Impact Results - 7/23/09

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On Friday, July 24, 2009 at 2:25 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
July 23, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show kicks off with a video recap of the very underwhelming “Victory Road” PPV along with some quick interviews with Mafia members and Mick Foley in the backstage area after the event. Mr. TNA Voice-over guy calls the Mafia the most dominant force in professional wrestling. The Impact intro hits and we are underway!

Taz’s music hits and the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring rocking a sort of orange & black tracksuit. Tenay comments that Taz and Samoa Joe were cut from the same cloth. Taz gives us a quick history lesson reminding us that years ago he wrestled for ECW and during his time there he sustained career-shortening neck & spinal cord injuries which preventing him from continuing his wrestling career. He says that he called 100’s of matches for the WWE as a color commentary and as cool as that was, but he felt like there was more he could do in the industry. He says that one night he was sitting home and he turns on TNA Wrestling and sees a barbaric raw monster loaded with potential and he says that “I swear to God it took me back a decade, what I saw was the second coming of Taz. What I saw was Samoa Joe!” He says that even though he and Joe had a lot in common but the one difference was that at times Joe would show remorse for his opponent where he was not capable of remorse. He says that he reached out to Joe and had a conversation with him. He says he told Joe that he could help take him to the next level and told him that being ‘cool with boys in the back’ doesn’t bring you money and championships. He says that he wants to hurt people and win champions and be on top not to be Mr. Popular. He says he became the teacher, Joe became the student, and Joe is on everyone’s radar. He says the one man that pursued the hardest to gain Joe’s services was Kurt Angle and the Main Event Mafia. Taz says that he and Joe are forever indented to the Mafia for all the money they’ve been paid. He says tonight Samoa Joe will bring more gold to the Mafia and will win once again the TNA X-Division Championship! Taz sends Homicide a message: “Beat Joe if you can brother, but survive if he lets you!” Samoa Joe’s music hits and we have a TNA X-Division Championship on our hands!

TNA X-Division Championship
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe w/Taz vs. “Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide (c)

“We keep it hardcore 187 is in session!” Homicide is ready for war tonight in a first time matchup in TNA to my knowledge (they wrestled in ROH many times I know)! They circle each other and Homicide shoots in for a lockup but Joe hits him with a leg kick. They lockup and Joe hits Homicide with repeated knees to the gut and then whips Homicide into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Homicide ducks and Joe attempts a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Homicide counters into an arm drag. On commentary Don West explains that people had been asking if MEM didn’t feel that the X-Division or Knockouts Titles were important and explains that they are but they are taking things over one at time. He says that the X-Division Title is just ONE of the reasons they recruiting Joe because he has the ability and athleticism to compete not only in the Heavyweight Division but also in the X-Division. Joe comes off the ropes and hits an armdrag of his and then Homicide hits a leg sweep and covers, but Joe shrugs him off and hits a leg sweep of his own. Joe goes for a head kick but Homicide drops back to avoid it and then rolls out of the ring. Great sequence between the two. Joe kept trying to find an angle to dive out onto Homicide but he kept moving to another side of the 6-sided ring each time. Joe then finally went for the dive but Homicide quickly rolled back into the ring. Homicide then hits the Tope Con Hilo through the ropes onto Joe on the floor! Homicide puts the boots to Joe and then rolls him back into the ring and whips Joe into the corner. Homicide goes for a Monkey Flip but Joe flings Homicide off. Homicide charges at Joe in the corner again but Joe nails him with a nasty Side Slam in midair! Taz screams at Joe to pick it up from ringside. Joe with right hands knock Homicide down and then form a seated position Joe chops Homicide on the back and then kicks him in the chest. Joe follows up with a Knee Drop but Homicide comes back with an uppercut and then comes off the ropes, but eats a Snap Powerslam from Joe. 1…2…NO Homicide kicks out! Joe locks Homicide in an Abdominal Stretch in the center of the ring and smiles as Homicide screams in pain. Homicide is able to counter and hits another uppercut followed by a clothesline but Joe doesn’t go down. Joe starts to snarl at Homicide and then Homicide hits another clothesline but Joe just screams at him as Homicide looks on in shock. Homicide comes off the ropes and Joe goes for a clothesline but Homicide ducks and hits a Corkscrew Back Elbow! 1…2..NO Joe kicks out! Homicide attempts to whip Joe into the corner but Joe reverses it and charges, but Homicide hits a back elbow and then climbs up top. Homicide leaps off and hits the Tornado DDT! 1…2…NO Joe still kicks out! Homicide goes for a T-Bone Suplex but Joe blocks it with back elbows and then hits a T-Bone Suplex of his own! Tenay calls it a tribute to Taz as Joe stands up and stares at Homicide with his arms crossed much like his mentor would do after a Tazplex. Homicide in the corner and Joe breaks out the Facewash for the first time in probably a year! Joe with brutal Facewashes to Homicide and then chokes Homicide as the referee tries to get Joe off of him. Joe turns around and absolutely crushes the referee! Taz looks pissed at what just happened and then Homicide comes out of nowhere with a kick to Joe and goes for the Gringo Killa! Joe blocks it and shoves Homicide into the ropes. Joe goes for a clothesline but Homicide catches his arm and attempts to counter into the Gringo Cutta, but Joe counters it into the Coquina Clutch! Holy crap that was awesome! Homicide tries to fight out of the move and almost taps out but doesn’t and all of a sudden the referee calls for the bell! What the hell?! Joe thinks he’s won the Title but the referee gives Homicide the win via DQ!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Homicide via DQ

After the match Joe is irate and Taz tells Joe to destroy Homicide. Joe levels Homicide with a lariat and then locks in a Fujiwara Armbar! Some new remixed Mexican theme music hits and HERNANDEZ walks out! Hernandez is back and he looks in awesome shape! Hernandez climbs into the ring and stands toe-to-toe with Samoa Joe! Hernandez rips his shirt off as Taz calls Joe off. Hernandez stands tall in the ring as Taz and Joe retreat. Hernandez checks on his partner as Joe and Taz walk up the ramp. Hernandez looks to have lost about 20 pounds and is straight-up ripped.

In the back JB is in Mick Foley’s office and says that he’s heard Foley has been in TNA Offices in Nashville all week. Foley says that TNA Offices sees Angle as their “golden boy.” We then see the Mafia walking toward the entrance way.


The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and the boys with all the gold make their way out to the ring. Both Jenna and Sharmell (coming off their horrendous match this Sunday) are with them. Angle says that everyone in the back was on their best behavior when the Mafia arrived and says he doesn’t blame them because if someone held his future in the palm of his hand he would be worried too. Angle says that no one will be getting fired and that’s not Angle’s style and claims he is a very compassionate person. Angle says that the Mafia along with the TNA Board of Directors will be working together to give the fans the best possible show that they can. Angle says that he and the Mafia went to Nashville with a list of demands but that list was unnecessary as the front office was willing to work with them. He says the big question was ‘what if the Main Event Mafia got up and left TNA’ and he says what would happen would be a bunch of losers would ride the Titanic ride into an iceberg. He says TNA needs the Mafia and tonight the Mafia has a special present for the fans. He says Kevin Nash, Booker T., & Scott Steiner will all be putting their titles on the line tonight! Angle says that Jarrett is at home and Sting is a 1,000 miles away ‘licking his wounds’ so that means there’s only one more person to tend to and that’s Mick Foley. Angle says that they talked to the front office about Foley and says that Foley has lost complete of TNA and he’s not the wrestler he once was either. He says Foley is taking up much needed office space in the back and claims those are the opinions of the Front Office. Mick Foley’s music hits and he walks out to the ring as Angle holds the Mafia back. Foley says that everyone makes mistakes and he came out here last week and claimed that he wouldn’t tap out, but Sunday it did happen when Angle forced Foley to tap. He says that he wanted to hide his head after the match and just leave until he heard about Angle ‘working’ the Front Office and conning them into thinking that TNA is dispensable without the Mafia. Foley says that Sunday the Mafia backed up everything that they had said and that he and the TNA Originals had dropped the ball. Foley says that for 10 minutes when he was kicking Angle’s ass all over the Impact Zone he was the wrestler he used to be, but he ran out of gas and he admits that Angle was the better man. Foley says that he had a bad day and Angle being a 13-time World Champion knows that he’s had a bad day on 12 different occasions. Foley says that TNA not being able to exist without the Mafia is a joke. Angle says that Foley’s the one that’s been ‘working’ the Front Office and claims that Foley was telling them that TNA would crash & burn without Foley. Angle says that if it wasn’t for he and Joe hadn’t outsmarted Foley at Slammiversary he would still be doing it. Angle says he’s the man and he could kick Foley to the curb if he wanted to but he won’t do that because there’s one last thing he wants from Foley. He holds up a set up keys that are to Mick Foley’s office and says tonight they’ll put them up on a pole tonight and all he has to do is climb up and take them down in a match against Kurt. Kurt refers to Mick as “Old Tapper” and says he’ll see Foley later tonight.


Earlier today the British Invasion is in the back and he says that they struck a deal with Kurt Angle and will get a rematch with Team 3D for the IWGP Tag Titles in a Tables Match, and in return they will put the final nail in the coffin of the TNA Originals and says that all nations unite!

Mike Tenay and Don West run down the card which is loaded: British Invasion, Kiyoshi, & Bashir will team up to face Beer Money, AJ Styles, Daniels, & a mystery partner in a huge 10-Man Tag, Kevin Nash will defend the Legends Title, Steiner & Book will defend the Tag Titles, Knockouts Battle Royal with the winner earning $50,000 and the opportunity to become the Main Event Mafia’s ‘chosen one’, and Kurt Angle will face a Mick Foley in a Keys on a Pole Match!

TNA Legends Championship
“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash (c) w/Jenna vs. Amazing Red

This is obviously Nash’s first title defense and it is Red’s first title shot in a long, long time. Tenay points out Nash’s 1 ½ foot, 150 lb. weight advantage in the match. Nash taunts Red at the bell and begs him to hit him so Red nails him with a couple of big right hands that forces Nash to the ropes where Nash gathers himself and hits a knee lift. Nash shoves Red into the corner and hits several Knees in the corner destroying Red and then he taunts him somemore. Nash picks Red up and absolutely throws him all the way across the ring. West is mocking Red the whole match with sarcasm. Red comes back with leg strikes to that oft-injured knee of Nash and Nash retreats to the corner where he throws another knee at Red to stop him. Nash decided to go ahead and end it with the Jackknife Powerbomb. Nash picks him up and sets up for another Jackknife but for some reason he just grabs him by the throat and slams him to the mat. 1….2…3 that was an odd finish.

Winner & STILL Legends Champ: Nash via pinfall (Chokeslam)

In the back Lauren is with Hernandez and he says that things have changed around TNA since he’s been gone and he wants Foley and Jarrett to know that he has their back against the Mafia. Hernandez vows to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Homicide walks up and asks Hernandez what he was doing come out there and Hernandez says he saved him from being killed. They argue some in Spanish before Homicide tells the camera to bounce. Man, I really hope they don’t breakup L.A.X. now.


In Foley’s office and talks about Foley’s ankle and claims he just has a moderately sprained ankle. Foley talks about that stupid Mick & JB painting and mocks the Keys on a Pole Match getting pissed. Foley says he’ll have to beat Angle down bad enough so that he can take his time to climb up and pull the keys down. Rocco & Big Sal come in and tell Foley that they’re for him, but he laughs and tells them to get rid of the Main Event Mafia logos on their shirts like he asked them a month ago.

In the Main Event Mafia lockerroom Book & Steiner talk about who they’ll be facing tonight but never say who it is.


In the back Lauren is with the returning Traci Brooks! Wow, we haven’t seen her in months and she is looking extra busty tonight! Traci says she’s missed TNA and she says she has a huge project coming up in the future. She says she will acting as the Special Referee in the Knockouts Battle Royal tonight.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Main Event Mafia (c) w/Sharmell vs. Mick Foley Security (Big Rocco & Sally Boy)

They’ve put black tape over the MEM logos on their shirts. This is just horrible. Booker and Sal start the match off. Booker nails Sal with a big Knee Strike followed by chops and the Harlem Sidekick. He tags Steiner in and he puts the boots to Sal and then hits him with the Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Steiner spits at Rocco and then continues to put the boots to Sal. Booker tags back in and hits a body shot on Sal and then pokes him in the eyes. Book chops away at Sally and then hits the Hook Kick on Sal. Booker gets a nearfall before Rocco came in to break it up and Book just looked up and Rocco walked off. Steiner back in and he whips Sal into the ropes and hits a Steinerline followed by the Elbow Drop. 1…no Steiner taunts him with the pushups. Steiner chops Sal in the corner and nails Sal with right hands. Steiner whips Sal into the opposite corner and charges but he gets a boot up! He tags Rocco in who knocks Booker off the apron and then follows up with a huge Splash on Steiner in the corner! Rocco hits a Scoop Slam on Steiner and then climbs up top and leaps, BIG SPLASH! 1…2…NO Sharmell pulls the referee out! Booker sneaks in and Book End on Rocco! Steiner hits the Steiner Flatliner on Rocco and gets the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: MEM via pinfall (Steiner Flatliner)

In the back JB follows Eric Young into Foley’s office who is envisioning climbing up and taking the keys down tonight. Young says that for the past few months he’s been unprofessional and he realizes that he’s a TNA Original and he should be with the rest of them fighting the Mafia. Young apologizes for how he’s acted and Foley makes him the 5th member of the Originals team in the 10-Man Tag tonight! Sarita, Kong, Beautiful People are all shown walking towards the entrance way for the Battle Royal.


They show a recap of what happened at Victory Road with Tara and Angelina and Slick Johnson. Lauren is with Tara and says that she is out to prove she’s the best in the Knockouts Division and the Mafia doesn’t have the balls to make her them b*tch. Tara says Slick is going to be one of the referees for the match and she’s going to give him ‘some’ tonight free of charge.

Knockouts Battle Royal
Special Referee: Traci Brooks
Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Sarita vs. Alyssa Flash vs. ODB vs. Sojo Bolt vs. Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Tara

The winner of this match not only wins $50,000 but also earns a spot in the Main Event Mafia to represent them in the Knockouts Division. BP, Kong, & Tara are the only Knockouts that get an entrance. At the bell they all jump on each other mostly pairing off. Sojo & Madison attempt to dump Kong out. Taylor and Daffney throw forearms at each other and then Taylor dumps Daffney over the top to eliminate her! Kong Gorilla Presses Madison and then tosses her over the top onto Daffney on the floor! Slick Johnson holds Madison and calls for EMT’s to come help her to the back. Velvet & Angelina throw ODB over the top but Cody Deaner comes out of nowhere and catches her before she hits the floor and he puts her back in the ring to save her but Slick Johnson kicks Cody from ringside. Taylor backdrops Sojo over the top but she lands on the apron. Taylor then hits an insane Roundhouse Kick to the side of Sojo’s head knocking her off the apron to the floor eliminating her! Velvet charges at Tara but she backdrops Velvet over the top and she lands on the apron as well. Tara then hits a big Mafia Kick sending Velvet off the apron onto the guardrail eliminating her! Kevin Nash is seen walking down to the ring with a check in hand. Nash is going to join commentary.


Back from commercials ODB tosses Angelina over the top but she lands on the apron and saves herself from going out. During the break Taylor Wilde was eliminated and then Flash attempted to backdrop Sarita over the top but she landed onto the apron, hung onto Flash’s arm, and armdragged her over the top to the floor to eliminate her! Back to live action ODB shoulder blocks Angelina off the apron to the floor to eliminate the Knockouts Champ! Kong is killing everybody in the ring. Sarita, Tara, & ODB all jump Kong and then send her into the corner. Tara goes for a Splash but Kong moves and then nails ODB with a clothesline. Sarita goes for a Cross Body but catches her in midair and hits a Slam. Tara dumps Sarita over the top but she landed on the apron and quickly rolled back into the ring. Kong picks ODB up by the throat and dumps her over the top but her legs got hooked on the top rope and she hung upside down! Kong then hits a Flying Hip Attack to ODB as she hung upside down to eliminate ODB! Tara goes for the Widows Peak on Sarita but she blocks it by hooking the ropes and climbing out to the apron, and Kong kicks Tara. Kong goes for a Hip Toss on Sarita from the apron into the ring but Sarita lands on her feet and then hits a springboard dropkick! Sarita charges at Kong but Kong catches her with a hip toss over the top rope to the floor! It’s now down to Tara and Kong! Tara and Kong trade slaps and forearms but Tara gets the advantage with stiff slaps and then she attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Kong reverses it. Tara goes for a crucifix rollup but Kong blocks it and starts to dump her over the top with Tara holding onto her hair and pull her over! Kong is and Tara are both teetering over the top rope when Traci dumps them both over! Traci celebrates in the ring as Tenay & West are trying to figure out what happened when Nash climbs into the ring as Tara and Kong continue to scrap at ringside! Security comes out to pull them apart as Nash grabs the microphone. Nash declares Traci the winner and she jumps into Nash’s arms! Nash starred at her finer assets. Looks like Jenna’s days are numbered.

Winner: Traci Brooks

After the match Tara climbs back into the ring and knocks the hell out of Slick Johnson and then hits him with a low blow!


In the back The Beautiful People are pissed about not winning the Battle Royal and can’t believe Traci won. Velvet says everyone is just jealous of them. Lauren talks about Slick Johnson but they tell her to shutup and then talk about ODB when Cody walks up and tells them not to talk about their darling. He asks if they have a problem with ODB and Velvet says she has a problem with his breath. Deaner actually challenges them to a fight when Angelina tells him that they like ODB and then she teases Cody. Deaner says he knows they want a piece of the Deaner and then Velvet knees him in the balls and they all stomp him out! ODB runs in to make the save and says she ‘hates those whores’ and Deaner says the ‘Deaner Diamonds have been shattered.’

Mike Tenay reveals that the TNA Board of Directors voted on what should be the Hard Justice Main Event and decided it would be a Three Way Dance! Angle will defend against Sting and the winner of a Best of 3 Series between young stars AJ Styles & Matt Morgan! Big announcement right there! The Best of 3 Series starts next week! They call it the last TNA Title shot Sting will receive.

In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and asks him about the announcement just made, but AJ says it’s not about that and says that at Victory Road they dropped the ball. AJ says that tonight they are on the same page and they start taking back TNA tonight!


10-Man Tag Team Match
British Invasion, Kiysho, & “Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Phenomenal Angels (Daniels & AJ Styles), Beer Money Inc., & “Showtime” Eric Young

There is a pretty decent sized contingent of British Invasion fans in the crowd hold up a huge British flag and even signs and the a bunch of fans all holding up letters that spell out “British Invasion.” Bashir and Young start the match off. They lockup and Young gets a hammerlock on Bashir but he reverses the hold and then Young reverses it. They then trade standing switches in the Waistlock before Young drags Bashir to the Originals corner and Storm tags himself in. Storm hits a huge uppercut on Bashir and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Bashir reverses it. Bashir goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and hits a big double forearm on Bashir and then tags Roode in. Beer Money hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Bashir. Kiyoshi charges in but they hiptoss him onto Bashir! Storm then tosses Kiyoshi out to the floor and Roode tags in AJ. AJ hits a Scoop Slam on Bashir and then a Knee Drop. AJ tags Daniels in and he picks Bashir up with a Back Suplex and AJ comes flying in with a Clothesline at the same time on Bashir! Nice double team move! I just noticed that Beer Money, Styles, & Daniels are all wearing matching blue. Daniels hits a Split Legged Moonsault on Bashir for a nearfall. Daniels with jabs on Bashir and then he attempts to whip him into the ropes but Bashir reverses it and Rob Terry kills Daniels with a forearm. Kiyoshi tags in and puts the boots to Daniels and then chokes him in the ropes. Kiyoshi hits a reverse chinbreaker and then the Sliding Lariat. Rob Terry tags in and we will see him for the first time. Terry hits a hip toss on Daniels and then a big clothesline. That dude is humongous. Terry picks Daniels up but he comes back with right hands and then goes for a Cross Body Block but it was like running into a wall as Daniels goes down but not Terry. Brutus tags in and he along with Williams hit the Double Straight Jacket Slam on Daniels. Brutus puts the boots to Daniels and then hits a Scoop Slam and tags Williams in. The Brits whip Daniels into the corner and then Brutus whips Williams into a Flying Knee on Daniels and then Williams whips Daniels right into a Big Boot from Brutus. Williams hits the Bombs Away (Diving Knee Drop) off the top on Daniels! 1…2…NO AJ breaks it up! Williams hits a European Uppercut on Daniels and then attempts to whip him into ropes, but Daniels reverses it sending Williams into Terry! Daniels follows up with an Enziguri and now both men are down! The fans are really getting into the match now. Williams tags out to Brutus and Daniels tags in AJ. AJ with clotheslines to Brutus then Bashir and Kiyoshi and then hits it on all three again. AJ charges at Brutus but he backdrops AJ over the top rope. AJ lands on the apron and hits a forearm on Brutus followed by the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Williams breaks it up! Uh oh all hell breaks loose! Everyone climbs it and starts going at it! Kiyoshi and Bashir spill out to the floor with Beer Money while Daniels follows out Williams and Terry to the floor. In the ring Young shoves Brutus to AJ and he sets up for the Styles Clash! Young then turns AJ around and drops him with a freaking vicious Piledriver! What the hell?! Brutus covers AJ, 1…2…3 and they win it!

Winners: British Invasion, Kiyoshi, & Bashir via pinfall (Piledriver)

After the match Young celebrates with the Brits & Bashir/Kiyoshi in the ring as the TNA Originals look on in shock! They pose as a group as I’m just now remembering that Young is Canadian! In the back we see Foley throwing thing around his office asking “what next?!”


In the back JB is with the celebrating foreigners when Young tells JB to shut his mouth. Young says that they wanted him into the group and he accepted and he calls themselves the World Elite. He says everything in TNA will change forever when Foley comes running and punches EY! The World Elite then beat on Foley until security come into break things up! Foley is pissed.

Main Event
Keys On A Pole Match
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley

Boy, does this match have Vince Russo written all over it. Foley starts off with big right hands on Angle and then he throws Angle into the top turnbuckle but sells the ankle the whole time. Foley with more right hands until Angle comes back with rights of his own and then a European Uppercut. Foley comes right back with rights and lefts and then he beats Angle down in the corner and hits a running knee to the head of Angle. Foley attempts to climb up and pull down the keys but Angle pulls him down and they trade right hands again. Foley sends Angle over the top with a clothesline. Foley climbs up to pull the keys down but Angle pulls Foley down again and throws more right hands at Foley. Angle climbs up to pull the keys down now but Mick stops him and climbs up with Angle and hits a Superplex!


Back from commercials Angle goes for a clothesline on Foley but he ducks and hits the Double Arm DDT! Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and puts Angle in the Mandible Claw! Angle is able to pull Foley’s hand out of his mouth but Foley was able to put it back on again. Finally Angle falls to his back and seems to be passed out. Foley climbs back up and reaches up for the keys when Samoa Joe runs out and knocks Foley off the top and then the rest of the Mafia run down as the referee throws the match out.


The Mafia continue to destroy Foley in the ring as Angle comes to and grabs the microphone. Joe & Steiner hold Foley up to allow Angle to slap Foley. Angle says that Victory Road wasn’t enough and tonight wasn’t enough, and says you’re next card will be your last. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he walks out smiling at Angle. The Mafia applaud in the ring as Lashley walks to the ring. Lashley hugs Angle! Angle tells Lashley to take Foley out and he looks like he’s about to but then turns around and lays Angle out! Lashley with a clothesline on Steiner and then one for Joe! One for Nash and Booker! Lashley takes off his shirt and throws it in the crowd as Foley comes to. Lashley stands tall in the ring as the Mafia retreats pissed off. Samoa Joe snarls at Lashley and then he and Steiner hold Angle back. Lashley poses on the top rope as we fade to black!

Final Thoughts

Wow, tonight was just all over the place. Some good and some bad but TNA is coming off of an absolutely HORRIBLE PPV so the fact that it wasn’t horrible is a good sign. I’m sure everyone watching TNA had on their mind the drama going on backstage between Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle and I can honestly say that it didn’t look obvious that Jarrett wasn’t there so no major changes. Now onto the actual show.

The opening promo with Taz was awesome and I loved it. The proceeding match between Homicide and Joe was relatively short but still very good. I would love to see them go at it on PPV. I hate non-finishes like that but I don’t really think there was anyway around it. It wouldn’t have done Homicide any favors if he lost the belt only a week after winning it and Joe doesn’t need the belt (nor does the Mafia) and he definitely doesn’t need to be pinned by Homicide at this point. So a good, stiff back and forth match with the DQ finish was perfect, and Homicide never actually tapped either. The big story was Hernandez’s return and he looked to be in the best shape of his life. The fans popped big for him and his promo afterwards was very solid as well. I would love to see Hernandez vs. Joe and him getting a big push, but I really don’t want to see them break L.A.X. up.

The Mafia promo was good but them having match making powers and stuff like that just makes no sense I don’t care how many belts they have.

Nash vs. Red was a joke and really was bullcrap having Red to be squashed by Nash’s old a**. Uncalled for.

Steiner & Booker vs. Foley Security, meh, moving on.

The Knockouts Battle Royal was fun and I actually have no problem with Traci winning. Bye Jenna. The stuff between Tara & Kong was awesome, boy that feud will be intense!

The 10-Man Tag was good for how long it was but that should’ve been given way more time. However, I absolutely love this World Elite thing. That group will be perfect if they can bring in a Luchador now. I could see CMLL loaning someone like Volador Jr. in kind of the same way they do with Sarita. When she’s not wrestling for TNA she goes back down to CMLL and wrestles and with TNA’s light schedule it would work out well.

The _____ on a Pole shtick has been done to death and I have no desire to see that again. The match itself was fine I guess but was really not much more than a punch fest, but that is definitely understand with Angle still suffering from the groin injury and Angle banged up from Sunday as well. Lashley’s debut was great though. I really thought there was a chance he could be with the Mafia, at least for a while. They did that perfect and I’m interesting to see where they go. An Angle vs. Lashley eventual showdown is obvious but I just hope they don’t hotshot the belt on him.

- Match of the Night: Joe vs. Homicide (**1/2)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: Lashley’s debut
- Overall Grade: C +

Scheduled for Next Week, Impact’s 200th Episode:
- Hernandez vs. Samoa Joe
- Best of 3 Series Match 1: AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan
- Beautiful People vs. Awesome Kong, ODB, & Tara
- IWGP Tag Titles Tables Match: Team 3D (c) vs. British Invasion

Hard Justice Lineup so far:
- TNA World Title Three Way Dance: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Morgan/AJ vs. Sting
- Steel Asylum Match: TBA
* All matches competed under Hardcore Rules

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