ‘once a wrestler, always a wrestler’ and says it’s in their blood. Sting walks in and says that it’ll be over with in two weeks and Sting tells Jeff to let him handle it his way, but Jeff says he’ll leave a piece of Kurt for Sting.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Off The Wagon Challenge (if one of L.A.X. is pinned then they’re fired)
Beer Money Inc. (c) w/Jacqueline vs. L.A.X.

This is two of the best tag teams in the world in my opinion. Homicide and Storm start the match off and Storm immediately puts Homicide in a side headlock but Homicide pushes him off and then and then hits a Flying Back Elbow! Homicide tags in Super Mex and he puts Storm in a hammerlock only to have Storm poke him in the eyes and quickly Roode in. Roode puts the boots to Hernandez and then goes for a Suplex but Hernandez blocks it and picks Roode up for his Delayed Suplex, but Storm runs in and punches Hernandez in the ribs. Beer Money then go for their Beer Money Double Suplex but Hernandez double suplexes them! That’s pure power and Hernandez tags in Homicide as Beer Money bail out to the floor. Homicide with a sliding dropkick to Beer Money knocking them to the floor and then Homicide tells Hernandez to Border Toss him over the top! Hernandez grabs Homicide and Border Tosses him over the top onto Beer Money! Now that’s a double team move.


Back from commercials Homicide goes for a Tornado DDT on Storm but he blocks it and hits the Backstabber for a nearfall! Storm tags in Roode and they hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Homicide. They show a replay of the Border Toss before the break. Back to live action Roode hits a snapmare on Homicide and then puts him in a sleeper. Homicide fights to his feet only to eat a Powerslam from Roode for a nearfall. Roode knocks Hernandez off the apron and Beer Money put the boots to Homicide. Storm in the ring (no tag) and he tells the referee he tagged out. Storm with a leg and then a Double Underhook Suplex for a nearfall. Storm chokes Homicide on the middle rope and then tags Roode back in. They go for a double back suplex on Homicide but he lands on his feet and dives to tag in Hernandez! Hernandez with a slingshot into a double clothesline on Beer Money! Clotheslines for both of them and then he whips Storm into Roode and hits a big Corner Splash on both of them! Hernandez takes his shirt off, puts it around Roode’s neck, and biels him across the ring with it! Hernandez then with an over the shoulder back breaker on Storm. Hernandez charges Roode in the corner but he gets a boot up and then goes for a Cross Body Block off the top but Hernandez catches him in midair and turns it into a Sitout Powerbomb for a nearfall before Storm breaks it up. Hernandez with a big clothesline on Storm and Roode hits nasty chops on Hernandez and then comes off the ropes only to eat a sick shoulder block that sends Roode crashing out of the ring! Homicide goes for another sliding dropkick on Beer Money on the outside but they avoid it and then attempt to double clothesline him, but Homicide ducks and they clothesline each other! Hernandez then hits the Super Mex Suicide Dive over the top onto Beer Money on the outside! Homicide chases Jacky out of the ring but then gets thrown into the guard rail by Roode while Hernandez spits beer in the face of Storm in the ring! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss but Storm blocks it and then Roode destroys Hernandez with the chair shot!

Winners: L.A.X. via DQ (Beer Money retains, L.A.X. still has jobs)

After the match Beer Money continue the beatdown on Hernandez until Homicide makes the save. Homicide goes for the Gringo Cutta on Storm but he shoves Homicide into a chair that Roode THROWS at him! Team 3D’s music hits and they come out for the save! Bubba grabs a microphone and says that for the past couple of weeks they have been issuing an open challenge and everytime they beat a team the guy they pin has to leave TNA. Storm yells at Bubba that he’s smarter than he looks, ‘fat boy.’ Bubba puts over how it affects the person that gets pinned livelihood. Bubba says that’s pretty low in his book and Beer Money yell “Yep!” after everything he says. Bubba says he knows of a tag team that wants to fight them and it’s a tag team that has won 21 Tag Titles! They challenge Beer Money a Tag Title match at Destination X! Apparently Beer Money agrees to it.

Kurt Angle is walking to the ring with his personal security but he tells them to go to the back and snatches a microphone at the announce table. Kurt tells Jeff if he’s looking for him then to come out there and fight him. Kurt is pissed and he asks Jeff if he had fun tonight and thanks to Jeff and Sting Kurt is ‘sick, twisted, and demented.’ He says he’s going to eat Jeff alive as an appetizer for the main course (Sting) at Destination X.


The King of the Mountain’s music hits and Jeff comes out dressed for a fight, not a match. Kurt and Jeff go right at it with rights and lefts with Jeff getting the upperhand with a clothesline sending Kurt to the outside! Jeff throws Kurt into the guard rail repeatedly. Jeff tosses Kurt over the guard rail into the crowd and then slams him into the wall. Jeff drags Kurt up the stairs and lays in right hands but Kurt crotches Jeff onto a railing. The fans chant “Jarrett” as Kurt beats on Jeff more. They are both throwing stiff as hell punches. Kurt with a European Uppercut and then more stiff right hands. Jeff with the comeback and stiff rights of his own as they fight up another set of stairs. Jeff throws Kurt into some fencing only to get low blowed by Kurt and then clothesline over railing. Kurt drags Jeff behind the bleachers and tries to throw Jeff into a wall but Jeff reverses it and then repeatedly throws Kurt into a wall. Jeff with big right hands near the exit and he actually tosses Angle threw the door and locks it! Mick Foley and 3D come up and celebrate with Jeff and Bubba hands Jeff a chair. Jeff gets in the ring as the fans chant “Thank You, Jeff!” and the faces celebrate in the ring.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely hated last week but I absolutely loved this week. It was a complete 360 in my mind. I loved the slow build of Don West slowly being more and more heelish as the show went on until he finally said he was so ‘disgusted’ at Tenay that he just left. I love the heel/face announce team as I’ve said before and I’m loving this thing their doing with the announcers.

We had some really good wrestling tonight too. Only 4 matches but 3 were really good. The X-Division Title was a really good nice back and forth match that put over Alex Shelley as a fighting champion and also Kiyoshi looked very good once again. Nice to see a ‘heel’ get a clean win too. No Limit vs. The Guns is inevitable and hopefully it gets a PPV setting. The Ultimate X participants have yet to be announced but if I had to guess I would say it will involve Lethal, Creed, Shelley, Sabin, Kiyoshi, and Suicide maybe even toss in the No Limit guys or L.A.X. as well.

The Knockouts Tag was all over the place but it had really solid action as it had 4 really good wrestlers, one decent one (Velvet Sky), and one bad one (Rhaka Khan). Rhaka just hurts every match she’s in because she always botches something no matter how short of a time she’s in the ring. They’re obviously protecting Kong’s injured knee as she has had very little match time in the past few months. I just don’t see Sojo going over her this month, I’m full expecting Dark Angle (Sarah Stock) to get that push when she comes though.

The Tag Titles match had another cheap finish but it was still a very good and very fun match as those two teams always deliver, but am I the only one that’s pissed that L.A.X. nearly beats the Tag Champs yet Team 3D gets the title shot? Now L.A.X. has nothing to do for another PPV (unless they’re inserting into the Ultimate X which I wouldn’t mind).

Shane Sewell vs. Matt Morgan was nothing more than a glorified squash but I don’t mind since I don’t like Sewell. Morgan’s promo afterward was nice and I’m looking forward to the Tacks Match (wasn’t the last one Abyss vs. Spike Dudley?)

The situation with Booker and AJ/Steiner & Joe was just bizarre. So the cops are with Booker but didn’t care that Joe was dressed as him and then didn’t care that he put a knife to Steiner’s throat? Yeah, okay. All the trash talking Booker did to AJ as he was being hauled off to jail was funny though. Regardless, I’m looking forward to both matches but why exactly did Cornette take the belt?

Dr. Stevie/Abyss was stupid again, The Governor is still retarded.

All the Kurt Angle stuff was good, he is a complete psycho and I know people are going to complain about him beating the hell out of the Front Line guys (which I’m not thrilled about) but it’s not like he fought any of them in a fair fight. He jumped them all in true heel fashion so I don’t mind it. I just wish they would do something where Kurt Angle is alone and just chilling when all the young guys bust it and beat the hell out of him and leave him laying in the street or something.

The brawl between Jeff and Kurt was very entertaining and it was nice to see a face on top at the end of the night for once (I don’t count Sting yet since he’s still a tweener). This was a fun show tonight.

- Match of the Night: L.A.X. vs. Beer Money (***)
- Segment/Promo of the Night: Jay Lethal's Ric Flair impersonation
- Final Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Six Man Tag Team Elimination: Team 3D & Abyss vs. Matt Morgan & Beer Money Inc.
- 8-Man Tag Team: Lethal Consequences & 2 Mystery Partners vs. Scott Steiner, Booker T., & 2 Mystery Partners
- Rhino vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
- Plus, the rest of the Destination X card will be announce including the Ultimate X participants!

Destination X Lineup So Far:
- TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle
- Ultimate X: TBA
- Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe
- TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Team 3D (if 3D loses, whoever is pinned is fired)
- TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. AJ Styles
- TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Sojo Bolt
- Match of 1,000 Thumbtacks: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan