Impact Results - 7/30/09

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On Friday, July 31, 2009 at 2:48 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
July 30, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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As the show opens we see Kurt Angle ranting earlier today about them taking no prisoners tonight.

A great intro video hits highlighting some of the greatest moments not only on Impact but in TNA in general. Really great opening video and lots of pyro go off in the arena with a big “IMPACT 200” logo on the video screen.

The MEM’s music hits and the pissed off Godfather leads his troops out to the ring. Angle says that Lashley attempted to make a name for himself by crossing the Mafia. He says when you cross the boss it’s not good for anybody and then says that he has a reputation to uphold tonight. He says when his reputation is tarnished there is a severe price to be paid. Angle claims that they had a deal with Lashley and he says he broke it. Angle says he doesn’t know why Lashley would take a dump on the Mafia but they don’t do business with those kinds of people anyway. Angle tells Lashley to come out and face them like a man or they’ll go to the back and find him. Lashley’s music hits immediately and the former ECW Champion walks out holding a bat. Lashley walks down to the ring (he’s wearing a TNA hat) and gets in not looking intimidated by the Mafia (I guess a baseball bat will do that for a guy). Lashley says that they did in fact have an agreement and says that anybody would want to be a part of the Mafia, calling it the greatest group of Champions ever assembled. Lashley says he wanted to be a part of the group but he’s not about what they’re about. He says they’re not hungry anymore and all they want to do is steal titles while he wants to WIN titles. Lashley says he can’t buy him like he did Joe and Taz. Angle says that Lashley can’t be bought because he’s young and stupid. Angle claims that the Mafia makes up 75% of the TNA payroll (I believe that) and says it’s because they’re smarter than anybody else. Lashley claims Angle used the TNA Office and says Angle told the office that the Mafia equals ratings. He said he wants Angle to prove it and he has an offer for Angle. Mick Foley’s music then hits and the Hardcore Icon makes his way out to the ring as well, he’s in his wrestling gear. Foley says that Lashley’s right and they have an offer that Angle can’t refuse. Foley thanks Lashley for saving him last week and says that he kicked the Mafia’s butts last week. Foley says he wants to ask Angle a favor in which he receives one of the most awesome “are you out of your damn mind” looks that I’ve ever seen from Angle. Foley asks Kurt to look into the camera and says the TNA board members (calling names including Dixie Carter) are watching and waiting for the ratings to arrive. He makes an offer for tonight that’ll be sure to garner ratings, a tag team match. Bobby Lashley & Mick Foley against Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash! He suggests that both Angle’s & Nash’s titles are on the line which means if Angle or Lashley pin either Nash or Angle then they win whoever’s title from the guy they pin! Foley says that either way they get those monster ratings that they’ve promised. Foley says it’s time for Angle to put his money where his mouth is. Nash whispers something to Angle and then Angle gets in Lashley’s face and says it’s on! Angle is fired up to the point where the rest of the Mafia had to pull him back.

Tenay & West at ringside put over Impact getting to 200 episodes and then they run down the lineup for tonight which features 3D defending the IWGP Tag Titles in a Tables Match against the Brits, Awesome Kong, Tara, & ODB facing the Beautiful People in a 6-Knockout Tag, Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles in the first of their Best of 3 Series, and the Main Event of Foley & Lashley against Nash & Angle with both the Legends & World Titles on the line! And now the huge matchup of Hernandez against Samoa Joe!


“Super Mex” Hernandez vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe w/Taz

Hernandez comes out wearing his new t-shirt but also he has knew ring gear. He’s wearing traditional tights now with kick pads and boots all of them in the colors of the Mexican flag! Hernandez’s new gear is actually pretty tight, it has the Eagle (from the Mexican flag) on the front and Hernandez on the back of the shorts and SM (Super Mex) on the kick pads. Hernandez & Joe hook up but Joe pushes him off and hits a leg kick. Joe feints another lockup and instead leg kicks Hernandez again and then follows up with repeated leg kicks to Hernandez followed by coming off the ropes but eating a huge shoulder block! Hernandez follows up with a clothesline but then Joe comes back with some stiff chops! Joe attempts a Suplex but Hernandez counters and picks Joe’s big a** up and holds him there for several seconds before dropping him with the Delayed Vertical Suplex! The fans are behind Super Mex big time! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Hernandez whips Joe into the corner and goes for the Corner Splash but Joe catches him in midair and drops him with the Side Slam! Joe puts the boots to Hernandez again and then chops the back of a seated Hernandez followed by a kick to the chest. Joe comes off the ropes and hits the Knee Drop for a nearfall. Joe with more stiff chops to Super Mex but Hernandez comes back with stiff forearms of his own. Hernandez goes for a clothesline but Joe catches him with a T-Bone Suplex! Joe points at Taz and then covers Hernandez for another nearfall. Joe with jabs in the corner and then attempts to whip Hernandez into the opposite corner but Hernandez reverses it and goes for the Splash again but Joe backdrops Hernandez over the top! Hernandez lands on the apron but Joe slaps him and then kicks the hell out of Hernandez! Joe comes off the ropes but Hernandez hits the Slingshot Shoulder Block! Hernandez with several clotheslines takes Joe down and then whips him into the corner and finally hits the Splash! Hernandez picks Joe up and hits a huge Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Hernandez calls for the Border Toss and goes for it but Joe backdrops him. Joe hits a running back elbow to Hernandez in the corner and follows up with a leaping Enziguri. Hernandez kicks Joe as he comes in and then flips himself up to the top rope! Guys this damn big are not supposed to be as athletic as these two are! Joe runs in delivers another Leaping Enziguri to the face of Hernandez! Joe goes for a Superplex but Hernandez shoves him off! Hernandez hits a HUGE Splash! 1…2…3 and Joe kicks out right after the three count! Hernandez pulls off the upset!

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall (Big Splash)

They show a replay of the big splash and then Borash interviews Hernandez at ringside. Borash calls it the biggest win of his career and he says that he’s back. Hernandez says that he will become the first Latino to hold the TNA World Heavyweight Title! Joe is in the ring and is seething as is Taz.


Back from commercials they show more replays of the match and then during the commercial in the backstage area Joe was going nuts throwing things around backstage. Taz then stops Joe and pushes him against the wall and screams at Joe that Hernandez didn’t beat Joe, Joe beat Joe. Taz then sees the camera and forces the cameraman to leave.

In the back Lauren is with Matt Morgan and Morgan says he’s just as good as advertised but better. Morgan says he’s scrapped and crawled for every opportunity he’s got. He says that he will secure his spot in the Mafia by beating AJ in the Best of 3 Series. Morgan says he is a PPV moment just waiting to happen and tonight that happens.

JB is with AJ Styles in his lockerroom. Borash points out how AJ’s had a rough past couple of weeks and asks him if he’s ready for this Best of 3 Series. AJ says he never saw EY turning on him coming and says that EY was a TNA Original but now he’s not different than the Mafia. He says their paths will cross again and he’ll make EY wish he was never born. AJ says that Morgan is definitely bigger, stronger, and more intimidating than him, but he’s just like the bullies he grew up with and he always took on bullies. He says that if Morgan is looking for a fight, he’s found it.


JB is in Foley’s office with Mick & Lashley and he asks Lashley want happened between Lockdown when he first appeared and last week. Lashley says he was negotiating with the Mafia to come in and join them but he was also training to fight Bob Sapp at the same time (who he beat the hell out of), and everything was going as planned but he was backstage watching Impact and saw Foley fighting for the company and it changed his mind. He said that all the money that Angle was throwing at him and he wanted to be in TNA for different reasons for the Mafia. Foley says he isn’t just fighting for the company, he’s fighting for his pride. Foley says that he learned from Jeff Jarrett that some decisions are best made at a split decision and he says its in the best interest of TNA to at least get one of those titles away from the Mafia tonight.

They show great vignettes highlighting Matt Morgan & AJ Styles before each man’s entrance.


Best of 3 Series Match 1
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “Phenomenal” AJ Styles

This is the 1st in a Series of 3 Matches with the winner of the series getting a spot in the big 3-Way at Hard Justice. AJ and Morgan circle each other and then Morgan goes for the tieup but AJ sidesteps him and smiles at him. Morgan goes for the lockup again but again AJ side steps him and then jumps up and puts Morgan in a side headlock. Morgan picks AJ up but AJ actually hangs off of Morgan holding onto the headlock! Morgan then shoves AJ into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks and grab the headlock again! Morgan attempts to suplex AJ but AJ hooks his leg on one of Morgan’s blocking it. Finally Morgan lifts AJ up but AJ counters it into a cross body! 1…NO Morgan kicks out but then eats a sliding dropkick from AJ for another 1 count. AJ locks a rear chinlock on Morgan as Tenay puts over AJ being the only Grand Slam Champion in TNA. Tenay then reveals that at Hard Justice an X-Division #1 Contenders Match contested inside the Steel Asylum! Morgan picks AJ up and then slams him into the corner. Morgan charges at AJ but he moves and nails Morgan with a big right hand and then comes off the ropes. Morgan goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and then attempts a leapfrog as Morgan came off the ropes but Morgan catches him in midair and drops him with a Spinebuster! Morgan catapults AJ over the top rope out to the floor! AJ starts to crawl back in the ring but when AJ gets up on the apron Morgan hiptosses AJ over the top into the ring. Morgan then throws AJ into the corner and throws those vicious back elbows at AJ. Morgan follows up with a big Corner Splash and then starts to go for a Sidewalk Slam but just drops AJ instead and then covers AJ with one boot but obviously only gets a one count. Morgan whips AJ into the corenr and then grabs AJ by the back of the neck and chucks him headfirst into the top turnbuckle! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Morgan drapes AJ over the top rope and goes for that running Body Guilltoine but AJ moves causing Morgan to crotch himself on the top rope with the fans really getting behind AJ now. AJ with chops and right hands to Morgan and then a dropkick that rocks Morgan! Morgan with another big Dropkick to take Morgan off his feet! AJ with a Flying Clothesline on Morgan and then a springboard Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Morgan kicks out! AJ attempts to whip Morgan but Morgan counters into a knee lift. Morgan goes for a Sidewalk Slam but AJ blocks it with a knee to the side of the head and then hits the Pele! AJ hits the Springboard 450-Splash half across the ring! Holy crap, AJ hasn’t hit that move in a LONG time! 1…2…3 and AJ gets the pin!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Springboard 450-Splash)

After the match they show replays of the action in that highly competitive contest. AJ screams at Morgan that that’s “step #1” as he walks up the ramp.

In the back Lauren is with Traci Brooks (looking mighty busty) and Traci says she’s had it with everybody because for months she sat at home watching while TNA told her that they had nothing for her. Traci says the other knockouts come to the fans in HD but she comes to them in H-DD (most definitely!). Traci then starts to get pissed and says that she bled for this company but because she goes to Hollywood for ‘5 seconds’ they don’t have anything for her so screw them, screw the knockouts, and screw the fans. Lauren says that it’s not all about Traci but Traci says now property of MEM and turned around revealing a MEM symbol on the back of her top. Taylor Wilde walks up and says that Traci was the original TNA knockout and says they looked up to her. Traci tells Taylor that this business isn’t made for soft ladies like Taylor, its made for ‘b!tches’ like her.


They show a vignette highlighting Tara’s history with the Beautiful People. We then cut to an interview with Don West and Tara from earlier today. Tara said her time in WWE was a dream and she had fun but all good things come to an end. She says she’s had a great time in TNA and puts over the athletes in the Knockout division. Tara says when she was in WWE she watched Awesome Kong and wanted to wrestle her. West calls BP the best and asks her about the controversy from Victory Road. Tara says Slick has been getting sexual favors from BP. Tara says she came to TNA she still has it and says she doesn’t start anything she can’t finish and she’ll finish the thing with Kong.

6-Knockouts Tag Team Match
Awesome Kong, Tara, & ODB w/Cody Deaner & Raisha Saeed vs. The Beautiful People (Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, & Velvet Sky)

No booty shorts from Tara tonight, sadly but the BP’s entrance definitely makes up for it. Tara and Angelina start the match off against each other. They lockup and then trade chops with each other to their lovely chests until Tara whips Angelina into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Velvet and Madison come in to jump Tara but eat slaps from Tara for their troubles. Angelina then jumps Tara from behind and chops her and then attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Tara reverses it and this a Powerslam! 1…2…NO Velvet & Madison come in and breakup the pin attempt. Now all 6 girls are in and all hell is broken loose. Tara chokes Angelina in the ring while everybody else fights on the floor. Tara hits a Scoop Slam on Angelina but Angelina is able to crawl underneath Tara’s legs and tag out to Madison. Madison charges in but Tara hits a drop toe hold and then tags in ODB. Tara holds Madison as ODB hits her and then delivers shoulder blocks to Madison in the corner. ODB hits a Splash in the corner and then a Fall Away Slam as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Kong is tagged in by Tara and Kong eats up Madison’s chest with chops. Kong then tags Tara back in with a slap to the back. We cut to the crowd where the Motor City Machine Guns are standing with signs that say “Conspiracy Victims” and “Yes, we still work here!” on them. Tara and Kong start trading right hands in the ring now! Kong kings Tara out of the ring and then follows her out to brawl! Kong throws Tara into the ring post and then chops the hell out of her! In the ring ODB Scoop Slams Madison on top of Velvet as Tara & Kong continue to brawl around the arena! Velvet hits repeated Elbow Drops on ODB and then tags Angelina back in. Velvet hits a snapmare and then kicks ODB in the back followed by a sliding dropkick from Angelina to the front! 1…2…NO ODB kicks out! Angelina chokes ODB on the middle rope and ODB screams “get off me you whore!” ODB is awesome. Angelina hits a Neckbreaker on ODB and then Angelina taunts Cody. Cody argues with Angelina and she begs Cody to punch her. Angelina calls Cody a loser but then he grabs her and kisses her! ODB then rolls Angelina up, 1…2…3 and she gets the win!

Winners: Kong, Tara, & ODB via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Angelina looks like she’s about to puke in the ring as ODB & Cody celebrate up the ramp. We then see the World Elite walking towards the entrance way.


They show a video package highlighting the World Elite. The World Elite even have an entrance video and their own entrance music. As EY walks out to the ring he’s carrying some hair clippers and as I see Bashir I notice he’s wearing a shirt that says “political prisoner” on it. Brutus Magnus introduces the leader of the World Elite, Eric Young. EY says for everybody to look at him because he’s the center of attention. He says this is where they wanted him to be, their entertainment, their clown. He talks about everybody saying they want EY to make sure everybody laughs and then he says who’s laughing now. EY says growing up in Canada he always heard stories about the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave as the fans chant “USA” at him. EY says the truth is he heard so many great things he knew he had to come to the United States and if he wanted to be a star he would have to move to America and become a citizen. He says that’s exactly what he did and he made it but more importantly he made it on his own. He says he’s living his dream as the fans chant “shut the hell up” at EY now. EY says he’s learned that for every piece of good press the United States gets, it deserves twice as much bad press. He says every other country in the world hates USA, they hate our corrupt government, our dirty politics, and our people. We see a shot of some military men at ringside. EY says that everyone calls us tyrants and racists and they agree. EY says the fault doesn’t like with the country, it lies with the disgusting people that live in it. EY says disgusting people like Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. EY claims he’s one of the best professional wrestlers in the world but the people would only cheer him when he made them laugh. EY says the World Elite will start taking back from America just like we took from them. EY says he’ll know longer be what we want him to be and then he pulls out the clippers. EY says from here out they’ll be who they want to be. He then starts shaving his own head! EY says from here out he calls the shots, not Jeff, not Mick, and not the people. EY says now the entertainment stops, and the violence begins! EY tells 3D to come out and put a smile on the fans faces like they want him to do. He says now he pulls the strings. Bubba says this is America and the World Elite need to love it or leave it. Bubba says the fans are the reason they are standing in that ring and says they’re not the World Elite, they’re just a bunch of punks with big mouths. He says tonight when they hear “Get the tables!” they’ll know they’re in the greatest country in the world! Bubba starts a USA chant and then 3D charges the ring to start the tag titles match!

IWGP Tag Team Championships
Tables Match
Team 3D (c) vs. British Invasion w/World Elite

3D charges the ring and starts throwing rights and lefts at the Brits! 3D throws the Brits out of the ring and then back body drops Bashir as he ran into the ring!


Williams knocks Bubba around ringside with big rights and a European Uppercut. We then see Devon throw Magnus into the wall in the crowd. Bubba bites Williams and then hiptosses him over the guardrail into the fans! Devon and Brutus fight up the steps and Williams pokes Bubba in the eyes and tries to throw Bubba into that wall but Bubba blocks it and throws Williams into it! Williams with another European Uppercut and then he throws Bubba into the wall and hits a big running forearm. Devon crashes Brutus into another wall. Back at ringside Bubba rolls Williams in the ring but Williams whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Bubba kicks him and hits elbow to the top of the head. Kiyoshi & Bashir jump into the ring but eat clotheslines from Bubba. Bubba scoop slams Brutus and then Devon comes off the top with the Wassup Headbutt to Brutus’ nuts! Bubba tells Devon to get the tables as the fans chant for it. Devon slides a table in and they set it up. The Brits clothesline 3D and then they attempt to Double Suplex Bubba into the table but Devon pulls the table away and nails both Brits with right hands. Devon clotheslines Williams out to the floor. Brutus with a clothesline to Devon of his own. Brutus whips Devon into the referee and then Terry comes in and clotheslines Devon and then hits Bubba with a Spinebuster! Terry sets up the table in the center of the ring. Brutus with right hands on Devon in the corner but then Devon Powerbombs Brutus through the table in a sick spot! EY slides in with one of the belts and nails Devon with it! Devon fell right into the broken table and EY pulls Brutus out. The referee turns around and sees Devon in the table and calls for the bell!

Winners & NEW IWGP Tag Champs: British Invasion

After the match the Brits celebrate with the World Elite in the ring with their new tag belts as 3D is laid out around the ring.

They show clips from TNA at Comic-Con this past weekend. They actually show interviews with several stars including Robert Englund (original Freddy Krueger). They show clips from the match between Daniels & Suicide against the Machine Guns (which everything I’ve heard really impressed everyone). Kurt Angle and Christy Hemme were shown interacting with fans at the event. I don’t know if this was a TNA screwup or something but they actually showed a clip of Traci Brooks standing with Frankie Kazarian (who is Suicide, they didn’t acknowledge it but he was definitely there with no Suicide mask or anything).

In the back Lauren starts to talk about Rhino and Jesse Neal when Stevie Richards walks up screaming about $50,000 and snatches the microphone from Lauren. Stevie has a bandage on his head and says that if Abyss thought he got rid of him he is most definitely wrong. Richards pulls of his shirt and shows the huge bruise that he has on his shoulder as a result of the a** whooping he got from Abyss at Victory Road. Stevie says that he has $50,000 to anybody that wants it and if Abyss wants to be an animal, he will be treated like an animal. Stevie put a bounty on Abyss’ head.

They show vignettes of Jesse Neal training with Rhino more with Rhino getting kind of stiff with Jesse. Tenay interrupts it and says that something is going on in the back. We cut to he back where Booker and Steiner jump Foley and Lashley in his office! They beat the hell out of them before security was able to run in and pull them off, but Angle came from behind and nailed Lashley with a pipe!


Back from commercials Beer Money are beating the hell out of Steiner & Booker in a hallway! They take the brawl to the MEM lockerroom where MEM gets the advantage back by hitting Beer Money with the title belts, but then lights go out and we hear Booker screaming as Tenay says everything has gotten out of control!

TNA World Heavyweight & Legends Championship Tag Team Match
TNA World Champ: Kurt Angle & TNA Legends Champ: Kevin Nash vs. “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley & Bobby Lashley

Lashley and Foley’s music each plays but neither one come out so the referee gets ready to declare the Mafia the winners due to forfeit, but Foley’s music hits again and this time he limps out! Angle runs up the ramp to go at with Foley where they trade right hands. Nash then comes over but eats a body shot and then Foley throws Nash into the guardrail! Foley rolls into the ring and dares Angle to get in with him! Angle gets back in the ring and kicks Foley and then throws him into the corner but Foley comes back and throws Angle into the top turnbuckle! Foley then throws him into another turnbuckle and knocks Nash off the apron! Foley continues to throw Angle into the turnbuckles and throws stiff rights at Angle in the corner. Foley then hits the running knee to the side of the head until Nash comes in and nails Foley with a clothesline. Angle then throws several rights at Foley knocking him out to the floor. Foley and Angle start brawling at ringside now until Nash comes from behind and jumps Foley. Angle throws Foley into the ring steps repeatedly. Angle rolls Foley back into the ring and tags Nash in now. Angle holds Foley as Nash nails him with a right hand. Nash hits those knee lifts in the corner and then follows up with a big right. Nash then chokes Foley on the mat and then throws back elbows at Foley back in the corner. Nash tags Angle back in and he lays Foley out with right hands. Foley continues to try and get to his feet and Angle goes for the German Suplex but Foley blocks it with elbows and then hits the Butterfly DDT! Foley pulls out that damn sock and puts Angle in the Mandible Claw! Angle fights it until Nash comes in and hits the Big Boot to break up the Mandible Claw. Angle then locks Foley in the Ankle Lock! Foley fights it and almost gets to the ropes until Angle pulls him back and then lays down and scissors the leg of Foley. The lights go out and Sting’s music hits! The lights come on and Sting is in the crowd pointing his bat at the Mafia! Sting screams at the Mafia and then the lights go out and when they come back on this time Lashley is in the ring with a bandage on his head behind the Mafia! Lashley knocks Angle down and then throws big strikes at Nash! Lashley clotheslines Angle to the floor as the fans are freaking fired up! Lashley ducks a clothesline from Nash and this a big Spear! Foley covers Nash, 1…2…3 and Foley wins the Legends Champ!

Winners: Foley & Lashley (Foley wins the Legends Title) via pinfall (Spear)

Lashley helps Foley to his feet and Foley holds the Legends belt up! Angle grabs his belt and hugs it as he looks on!

Final Thoughts

Wow, well tonight was crazy. The opening promo was nothing special and Lashley is still pretty weak on the microphone but they hid him by not having him say too much. The match between Hernandez and Joe was very good. I think Hernandez winning doesn’t hurt Joe at all and now he can go nuts even more but helps Hernandez immensely. I would have much rather they had these two feuded rather than just have a match on Impact, but they may still go with a feud between the two.

Matt Morgan and AJ was also an extremely good big man vs. little man match. I loved that AJ broke out the Springboard 450 too and he hit that damn thing from halfway across the ring. I’m really interested to see how they go with this Best of 3 Series because the key thing for them is to switch it up and have different matches (like the Benoit and Booker Best of 7 Series from the WCW days).

The Knockouts Match was decent and I like that ODB went over so it looks like we’ll be getting ODB vs. Angelina and Kong vs. Tara for the time being. I think they might be rushing into Tara and Kong because I wanted to see that BFG but they can feud for several months in my opinion.

The World Elite promo, mainly EY, was very impressive. EY really surprised me, I loved his emotion, and the symbolism of shaving his head in the ring. Great promo.

The match itself I didn’t like too much. It was a good brawl but I didn’t like that the Elite stuck around and kept interfering and the Brits still didn’t a ref bump and screwy finish to win. I’m really shocked that the belts changed hands, it would be very interesting to know if New Japan signed off on this or not.

Stevie’s promo, though short, was pretty good and I’m interested in seeing where they go with this. We could even see some folks from Abyss’ past come out of the word works to try and claim the bounty.

The Main Event was okay for what it was I guess. I didn’t want them to rush into putting Lashley in the ring until PPV and they really didn’t because he was only in the ring for like 2 minutes. Don’t really have a problem with Foley winning Legends Title except the prospect of seeing a Foley vs. Nash match. That would be horrible. Sting’s return was nice and I have to say the crowd was hot all night but boy were they into the end.

- Match of the Night: Hernandez vs. Joe (***)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: EY’s World Elite promo
- Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Sting vs. Brutus Magnus
- Daniels vs. Eric Young
- Booker T., Scott Steiner, & British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc. & Team 3D
- Best of 3 Match 2: Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles

Hard Justice Lineup so far:
- TNA World Title Three-Way Dance: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. Morgan/AJ
- X-Division #1 Contender Steel Asylum: TBA

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