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On Friday, April 17, 2009 at 12:49 AM EST

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This Friday night, April 17th Ring of Honor’s lastest Pay-Per-View presentation, “Caged Collision” makes its debut! Highlighted by a Steel Cage Warfare grudge match, this PPV offers up everything you have come to expect from ROH: hard-hitting battles, state of the art wrestling, and the hardest working wrestlers around. From the brutality of the steel cage to an epic title match, this PPV delivers the finest wrestling action with a little something for every fan. Here’s a look at some of the history behind these contests:

Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, Brent Albright, Ace Steel, & Jay Briscoe vs. Sweet 'N' Sour Inc.

For months, the members of Sweet ‘N Sour Inc. have tormented Strong, Stevens, and Albright. Davey Richards was bought off and betrayed Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens was left with a severely injured arm after a brutal beating, and Brent Albright was badly burned when a fireball was tossed into his face. And that was just the beginning for SnS.

In the hunt for tag team gold, Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards took out Mark Briscoe, leaving Jay standing solo, in the Wolves attempt to remove any opposition in their way. Ace Steel joined the fight on ROH’s last PPV “Rising Above 2008”, and looks to help his allies end this violent war inside the Steel Cage. And even though S&S Inc. has refused to reveal the members of their team, you can rest assured that Albright and his crew will not rest until their enemies are left face down in a puddle of their own blood.

Nigel McGuinness defends vs. El Generico

McGuinness, champion for well over a year, has dominated Ring of Honor and beaten all comers during his title reign. From Bryan Danielson to Tyler Black, Nigel has turned away every challenger and remained the king of ROH. El Generico is one of those men who failed in the past to dethrone the champion, but he comes into this match with a renewed fire. McGuinness has insulted and denigrated the masked man, questioning his ability and his worth, and now it’s Generico’s opportunity to shut the mouth of the arrogant World Champion.

Tyler Black & Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries

These four men have been intimately bound to one another for quite some time. Whether it’s as allies or enemies, these fighters all know one another quite well. Black, Jacobs, and Aries have spent the last several months fighting one another after Aries turned his back on the world in December. Danielson has faced all three men, teamed with Aries on numerous occasion, and now looks to take his and Tyler’s mutual hatred for their opponents and use it as fuel for the fire. And the real prize in all this? The winner of the pinfall gets named the new #1 Contender!

The Necro Butcher & Jerry Lynn vs. The Age of the Fall (Brodie Lee & Delirious w/Jimmy Jacobs)

The Necro Butcher has been so intimately tied with The Age of the Fall since his return to ROH in 2007. He stood alongside Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black for months before seeing the light and going his own way. Shortly thereafter Lee & Delirious joined the fold, and have been doing their best to make Necro pay for his “betrayal” ever since. Lynn has crossed the path of the AOTF as well, and was more than happy to help Necro in his quest to put an end to the AOTF when he was in need of a partner.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Both men want to be known as World Champion in the future, both men have been Tag Team champion, and now they will square off in their mutual attempt to rise up the singles ranks of Ring of Honor. The victor in this contest will move up in contention, the loser may have to start back at the bottom.

Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne vs. Kenny King vs. Silas Young

Three young up-and-comers in the ranks of ROH attempt to make an impact on Pay-Per-View. The last time on PPV, Alex Payne came up short against Claudio Castagnoli as part of a Four Corner Survival that also included Silas Young, and now both he and Young look to pick up their first victory on ROH PPV. Kenny King makes his debut on ROH PPV with this event and you can bet the “Pretty Boy Pitbull” is looking to make an impact of his own.

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ROH “Caged Collision” debuts this Friday April 17th on PPV at 10pm, and will be available through InDemand, DISH Network, Direct TV, & TVN in the United States, and in Canada with Bell Express Vu, & Viewer’s Choice Canada. “Caged Collision” will replay at 4/18 at 7pm, 4/19 at 9am, and twice on 4/20 at 1pm and 8pm. Full scheduling information can also be found here: Check with your individual cable operator for exact showtimes.