Impact Results - 4/23/09

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On Friday, April 24, 2009 at 12:31 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
April 23, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with highlights from this past Sunday’s exciting and unpredictable Lockdown PPV! Then we cut to the usual Impact open and then we cut to the pyro going off in the arena. Tenay and West put over Foley winning the TNA World Title and then Double J’s music hits and the TNA Founder makes his way to the ring with the TNA World Heavyweight strap over his shoulder. The fans chant “TNA” before Jarrett introduces the new TNA Champion: Mick Foley! Foley makes his way out to the arena wearing a suit (still rocking the tennis shoes though). Foley’s sporting a few war wounds on his head as he thanks the fans. Foley thanks the cameraman (the guy who handed him the barbed wire bat at Lockdown) and then takes the camera and shows him and says he has a job there for a long time. Foley puts over the battle he had with Sting at Lockdown and says he saw a broken, emotionally shatter man in Sting when he won. He says it’s a pretty safe bet that they won’t see Sting in TNA for quite awhile and then asks the fans to give him a round of applause out of respect as the fans chant “we want Sting.” Jarrett says it’s his duty as the founder of TNA to award Mick the Championship belt and then hands it over to Mick. Jeff talks about him and Foley meeting for the first time to do business together and he says they never thought that Foley would be holding the TNA Heavyweight belt. He says that Foley told him he wanted to concentrate on his outside the ring career and he should’ve known better. Jarrett says one of his responsibilities tonight is to inform Foley that his first title defense will be at “Sacrifice” next month and TNA management has decided it will be a Four Way! He says if Foley gets pinned then he will be ‘sacrificing’ his TNA Title, but if any of the other 3 men in that match get pinned then they will be ‘sacrificing’ something. He says over the next few weeks they will choose the participants in the match based solely on what they are willing to sacrifice in the match. Foley tells the cameraman to get another shot of the stitches he has in his head and goes over what Jarrett just said and names the name the “Ultimate Sacrifice Match.” Foley asks Jarrett who exactly TNA management is and says that TNA management really is he and Jeff, and he knows that he didn’t sign the match so that means Jeff signed it. Foley suggests that Jarrett is jealous of him and says that he can sense the resentment that Jeff has for him holding the World Title. Mick says that Jeff liked him a lot better when he was just pushing pencils and resents the fact that he is no longer just a solider but he is in fact now the general of the TNA army. He says since Jeff wants to book Mick in a match at Sacrifice, then he is going to book Jeff in a match tonight! Mike Tenays says on commentary that Jeff suffered a torn hamstring at Lockdown (I’m not sure if that’s ‘kayfabe’ or not). Jeff says he can’t do it but Mick says he can and he says in appreciation for his ‘good friend’ Cactus Jack he is going to put Jeff Jarrett in a “Cactus Jack Smack Attack” and he will personally select a few weapons for Jeff and his opponent to use. He then says that he knows the Main Event Mafia would love to face him and his good friend Scott Steiner is the most angry at Jeff so he will be going one-on-one with Scott Steiner in a Cactus Jack Smack Attack Match! He says he will provide guest commentary for the match as well!

In the back Lauren is with the new TNA Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love, and the rest of the Beautiful People who are celebrating Angelina’s title win (knocked out and all) at Lockdown. Velvet says tonight they will be throwing a party in celebration of Angelina winning the belt tonight!


They show a video package that was shot earlier today between Don West and Team 3D. Bubba thanks Beer Money for bringing their ‘A’ game to Lockdown and says he knows they are the future of tag team wrestling. He says they are proud to be wrestling in a company where tag team wrestling is alive and well, but he knows it could still be better. 3D is starting a special Team 3D Invitation Tag Team Tournament to feature tag teams from all over the world and the winners of the tournament will win a trophy, $10,000, and a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championships!

3D Tag Team Invitation Tournament Quarterfinals
Beer Money Inc. vs. Lethal Consequences

Beer Money looks kind of naked without their Tag Titles and they look all business tonight. No kidding around, no “Boozer Cruizer”, all business. West points out how serious Beer Money looks and puts over how they have something to prove in this tournament. Lethal and Storm start the match off and Storm goes right after Lethal with a kick and a right hand. Storm attempts to whip Lethal into the ropes but Lethal reverses it and snaps off a hurricanrana followed by a back heel kick. Storm tags in Creed and then whips Storm into the corner. Lethal then whips Creed into the corner and he connects with a running clothesline followed by a running dropkick from Lethal and then the springboard bulldog from Creed! 1..2…NO Storm kicks out. Creed puts a wristlock on Storm but gets caught with a big right hand and then Storm tags in Roode. Roode goes for a clothesline but Creed ducks and hits the Montifisto punches! Creed attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it and Storm trips Creed. Lethal then hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto Storm on the outside! Creed then back drops Roode over the top onto the floor and then hits a gorgeous somersault plancha over the top onto everybody! Creed suplexes Roode from the apron into the ring and gets a nearfall. Creed attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it and Storm gets in the blind tag. Roode picks Creed up in a Spinebuster right down onto the Backcracker from Strom at the same time! Beautiful move! 1…2…NO Creed kicks out! Storm covers again and still only gets a two count. Storm tags in Roode and then whips Creed into the ropes. Roode with a scoop slam and then elbow drops from both members of Beer Money for another nearfall before Lethal breaks it up. Storm tagged back in and they hit the Beer Money Double Suplex. Storm with a Sleeper on Creed but he fights to his feet and hits a big right hand and Storm goes for a clothesline, but Creed ducks it and then they collide in midair with cross body blocks. Both men down now and they both tag out. Roode goes for a clothesline on Lethal but he ducks and hits a big running forearm followed by clotheslines. Lethal whips Roode into the corner and charges but Roode backdrops him over the top rope and Lethal lands on the apron. Lethal with a right hand and then climbs to the top and hits a beautiful Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Storm breaks it up with an elbow drop, but Lethal moved and Storm hit his own partner! Creed and Lethal whip Storm into the ropes and go for a double back body drop but Storm stops and attempts to kick Lethal, but Lethal catches his foot and Creed hits a nasty Enziguri on Storm! Lethal picks Storm up in a Vertical Suplex and Creed comes off the top with a Flying Cross Body onto Storm at the same time! Lethal then this the Lethal Combination on Roode! 1…2..NO Roode kicks out! Lethal attempts to whip Roode into the ropes as the referee tries to restore order by forcing Creed back to his corner, but Roode reverses it. Lethal back handsprings into the ropes and then a backflip over a clothesline attempt from Roode but Storm kills him with the Last Call to the back of the hand as he lands! Beer Money then hit the D.W.I.! 1…2…3 and that’s it!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (D.W.I.)

In the back JB is in the Main Event Locker room and talks about Jeff staying loyal to the TNA originals. Kurt Angle says nobody beat them at Lockdown, they beat themselves. He says he made a poor judgment call by even attempting to trust Jeff Jarrett. He says he doesn’t hold Steiner responsible but Steiner cuts him off and says that he holds himself accountable for it and apologizes to Angle because Angle trusted his judgment. Steiner calls Jarrett a son of a b*tch and says that he flushed 20 years of friendship down the toilet. He says he’s going to treat Jarrett like a young punk tonight and when he beats his a** tonight he’ll spit in his face and walks off. Angle says he wouldn’t want to be Jeff Jarrett tonight.


In the back JB is with Jeff Jarrett in the back (right in front of a big poster advertising Jarrett’s new DVD, just so happens) and Jeff says he doesn’t care how Steiner feels. He says he made a business decision at Lockdown and the Front Line goes out there every night of the week and busts their butts. He says screw Scott Steiner, screw the Main Event Mafia, and screw Mick Foley as Eric Young walks up and interrupts him. EY asks Jarrett what he needs to do to get a chance around there. He says Sting handpicked him a few weeks ago to represent him and he’s had two X-Division Titles taken away from him. He says he only wants a chance but Jarrett says he has a lot bigger issues on his plate than EY. EY says he’s not asking for a handout, he just wants a chance. Jarrett says that “Holiday” (not sure who that is) doesn’t have a tag partner tonight and to go find him and they can enter the 3D Tournament tonight. EY says he doesn’t even know who that is but Jarrett says to take it or leave it. Tenay and West at ringside put over the rest of the card tonight which will include another 3D Invitational Tournament match that will see the Japanese team of No Limit face Eric Young and the debuting “Outlaw” Jethro Holiday who is in fact the former Trevor Murdoch formerly of the WWE (as I can see from the graphic). I had heard he was debuting either this week or next but wasn’t sure what name he would be going under (I don’t read spoilers usually). Also, the Beautiful People celebration, a Ladder Match featuring Sojo Bolt and Taylor Wilde with the winner getting a shot at the Title, AJ Styles defends the Legends Title against Nash, and in the Main Event Jeff Jarrett faces Scott Steiner in the Cactus Jack Smack Attack! Loaded card for tonight! Tenay says that all throughout tonight they will go up close with Mick Foley.

They then cut to one of those segments that shows Foley walking through the parking lot of the arena in Philadelphia Sunday night. It’s called the “Cross The Line Cam” and they show Foley getting home and then sending his kids off to school. He shows off his title belt to the kids bus driver.

In the back Lauren is with Kevin Nash and she asks if Nash’s ring rust will have a negative effect on him tonight. He says ‘his girl’ Jenna has kept his heart rate up the last few nights so he’ll be fine but tonight’s about Book and him getting Book his title back. All of a sudden Sharmell pops off at Jenna asking her if she has a problem. They bicker until Booker tells Kev to control Jenna and Kev says Sharmell started it. Book asks Kevin what he’s trying to say but Nash calms him down and he and Jenna leave. When they leave Booker tells Sharmell she’s got to chill but she tells Booker to handle it or she will.

They show another edition of the Cross the Line Cam where Mick goes to a restaurant in his hometown and shows off his title belt there too. A fan comes in and wants Mick to talk to her husband and then he poses for pictures with fans.

We then cut to the back with JB and Jarrett again. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels walk in and AJ apologizes for ever doubting Jeff. Daniels says he will never know how much it means for Jeff bringing him back and he owes him one. AJ says they have his back and then they leave. Jarrett says that’s why he does what he does and then JB says the Knockouts Ladder Match is about to start. Tenay points out how everytime JB tries to talk to Jarrett about his match tonight someone interrupts him.

TNA Knockouts Championship #1 Contenders Match
Knockouts Ladder Match
Sojo Bolt vs. Taylor Wilde

I’m not feeling the new hair for Sojo at all. This is only the second Knockout Ladder Match in the history of TNA with the first being the incredible, bloody affair between Roxxi and Gail Kim last year. Both Taylor and Sojo begin climbing each side of a ladder that was already set up in the ring as the bell rings. Taylor and Sojo trade right hands at the top of the ladder but Taylor gets the advantage with big forearms knocking Sojo off. Sojo then pushes the ladder over but Taylor lands on her feet and hits more big forearms and then a leg kick that takes Sojo down. Taylor picks Sojo up but she hits a chop to the throat and then sets the ladder up in a corner. Sojo attempts to whip Taylor into the ladder but Taylor reverses it and Sojo nails the ladder! Taylor sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and begins to climb as Don West announces that this years Slammiversary will be taking place live in Detroit, Michigan at the Palace of Auburn Hills! Sojo climbs up with Taylor and suplexes Taylor off the ladder! Sojo folded Taylor up like a damn accordion with that one! Sojo starts climbing the ladder now but Taylor cuts her off and then puts Sojo up on her shoulders in an Electric Chair Drop! Sojo pulls out a pair of brass knuckles from her top and then both her and Taylor begin climbing either side of the ladder. Sojo and Taylor trade punches until Sojo nails Taylor with the brass knuckles knocking Taylor out and then she reaches up and pulls down the contract.

Winner: Sojo Bolt

In the back the Beautiful People are walking toward the ring.


Back from commercials JB is once again attempting to get an interview with Jeff Jarrett but this time referee, Slick Johnson interrupts. Slick says that one of his daughters called and said she needs for Jeff to call home.

The Beautiful People’s Celebration

Velvet puts over the Knockouts new trading cards that are on sale now. Velvet says that tonight is the greatest night in the history of the world as tonight they officially welcome Madison Rayne into “My-Pie-Sexy” and they also celebrate the new Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love! Angelina makes her sexy way out to the ring and if you saw the PPV you know Angelina was knocked silly in her match. She really looked out of it there at the end but I’m happy she’s alright, it’s just unfortunate that the match, that was very good up until that point, had to end that way. Velvet congratulates Angelina and then asks her if there is anything she wants to say to the fans. Angelina says she just wants to thank all of her fans for supporting her all these years and she knows that how hard things are now adays with all the burger joints going out of business. She says she knows how hard it’s been for everybody to lose their trailers in this tough time and she now understands that they like her, they really like her! I know there is at least one part of her I LOVE. Velvet says she and Madison have a real treat for Angelina and they welcome out the “dancing boys.” A couple of fruity looking idiots come out and dance for the Beautiful People. I really could’ve done without that. I’m so not doing play by play for that disturbing site. Before we have to see too much of that crap Awesome Kong’s music hits and the pissed off beast makes her way to the ring. I think I have to go along with what Tenay said, “I don’t think I’ve ever said this when Kong’s music plays, but thank God!” Kong gets in the ring and the Beautiful People bail out before she can get her hands on them. Kong stares them down but then turns back and sees the fruit loops and grabs one of them by the throat! The other two bail out but that one eats an Awesome Bomb as she points at Angelina! You, sir, just got owned!


We get another segment with Mick and his Cross the Line Cam as Mick gets a message from what looks to be a blind Asian woman. Mick hands the woman a one dollar bill and tells her it’s a 20, but she figures it out and Mick gives her a $100 bill because he says he has Championship money.

TNA Legends Championship
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) vs. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash w/Jenna Morasca

AJ’s music seems a little remixed with some rap thrown into along with “he’s about to fly high!” at the beginning. Nash jumps AJ with a knee as the bell rings and then a big elbow to the back of the head. Nash throws AJ into the corner and slams repeated knees into AJ and I think that’s where Michael Cole would’ve said vintage Nash. Nash then hits the back elbow on AJ followed by another and then chokes AJ with his boot. Nash whips AJ into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and then Nash goes for a back hand but AJ ducks again and hits a dropkick to the knee and then an Enziguri! AJ elbow drops the knee over and over working on that knee but Nash is able to kick AJ off. AJ then kicks Nash in the gut and climbs to the top rope but Nash hits a nasty back elbow knocking AJ off the top and into the guard rail on the outside as Tenay points out that big brace on Nash’s elbow! Nash climbs to the outside and slams AJ into the ring apron and then tosses AJ back into the ring. Nash picks AJ up and drops him with a Sidewalk Slam, 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Nash with a big short arm clothesline for another nearfall. AJ fights back with punches and chops and then comes off the apron but Nash slams that big knee into AJ’s sternum sending him onto the apron. AJ hits a shoulderblock between the ropes and then big right hands. AJ then hits the springboard flying forearm! AJ with a big running dropkick to the face of Nash for a nearfall of his own. AJ comes off the ropes but Nash catches him by the throat and goes for the Chokeslam, but AJ slaps his arm away and hits the Pele out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Nash kicks out! AJ goes to the apron and attempts the springboard 450-Splash! I haven’t seen AJ pull that out in at least over a year! Nash is able to roll out of the way and AJ hits his face on the mat hard, but AJ’s knees caught Nash on the hip and both men are down now as Sharmell and Booker T. make their way to the ring. Sharmell distracts the referee as Booker T. slides in and hits the Axe Kick on AJ! Nash takes the straps down and goes for the Jackknife but referee, Rudy Charles, pulls AJ away and says he saw the interference! He DQ’s Nash!

Winner & STILL Legends Champ: AJ Styles via DQ

Nash is pissed off and the referee gets the hell out of dodge before he can take his anger out on him. Jenna screams at Sharmell as the referee raises AJ’s hand in the ring.


During the break Kurt Angle had to hold Sharmell and Booker back from Nash and Jenna, and he screams at them to take it out on the enemy.

Team 3D Invitation Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
No Limit w/Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. “The Outlaw” Jethro Holiday & “Showtime” Eric Young

Don West puts over how this tournament will be bring out guys from all over who want to be a part of it. I’m hearing former TNA X-Division Champion, Amazing Red, may be one of those we get to see in this tournament! EY and Yujiro start the match off and EY gets the advantage with a hammerlock but Yujiro forces him into the corner and kicks him in the gut. Yujiro whips EY into the corner but EY flips up and over the turnbuckles onto the apron. Yujiro charges at EY but he hits a shoulder block and then slides underneath Yujiro and hits a dropkick for a one count. EY tags in Holiday who hits some stiff right hands. Holiday with a snapmare and then a huge boot to the face of Yujiro followed by an elbow drop for a nearfall. Holiday with a forearm and then whips Yujiro into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Yujiro is able to stop himself and kicks Holiday in the face. Yujiro goes for a clothesline but Holiday blocks it and hits a nasty Full Nelson Slam! 1…2…NO Naito kicks out! Holiday picks Yujiro up but he rakes the eyes and tags in Naito! Naito climbs to the top and hits a beautiful Missile Dropkick! Yujiro hits an Atomic Drop on EY as he came charging in followed by a leg drop from Yujiro and then a somersault senton from Naito! No Limit double team Holiday and then Naito cokes him as West says $10,000 must be 3 Trillion yen. Naito whips Holiday into the ropes and hits a high backbody drop for a nearfall. Naito then puts Holiday in a rear chin lock. Naito drops an elbow on the top of Holiday’s head and then throws Holiday into the top turnbuckle and tags Yujiro back in. Yujiro with a scoop slam and then he climbs to the top rope and flies off but Holiday gets the boot up and catches Yujiro in the face! Holiday tags out and EY takes out both Naito and Yujiro with clotheslines. EY whips Yujiro into the ropes and hits a powerslam! 1…2..NO he kicks out! EY and Holiday now double team Yujiro in middle of the ring. Kiyoshi gets up on the apron and distracts the referee as Bashir trips EY from the outside. Yujiro hits the Emerald Fusion on Holiday as Bashir holds EY! Yujiro attempts to hit EY but he ducks and Yujiro hits Bashir! EY then knocks Kiyoshi off the apron and hits a crucifix rollup on Yujiro as he went for a clothesline! 1…2…3 and they get the upset!

Winners: Young & Holiday via pinfall (crucifix pin)

In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and he says Nash brought his ‘A’ game until Booker interfered and then he sees Samoa Joe pull up. AJ walks up to Joe and asks him what his problem is. Joe says his problem is everyone and everything but AJ says they’re friends. Joe says there are no friends, there is just his nation of violence and then walks off as AJ looks puzzled.


We get another wonderful edition of Dr. Stevie Is In. Lauren asks Stevie when exactly he became a psychiatrist or was he studying to be one while he was in ECW. Stevie says she has a good sense of a humor but a piece of paper (diploma) doesn’t mean anything. Lauren pretty much calls Stevie an idiot. Stevie says he’s a recovering addict like Abyss and he feels his pain because he has experienced it. He says Abyss is like a brother to him and Lauren says that doesn’t give him the right to abuse Abyss. Stevie apologizes for that but they need to help Abyss transfer his aggression elsewhere and he needs Lauren’s help to do it. She agrees to do it. What the hell?

Now we cut to a sitdown interview that Mike Tenay did with Christopher Daniels. He asks Daniels about his relationship with AJ and he says that AJ named his son after Chris and he named his son after AJ and he can’t think of a guy in the business that he’s closer to. Daniels reflects on the early days of TNA and how they were told the X-Division was going to be the crown jewel of TNA and guys like he, AJ, and Samoa Joe left it out in the ring every week. Tenay puts over Daniels technical ability and says he feels he’s in the same class as Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero (that is some high praise right there, my friends) but asks why he think the public hasn’t seen him that way. Daniels talks about Feast or Fired when he lost his job and when he went home he blamed Jeff Jarrett, the bookers, management, everyone. He says one night he was watching Impact and he saw the Main Event Mafia and how TNA was nothing until they got there and he knew that’s what’s wrong with the business, and then his wife turned to him and told him that that’s how he had been acting. He says he knew now it’s time for the world to put him in that same space that Tenay put him in with Guerrero and Angle.


We get another segment up Mick Foley up close where he is in an airport signing autographs for fans and he signs one “CHAMP.” Some lady chases Mick down and Mick cracks jokes with fans. He tries to go through the metal detector with his title belt and of course it goes off.

Cactus Jack’s Smack Attack Match (Street Fight)
“King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

There is a bunch of weapons scattered around ringside including crutches, a chair wrapped in barbed wire, and even a walker and a Santa Clause (yeah, you heard that right) and Mick calls Jeff Jarrett the “turd in the punch bowl of life” and of course West agrees completely. In one section of the ropes barbed wire is actually wrapped all around the ropes much like it would be in a no ropes barbed wire match (if all the ropes were that way). This actually looks more like a Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match than a Street Fight really. Jarrett slides into the ring and goes right after Steiner with an atomic drop and then he nails him with a kendo stick repeatedly! Jarrett then nails Steiner with a crutch and clotheslines Scotty over the top to the floor! Jarrett grabs the walker and hits Steiner with it! That is a first! Jarrett grabs a fan’s sign and hits Steiner with it. Jarrett rips up the sign revealing it to actually be a road sign (one more thing straight out of the Raven playbook). Jarrett taunts Foley and then hits Steiner with the sign again. Jarrett attempts to whip Steiner into the guardrail but Steiner reverses it and then slams Jarrett on the concrete! Steiner pulls out a pogo stick! Steiner hits Jarrett with it and then hops up and down on it only to get clotheslined from Jarrett! Steiner got clotheslined off of the pogo stick! Jarrett pulls out a mailbox but Steiner cuts him of and grabs the Santa Clause and hits Jarrett with it! Steiner suplexes Jarrett onto a trash can!


Back from commercials Steiner tries to throw Jarrett into a chair but Jarrett reverses it sending Steiner into the chair and then nails Steiner with the trash can lid repeatedly! Jeff then double arm DDT’s Steiner into the trashcan! 1…2..NO Steiner kicks out! Jarrett attempts to whip Steiner into the barbed wire but Steiner blocks it and hits a belly-to-belly suplex! Steiner grabs the trash can lid and hits Jarrett with it and then puts Jarrett in the Steiner Recliner! Jarrett is able to walk Steiner to the ropes and grabs them. Steiner tries to put Jarrett back in the hold but he nails Steiner with a trashcan lid and rolls Steiner up! 1…2…NO Steiner kicks out! Jarrett then pops Steiner with the trashcan and then sets up a chair in the ring. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Steiner blocks it and slams Jarrett into the chair! Steiner puts a trash can over Jarrett’s head and nails it with a crutch! Steiner tries to put Jarrett back in the Steiner Recliner but Jarrett low blows him and then hits the Stroke! 1…2…NO Steiner kicks out! Jarrett grabs a chair and climbs to the top but Steiner nails him with the trash can and then climbs up with him and hits the Super Samoan Drop! 1…2…NO Jarrett kicks out! Steiner puts Jarrett back in the Steiner Recliner again, but again Jarrett is able to fight out of the hold and grab the ropes. Jarrett then lifts Steiner up on his shoulders and drops him with the Electric Chair Drop! Jarrett grabs the guitar and nails Steiner with it! Jarrett hits the Stroke again, 1…2...3 and that’s it!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall (The Stroke)

After the match Kurt Angle runs down and Olympic Slams Jarrett! Angle then puts Jarrett in the Ankle Lock and then Steiner puts Jarrett in the Steiner Recliner at the same time! Foley grabs a chair and gets into the ring and hits Angle with the chair! Foley then blasts Jarrett with the chair! That dude is off his rocker.


Back from commercials AJ Styles & Daniels are checking on Jeff Jarrett in the ring as they show a replay of what just went down. Jarrett has the mic and says that was a bad decision on Foley’s part. He says he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself because 6 months ago when he hired Mick he knew he was a whackjob. Jeff says it’s no longer business, it’s personal and the next time he sees Foley he’s going to shove a pink slip up his a**! The lights go out and the engine revs up and when the lights come back on Bobby Lashley is on the entrance ramp! Lashley doesn’t say a word but Angle smiles and points up at Lashley as Lashley smiles back and Jarrett puts his head down.

Final Thoughts

This week was really good once again as TNA is really starting to hit their stride in my opinion, though, they still really need to work on the pacing of Impact as sometimes it just goes at 100mph. Two things left me scratching my head after Lockdown, the 1st was the appearance of Bobby Lashley and the 2nd was Mick Foley winning the World Title. Now, I have stated my feelings on the latter in the WrestleView forum after the show as I am not thrilled about a man that has wrestled around 4 times in the past 4 years winning TNA’s World Championship and I was never a fan of Bobby Lashley’s work in WWE. With that said, I have to kind of have to look at it at a different angle. What is one of the most things you hear about from marks…I mean internet fans? Wrestling is so predictable now. How many actually thought Foley was going to win the World Title? Maybe 3 people in the world, ha. Who saw Bobby Lashley coming into TNA at this point? I would guess no one. So at the very least TNA is trying to surprise us and I’m enjoying it. I’m not really going to harp on Lockdown too much more because I have said everything else about what I felt was a very, very good PPV in the forum.

Onto the show, the opening segment between Foley and Jarrett was pretty solid but I’m wondering how long of a layoff Sting will take? That Ultimate Sacrifice Match actually sounds pretty cool and it’s innovative and I would love for Christopher Daniels to be put in that match. I just hope to God he doesn’t risk his career and get pinned, could be a perfect way for them to put the belt on a guy like Daniels. Mick Foley (sacrificing his title) vs. Kurt Angle (sacrificing his TNA career) vs. Jeff Jarrett (sacrificing the ownership of TNA) vs. Christopher Daniels (sacrificing his career) is how I see it going down. It would be cool for Hernandez to maybe sacrifice his anytime, anywhere title shot to get into the match. As long as he isn’t pinned his title shot would be in tact or he would be Champion.

The wrestling on the show was very good tonight as there were no bad matches and the thought of the Tag Tournament is really great. In a sport where tag wrestling is all but dead in the WWE, TNA continues to make their tag team division stronger. This is going to give Beer Money the chance to grow even stronger and maybe a young team to be established. Hopefully Amazing Red is in fact coming back to TNA as I keep hearing because he will be a great new addition (or re-addition) to the X-Division and even the tag division if given a good partner.

The opening match between Beer Money and Lethal Consequences was really great. Both teams worked very well together and both have great chemistry. I’d like to see Lethal Consequences get a title shot soon. Beer Money looked really, really strong even though they didn’t dominate the match as they were all serious and no play.

I’m not sure how I feel about the little segments they showed of Mick Foley walking around in his day-to-day life but some of it was entertaining.

The Knockouts Ladder Match was solid but a little short. It seems that TNA is really high on Sojo and I would guess her title shot will come at Sacrifice but they may give Kong her rematch there.

Speaking of Kong, thank God she came down and destroyed that fruitcake that was dancing.

Big Kev & AJ had a very good match between each other and though I don’t usually like the cheap finishes but it was cool to see a referee distraction and outside interference backfire on the heel. That isn’t done very often and it’s good to do it every now and then. Good to see AJ pull out the springboard 450 too.

I really liked the interview with Daniels and it was good to hear him talk about the early days and his relationship with TNA and of course getting fired and now a second chance. Hopefully a mega push is right around the corner for the Fallen Angel.

The No Limit and Holiday/EY match was pretty solid and EY and Holiday actually worked decently together though they didn’t too much double teaming (understandable seeing how this was their first time teaming together). I don’t really like an established team getting beat by a new team but this wasn’t exactly a clean finish some I’m fine with it. Holiday (Murdoch) was by far the most solid part of his tag team with Lance Cade and I’m perfectly fine with him coming to TNA (especially without Cade) and he looked good. The name I’m not so sure about, maybe if they just shortened to Outlaw Holiday or something like that. That Jethro name just is way too hick for my taste.

The Cactus Jack Smack Attack was a stupid name (though Raven’s Orange House of Fun is kind of stupid too) but the match was really fun. Steiner and Jarrett made do with all the crazy stuff at ringside and kicked the crap out of each other but I would’ve rathered them use the barbed wire at least once.

Overall, very solid show from TNA once again this week.

- Match of the Night: Beer Money vs. Lethal Consequences (**1/2)
- Segment/Promo of the Week: Chris Daniels sitdown interview
- Final Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Stretcher Match: Awesome Kong vs. Madison Rayne
- Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament continues featuring L.A.X. & Machine Guns!
- Abyss vs. Cody Deaner
- Main Event: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash & Booker T.

Lineup for Sacrifice so far:
-TNA World Title Ultimate Sacrifice Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA