Impact Results - 6/4/09

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On Friday, June 5, 2009 at 2:19 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
June 4, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with a recap from last week and hype for tonight’s Six Sides of Steel Main Event.

Lauren approaches Shane Douglas as he walks into the building and wants to know why she attacked Douglas. He asks her who she is and introduces himself and then says he plans to leave his mark on TNA for a very long time to come and he has business to take care of. Douglas then walks away as the TNA intro hits.

Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & Suicide

Neither No Limit nor the British Invasion accompanies Bashir or Kiyoshi to the ring. Suicide shows up in front of the big video screen this week. Kiyoshi rocking matching red paint on his face to match his red hair and pants tonight for anyone that cares. Bashir and Daniels kick off the match. Daniels comes in for a lockup attempt but Bashir nails him with a knee to the gut and then knocks Daniels down. Bashir slams Daniels headfirst into the top turnbuckle and then chops away at Daniels. Bashir whips Daniels into the ropes, Bashir goes for a clothesline, Daniels ducks, Bashir drops down and Daniels cartwheels over Bashir, and finally Daniels nails Bashir with several jabs. Daniels whips Bashir into the ropes and hits a back heel kick. 1…2…NO Bashir kicks out. Daniels with a gut wrench suplex and then tags Suicide in. Suicide climbs to the top and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop! Suicide taunts Kiyoshi and then hits headbutts on Bashir. Suicide attempts to whip Bashir into the ropes but he reverses it and Kiyoshi nails Suicide with an Enziguri from the apron to the back of the head. Bashir then hits a running clothesline and puts the boots to Suicide in the corner. Kiyoshi and Bashir double team Suicide in the corner both choking him with their boots. Kiyoshi tags in for the first time and hits several Mongolian Chops and then whips Suicide into the ropes and hits a press slam followed by a Superkick. 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out and Kiyoshi tags in Bashir. Bashir puts the boots to Suicide as Kiyoshi holds him. Bashir with right hands to Suicide and then hits a scoop slam and gets another nearfall. Kiyoshi quickly tags back in, the heels utilizing the quick tag now. Kiyoshi with another chop and then an uppercut. Kiyoshi goes for a back suplex but Bashir lands on his feet. Kiyoshi goes for a roundhouse kick but Suicide catches his leg and hits a Head and Leg Suplex! Both men are down now and Suicide tags out to Daniels! Daniels comes in and ducks a clothesline from Kiyoshi and then knocks Bashir off the apron and hits a running forearm on Kiyoshi. Daniels with a nice spinning heel kick and then he attempts to whip Kiyoshi into the ropes but Kiyoshi reverses it. Kiyoshi goes for a backdrop but Daniels kicks him in the face and then hits an STO! Daniels mounts Kiyoshi and reigns down right hands until Bashir runs in and pulls Daniels off. Bashir chops Daniels and then whips him into the corner. Bashir attempts to whip Kiyoshi into Daniels for a corner splash but Daniels moves and then hits a back elbow on Bashir! Daniels grabs Kiyoshi by the head and hits a running bulldog on Kiyoshi and a clothesline on Bashir at the same time! Daniels calls Suicide in and they whip Kiyoshi into the ropes. Daniels press slams Kiyoshi up onto Suicide’s shoulders and he drops him with the Rolling Fireman’s Carry. Daniels then hits a springboard Asai Moonsault on Kiyoshi, 1…2…NO Bashir breaks it up! Suicide hits a running front dropkick on Bashir sending him down to the floor. Suicide then hits a slingshot cross body onto Bashir on the floor and Bashir is selling an injury to his ankle which brings the referee out to check on him. The Guns and Lethal Consequences then jump Suicide at ringside as the referee has his back turned attending to Bashir! They beat Suicide all the way to the back as referee, Slick Johnson, calls for medical attention for Bashir. In the ring Kiyoshi comes back on Daniels with palm thrusts and then attempts to whip Daniels into the corner but Daniels reverses it. Kiyoshi counters with a shortarm clothesline attempt but Daniels ducks and hits a Rock Bottom! Daniels then calls for the BME but Douglas sneaks in from the backside and hits Daniels with the chain! Bashir makes a ‘miraculous recovery’ and jumps up and tells the referee to get back in the ring. Kiyoshi covers Daniels, 1…2…3 and the international team steals the win!

Winners: Kiyoshi & Bashir via pinfall

After the match Douglas taunts Daniels while Kiyoshi & Bashir celebrate with the Brits on the entrance ramp.


Back from commercials Shane Douglas is sitting in a chair in the center of the ring. Douglas tells Daniels not to take it personal because with him it’s strictly business. Douglas says he’s a huge fan of TNA Wrestling and a few weeks ago he was sitting on home watching the show and he heard Jeff Jarrett disrespect a legend by giving Daniels a second chance while he never got a second chance. Douglas starts to get pissed when he says Daniels lost and got a second chance but he walked out three years ago and never got a second chance. He asks where his second chance was and the fans chanted ‘you suck’ at him. Douglas asks if it’s a coincidence or does someone ‘upstairs’ in the TNA offices not like him and says it’s the same old story of ‘stinking politics’ in the business. He says he is there to serve notice that he demands his second chance and he will continue to make life miserable for Daniels and TNA until he gets his second chance. Wow, TNA’s security must really suck.

In the back JB is talking with Foley and Foley says he’s trying to get the rule changed where the TNA World Champion doesn’t have to defend his belt once every 30 days but once every year instead. Foley likens the World Championship to the Super Bowl asking how important would the Super Bowl be if they played it every month instead of every year. Foley likens it to the World Series as well and then the Tennis World Title and JB says that it’s actually four different evens and Foley says that’s a bad example but he would consider four big title defenses a year. Kip James walks in and says he needs some work. Kip says that they go back along way and he says he has a kid about to go to college so he needs some work but Mick tells him things are tight around TNA right now. Kip tells Mick he’ll do anything and Mick says that he’ll see what he can do because they do go back a long time. Kevin Nash then walks in and shakes hands with Kip and Mick asks Kev what’s up. Kevin asks Mick what he’s smoking to be putting him in a Cage Match with Lethal Lockdown Rules but Mick says he thinks he was mad at Dixie Carter and Spike which caused it. He says if he hadn’t already hyped it up then he would change it but now it’s a big deal so he can’t. Nash says it’s ‘bullsh*t’ and says he’s not doing. Mick says the ratings will be big and Nash says he doesn’t do it for ratings, he does it for money. Foley offers to triple his payoff for the match and Nash suggests four times his usual payoff and Foley agrees. Nash shakes hands with Foley and then leaves. JB asks Mick why he told Kip that things were tight if he could offer Nash four times the money he usually makes. Mick laughs and says, “things are tight…for Kip!” That is messed up.


In the back Lauren is with the Guns and Creed & Lethal. Sabin says he doesn’t like Creed nor his face or his Ninja Turtle wallet (Creed has one of those too?!). Sabin says that tonight they’ll set aside their differences as long as Jay Lethal shuts up just like they will at Slammiversary so they can unlock the mystery of Suicide’s identity. Lethal asks Sabin why he talks so slow and then Creed says they have a common enemy in Suicide and says that Suicide will have to play by their rules at Slammiversary.

Consequences Creed & Chris Sabin w/Jay Lethal & Alex Shelley vs. Beer Money Inc.

Storm has a new flag on the back of the Boozer Cruizer and also a set of bull horns on the front. Damn, I got to get me one of those! Storm chugs some beer out of his trophy again before the match. Sabin and Roode will start this one out. They circle each other and then lockup. Roode gets Sabin in a wristlock and then wrenches on the arm, but Sabin rolls through and then pokes Roode in the eyes. Sabin comes off the ropes but eats a big shoulder block from Roode. Roode comes off the ropes and Sabin goes for a hiptoss but Roode reverses into one of his own. Roode attempts to whip Sabin into the ropes but he reverses it and then goes for a backdrop but Roode kicks him and then goes for a clothesline. Sabin ducks and then springboards off the middle rope and goes for the Tornado DDT but Roode blocks it. Storm quickly runs in and they hit the Beer Money Suplex! BEER…..MONEY! Sabin tags out to Creed and they argue with each other which allows Storm to jump Creed. Storm whips Creed into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Creed backflips over Storm and then goes for a clothesline, but Storm catches his arm and hits a gutbuster followed by a Rock Bottom. 1…2…NO Creed kicks out! Creed and Storm now trade right hands and then Storm comes off the ropes but Sabin yanks him down by the hair from the apron. Creed goes for a tag but Sabin refuses and tells Creed to continue to attack Storm but when Creed goes to do that he blind tags him. Sabin with stiff body shots to Storm and then he chokes Storm in the corner with his boot. Creed back in (no tag as the referee was turned around) and he hits Storm with forearms and then whips Storm into the ropes and hits a rolling clothesline, 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Creed puts Storm in a side headlock and then Sabin blind tags in and hits a snapmare followed by a knee drop. Creed tags back in and Sabin knocks Roode off the apron. Creed whips Storm into the corner and hits a running clothesline to him followed by a flying back elbow by Sabin. Sabin and Creed both go for springboard moves and they slam into each other as a result. Creed and Sabin argue about it and shove each other. Then they see Storm and go for clotheslines on him but Storm ducks and jumps to a tag to Roode! Roode comes in and hits a double clothesline on Creed & Sabin followed by right hands to each. Roode whips Sabin into the ropes and hits a big back body drop and then goes for a running clothesline on Creed in the corner but Creed gets a boot up. Creed charges at Roode but eats a Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Sabin breaks it up! Storm knocks Sabin out of the ring and follows him out. In the ring Creed goes for the CreeDDT but Roode counters it and goes for a clothesline, but Creed ducks and they collide into each other head first. The British Invasion are now walking down to the ring and start to get into the ring until 3D runs out and makes the save before they can! 3D beats the Brits to the back and in the ring Creed goes for the TKO, but Roode blocks it with back elbows. Roode puts Creed in a waistlock and Creed reverses it. Roode backs Creed into the corner and then Sabin comes in and goes for the Mafia Kick on Roode but he was able to move and Sabin nails Creed! Storm runs in and nails Sabin with the Last Call and then they hit the D.W.I. on Creed! 1…2…3 and it’s over!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (D.W.I.)

We see the Beautiful People walking backstage and they tell Lauren they’re on a “bitch search.”


In the back the Beautiful People are beating on Tara (Victoria’s new ring name) and Velvet goes to spray hairspray in her face but Tara kicks her and then throws Velvet into a trashcan and nails Madison with the trashcan lid! Tara then dumps trash on them as Angelina stood back and watched. She begs Tara off and Tara tells her that she’s next, b*tch! Angelina tries to turn around and run away but runs right into a close door face-first and then turns and runs the other way.


In the back Lauren is with Daffney’s crazy self. Lauren says that if she had a problem with Taylor they could’ve just talked about it but Daffney says crazy people don’t have logic, good point. Daffney says crazy people do what they do and say what they say because they’re crazy. She says that she doesn’t even know where she’s at right now and says she’s there but not there. Daffney screams at Lauren and says Taylor wasn’t ‘there’ when she needed her and says that Lauren is the crazy one for thinking Taylor will be there for her. Daffney says all she knows is that she has to hurt Taylor tonight and says that’s what ‘they’ are telling her to do and she can’t say no to ‘them.’ Wow, get that woman some help.

Tenay had a sitdown interview with the Mafia earlier today. Lauren asks them about Samoa Joe’s hitlist and says that Nash is first up. Nash says that Joe has to get through him to finish his hit list and that won’t be easy. Nash says Joe has been on a roll and says any man can die but the hardest thing is living. Nash says he won’t die tonight and asks what Joe is going to do. Booker says Nash is being politically correct and says Joe isn’t doing anything but talking. Booker says the Mafia are the ones that make hits and that’s what they’ll do to Joe. Steiner tells Tenay that threats are part of wrestling but you have to look at the one making the threats. He calls Joe a ‘fat son of a b*tch’ and starts getting pissed as Angle tries to calm him down. Steiner so eloquently states, “he’s fat!” (classic) Angle says that they are going to tear Joe limb from limb and says his own mother won’t recognize him until Sting pats him on the shoulder and tells Kurt to settle down. Sting says that’s not what they’re going to do to Joe and says he’s disappointed in them. He asks them if they’ve forgotten who they are and who they represent. He tells them not to forget where they came from and says that they’ll take care of Joe but it’ll be on their clock and his way. A little interesting, all of them were sitting down except for Sting who was standing in the back kind of standing over them like the head of a family would do.

They show a recap of everything that’s gone down between Daffney and Taylor all the way back to when Daffney was playing the ‘Governor’ character and the BP cut her hair.

Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde

Oh man, Taylor’s new ring gear is awesome, damn she is fine! Taylor knocks Daffney on the apron and then follows her out and beats on her. Taylor whips Daffney into the ring steps and then throws her into the ring and gets an early neafall. Taylor mounts Daffney and reigns down right hands as we see Stevie Richards and Raven walking down which distracts Taylor allowing Daffney to slam her into the turnbuckles. Daffney rakes the back of Taylor and then throws her into the top turnbuckle and hits a big running forearm. Daffney stands on Taylor and then goes for a springboard elbow drop but Taylor moves and then climbs to the drop and hits a gorgeous Missile Dropkick! Taylor hooks a leg and an arm of Daffney and rolls her up, 1…2…NO Daffney kicks out! Taylor hits a scoop slam and then climbs to the top where Stevie gets on the apron and gets in her face. This allows Daffney to jump up and snatch Taylor off the top. Daffney picks Taylor up and hits the Lobotomy (swinging cradle suplex) for the pin.

Winner: Daffney via pinfall (Lobotomy)

After the match Stevie and Raven climb into the ring as Daffney continues to the assault on Taylor. Lauren runs down to try and get them to stop and she rolls Taylor out of the ring as Raven grabs the microphone. Raven says that for over a decade one thing as been every wrestling purists ‘wet dream’ is the reunion of Raven and Richards. Raven says that the question everyone is asking is ‘why Abyss’ but he says why not Abyss. Raven says Abyss disobeyed ‘doctors ordered’ and Stevie needed a prescription filled. Raven says that the better the medicine, the worst the taste and he promises Abyss that what he gives him will be the foulest thing ever put down his throat, QUOTE THE RAVEN…NEVERMORE!


They show a video recapping the history between Jeff Jarrett and Eric Young showcasing a lot of the dumb stuff that Young did for TNA as well as showcasing some of his early stuff in the Americas and Worlds X-Cup (including a shot of Young facing the late Abismo Negro).

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and the founder makes his way out to the ring. Jarrett welcomes Eric Young out to the ring calling him his ‘good friend’ and EY makes his way out to the ring. EY really needs some new music if they’re going to go along with this heel turn. Jarrett tells EY that they go too far back to let this go down like they have. Jarrett says that he’s had a short fuse the last few weeks but it’s only because he’s trying to manage a zoo. He says last week EY got what he wanted, a chance and EY is a great wrestler but Jarrett won the match. Jarrett suggests that on another night EY may have won but all EY had to do was respect the fact that after the match he was the better man on that night. Jarrett says that not only did EY not respect that but he spit in his face by jumping him from behind like a thug. Jarrett says they can end this thing and chalk it up to immature and inexperience OR they can take it as far as he wants to go. He says it’s EY’s call as the fans chant ‘fight.’ EY asks Jarrett if he’s supposed to apologize to him and asks if Jarrett is going to give him some fatherly advice. EY says that’s funny and Jarrett knows the story about his father not being there for him. EY says that when he first came to TNA Jarrett was like a father to him and he envied him. EY says that Jarrett gave the ‘maggots’ that watch TNA a choice and talks about all that he gave his kids and his wife. He says Jarrett was living the American dream and he figured it out, their childhoods weren’t so different. EY says that Jarrett’s father, the ‘wrestling promoter’, didn’t have time for him and says it was wrestling first, and Jeff second. He says Jeff hated him for it and says that they’re playing the same ‘game’ vowing to never grow up to be their fathers. EY says 40 years later tragedy strikes as Jeff has become his father. He says that Jeff is becoming Jerry Jarrett. EY says everything in TNA revolves around Jeff Jarrett and it’s always “Jeff first and everybody else second.” EY says that’s the truth and Jeff may not what to hear it but it’s the truth. He says his concern and his heart goes out to Jeff’s daughters who Jeff is forcing to settle for second place. Jeff then slaps the piss out of EY and takes his shirt, he’s ready for a fight! EY goes right at Jeff and they start scrapping! The referees run out to break them up but that doesn’t last long. Jeff actually punches Earl Hebner! Jarrett jumps on EY again as security runs out and we see Foley in the back. Foley says that Jeff can’t manhandle an official, no matter who he is. We then see the MEM Security walk in to Foley’s office. God, I thought they were gone forever.


They show a video package highlighting Jesse Neal and him training to be a wrestler as well as him talking about losing his friend in the Navy. In the back Lauren is with Jesse Neal and Rhino and says he’s facing Matt Morgan. Neal says he’s ready as he’ll ever be and talks about training being worse than boot camp and says his friend will be him tonight in his heart. He says tonight he makes his dream a reality.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Jesse Neal w/Rhino

Neal is wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt in the match, way to start off your career there buddy. Neal kicks Morgan in the gut and puts him in a side headlock but Morgan quickly shoves Neal into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Neal ducks and then stops short of a Bicycle Kick attempt from Morgan. Neal then kicks Morgan again and puts him another side headlock and Morgan shoves him into the corner. Morgan goes for a splash but Neal moves and rolls Morgan up but only gets a one count. Neal puts Morgan in another side headlock but gets Back Suplexed this time. Morgan puts Neal in the corner and puts his back to him and takes off his elbow pad. Morgan then hits repeated back elbows and then hits a corner splash followed by a Sidewalk Slam. Morgan slaps Neal in the back of the head and then grabs him by the back of the neck and tosses him head first into the top turnbuckle. Morgan picks Neal up hits a standing dropkick. He’s just toying with the rookie now, 1…2…and Morgan pulls his head up. Morgan taunts Rhino and argues with the referee and when he turns around Neal lays his a few right hands and then attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes, but Morgan reverses it and destroys Neal with the Carbon Footprint. Night, night rookie.

Winner: Matt Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

We see Cody Deaner at ODB’s ‘training camp’ at her Cousin Leroy’s place. She rides him around on a 4-wheeler and says she’s about to whoop his a**. She has Deaner lifting beer kegs and playing tug of war with a chain. Deaner uses ODB’s breasts as inspiration to keep going. Deaner curls weights with paint cans on the end.

Mick Foley’s music hits and the champ makes his way out to the ring along with the former MEM Security. Foley hypes up next week’s show as Samoa Joe will face Scott Steiner & Booker T. both and in a King of the Mountain Qualifying Match Sting will go one-on-one with Kurt Angle! Foley says that since Sting fired Rocco and Sal so he’s hired them for his personal protection from Jeff Jarrett. Foley says he’s scared of Jeff Jarrett going nuts and says that Jarrett has snapped. Foley says that Jarrett has made him look like a liar because he assured Earl Hebner that he had a job in TNA for a long time but because of Jarrett he may never referee again. Come on, it’s Jeff Jarrett not Floyd Mayweather that punched Earl. Foley says that next week Jeff will find out that his reaction to what Jeff did will be ‘hardcore.’

In the back JB is with the Stinger and asks him about the match next week. Sting says that the Mafia has more momentum then they’ve ever had and nothing will agitate that not even Foley booking him and Angle in a match against one another and that’s because they’re professionals. Matt Morgan then walks up and asks Sting if he saw him destroy ‘the little sailor boy’ and asks Sting where his million dollar contract with the Mafia is. Sting tells Morgan to settle down and says that the Mafia is family and that they have known each other for 20+ years. Sting also says that the ‘little sailor boy’ served our country for 4 years and Morgan asks him what that has to do with anything. Sting says it has to do with everything because it’s about respect and Morgan says he has tons of respect. Sting tells Morgan he has no respect and when he finds it to come talk to him and then walks off. Morgan tells JB that it doesn’t have anything to do with respect and it’s about their ‘million dollar egos’ and it’s because he’s not a former champion. He says champion or no champion he guarantees that he’ll get in the Mafia.


In the Mafia lockerrom with JB and Tenay announces that the match next week with Joe against Steiner & Booker will be a First Blood Match! JB reveals that it will be more like a Gauntlet Match than a Handicap Match as Joe will face Steiner and if Steiner makes Joe bleed then the match is over but if Joe makes Steiner bleed then he faces Booker in the same stipulations. JB asks them if they’re ready for that match and Booker asks who in the hell is making these matches. Book calls Joe ‘dough boy’ and says that Joe isn’t going to bust anyone open, he’s gone get hurt! Book says Nash is going to hurt him this week and then they’ll do it next week. Dig that, sucka! Steiner says if Joe wants bloodshed then that’s what he’ll get. Steiner mocks Joe’s Nation of Violence and says that Detroit is where the violence really is and growing up there is what’s really violent. Steiner says after he and Book carve him up they’ll stick an apple in his mouth like the fat pig that he is. Sharmell walks in and is pissed off about Jenna being in the makeup chair all day. Book says to remember what Kurt said and as soon as the check clears she can be all over her like ‘stank on…’ I think you get the picture.

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match
Six Sides of Steel Cage Lethal Lockdown Rules Match
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

Pretty simple here as far as the rules go, it’s just a Steel Cage Match with weapons hanging down from the cage ceiling, pinfall or submission is the only way to win obviously as there is a ceiling on the cage. The camera points down the tunnel but Joe doesn’t come out and then another camera shows Joe talking to someone inside a door and then when Joe sees the camera he shuts it and makes his way out to the ring. This is a rematch from Sacrifice. Joe grabs a kendo stick as the bell rings and Nash is waiting with one of his own as well as a trashcan lid used as shield. Joe hits the trashcan lid hard knocking it out of Nash’s hand and then they duel with the canes like swords until Joe gets a big shot to one of those bad knees of Kevin Nash. Joe then lays into Nash with shots to the back, Nash returns the favor with a shot to the knee and then one to the side of the head. Joe and Nash continue to cane the hell out of each other until Nash corners Joe in the corner and lays into him with knee strikes and forearms. Nash then chokes Joe with the kendo stick and belts Joe with it again repeatedly. Nash with a back elbow to Joe over and over but when he went for a fourth one Joe ducked and threw repeated jabs at Nash. Joe throws Nash into the cage wall as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Joe is nailing Nash with a road sign and then follows up with more jabs repeatedly. Joe follows up with a big uppercut and the camera shows a closeup of the welts on Nash’s back. Nash low blows Joe and then climbs up the cage and pulls down another trashcan lid. Nash nails Joe with the lid and then hits him again. Nash hits him a third time and then covers, 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Nash covers again and again only gets a 2 count and then covers for a third time for another nearfall. Joe reaches over and grabs the trashcan lid and belts Nash with it in the face. Joe rakes Nash in the eyes in the corner and then as Joe came into the corner Nash destroys him with the trashcan lid. Nash whips Joe into the ropes and tries to hit him with the kendo stick but Joe ducks and hits a running front kick. Nash with the backsplash senton followed by the knee drop, 1…2…NO Nash kicks out! Joe then picks Nash up and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Nash looks to be going out but Joe drops him to dish out more punishment. Joe grabs a hockey stick and goes Wayne Gretsky on Nash! Joe breaks it over Nash’s back and then covers, 1…2…3 and it’s done.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall (hockey stick to the back)

Joe grabs the stick and says “It is done!” as we fade to black.

Final Thoughts

Another solid show tonight but not as good as last week’s in my opinion, still very entertaining though. I like how they’re building towards Slammiversary with a lot of the stuff. I also like this theme of “TNA’s current stars facing former stars that helped build the company’ which of course would be guys like Raven and Douglas. I’d like to see Sabu and maybe even Ken Shamrock come back if this is one a time thing but I’d like to see Raven stay. This thing with him, Stevie, Daffney, and maybe one other guy as the new formation of The Flock or even a rebirth of The Gathering is cool. Would it not be the perfect way to pull the Monster back out of Abyss?

The opening match was very fun with the X-Division guys but it was more about Daniels and Douglas and I thought Douglas’ promo was very good, but he’s never had a problem with that aspect of the business. I like this storyline as well, ‘y does Daniels get a second chance, but I never got one?’ and I’m guessing we’re leading into a match between the two at Slammiversary. I don’t know if Daniels could pull a great match out of Shane at this point as Shane isn’t in the best shape, unless they do some type of Street Fight or something.

The thing between Foley, Nash, and Kip was classic. I loved that, Foley said TNA didn’t have any money when Kip needed it but as soon as Nash needed it, it was there in abundance.

The Beer Money vs. Creed & Sabin match was very good as well and it really put over two storylines at once with the Brits & 3D getting involved to further that story as well as the ongoing stuff with Lethal Consequences & The Guns and Suicide. The King of the Mountain X-Division Match is going to be great (thought it’s not the first, they had one last year on Impact) and with the Guns and Lethal/Creed trying to get along but not is going to give it a nice twist as it’s going to end up being every man for themselves in the end.

Daffney’s promo was great and the match itself was solid. More so than the match, I liked that they showed the history between the two leading into this match instead of them just throwing the two out there and hoping that people remembered. I would rather it have been a PPV match though.

The stuff with Jarrett and EY was very well done and EY really, really shined bright in that promo. This could actually be a good feud between the two and I could see Jarrett getting pulled out of the KOTM match and go at it with EY instead. Very nicely done and who doesn’t like seeing Earl Hebner get punched in the mouth?

The Matt Morgan and Jesse Neal match was pretty boring. We obviously didn’t see everything that Neal could do as all he did was punches and headlocks and a rollup, but having him beat Morgan would have been very bad for Morgan’s momentum. Neal has a really great story and fans will get behind that if they build it up enough but something about the guy just doesn’t appeal to me. First, he looks like a tool with that ridiculous hair cut and wrestling in gym shorts, but it just seems like TNA is giving someone with a ‘dream’ a chance and hoping that the fans get behind him no matter who good or not good he is. The stuff with Morgan and Sting was good too and I’m really like where they’re going with him and the Mafia. I don’t like them teasing tension with the Mafia for the 100th time though.

The Main Event was a pretty good garbage wrestling match and it made Joe look like a psycho, dominating nut job which means job well done. Nash wasn’t completely squashed and I really liked the very simple “It is done” at the end as well.

Again, very fun show, not as good as last week but still fun.

- Match of the Night: Six Sides of Steel (**1/2)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: EY/Jeff Jarrett Segment
- Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Team 3D vs. Alex Shelley & Consequences Creed
- Nation of Violence First Blood Match: Samoa Joe vs. Booker T. & Scott Steiner
- Shane Douglas vs. AJ Styles
- Tara (Victoria) vs. Madison Rayne
- King of the Mountain Qualifier: Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Slammiversary 7 Lineup so far:
- TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. TBA
- TNA X-Division Title King of the Mountain Match: Suicide (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
- TNA Tag Titles: Team 3D (c) vs. Beer Money Inc.